Kingdom: Plantae
Division: Pteridophyta (Filicophyta)
Class: Pteridopsida (Filicopsida)
Subclass: Polypoditae
Order: Athyriales
Family: Thelypteridaceae
Genus: Phegopteris

Phegopteris hexagonoptera

Common name: broad beech fern

  • Phegopteris hexagonoptera (L.)
  • AKA: Thelypteris hexagonoptera, Dryopteris hexagonoptera
  • Range: Eastern United States
  • Confused with: Phegopteris connectilis
  • Chromosome count: n=41
  • The broad beech fern is one of the most frequently-found ferns in the woodlands of the eastern United States. It grows in a variety of woodland situations.

    The fronds are triangular, with hexagonal wings at the rachis at the lower pinnae, hence the name. The fronds arise individually from a running, underground rootstock.

    The broad beech fern is a hardy and attractive fern for the garden, and is easily grown.

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