Family of John Knous
of Schuyler County, Illinois

1--____ KNAUS, b. Germany
 sp--____, b. VA
  2--John KNOUS, b. 1816 PA; d. 2-09-1894 Bainbridge, Schuyler, IL; bur Gillette Cem, Schuyler Co, IL; m. 03-07-1850
Schuyler, IL
   sp--Sophia LAMASTER, b. 04-27-1828 (or 1834) IL; d. 07-02-1881 Bainbridge, Schuyler, IL bur Gillette Cem, Schuyler
Co, IL; (d/o Hugh LAMASTER and Eleanor DONAHUE)
    3--James Monroe KNOUS, b. 1-13-1851; d. 9-28-1943; bur Gillette Cem, Schuyler Co, IL
     sp--Lydia QUINN, b. 12-7-1858; d. 8-28-1910; bur Gillette Cem, Schuyler Co, IL
      4--Nettie KNOUS, b. 4-7-1874 (or 1875); d. 03-10-1913 Jacksonville, Schuyler Co, IL; bur Gillette Cem, Schuyler Co,
       sp--____ KIRBEY
      4--Carrie KNOUS, b. 7-28-1876
      4--Sophia KNOUS, b. 7-30-1879
       sp--____ CONRAD
      4--Emery M. KNOUS, b. 4-7-1880; d. 12-27-1958; bur Gillette Cem, Schuyler Co, IL; m. 08-22-1907
       sp--Esther Josephine BEARD, b. 07-19-1885 (d/o Bruce Welker BEARD and Alice SHELLEY)
        5--James Monroe KNOUS, b. 10-25-1908
         sp--Mildred HENNING, b. 11-4-1914
          6--Marilyn KNOUS, b. 9-28-1940
           sp--Frank NOGAI
            7--Natlie NOGAI, m. 9-1990
             sp--Byron HAY
              8--Tyler HAY
              8--Carner HAY
          6--Ronald KNOUS, b. 4-14-1948; m. 1-6-1973
           sp--Mary Jane BYRANT
            7--Nathan KNOUS
            7--Jason KNOUS
            7--Matthew KNOUS
        5--Alice Rachel KNOUS, b. 10-6-1911; m. 10-4-1937; ni
         sp--Royce KEESEE
        5--Iva Oletha KNOUS, b. 11-29-1913; d. 12-6-1913
        5--Robert Ansel KNOUS, b. 9-13-1916; d. 3-26-1977; m. 8-17-1936; bur Beardstown Cem, Schuyler Co, IL
         sp--Paralee McGOVERN; bur Beardstown Cem, Schuyler Co, IL
          6--Robert Ansel, KNOUS Jr., b. 12-14-1937; d. 12-14-1937; bur Beardstown Cem, Schuyler Co, IL
        5--Katherine Lucille KNOUS, b. 6-23-1919; ni?
         sp--Red BERGER
        5--Ivan Russel KNOUS, b. 4-9-1924; d. 7-28-1992
      4--Ida KNOUS, b. 11-9-1881
      4--Nellie KNOUS, b. 8-5-1886
      4--John ?Henry KNOUS, b. 4-18-1888; m.? 09-13-1910 Cass Co, IL
       sp--?Lulu ASHBROOK 
      4--Minnie KNOUS, b. 10-18-1889; m.? 12-16-1908 Cass Co, IL
       sp (1)--?William Frank ("Frank") ROHN
        5--James ROHN
        5--Olive ROHN
         sp--____ LANGELAND
        5--Clarence ROHN
        5--Don ROHN
        5--Amos ROHN
        5--Clarine ROHN
         sp--____ FULKS
        5--Marietta R. ROHN, b. 07-08-1925 Schuyler Co, IL; d. 02-16-2000; m. 04-11-1944 Rushville, IL
         sp--Robert ACKMAN, d. 01-01-1998
          6--Don ACKMAN
          6--Jon ACKMAN
          6--Tom ACKMAN
       sp (2)   ? ____ EALES
      4--Lucy KNOUS, b. 8-18-1891
      4--James (Bert) KNOUS, b. 3-31-1893
      4--Glen C. KNOUS, b. 10-28-1895 Schuyler Co, IL; died in May
       sp--Mary Katherine ILLMAN
        5--Robert KNOUS   lived Rushville, IL
        5--Ina Jane KNOUS   lived Rushville, IL
          sp--Richard Eugene PATTERSON (s/o Eugene Edgar PATTERSON and Betty MEYERS)
           6--Ricky Gene PATTERSON
           6--Robert PATTERSON
           6--Nikkole PATTERSON
           6--Danille PATTERSON
        5--Lois KNOUS   lived Long Beach, CA
         sp--____ WRIGHT
        5--LaVeta KNOUS   lived Long Beach, CA
         sp--____ VIGNOVICH
        5--Harian KNOUS   lived Pico Rivera, CA
    3--Nickelos (or Nicholas) KNOUS, b. 1856; d. 1937; bur Lawler Cem, Bainbridge Twp, Schuyler, IL
     sp--Permelia ____, b. 1856; d. 1930; bur Lawler Cem, Bainbridge Twp, Schuyler, IL
    3--Susan KNOUS
    3--Mary Ellen KNOUS
    3--William Henry KNOUS
    3--Elic Alexander KNOUS
    3--Joshua KNOUS, b. 07-14-1871 Bainbridge, Schuyler, IL; d. 03-25-1946 Near Pleasant View, Schuyler, IL; m.
11-27-1901 Bainbridge, Schuyler, IL
     sp--Fannie E. MILLER, b. 02-21-1886 Buenavista, Schuyler, IL; d. 01-08-1970 Rushville,
    Schuyler, IL; bur Messerer Cem, Schuyler, IL (d/o Alfred MILLER and Emily MORGAN)
      4--Mary Edna KNOUS, b. 03-18-????; m. 07-07-1934 Rushville, Schuyler, IL
       sp--George Herbert BISHOP, b. 10-03-1916 Dupoy, IL; d. 04-26-1984 Beardstown, Cass, IL
        5--James BISHOP
      4--Nettie Louise KNOUS, b. 01-22-????
       sp--____ STEELE
      4--Bessie May KNOUS, b. 07-22-1904; d. 12-16-1989; m. 12-08-1919 Cass, IL
       sp--Clarence W. BYERS, b. 11-08-1890 Pleasant View, Schuyler, IL (s/o Fletcher BYERS and Hattie DORSIT)
        5--Florence Irene BYERS, b. 10-21-1921 Frederick, Schuyler, IL; d. 09-11-1999 Sherman, Sangamon, IL; bur Rose
Hill Cem, Petersburg, Sangamon, IL; m. 1937
         sp--George William KELLY, d. 1972
          6--Wanda KELLY
          6--John W. ("Jack") KELLY
           sp--Susan ____
          6--Thomas V. KELLY
           sp--Phyllis ____
          6--George W. ("Bill") KELLY
          6--Edward E. ("Hoop") KELLY
           sp--Venda ____
          6--Barbara Ann KELLY
           sp--____ MEELER
          6--Darlene KELLY
          6--JoAnn KELLY
           sp--Donald LAMASTER
          6--Daisy May KELLY
        5--Cora Elmina BYERS, b. 10-27-1924 Rushville, Schuyler, IL; d. 12-25-1924 Frederick, Schuyler, IL; bur. Messerer
Cem, Frederick, Schuyler, IL
        5--Jesse William BYERS, b. 08-05-1927
        5--Clyde Edward BYERS, b. 07-04-1928; d. 11-13-1941
      4--William Henry KNOUS, b. 09-22-1905 Frederick, Schuyler, IL; d. 03-16-1991 Rushville, IL
      4--Dollie Jane KNOUS, b. 04-15-1908; m (3) 02-09-1929 Sickliffe, KY
       sp (1)--Harry CODY
       sp (2)--Roy BRIGGS
       sp (3)--John Lawrence KNOUS, b. 05-30-1889 Bainbridge, Schuyler, IL; d. 08-05-1961 Pleasant View, Schuyler, IL
      4--Jesse Fieldon KNOUS, b. 03-06-1910 Rushville, IL; d. 01-19-1993 Campoint, IL
      4--Daisie Amelia KNOUS, b. 02-26-1912; d. 10-27-1971
      4--Ernest Alvin KNOUS, b. 04-07-1914 Schuyler, IL; d. 05-06-2000 Beardstown, Cass, IL; bur Beardstown City Cem; 
m.  4 Jan 1939 Palmyra, MO; in Navy, WWII
       sp--Louella C. BISHOP, b. 08-08-1921 Sheldon's Grove, IL (d/o James Ezekiel BISHOP and Margaret Caroline
        5--- William ("Bill") KNOUS
         sp--Carol ____
        5---Joshua ("Jim") KNOUS
         sp--Marcia ____
        5---Fannie KNOUS
         sp--Alfred WEISHAAR
      4--Carrie Viola KNOUS, b. 08-15-1916 Schuyler, IL; d. 05-28-1972

This is one in generation five or six I haven't placed:
     Merle Leroy KNOUS, b. Feb 23, 1930; d. Sep 16, 1956 - Il TSgt US Marine Corps, Korea; ; bur Beardstown Cem,
Schuyler Co, IL

This is one in generation four or five I haven't placed:
 sp--William H. ("Dick") LAMASTER
   Barbara Mae LAMASTER, b. 06-14-1934 Beardstown, Cass, IL; d. 05-13-2000 Keaney, Buffalo, NE; bur Riverside
Cem, Gibbon, Buffalo, NE; m. 10-14-1950 Beardstown, Cass, IL; moved to Clinton, Custer, OK, then back to Gibbon,
Buffalo, NE
    sp--Charles E. ACKLEY (s/o Wilburn Ackley and Helen Bosaw)
      Charles Allen ACKLEY
       sp--Donna ____
      Ronald ACKLEY
       sp--Colleen ____
      Terry ACKLEY
       sp--Sharon ____
      Halford ACKLEY
       sp--Tina ____
      Linda ACKLEY
       sp--Jay ISSAC
      Ruth ACKLEY
       sp--Donald LEE
      Judy ACKLEY
       sp--Randy URESTE
    sp--____ GLADWELL

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