Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta (Filicophyta)
Class: Pteridopsida (Filicopsida)
Subclass: Polypoditae

Order: Dryopteridales

The order Dryopteridales comprises ferns that are remarkably consistent in their basal chromosome counts, all being based on n=41, with the genus Elaphoglossum in the Lomariopsidaceae exhibiting hihger polyploid counts and an accompanying reduction of many features such as pinnation. All ferns in the Dryopteridales have scaly rhizomes and stipes. They generally have either crowned or shortly-creeping rhizomes. There are many temperate as well as tropical members, with some genera restricted to only temperate and montane zones. Many are attractive garden plants.

Families of Dryopteridales:

  1. Dryopteridaceae: the wood fern family
  2. Lomariopsidaceae

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