State-Listed Pteridophytes in Massachusetts

These are the lycophytes, ferns and fern allies that are officially listed as rare by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The information is taken from the Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affair's List of Endangered, Threatened and Special Concern Species.

State Status


Endangered species are native species which are in danger of extinction throughout all or part of their range, or which are in danger of extirpation from Massachusetts, as documented by biological research and inventory.


Threatened species are native species which are likely to become endangered in the forseeable future, or which are declining or rare as determined by biological research and inventory.


Special concern species are native species which have been documented by biological research or inventory to have suffered a decline that could threaten the species if allowed to continue unchecked, or which occur in such small numbers or with such restricted distribution or specialized habitat requirements that they could easily become threatened within Massachusetts.
SpeciesCommon NameStatus

True Ferns

Asplenium montanummountain spleenwortE
Asplenium ruta-murariawall-rue spleenwortT
Cryptogramma stellerifragile rock-brakeE
Lygodium palmatumclimbing fernSC
Polystichum brauniiBraun's holly fernE
Trichomanes intricatumAppalachian bristle fernE
Woodsia glabellasmooth WoodsiaE

Fern Allies

Equisetum scirpoidesdwarf scouring-rushSC
Ophioglossum pusillumadder's-tongueT


Isoetes lacustrislake quillwortE
Isoetes acadiensisAcadian quillwortE
Huperzia appressaAppalachian firmossE
Huperzia selagomountain firmossE
Lycopodiella alopecuroidesfoxtail clubmossE