Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta (Filicophyta)

Class: Gleicheniopsida

This class includes the most primitive of the leptosporangiate ferns. Although the gleichenioids and hymenophylloids may not seem a natural grouping, there is some evidence that they have some genetic similarity. An affinity has been recently well-demonstrated between Matonia, the dipteroids, and the gleichenioids. Hymenophyllopsis is really incertae sedis, and is placed here only provisionally.

Orders of Gleicheniopsida:

    Subclass: Gleicheniatae

  1. Dipteridales
  2. Gleicheniales
  3. Matoniales
  4. Subclass: Hymenophyllatae

  5. Hymenophyllales
  6. Subclass: Hymenophyllopsitae

  7. Hymenophyllopsidales

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