Descendants of Daniel Knauss

This page includes all known descendants of Daniel Knauss, ninth child and fifth son of Johann Ludwig Knauss, son of Lukas, son of Andreas.
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III-9. Daniel KNAUSS (A10)
born: 7-27-1726, Whitemarsh, Montgomery, PA
died: 2-1-1792
spouse: Salome MILLER
daughter of Dr. John MILLER and Elizabeth FREY
born: 09-07-1935 Frederick Twp, Montgomery Co, PA
died: 1-23-1817, Bern Twp, Berks Co, PA
IV-91. Johan Daniel KNAUSS (A28, 1756-1845)
IV-92. Jonathan KNAUSS (A29, 1757-1843)
IV-93. Christian KNAUSS (A30)
IV-94. Charlotte KNAUSS
IV-95. Anna Magdalena KNAUSS
IV-96. Anna Maria KNAUSS
IV-97. Margaret KNAUSS
IV-98. Salome KNAUSS (1771-1852)

    3--Daniel KNAUSS (A10), b. 7-27-1726,
Whitemarsh, Montgomery, PA; d. 2-1-1792
     sp--Salome ____, b. 1734; d. 1-23-1817, Bern, Berks, PA
      4--IV-91. Johan Daniel KNAUSS (A28), b. 8-22-1756 Weisenberg,
PA; d. 2-23-1845 Mifflinburg, PA; m. 4-27-1779; served in Rev. War
       sp--Susannah MEIRER, b. 1755; d. 8-20-1835
        5--Benjamin KNAUSS (A63), m. 12-10-1809
         sp(1)--Elizabeth ACKER (d/o George and Elizabeth ACKER)
          6--(Child) KNAUSS
          6--(Child) KNAUSS
          6--(Child) KNAUSS
          6--(Child) KNAUSS
          6--(Girl) KNAUSS
           sp--____ WILLIAMS
            7--Sue WILLIAMS
            7--Libby WILLIAMS
            7--Harriet WILLIAMS
            7--Benjamin WILLIAMS
          6--Charles KNAUSS, d. y.
          6--Louisianna KNAUSS, b. 12-9-1818 Liberty, Columbia, PA
        5--Hannah Maria KNAUSS, b. 1-11-1782; d. 9-9-1851 PA
         sp--George LICHTENWALTER, b. 4-20-1775 Fogelsville, PA; d. 12-2-1857 PA (s/o
Johannes LICHTENWALNER and Catherine STATTLER)
          6--Solomon LICHTENWALTER, b. 5-8-1807
          6--Charles LICHTENWALTER, b. 9-12-1811; d. 1-29-1885
           sp--Elizabeth SCHAADT
          6--Margaretha LICHTENWALTER, b. 2-28-1816; d. in infancy
          6--Elias ("Eli") LICHTENWALTER, b. 11-25-1819; d. 4-23-1897
           sp--Fafienna GLICK
          6--Mary Ann LICHTENWALTER, b. 9-4-1823; d. 4-20-1890
           sp--Daniel HENNINGER
          6--Judith LICHTENWALTER, b. 4-2-1801; d. 1-25-1876
           sp--Jonathan KUHNS
          6--Lydia LICHTENWALTER, b. 5-3-1813; d. 11-8-1880
           sp--Samuel H. SNYDER
          6--Anna LICHTENWALTER, b. 11-30-1805?, b. 1815?); d. 2-17-1872
           sp--George F. FEGELY
          6--Polly LICHTENWALTER, d. 4-11-1877
           sp(1)--David MOHR
            7--(Child) MOHR
            7--(Child) MOHR
            7--(Child) MOHR
            7--(Child) MOHR
           sp(2)--George MOLL
        5--Solomon KNAUSS (A64), b. 12-17-1790 Macungie, Lehigh, PA; d. 6-2-1864 near
Bellevue, OH
         sp--Sarah MOHR, b. 3-11-1799; d. 7-9-1875 (d/o Henry MOHR)
          6--William KNAUSS (or KNOUSS) (A125), b. 4-15-1823 Union, PA; d. 6-29-1911 OH;
m. 3-21-1850 Sandusky, OH
           sp--Ellen (or Ellyn) STETTLER, b. 1829/30 PA (or STREETER; d/o Henry and Mary
            7--Mary Louise KNAUSS, b. 2-15-1851; d. 5-27-1853; nm, ni
            7--Henry Solomon KNAUSS (A238), b. 9-19-1852 Bellevue, OH; m(1) 3-26(or
20)-1874 Sandusky, OH; m(2) 3-9-1892 MO--lvd 
                Farmington, MO
             sp(1)--Alice A. McCAWLEY (or McCAULEY; d/o John McCAWLEY and Lucy
              8--Virginia May KNAUSS, b. 11-22-1875--lived Rocky River, OH
               sp--Bert L. BENFER
                9--Alice BENFER
                 sp--____ FENKER
              8--Olive Maud KNAUSS, b. 8-3-1877--lived Bellevue, OH
               sp--Edward E. GARDNER
                9--Willias GARDNER
                9--Faith GARDNER
                 sp--____ STECKER
                9--Paul GARDNER
                9--Henry GARDNER
                9--Ruth Elenor GARDNER
                9--Milo GARDNER
                9--Dean GARDNER
                9--Carl Gary GARDNER
                9--Winton Jay GARDNER
              8--John William KNAUSS (A365), b. 2-7-1880 Bellevue, OH; d. 1-22-1914; m.
10-20-1909--lived Fremont, OH
               sp--Edith May REDD, b. 5-19-1887 (d/o John and Anna REDD)
                9--Florence Anna KNAUSS, b. 5-13-1911
             sp(2)--Rosa ROHRBACHER
            7--Emma KNAUSS, b. 12-20-1853; d. 12-28-1927; m. 12-3-1874--moved to
Farmington, MO
             sp--William F. HOY, b. 1851; d. 1887 MO (s/o Elias and Elizabeth Yearick HOY)
              8--Anna T. HOY, b. 1-3-1875
               sp--____ LAMB
              8--Erwin Spence HOY, b. 11-11-1875; d. 5-4-1878; nm, ni
              8--Arthur Marion HOY, b. 6-25-1882
              8--Della M. HOY, b. 10-29-1886
            7--Amos Charles KNAUSS (A239), b. 10-29-1855 Bellevue, OH; d. 12-8-1924; m.
1-3-1878--lvd Farm. MO, Bell. OH
             sp--Laura (or Clara) PIXLEY, b. 1857/58 OH (d/o Henry and Hetty PIXLEY)
              8--Myrtle ("Mertie") KNAUSS, b. 3-1880--lived Farmington, MO
               sp--____ BEARD
                9--Harold BEARD
              8--Alfred Jay KNAUSS (A366), b. 9-20-1884 Bellevue, OH; m. 6-15-1904 Farmington,
               sp--Lulu Elizabeth COFFER (d/o William and Sarah COFFER)
                9--William Amos KNAUSS (G196), b. 6-17-1905; m. 1-18-1927
                 sp--Anabella EICHENLAUB
                  10--Wilma Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 1928; m. 11-17-1946
                   sp--Donald KANG
                    11--Rodrick KANG, b. 4-26-1948; m. 8-26-1967
                     sp--Nancy CREIGHTON
                    11--Reginald KANG, b. 8-27-1949
                    11--Ronda KANG, b. 1-9-1951
                    11--Randall KANG, b. 3-26-1952
                    11--Radelle KANG, b. 11-12-1953
                    11--Ryan KANG, b. 9-27-1956
                  10--Belma June KNAUSS, b. 1929; m. 9-20-1952; ni
                   sp--Jerald BOROS
                9--Franklin LeRoy KNAUSS (G197), b. 9-23-1910; d. 1954
                 sp--Rachel ____
                  10--Daryl Eugene KNAUSS, b. 6-25-1936; m. 2-7-1959--served in Navy
                   sp--Irene ____
                    11--Daryl Eugene KNAUSS, b. 12-25-1959
                    11--Franklin Gust KNAUSS, b. 3-7-1961
                    11--Mark Allen KNAUSS, b. 11-30-1965
                9--Laura Elizabeth KNAUSS (G198), b. 10-26-1918; m. 1939
                 sp--John GILBERT
                  10--Lon GILBERT, b. 3-3-1945; m. 9-1-1967--served in Navy
                   sp--Faye McELFRESH
                  10--Lynn GILBERT, b. 5-12-1947
            7--Benjamin F. KNAUSS (A240), b. 8-18-1857 Bellevue, OH; d. 8-20-1902; m.
             sp--Dora NORTON, b. 10-16-1866; d. 12-14-1909
              8--Clifton Sherman KNAUSS, b. 1896; d. 3-3-1897; nm, ni
            7--John Erwin KNAUSS, b. 9-9-1859; d. 11-20-1859; nm, ni
            7--Ella Frances KNAUSS, b. 6-16-1861
             sp--Charles WILMER, b. 12-28-1854 Middleburg, PA (s/o Daniel and Maria MEYERS)
              8--Harry Leroy MEYERS, b. 7-5-1887; served in WWI
            7--Clara A. (or E.) KNAUSS, b. 1-26-1865; m. 12-1-1887
             sp--Charles H. HAWK, b. 12-5-1862 Tremont, OH (s/o Lewis and Mary HAWK)
              8--Clarabelle HAWK, b. 10-18-1892
              8--Carl F. HAWK, b. 8-28-1894; served in WWI
            7--Dora (or Sarah E.) KNAUSS, b. 11-9-1866; m. 12-17-1891--lived Bellevue, OH
             sp--Charles F. HEADINGS (s/o Solomon and Elizabeth HEADINGS)
              8--W. Wade HEADINGS, b. 8-21-1893; m. 6-10-1916
               sp--Beulah DETTERMAN
              8--Park HEADINGS, b. 2-21-1896; d. 9-9-1909; nm, ni
              8--Bernice HEADINGS, b. 2-8-1899; m. 7-26-1919
               sp--Roy CLEMENTS
              8--Florence HEADINGS, b. 3-12-1901; m(1) 12-12-1920; m(2) 10-26-1926
               sp(1)--Henry PFISTER
               sp(2)--Perry TRACEY
              8--Martha HEADINGS, b. 11-19-1905
          6--Julia Ann KNAUSS, b. 4-3-1825 Union, PA; d. 5-1-1899 Bellevue, OH; m.
10-22-1846 Sandusky, OH
           sp--David SMITH, b. 8-7-1820 Lehigh, PA
            7--George SMITH, b. 3-9-1848
             sp--Anna DERR
              8--Frank E. SMITH
            7--Charles SMITH, b. 8-1-1854--lived Hillsdale, MI
             sp--Harriet ENT
              8--Earl SMITH
            7--Samuel SMITH, b. 11-24-1859--lived Bellevue, OH
            7--Sarah SMITH, b. 7-16-1864; d. 7-9-1919
             sp--David BARNARD
              8--George BARNARD
              8--Jerry R. BARNARD
              8--Charles D. BARNARD
              8--John BARNARD
            7--Mary Elizabeth SMITH, b. 11-15-1866
             sp--Jerry T. BARNARD
              8--Ada BARNARD
               sp--____ PERRIN
          6--Charles KNAUSS (A126), b. 10-29-1829 Union, PA; d. 7-20-1902 Jefferson, IL; m(1)
1852; m(2) 10-8-1856
           sp(1)--Adaline STEBBINS
            7--Sarah M. KNAUSS, b. 9-17-1852; d. 11-4-1919; m. 11-16-1871 Sandusky, OH--lived
Bellevue, OH
             sp--Jacob E. HOCH (or HOKE)
              8--David HOCH, b. 8-8-1873; m. 6-21-1894
               sp--Alma HASSENPLUG
              8--Charles F. HOCH, b. 5-24-1875; m. 4-1897
               sp--Maggie M. BINGAMAN
              8--Albert A. HOCH, b. 9-8-1877; m. 3-15-1904
               sp--Lydia E. HEYMAN
           sp(2)--Eliza Jane JOPP (or JAPP), b. VA; d. 10-12-1888
            7--Samuel Charles KNAUSS, b. 11-27-1857; d. 2-21-1872 Erie, OH; nm, ni
            7--James Miller KNAUSS (A241), b. 8-14-1859 Bellevue, OH; d. 9-14-1924 Dix, IL; m.
             sp--Nancy E. BURNS, b. 1-26-1865 Divide, IL (d/o Marshall BURNS and Susanna
              8--Fred Marshall KNAUSS (G229), b. 4-23-1883
               sp--Margaret WHITSON
                9--Chester KNAUSS
              8--Charles Allen (or Allen Charles) KNAUSS (G230), b. 5-2-1885
               sp--Berth WHITSON
                9--Keith KNAUSS
                9--Helen KNAUSS
                9--Whitson KNAUSS
              8--Leota Jane KNAUSS (G231), b. 9-19-1887; d. 5-14-1914
               sp--Chester ABSCHER
                9--Nancy ABSCHER
                9--Harold ABSCHER
              8--Ivan Elbert KNAUSS (G232), b. 12-6-1889; d. 8-11-1898 (or 5-1897); nm, ni
              8--James Ernest KNAUSS (G233), b. 9-29-1891
               sp--Audie WHITLOCK
                9--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--Amy Florence KNAUSS (G234), b. 5-7-1893
               sp--Ralph BROOKMAN
                9--(Child) BROOKMAN
                9--(Child) BROOKMAN
              8--Mary Pearl KNAUSS (G238), b. 4-24-1897 (or 1902); d. 7-3-1901 (or 1902)
              8--Arthur Lee KNAUSS (G236), b. 12-6-1898 (or 1899)
               sp--Nora MOUNT
                9--(Child) KNAUSS
                9--(Child) KNAUSS
                9--(Child) KNAUSS
                9--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--Clara Belle KNAUSS (G237), b. 11-8-1901
               sp--Charles BROOKMAN
                9--(Child) BROOKMAN
              8--Jesse Clark KNAUSS (G239), b. 12-12-1903
               sp--Lola DAVIS
                9--(Child) KNAUSS
                9--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--Anna Lois (or Lois Ann) KNAUSS (G235), b. 9-16-1894
               sp--Walter TOTTINGHAM
                9--Mary Nell TOTTINGHAM, b. 12-7-1926
                 sp--Herb RYKS
                  10--Ronald RYKS, b. 12-31-1946
                  10--Richard RYKS, b. 11-15-1953
                  10--Russell RYKS, b. 8-27-1958
                  10--Randall RYKS, b. 8-25-1962
              8--Luther Burns KNAUSS (G187), b. 9-28-1907; m. 11-29-1930
               sp--Thelma HARVEY
                9--Donald KNAUSS, b. 7-3-1933; m. 8-22-1954
                 sp--Luan AYERS
                  10--Kathryn KNAUSS, b. 6-18-1955
                  10--Terri KNAUSS, b. 9-28-1956
                  10--Michael KNAUSS, b. 5-5-1958
                9--Barbara KNAUSS, b. 8-3-1935; m. 8-4-1955
                 sp--Leonard NICHOLS
                  10--Patricia NICHOLS, b. 8-23-1956
                  10--Nancy NICHOLS, b. 5-3-1958
            7--Daniel Henry KNAUSS (A242), b. 1-11-1861(or 1867) Erie (or Sandusky), OH; d.
7-20-1907; m. 2-26-1893, Jefferson, IL--lived Bluford, IL
             sp--Maggie ELLIS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
            7--Luther Samuel KNAUSS, b. 10-10-1863; d. 9-18-1864; nm, ni
            7--Elizabeth Jane KNAUSS, b. 8-12-1865; m. 1885--lived Bluford, IL
             sp--A. C. FRENCH
              8--Sadie M. FRENCH, b. 1-30-1887
              8--Mary J. FRENCH, b. 8-21-1888
               sp--____ BYARS
              8--Daniel E. FRENCH, b. 12-26-1889
              8--Anna B. FRENCH, b. 7-25-1891
              8--Charles R. FRENCH, b. 2-17-1893
              8--Hester E. FRENCH, b. 2-22-1895
              8--Albert C. FRENCH, b. 1-9-1897
              8--Lella E. FRENCH, b. 1-17-1900; d. 2-17-1900; nm, ni
              8--Rufus C. FRENCH, b.  11-7-1903
              8--Katie L. FRENCH, b. 1-12-1906
            7--William Andrew KNAUSS (A243), b. 4-2-1867 Monroe, MI--lived Fairfield, IL
              8--Ella KNAUSS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--(Child) KNAUSS
            7--Benjamin Moore KNAUSS (A244), b. 7-13-1870 Bellevue, OH; m. 1-27-1894
             sp--Sarah Elizabeth FROST (d/o Joseph and Louisa FROST)
              8--Samuel J. KNAUSS (G132), b. 9-4(or 7)-1896; m(1) 10-3-1930; m(2)
5-17-1964--served Army WWI; lived Dekalb, IL
               sp(1)--Gertrude SCHURIG, d. 1962
                9--Jewell M. KNAUSS, b. 10-23-1933
                 sp--____ SCHULT
                  10--Shelly SCHULT
                  10--Sherri SCHULT
                  10--Joy SCHULT
                9--Garnett S. L. KNAUSS, b. 6-5-1935
                 sp--____ McDOWELL
                  10--Jimmie McDOWELL
               sp(2)--Hester ALVERSON
              8--Henry KNAUSS, b. 12-3-1898; d. 6-4-1909; nm, ni
              8--Louisa KNAUSS, b. 5-30-1900; d. 6-28-1902; nm, ni
              8--Earl Frost KNAUSS (G133), b. 3-15-1902; m. 12-23-1923--lived Gilberts, IL
               sp--Doris GREENE
                9--Stanley Benson KNAUSS (G136), b. 9-25-1924; m. 6-14-1947
                 sp--Evelyn MATTENGER
                  10--Donald J. KNAUSS, b. 8-31-1949
                  10--Diane KNAUSS, b. 11-22-1951
                  10--Janice E. KNAUSS, b. 4-1-1954
                9--Rev. Keith Edward KNAUSS (G135), b. 9-8-1929; m. 6-1-1950--lived Ottumwa,
                 sp--Nellie GOODRICH
                  10--Penny L. KNAUSS, b. 7-2-1951
                  10--Doris J. KNAUSS, b. 9-11-1953
                  10--Kimberly S. KNAUSS, b. 10-10-1955
                9--Rev. Norman W. KNAUSS (G137), b. 8-15-1931; m. 11-21-1953--lived Keokuk,
                 sp--Bessidene WENTWORTH
                  10--Susan A. KNAUSS, b. 12-31-1954
                  10--Sheryl A. KNAUSS, b. 8-17-1958
                  10--Shelley A. KNAUSS, b. 4-10-1964
                9--Karen L. KNAUSS, b. 6-13-1940
                 sp--Ralph VANCE
                  10--Kevin VANCE, b. 5-22-1959
                  10--Rae L. VANCE, b. 1-13-1961
                  10--Kristina VANCE, b. 4-6-1964
              8--Raymond Olive KNAUSS, b. 1-20(or 15)-1904; m. 6-18-1927--lived Bloomington,
               sp--Helen GROW
                9--David Victor KNAUSS (G138), b. 8-17-1929; m. 1949--lived Austin, TX
                 sp--Vera BENSON
                  10--Diane KNAUSS, b. 6-25-1950
                  10--David V. KNAUSS, Jr., b. 9-28-1951
                  10--Patricia A. KNAUSS, b. 4-26-1955
                  10--Shiriel L. KNAUSS, b. 4-17-1957
                9--Paul Eugene KNAUSS (G139), b. 11-23-1932; m. 7-27-1967--lived Rockford, IL
                 sp--Nancy KAISER
                  10--Cynthis A. KNAUSS, b. 2-11-1969
            7--Frank KNAUSS (A245), b. 4-26-1872 Bellevue, OH; m. 4-4-1897--lived Jefferson, IL
& Lawrence, AR
             sp--Laura Annettie DOVE, b. 8-10-1879 (d/o James R. DOVE and Minerva A.
              8--James Lester KNAUSS (A367), b. 6-2-1898 Jefferson, IL; m. 10-5-1919
               sp--Myrtle F. FRISBEE, b. 4-13-1903 Lawrence, AR (d/o I. P. and Fannie FRISBEE)
                9--Freda Marie KNAUSS, b. 8-5-1920
                9--Cleda Agnes KNAUSS, b. 12-30-1923
              8--Vera Elsie KNAUSS, b. 9-2-1900 Jefferson, IL; m. 3-30-1919
               sp--Orvil F. LEE (s/o Isom and Icy LEE)
                9--Bernice A. LEE, b. 8-8-1920
                9--Vera R. LEE, b. 12-21-1923
                9--Annie E. LEE, b. 6-3-1926
              8--Charles Oliver KNAUSS, b. 9-28-1902; m. 4-13-1928--lived Ravenden, AR
               sp--Lillian HUDSON, b. 1904
              8--Lewis Frank KNAUSS, b. 3-8-1905
              8--Frances Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 7-13-1908
              8--Ralph KNAUSS, b. 3-4-1911; d. 7-15-1911; nm, ni
              8--Mabel Jane KNAUSS, b. 7-23-1912
              8--Henry Cecil KNAUSS, b. 3-11-1915
              8--Allen Robert KNAUSS, b. 4-22-1918
              8--Kenneth Keith KNAUSS, b. 9-6-1920
              8--August Ulysses KNAUSS, b. 9-19-1922; d. 2-19-1923; nm, ni
            7--Jacob KNAUSS (A246), b. 10-12-1875 Erie, OH; m. 5-12-1899--lived Frys Mill, AR
             sp--Mary Susan HALL, b. 1879?
              8--Dora Blanche KNAUSS, b. 7-23-1900 Jefferson, IL; m. 11-3-1918
               sp--Joesph Henry SHEFFIELD, b. 1889
                9--William Jacob SHEFFIELD, b. 9-5-1920
                9--Carl Moody SHEFFIELD, b. 8-19-1924
                9--Joe Clifton SHEFFIELD, b. 1-10-1927--lived Poinsette Co., AR
              8--Ida Gladys KNAUSS, b. 9-18-1901 Jefferson, IL; m. 2-5-1921
               sp--William Henry DAY, b. 1901 Tipton, TN
                9--Daniel Alton DAY, b. 1-5-1922
                9--Eddie Julius DAY, b. 7-8-1923; d. 3-18-1924; nm, ni
                9--Charles Elvil DAY, b. 1-25-1925--lived Poinsette, AR
              8--Margaret Jane KNAUSS, b. 2-7-1904 Jefferson, IL; m. 7-17-1921
               sp--William Orvil GROVIETTE, b. 1898 KY
                9--Roy Edward GROVIETTE, b. 6-23-1923
                9--Vendol Leon GROVIETTE, b. 5-15-1925
                9--Mary Rosie Lee GROVIETTE, b. 2-19-1927
              8--Mary Ople KNAUSS, b. 8-5-1905 Washington, IL; d. 4-25-1907 Lawrence, AR; nm,
              8--Susan Alma KNAUSS, b. 9-1-1907 Lawrence, AR; m. 8-11-1923
               sp--Earl CHISEOM, b. Meridian, MS
                9--Earl Norwood CHISEOM, b. 5-12-1925
                9--Larmel Lone CHISEOM, b. 7-20-1927
              8--Jacob David KNAUSS, b. 3-2-1910 Lawrence, AR
              8--Walter Hall KNAUSS, b. 12-10-1912 Montgomery, AR; d. 10-15-1913; nm, ni
              8--Albert Shelby KNAUSS, b. 3-10-1914 Montgomery, AR; d. 10-24-1918 Poinsette,
AR; nm, ni
              8--Sarah Charlotte KNAUSS, b. 9-17-1917
              8--Cynithia Rosebud KNAUSS, b. 1-14-1921; d. 3-2-1924
              8--James Don KNAUSS, b. 12-28-1924
          6--Elizabeth Ann KNAUSS, b. 4-3-1827; d. 3-8-1908 Bellevue, OH; m. 8-2-1876
Sunbury, PA
           sp--Joseph BOYER, b. 10-4-1825 York, PA
          6--Mary Ann KNAUSS, b. 3-13-1831; d. 9-27-1916 MI; m. 5-16-1850
           sp--Andrew BILLMEYER, b. 3-7-1827 Mexico, Columbia, PA; d. 9-27-1910 Onsted, MI
(s/o Andrew BILLMEYER and Margaret KLINE)
            7--Emma Jane BILLMEYER, b. 8-27-1854
             sp(1)--Philip DES ERMIA
             sp(2)--Henry MARR
            7--Dr. Henry F. BILLMEYER, b. 3-20-????
            7--Charles W. BILLMEYER, b. 5-16-????
             sp--Dora SPRINGER
            7--Edward S. BILLMEYER, b. 3-27-????
            7--William A. BILLMEYER, b. 11-11-????
            7--Florence L. BILLMEYER, b. 4-12-1865
            7--Elmer E. BILLMEYER, b. 8-27-1867
            7--Sarah L. BILLMEYER, b. 6-23-1874
             sp--William C. GRAVES
            7--Bessie BILLMEYER, b. 8-17-1870
             sp--Frank KERR
          6--Solomon KNAUSS (A127), b. 1836 Union, PA; d. 10-5-1865 Erie, OH; m. 4-3-1856
(or 4-2-1857) Fremont, Sandusky, OH
           sp--Sarah Ann BAKER, b. 8-24-1833 Sandusky, OH; d. 12-12-1913 Union City, MI (d/o
Samuel and Elizabeth BAKER)
            7--Clark B. KNAUSS (A247), b. 3-15-1858 near Bellevue, OH; d. 3-1926, m. 2-5-1879
Sandusky, OH--lived Union City, MI
             sp--Josephine (or Ida Josie) CRIPPIN (or CRIPPEN), b. 1858/59 OH
              8--?Frence Beryl KNAUSS (G176), b. 1-1880 OH?
               sp--Arthur P. GILLETTE
                9--Harold GILLETTE, b. 8-17-1909; m. 6-8-1941
                 sp--Thelma THOMSON
              8--Nettie KNAUSS
               sp--Edward STATEN
                9--Marietta STATEN
              8--Solomon KNAUSS, d. y.
              8--Samuel KNAUSS (A368)
               sp--Mabel LYMANS
                9--Lyman KNAUSS (G227), b. 7-11-1918
                9--Florence M. KNAUSS (G226), b. 12-15-1921 Coldwater, MI; m.
1-14-1916--served Navy
                 sp--Challis YEARICK
                  10--Charlotte YEARICK, b. 3-24-1947 Long Beach, CA
                  10--Challis M. YEARICK, b. 3-17-1958 Long Beach, CA
                  10--Carolyn YEARICK, b. 5-22-1951 Long Beach, CA
                  10--Robert L. YEARICK, b. 2-24-1953 Long Beach, CA
                  10--Sherrill YEARICK, b. 3-3-1956 Long Beach, CA
                9--Darrel C. KNAUSS (G228), b. 2-3-1924
              8--Maude KNAUSS
               sp--Clarence BELLOWS
              8--Geneva KNAUSS, dy
              8--Marie M. KNAUSS (G177), b. 4-23-1893; m. 1-6-1916
               sp--Robert L. ANDERSON
                9--Robert C. ANDERSON, b. 10-6-1918; m. 1-20-1957
                 sp--Anna NAGY
                  10--Anna M. ANDERSON, b. 11-16-1958
                  10--Esther R. ANDERSON, b. 7-13-1960
                9--Gordon H. ANDERSON, b. 10-6-1918; d. 8-17-1952; m. 9-17-1944
                 sp--Beatrice SHAND
                  10--Yvonne M. ANDERSON, b. 1-15-1950
                9--Gordon ANDERSON
              8--Marietta B. KNAUSS (G178), b. 12-29-1895; m. 7-26-1918
               sp--Owen DECKER
                9--Evelyn Josephine DECKER, b. 9-25-1921; m. 1-5-1939
                 sp--Paul FURGASON
                  10--Kenneth FURGASON, b. 10-27-1939; m. 3-20-1962
                   sp--Jacqueline WINTEMUTE
                    11--Pamela M. FURGASON, b. 9-5-1959
                    11--Christopher FURGASON, b. 10-19-1962
                    11--Scott FURGASON, b. 11-21-1964
                  10--Paul W. FURGASON, b. 2-16-1948
                9--Shirley Jean DECKER
                9--Betty Ann DECKER
              8--Clark Baker KNAUSS (A369, G199), b. 1-30-1899; m. 7-23-1921--lived Cherry
Valley, AR
               sp--Rose BROWN
                9--Mary Marie KNAUSS, b. 4-1926
                 sp--John KENT
                  10--Jon KENT, b. 11-16-1945
                   sp--Beverly KYLE
                    11--Jon KENT, b. 6-16-1965
                    11--Jerry KENT, b. 1-13-1967
                  10--Rose KENT, b. 3-26-1949; m. 2-1969
                   sp--Reid WAFFLE
                9--Geneva Ann KNAUSS, b. 7-20-1934
                 sp--George FINLAY
                  10--John FINLAY, b. 3-22-1956
                  10--Carle FINLAY, b. 2-6-1958
            7--Elizabeth S. KNAUSS, b. 1-26-1861 OH
             sp--James BOWEN
              8--Hazel BOWEN
               sp--M. M. PENDELL
                9--Gladys PENDELL
                9--Elizabeth PENDELL
              8--Mearl BOWEN--lived Union City, MI
               sp--Marie SCHUMERS
                9--Gloria Marie BOWEN
            7--Harry (or Solomon!) KNAUSS (A248), b. 5-13-1866 near Bellevue, OH--lived Port
Arthur, ON
             sp--Fannie ____
              8--Kenneth KNAUSS
              8--Marie KNAUSS
              8--Lucile KNAUSS
          6--Henry David KNAUSS (A128), b. 10-26-1838 near Harrisburg, PA; m. 11-20-1860
           sp--Parmelia L. DRAKE (d/o Leonard DRAKE and Elizabeth CLEVELAND)
            7--Ida Louisa KNAUSS, b. 2-16-1863 Gordon, Erie, OH; d. 12-24-1914 Angola, IN; m.
4-9-1885 Kinderhook MI
             sp--Charles DEWEY
              8--Neva DEWEY, b. 3-30-1894
              8--Nella DEWEY, b. 8-14-1896; d. y.
              8--Charles H. DEWEY, b. 12-1-1897; d. y.
              8--Henry DEWEY, b. 11-5-1915; d. y.
            7--Della Louisa KNAUSS, b. 3-3-1866 Gordon, Erie, OH; m. 10-16-1888 Kinderhook,
             sp--George W. LASEMBY
              8--Bernice Della LASEMBY, b. 6-21-1890
              8--Luetta LASEMBY, b. 6-23-1894; d. y.
            7--Nellie Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 11-21-1871 Bellevue, OH; m. 3-31-1901--lived Taft,
             sp--John H. MORGAN
              8--Max H. MORGAN, b. 6-21-1905; m. 9-27-1927
               sp--Mary E. DIEHL
            7--Harry Joseph KNAUSS (A249), b. 10-18-1883 Kinderhook MI; m. 11-28-1912--lived
Coldwater, MI
             sp--Hazel ROOT (d/o Loren A. and Caroline ROOT)
              8--Nellie Marjorie ROOT, b. 3-4-1914
              8--Elzie Madge ROOT, b. 10-2-1917
              8--Mary Caroline ROOT, b. 12-10-1922
          6--Samuel KNAUSS (A129), b. 12-12-1840 near Swengel, PA; d. 7-21-1924 Coldwater,
MI; m. 7-3-1863
           sp--Jemima CLEVELAND (d/o Clark and Elizabeth CLEVELAND)
            7--Jennie L. KNAUSS, b. 2-2-1868 Bellevue, OH; m. 8-31-1892
             sp--Lyman Jacob BYERS (s/o Philip and Marie Moore BYERS)
              8--Ruth BYERS, b. 9-26-1896; m. 9-9-1925
               sp--Philip H. ROBINSON
            7--Nettie Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 3-21-1870; d. 8-16-1916; m. 11-16-1892--lived
Coldwater, MI
             sp--Alfred PIERCE
          6--James KNAUSS (A130), b. 1-15-1844 Hartleton, Union, PA; d. 10-15-1921 California,
Branch, MI; m. 10-18-1866
           sp--Catharine SMITH, b. 3-11-1844 Huron, OH (d/o Elias SMITH and Eliza
            7--Jeremiah KNAUSS, b. 8-24-1867; d. 2-2-1894
            7--Nora Bell KNAUSS, b. 2-28-1870; nm
            7--Elias Solomon KNAUSS (A250), b. 2-22-1872 Erie, OH; d. 9-4-1892; m. 1891
             sp--Belle MILLER, d. 2-2-1918 (d/o John and Kirba MILLER)
              8--Claude Darrell KNAUSS (A370, G113), b. 3-27-1892 Kinderhook, MI; m.
               sp--Rose C. JOHNSON, b. 4-3-1896 Chicago, Cook, IL (d/o Herman O. and Dagmer
                9--Geraldyne Lubella KNAUSS, b. 7-6-1925--lived Fairbanks, Alaska
                 sp--Ron STEARNS
                  10--Robyn D. STEARNS, b. 10-10-1958
                9--Edward James KNAUSS, b. 11-2-1926--lived Glasgow, MT
            7--Luella KNAUSS, b. 3-1-1874; d. 2-2-1914
            7--Elmer J. KNAUSS (A251), b. 1-30-1880 Kinderhook, MI; m. 4-14-1909
             sp--Blanche Laura BUSSING, b. 9-6-1887 Ovid, MI (d/o Oliver W. BUSSING and
              8--Owen E. KNAUSS (G105), b. 4-20-1911; m. 6-17-1939
               sp--Althea McNAUGHTON
                9--Jane L. KNAUSS, b. 5-9-1940; m. 11-9-1956
                 sp--John BOX, Jr.
                  10--Deborah BOX, b. 1-5-1958
                  10--John BOX, b. 6-30-1961
                  10--Penny BOX, b. 6-16-1963
                9--James O. KNAUSS, b. 12-11-1941; m. 4-14-1966--lives Arizona
                 sp--Marjorie TROXEL
                  10--Chad M. KNAUSS, b. 11-23-1966--lives Indiana
                    11--Christian KNAUSS
                    11--Alisha KNAUSS
                    11--Rodney KNAUSS
                  10--Benjamin O. KNAUSS, b. 7-17-1971--lives Los Angeles
                9--Darlene J. KNAUSS (G111), b. 3-26-1943; m. 2-21-1965
                 sp--Michael COLLINS
                  10--Leah M. COLLINS, b. 4-23-1968
                9--William E. KNAUSS, b. 5-1-1944; m. 3-2-1965
                 sp--Thelma BARROM
                  10--Angla L. KNAUSS, b. 7-29-1966
              8--Marjorie B. KNAUSS (G106), b. 2-13-1914--lived Coldwater, MI
               sp--____ SHERRICK
              8--Hester (or Esther) Mae KNAUSS (G107), b. 4-16-1919; m. 7-5-1942--lived Angola,
               sp--Norman WHITTAKER
                9--Norman WHITTAKER, b. 6-14-1947; m. 8-12-1967
                 sp--Christa DORMEY
                  10--Jorma WHITTAKER, b. 4-1-1969
              8--Vernice I. KNAUSS (G108), b. 5-18-1924--lived Grand Rapids, MI
               sp--Robert RUPP
              8--Catharine (or Katherine) J. KNAUSS (G109), b. 4-23-1926--lived Mercer Island,
               sp--Brian CONNERS
              8--Barbara KNAUSS (G110)--lived Elkhart, IN
               sp--Fred BELLAIRE
          6--Daniel KNAUSS, d. y.
          6--Susanna KNAUSS, d. y.
        5--Shem KNAUSS (A65), b. 6-18-1799 Weisenberg, Lehigh, PA; d. 10-1-1855 PA
         sp--Ann ("Nancy") RUHL, b. 2-22-1804; d. 9-12-1887
          6--Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 2-13-1828 Swengle, PA; d. 7-3-1909; m. 10-15-1850
           sp--Isaac REISH, b. 5-7-1820; d. 11-23-1891 (s/o John and Elizabeth REISH)
            7--Mary Jane REISH, b. 3-18-1852--lived Millmont, PA
             sp(1)--Frank P. FREDERICK, d. 11-25-1900
             sp(2)--John Calvin RUHL
          6--Daniel KNAUSS (A131), b. 2-19-1834 Swengle, Union, PA; d. 12-31-1891; m.
           sp--Margaret HAUCK, b. 1-10-1832; d. 5-5-1898
            7--Clara KNAUSS, b. 1-28-1857; d. 2-14-1922
             sp--George ROYER
              8--Lottie ROYER
               sp--Merel WELLER
              8--Anna ROYER
               sp--Harry MITCHELL
              8--Shem ROYER
            7--Shem KNAUSS (A252), b. 1-10-1859 Union, PA; d. 5-18-1925 PA
             sp--Catharine STEININGER (d/o Jacob and Melinda STEININGER)
              8--John Daniel KNAUSS (371), b. 5-26-1892--lived Ambridge, PA
               sp--Valere McCUTCHEON
                9--Elean KNAUSS
                 sp--Dean DANIEL
              8--Margaret KNAUSS, b. 5-27-1895
               sp--Royce GEYER, b. 12-18-1895
                9--Mary E. GEYER, b. 3-27-1917
                9--Walter GEYER, b. 8-6-1918
                9--Ruth Valere GEYER, b. 2-23-1920; d. 7-29-1922
              8--Walter Hauck KNAUSS, b. 3-23-1898; d. 9-4-1918; killed in WWI; nm, ni
            7--Jacob Edwin KNAUSS (A253), b. 8-26-1860; d. 5-10-1922--lived Lewisburg, PA
             sp--Anna AIKEY
              8--Paul KNAUSS (A372)
               sp--Dorothy FOX
                9--Franklin Edwin KNAUSS
                9--Ethel Evelyn KNAUSS
              8--Ethel KNAUSS
               sp--Melvin KNAUSS
              8--Miriam KNAUSS
               sp--Amos THOMAS
              8--Marion KNAUSS
               sp--Russel LIBBY
              8--Fayaline KNAUSS
            7--William KNAUSS (A254), b. 3-2-1862 Union, PA--lived Ambridge, PA
             sp--Catharine WERT
              8--Beatrice KNAUSS
              8--Stanley KNAUSS
              8--Endora KNAUSS
            7--Sarah Jane KNAUSS, b. 9-25-1863--lived Juniata, PA
             sp--James Milton HALFPENNY
              8--Nellie HALFPENNY
              8--Mary E. HALFPENNY
               sp--George DIEFFENBACH
              8--Anna HALFPENNY
              8--Chester HALFPENNY
              8--Richard HALFPENNY, d. 8-12-1918
              8--Harold HALFPENNY, d. 12-8-1904
              8--William HALFPENNY
               sp--Goldie AMMERMAN
              8--Robert HALFPENNY
            7--Anna KNAUSS, b. 12-5-1865--lived Williamsport, PA
             sp(1)--Frank CHURCH
              8--Frank CHURCH
              8--Lewis CHURCH
             sp(2)--William RITCHIE
            7--Mary Emma KNAUSS, b. 6-24-1867
             sp--Samuel BLACKFORD
              8--Blanche BLACKFORD, b. 1890
               sp--Charles STOVAR
              8--Wilbur K. BLACKFORD, b. 1891
              8--Raymond BLACKFORD, b. 1893
               sp--Augusta GANGLE
              8--Byron BLACKFORD, b. 1902
              8--Boyd BLACKFORD, b. 1906; d. 12-6-1906; nm, ni
              8--Treva BLACKFORD, b. 1912
              8--Auroro BLACKFORD, b. 1909?
            7--Charles KNAUSS (A255), b. 12-27-1868--lived Swengel, PA
             sp--Edith KLECKNER
              8--Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 7-3-1898; d. 6-1982 Swengel, Union Co, PA; bur Swengel
               sp--William Snook SHIPTON, b. 1895 Swengel, Union Co, PA; d. 1963 Swengel; bur
Swengel (s/o Alfred Thomas SHIPTON and Lucy BORING)
                9--Edith Florence SHIPTON
                9--Charles Alfred SHIPTON
                9--James William SHIPTON
              8--James KNAUSS (A373), b. 1900?--lived Mifflinburg, PA
               sp--Mildred GUTELIUS
                9--Dorothy Jane KNAUSS
              8--Irma KNAUSS
              8--Anna Mary KNAUSS
              8--Verna KNAUSS
              8--Edith KNAUSS
              8--Agnes KNAUSS
              8--C. Sidney KNAUSS (G179), b. 3-8-1914; m. 6-27-1936
               sp--Beverly FOX
                9--Carolyn A. KNAUSS, b. 3-12-1937
                 sp--Clair BOOP
                9--MaryLou KNAUSS, b. 6-18-1944
                 sp--James WOLFE
                  10--Lance C. WOLFE
                  10--Lincoln J. WOLFE
                9--Susan J. KNAUSS, b. 11-27-1949
                 sp--Jeffrey SNYDER
                  10--Eric SNYDER
              8--Arabell KNAUSS
            7--John E. KNAUSS, b. 6-30-1870; d. 4-30-1871; nm, ni
            7--Maria Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 6-30-1870--lived Lewisburg, PA
             sp--Adam S. KREBS
              8--Asher KREBS
               sp--Mable WEARY
              8--Boyd KREBS
              8--Charles KREBS
               sp--Catharine BOYER
              8--Luther KREBS
              8--George KREBS
              8--Roy KREBS
               sp--Virtue HAMILTON
              8--Robert KREBS
            7--James W. KNAUSS, b. 11-3-1877; d. 3-6-1878
          6--Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 1-14-1837; d. 4-28-1919; m. 10-5-1865--lived Union Co. PA
           sp--Charles RUHL (2nd m.), b. 8-11-1825; d. 4-11-1902 (s/o Jacob RUHL and Sarah
            7--William Finley RUHL, b. 6-5-1867; d. 9-27-1867
            7--Anna Jane RUHL, b. 2-25-1871; m. 12-20-1904
             sp--Charles G. KLECKNER
              8--Luther Raymond KLECKNER, b. 8-30-1905; d. 3-21-1906
              8--Mildred Maria KLECKNER, b. 12-4-1909
            7--Albert Warren RUHL, b. 1-20-1878; d. 8-4-1878
        5--Daniel KNAUSS--moved to Dayton, OH
          6--(Boy) KNAUSS
          6--(Boy) KNAUSS
          6--(Boy) KNAUSS
          6--(Girl) KNAUSS
          6--(Girl) KNAUSS
        5--Hannah KNAUSS
         sp--Daniel SPIEGELMEYER
        5--Magdalena KNAUSS, ni
         sp--Lorentz KLINE (s/o Peter KLINE and Margaretha STETTLER)
        5--(Girl) KNAUSS, d. @ 3 yo
        5--Samuel KNAUSS--lived Hartley/Union/PA or OH
      4--Jonathan KNAUSS (A29), b. 12-13-1757 Weisenberg,
Northampton, PA; d. 10-9-1843 Kreidersville, PA
       sp--Anna Margaretha KNAPPENBERGER, b. 10-14-1767, d. 1-1-1850
        5--Salome KNAUSS, b. 5-14-1788 Lehigh, PA; d. 5-19-1840 PA
        5--Henrich (or Henry) KNAUSS, b. 1-14-1790 Lehigh, PA
        5--Catharine KNAUSS, b. 12-1792; d. 1-1795; nm, ni
        5--Esther KNAUSS, b. 9-30-1793 Lehigh, PA; d. 1-1795; nm, ni
        5--Lydia KNAUSS, b. 7-10-1795; d. 2-22-1876; m. 10-18-1812
         sp--Daniel RITTER
          6--Gideon RITTER
           sp--Mary KLINE
          6--Eliza RITTER, b. 6-15-1820; d. 10-22-1901
           sp--Raham SHULER
          6--Daniel RITTER
           sp--Sarah BORGER
          6--Lydia RITTER
          6--William RITTER
           sp--Adaline WISSER
          6--Henrietta RITTER
           sp--Rebecca? DESHLER
          6--Joel RITTER, d. 7-3-1802
           sp(1)--Rebecca GIERING
           sp(2)--Mary GIERING
          6--Rebecca RITTER, b. 6-12-1836
           sp--John SEEMS
          6--Salome RITTER
          6--Annie RITTER
        5--Jonathan KNAUSS, b. 6-26-1798 Lehigh, PA
        5--Margaretha KNAUSS, b. 10-26-1800; d. 8-26-1877
         sp--Jacob SEEM, b. 9-2-1791; d. 5-7-1874
          6--Lucetta SEEM, b. 12-6-1841
           sp--William NACE
          6--Catharine SEEM, b. 5-27-1843
           sp--David SOLT
          6--Benjamin SEEM, b. 2-2-1834; m. 3-3-1837
           sp--Mary SIEGFRIED
          6--Tilghman SEEM, b. 5-31-1836
          6--Margaret SEEM, b. 11-11-1838
           sp--Conrad LAUBACH
          6--Daniel SEEM
          6--Josiah SEEM
        5--Elias KNAUSS (A66), b. 2-13-1803; d. 7-25-1883
         sp--Esther MARCKS, b. 2-17-1807; d. 8-20-1868
          6--Elias KNAUSS (A132), b. 5-24-1827 Upper Milford, Lehigh, PA; d. 2-8-1905 Emaus,
Lehigh, PA
           sp--Amelia YOHE, b. 11-28-1829; d. 6-22-1901 (d/o Peter YOHE and Sarah SMITH)
            7--Charles P. KNAUSS, b. 12-9-1856; m. 6-1-1912; ni
             sp--Cora E. SNYDER, b. 6-28-1872; d. 6-10-1926 (d/o Nathaniel H. and Emma M.
            7--Sallie KNAUSS, b. 4-7-1858
            7--Mary KNAUSS, m. 11-29-1896
             sp--Alfred SCHMICK, b. 1864 Long Swamp, PA (s/o William SCHMICK)
              8--Lila Sarah SCHMICK, b. 5-31-1899
              8--Florence Amelia SCHMICK, b. 7-20-1901
            7--John E. KNAUSS (A256), b. 10-10-1860 Lehigh, PA--lived Frankford, IN
             sp--Rachel M. ALTIC, b. 12-9-1863
              8--Cosie Mae KNAUSS (G100), b. 9-18-1886; d. 12-2-1967
               sp--Clarence THATCHER
              8--Charles Floyd KNAUSS (G101), b. 10-21(or 22)-1888; d. 9-20-1899(or 2-1900);
nm, ni
              8--Bessie Vay KNAUSS (G102), b. 12-21-1890; d. 3-11-1891; nm, ni
              8--Ruth Marie KNAUSS (G103), b. 5-12-1900; m. 10-18-1920
               sp--John C. MARTIN
                9--Annita(or Anita) May MARTIN, b. 10-22-1921; m. 10-18-1943
                 sp--Robert FERGUSON
                9--May(or Mary) Frances MARTIN, b. 1-30-1923; d. 1-21-1930; nm, ni
                9--Ruth Marie MARTIN, b. 4-18-1924; m. 1-6-1948
                 sp--William JOHNSON
                9--John Charles MARTIN, b. 11-29-1925; m. 8-6-1949
                 sp--Velma SHANNON
                9--James William MARTIN, b. 5-29-1929
                 sp--Doris BOWSER
                9--Patty Lou MARTIN, b. 2-4-1931; div.
                 sp(1)--Robert HINSLEY
                 sp(2)--Wilbur SILVERTHORN
                9--Jack MARTIN, b. 3-6-1933
                 sp--Ida THOMAS
                9--Jake MARTIN, b. 9-3-1934
                 sp--Wanda GLASS
              8--Orville(or Oroville) F. KNAUSS (G104), b. 1-1-1902; m. 7-31-1925
               sp--Eleanor GERSKA(or GERSKY)
                9--Dorothy E. KNAUSS, b. 12-18-1926; d. 3-29-1927; nm, ni
                9--Herbert C. KNAUSS, b. 2-18-1928
                9--Ethel KNAUSS
                9--Mary L. KNAUSS
                9--Earl KNAUSS
            7--Amanda KNAUSS, b. 3-15-1862; d. 4-15-1917
            7--Leanna KNAUSS, b. 7-27-1863
            7--George E. KNAUSS (A257), b. 5-24-1865 Upper MIlford, Lehigh, PA; m. 6-6-1891
             sp--Ida BACHMAN, b. 6-18-1867
              8--Queena KNAUSS (G180), b. 2-9-1898; m. 8-30-1920; ni
               sp--George DRAKE
              8--(Child) KNAUSS, b. 2-12-1900
              8--Austin H. KNAUSS, b. 1892; m. 7-2-1921
               sp--Pearl DUNKEL, b. 1898 Reading, PA (d/o Elmer J. DUNKEL and Clara
            7--Henry M. KNAUSS (A258), b. 2-4-1867 Upper Milford, Lehigh, PA; m. 10-16-1890
             sp--Alice Esther DIEFENDERFER (d/o Amandus J. DIEFENDERFER and Maria
              8--Vermond Addison KNAUSS (A374), b. 6-10-1892 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; m. 10-1912;
               sp--Anna SULLIVAN
              8--Roy Aldon KNAUSS (A375), b. 5-1-1894 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; m. 5-30-1920; served
in WWI--lived Chicago, IL
               sp--Myrtle KASPER (d/o John KASPER and Lina JOHNSON)
                9--Jean KNAUSS, b. 4-10-1922
            7--Edward W. KNAUSS (A259), b. 6-26-1870 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; m. 9-1-1895
             sp--Ella M. SAYLOR, b. 11-12-1872 (d/o William SAYLOR and Amanda
              8--William Elias KNAUSS (A376), b. 8-19-1896 Quakertown, PA; m. 6-27-1920
               sp--Florence May TICE, b. 1896 (d/o Walter T. TICE and Addie M. DEILEY)
                9--Donald T. KNAUSS (G98), b. 3-18-1926; m. 2-24-1946
                 sp--Elsie WILLAUER
                  10--Edward W. KNAUSS, b. 4-9-1946
                  10--Susan W. KNAUSS, b. 7-13-1951
              8--Martha KNAUSS, b. 5-21-1901 (twin)
               sp--Raymond A. PETERS (s/o Edward C. PETERS and Emma FAHRRINGER)
              8--Mae KNAUSS, b. 5-21-1901 (twin)
               sp--Paul H. DEATERLY (s/o Francis C. DEATERLY and Carrie HEFT)
            7--Thomas B. KNAUSS (A260), b. 7-26-1874 Upper Milford, Lehigh, PA; d. 3-27-1924
PA; m. 11-7-1896
             sp--Deborah GRUBE, b. 1877 Haycock, Bucks, PA (d/o Enoch GRUBE and Kate
              8--Russell E. KNAUSS, b. 3-27-1897
              8--Paul J. KNAUSS, b. 3-8-1898
              8--Bertha L. KNAUSS, b. 9-5-1899; m. 6-14-1919
               sp--Wilmer F. MOYER, b. 1895 (s/o Amandus MOYER and Emma GREASLEY)
          6--Sallie Ann KNAUSS, b. 10-9-1830; d. 10-30-1900 PA
           sp--James F. JORDAN, b. 11-9-1828; d. 4-2-1908
            7--Amanda JORDAN
             sp(1)--____ HENNINGER
             sp(2)--John STOUDT
        5--Daniel KNAUSS (A67), b. 4-9-1805; d. 7-12-1872; bur Zion Stone Church, 
Kreidersville, PA; m. 1-27-1828--lived E. Allen, Northampton Co, PA
         sp--Mary LANDIS, b. 11-1-1806; d. 10-11-1889; bur Zion Stone Church,  Kreidersville,
          6--Jonathan KNAUSS (A133), b. 10-25-1828 East Allen, Northampton, PA; d. 8-7-1906;
m. 12-25-1855
           sp--Mary Louisa BARTHOLOMEW, b. 1-18-1835; d. 1-24-1919 (d/o George H. and
            7--Miron Osborn KNAUSS, b. 11-25-1856; d. 1-18-1861 PA; nm, ni
            7--Laura KNAUSS, b. 9-12-1867
             sp--Alfred A. BARTHOLOMEW, b. 11-14-1858
          6--Margaret KNAUSS, b. 9-1-1830; d. 6-29-1902--lived Northampton, PA
           sp--Jacob HIESTAND, b. 8-28-1830
          6--Daniel KNAUSS (A134), b. 10-31-1832 East Allen, Northampton, PA; d. 1-29-1918
           sp--Elizabeth SCHWARTZ, b. 2-18-1835; d. 5-2-1906 (d/o Jacob N. SCHWARTZ and
            7--Emma Cornelia KNAUSS, b. 12-15-1857; d. 3-4-1905
             sp--Lewis H. BARTHOLOMEW, b. 8-26-1856
            7--Mary Susanna KNAUSS, b. 6-29-1859--lived Allentown, PA
             sp--Cyrus J. DILCHER
              8--Charles Sumner DILCHER, b. 8-1-1882; m. 10-19-1911
               sp--Isabella Traill HORN, b. 4-28-1886 (d/o Dr. Harry Y. HORN and Annie M.
                9--Robert Horn DILCHER, b. 9-16-1912
              8--Hattie May DILCHER, b. 5-24-1888; d. 10-24-1888; nm, ni
            7--Jacob C. KNAUSS (A261), b. 6-26-1861 Bath, PA; d. 10-1921 Cozad, NE; bur Hewit
Cem, Lexington,
NE; m. 5-26-1885 Oregon, IL
             sp--Lydia E. SHELLY, b. 12-16-1864 Catasauqua, PA; d. 4-10-1928 (1938?) Cozad,
NE; bur Hewit Cem,
Lexington, NE (d/o Samuel SHELLY)
              8--May KNAUSS, b. 1889; d. 1889; bur Hewit Cem, Lexington, NE
              8--Charles G. KNAUSS (A377), b. 7-14-1890 Cozad, NE; m. 6-22-1910 Dawson, NE
               sp--Vernie M. HARRINGTON
KNAUSS, CHARLES G: Farmer & Stockman; b Dawson Co, Neb July 14,
     1890; s of Jacob C Knauss-Lydia E Shelly; ed Cozad HS; m Vernie M Harrington
     June 22, 1910 Dawson Co; s Harold L, Elwood H; d Marie (Mrs Cook), Claire (Mrs
     Kinnan); 1911-37 farmer, stockman Dawson Co; farmed approximately 480 A now
     irrigated, had 1100 A grazing land which son Harold now handles; 1937- ret; mbr bd
     of edn; pres Farmers Eleveator Co; dir C of C; AF&AM 188, past master; Scot Rite,
     Gothenburg; Chris Ch, deacon; Rep; parents came from Ill to Dawson Co 1886, father
     farmer & stockman; res Cozad. (Who's Who in Dawson County, Nebraska)
                9--Harold Laverne KNAUSS (G124), b. 8-5-1912; m. 6-22-1935--lived Cozad, NE
                 sp--Meredith GOSNELL (d/o Victor Everett GOSNELL and Esther BENSON)
                  10--Donald Glen KNAUSS (G128), b. 2-8-1937; m. 10-4-1959--lived Cozad, NE
                   sp--Marian ADEN
                    11--Sterart (Stewart?) L. KNAUSS, b. 6-28-1962
                    11--Spencer L. KNAUSS, b. 6-16-1965
                    11--Sonya L. KNAUSS, b. 11-2-1966
                  10--Marilyn K. KNAUSS, b. 12-24-1938; m. 9-7-1958
                   sp--Alfred JESSEN
                    11--Karma JESSEN, b. 11-9-1961
                    11--Kyly JESSEN, b. 12-16-1962
                  10--Lois N. KNAUSS, b. 12-31-1941; m. 6-22-1960
                   sp--Dennis BERKE
                    11--Scott BERKE, b. 5-30-1961
                    11--Kevin BERKE, b. 1-31-1964
                9--Leah Marie KNAUSS (G125), b. 11-20-1914; m(1) 1937; m(2) 1-5-1942
                 sp(1)--Willis KOCH, d. 1938
                  10--Kay Diane KOCH, b. 5-10-1937; m. 5-5-1955
                   sp--Denton McDANIEL
                    11--Noel M. McDANIEL, b. 1-30-1956
                    11--James A. McDANIEL, b. 6-25-1957
                    11--Robert C. McDANIEL, b. 4-14-1959
                    11--Linda M. McDANIEL, b. 7-9-1960
                    11--Janet K. McDANIEL, b. 6-17-1966
                 sp(2)--Audray MANN
                  10--Steven A. MANN, b. 11-11-1942
                  10--Geoffrey C. MANN, b. 8-22-1949
                9--Howard Elwood KNAUSS (G126), b. 6-16-1916; m(1) 6-17-1940
                 sp(1)--Lucile MARSTELLER, d. 1946
                  10--Charles H. KNAUSS, b. 11-1944
                 sp(2)--Janet RAYBURN
                  10--Julia L. KNAUSS, b. 7-29-1950
                  10--Brian L. KNAUSS, b. 1-20-1952
                  10--Karen L. KNAUSS, b. 8-3-1953
                9--Helen Claire KNAUSS (G127), b. 10-9-1918; m. 10-9-1937
                 sp--Ivan KINNAN
                  10--Peggy J. KINNAN, b. 7-9-1938; m. 5-31-1959
                   sp--Richard PARDEE
                    11--Denice J. PARDEE, b. 7-6-1963
                    11--Darrin D. PARDEE, b. 5-24-1965
                  10--Larry L. KINNAN, b. 11-12-1940; m. 1-25-1962
                   sp--Karen GRUBER
                    11--Rhonda KINNAN, b. 11-21-1962
                    11--Janna KINNAN, b. 5-1-1964
                    11--Karma KINNAN, b. 3-31-1966
                    11--Canda KINNAN, b. 2-15-1968
                  10--Joan M. KINNAN, b. 5-23-1943; m. 2-24-1962
                   sp--Harold SWANSON
                    11--Bart SWANSON, b. 8-6-1967
                  10--Katherine A. KINNAN, b. 9-7-1944; m. 10-3-1963
                   sp--Grodon MUIRHEAD
                    11--Kimberly MUIRHEAD
                9--Robert Donald KNAUSS, b. 1-16-1920 (1921?); d. 1929 NE; bur Hewit Cem,
Lexington, NE 
              8--Harry D. KNAUSS (A378), b. 5-13-1900 Cozad, NE--lived Pasadena, CA
               sp--Dorothy YORK
                9--William Keith ("Billy") KNAUSS (G130), b. 12-2-1924 (or 1923); m.
1-15-1952--lived Sevilla, Spain
                 sp--Mary OLSON
                  10--Christina C. KNAUSS, b. 2-28-1959
                  10--Andrew D. KNAUSS, b. 4-21-1962
                9--Kathryn Nadine KNAUSS (G131), b. 5-19-1927; m. 7-5-1947--lived Pasadena, CA
                 sp--Courtland PAUL
                  10--Pamela PAUL, b. 3-9-1948
                  10--Scott PAUL, b. 7-1-1949
                  10--Kimberley PAUL, b. 3-11-1952
                  10--Robyn PAUL, b. 5-12-1958
                  10--Sanford PAUL, b. 7-26-1959
                9--(Infant Son) KNAUSS, b. 1928; d. ?1928; bur Hewit Cem, Lexington, NE
            7--Elwood H. KNAUSS, b. 2-2-1863--moved to Guthrie, OK
             sp--Alice M. EDELMAN, b. 1862; d. 10-20-1921 OK (d/o Charles EDELMAN)
            7--Eve R. KNAUSS, b. 4-21-1866; d. 7-6-1890; nm, ni
            7--Culy E. KNAUSS, b. 10-28-1868--lived Seemsville, PA
             sp--Elmer J. HUBER
              8--Florence E. HUBER, b. 8-24-1895
            7--Daniel G. KNAUSS (A262), b. 12-30-1874 Bath, PA; m. 8-21-1897
             sp--Anna M. MEYERS, b. 3-28-1878 (d/o Frank J. MEYERS and Maria WHITSELL)
              8--Frank D. KNAUSS, b. 3-17-1898; d. 3-8-1899 PA; nm, ni
              8--Helen M. KNAUSS, b. 4-10-1902; d. 9-15-1905 PA; nm, ni
              8--Alice Grace KNAUSS, b. 4-2-1907
              8--Frederick Gustavus KNAUSS (G181), b. 9-20-1909; d. 11-3-1965; m. 1-23-1926
               sp--Eleanor V. COLE (or KOHL) (d/o William and Ann COLE)
                9--Dolores A. KNAUSS, b. 6-24-1926
                 sp--Glenn BECK
                  10--Karen BECK, b. 1-22-1948
                  10--Sue BECK, b. 4-20-1953
                  10--Mark BECK, b. 5-30-1956
                9--Frederick Gustavus KNAUSS, Jr., b. 9-20-1927; m. 10-21-1951
                 sp--Shirley ALBERT
                  10--Deborah Lynn KNAUSS, b. 10-13-1952
                  10--Marcha Ann KNAUSS, b. 7-19-1955
                9--Daniel G. KNAUSS, b. 9-24-1929
                 sp--Velma PROCTOR
                  10--Frederick E. KNAUSS, b. 10-15-1952--lives Catasauqua
                  10--Daniel G. KNAUSS, b. 8-19-1954--lives Nashville, TN
                9--William E. KNAUSS, b. 6-19-1934
                 sp--Agnes ALOF
                  10--Donna Marie KNAUSS, b. 12-25-1953
                  10--David James KNAUSS, b. 12-14-1954
                  10--Veronica Ann KNAUSS, b. 4-17-1956
                  10--Joel William KNAUSS, b. 8-20-1958
                  10--Michael Alof KNAUSS, b. 5-6-1962
                  10--Laura Ann KNAUSS, b. 2-25-1964
                  10--Candace Marie KNAUSS, b. 11-22-1968
              8--Richard S. KNAUSS (G182), b. 12-18-1913; m. 3-8-1935; ni
               sp--Erma I. KEISER
          6--Jacob Christian KNAUSS (A135), b. 7-24-1835; m(2?) 3-16-1862 Crawford, OH--lived
Galion, Crawford, OH
           sp(1?)--Sarah A. SNYDER, b. 10-17-1837
           sp(2?)--Hannah Elizabeth HANEY (or HENRY)
            7--Daniel H. KNAUSS, b. 3-24-1863
             sp--Ida NUNGESSER
            7--Mary C. KNAUSS, b. 9-23-1865
            7--Peninnah B. KNAUSS, b. 3-11-1868
             sp--Daniel WHYTOCK
            7--Susannah KNAUSS, b. 7-5-1869/1870 Crawford, OH
            7--Sallie KNAUSS, b. 1-26-1873
             sp--John HEISER
            7--Louis A. KNAUSS, b. 1-6-1876; d. 10-24-1886; nm, ni 
          6--Sarah Ann KNAUSS, b. 10-17-1837; d. 5-29-1906; m. 2-16-1861
           sp--Enoch SNYDER, b. 4-28-1837 Schoenersville, PA (s/o Daniel SNYDER and Philipina
            7--Harvey D. SNYDER
            7--Cuely A. SNYDER
             sp--Howard E. STOUDT
            7--Robert J. SNYDER, b. 3-8-1864
            7--Morris G. SNYDER
            7--L. Grant SNYDER
            7--Clyde E. SNYDER
            7--Mame SNYDER
             sp--Howard JUDD
          6--George KNAUSS (A136), b. 8-1-1840; m. 4-24-1863--lived Northampton, PA; moved
to Lakota, ND
           sp--Sarah Ann STAPLES
            7--Daniel Jonathan KNAUSS (A263), b. 9-28-1864; m. 9-1889--lived Maddock, ND
             sp--Kate GRINHAM, b. 3-8-1869
              8--Clyde Grinham KNAUSS (G16), b. 5-16-1890; d. 2-1962; m. 1917; div. 1920
               sp--Ruth WHITE
                9--Francis KNAUSS, b. 1918
                9--June KNAUSS, b. 1919
              8--George Grinham KNAUSS (G17), b. 10-8-1891 Benson, ND; d. 3-18-1970 CA; m.
5-3-1916 WA
               sp--Mary Luella LEAHY, b. 12-27-1896 WA (d/o Mike and Vina LEAHY)
                9--Eleanor Joyce KNAUSS, b. 4-18-1917 Mansfield, WA; d. 7-18-1917; nm, ni
                9--George James KNAUSS (G25), b. 8-24-1918; m. 2-15-1942
                 sp--Berneice SMITH
                  10--Valery A. KNAUSS, b. 7-23-1951
                  10--Rebecca L. KNAUSS, b. 2-2-1954
                  10--Cheryl L. KNAUSS, b. 12-13-1955
                  10--Michael J. KNAUSS, b. 5-2-1959
                  10--Daniel Reid KNAUSS, b. 5-5-1960; d. 1960; nm, ni
                9--Roger Reid KNAUSS (G26), b. 4-14-1921; m. 5-4-1947--served in Air Force; in
WWII; became Major
                 sp--Clarice HOLMES
                  10--Cory M. KNAUSS, b. 12-31-1948; m. 11-27-1971
                   sp--Carol ROSS
                  10--Dustan R. KNAUSS, b. 11-25-1952--in Army
                  10--Stacie J. KNAUSS, b. 9-23-1954
                    11--Shanie Waynette KNAUSS, b. 5-31-1973
                  10--Lexie L. KNAUSS, b. 12-4-1957
                  10--Richard E. KNAUSS, b. 1-5-1962
                9--Daniel Richard KNAUSS (G27), b. 11-12-1923; m. 8-5-1945
                 sp--Nellie GRAY
                  10--Tamara D. KNAUSS, b. 10-19-1953
                  10--Mark A. KNAUSS, b. 3-8-1956
              8--Lily Grinham KNAUSS (G18), b. 9-2-1893 Benson, ND; d. 1943; m. 1918
               sp--William SALYER, d. 1962--served WWI/WWII
                9--Adaline SALYER, b. 10-20-1920; m. 3-29-1940
                 sp--Fred COLE
                  10--James F. COLE, b. 9-15-1941; m. 5-18-1964
                   sp--Linda LANNEN
                    11--Thomas F. COLE
                    11--Timothy C. COLE
                  10--Paula M. COLE, b. 3-16-1949; m. 5-17-1968
                   sp--Michael TOOMAN
                    11--Jeffery P. TOOMAN
                9--Donald SALYER, b. 11-30-1922 Addy, WA; m. 2-13-1946--served Navy, WWII
                 sp--Pearl McGUIRE
                  10--Terry W. SALYER, b. 12-9-1949
                  10--Timothy D. SALYER, b. 7-1-1952
                9--Margaret Ann SALYER, b. 7-11-1931
                 sp--Richard Louis HAIBER
                  10--Cheryl Ann HAIBER, b. 2-24-1950; m. 10-4-1968
                   sp--____ DASCH
                  10--Janice Lillian HAIBER, b. 1-6-1955
                  10--Frederick James HAIBER, b. 10-27-1957
                  10--Patricia Inez HAIBER, b. 9-9-1958
                  10--Peggy Lynn HAIBER, b. 9-30-1959
                9--Roberta SALYER, b. 1-25-1936; m. 5-5-1956--lived Honolulu, HI
                 sp--John David MORGAN
                  10--Patric Stanley MORGAN, b. 5-7-1957 Santa Ana, CA
              8--Kate Grinham KNAUSS (G19), b. 3-31-1895; d. 1938; m(1) 1920; div. 1923; m(2)
1928; ni
               sp(1)--Rodney MARTINDALE
               sp(2)--Robert DeBRITTON
              8--Frederick Grinham KNAUSS (G20), b. 3-30-1897 Benson, ND; d. 1968; m(1) 1920;
div. 1946; m(2) 12-4-1948
               sp(1)--Laura ROSS
                9--Ross KNAUSS, b. 4-24-1922
               sp(2)--Sally DUNCAN
              8--Emma Grinham KNAUSS (G21), b. 2-12-1901 Benson, ND; d. 3-19-1959 CA; m.
               sp--Robert KELLER, d. 3-19-1959
                9--Louis E. KELLER, b. 5-5-1920; m. 8-6-1942
                 sp--Marian HENDRICKSON
                  10--Luanne KELLER, b. 5-15-1945
                  10--Mary K. KELLER, b. 7-18-1947
                  10--Jill S. KELLER, b. 11-3-1950
                9--Robert D. KELLER, b. 8-27-1921; m. 8-6-1944--Marine Lt. Col., served WWII
                 sp--Phyllis BAILEY
                  10--Janice KELLER, b. 12-12-1946
                  10--Christopher KELLER, b. 6-13-1952
                  10--Mark KELLER, b. 3-3-1954
                  10--Carolyn KELLER, b. 8-28-1956
                9--George A. KELLER, b. 3-29-1923; m. 8-6-1946--lived Corona, CA
                 sp--Phyllis FLAZMER
                  10--Jennifer KELLER, b. 7-3-1947
                  10--Robert KELLER, b. 12-27-1948
                  10--Georgiann KELLER, b. 3-2-1953
              8--Daniel Grinham KNAUSS (G22), b. 9-17-1904 Benson, ND; m. 9-9-1934
               sp--Doris THING
                9--Margaret KNAUSS, b. 11-15-1935; m. 10-30-1959
                 sp--Donald PAYNE
                  10--Kathryn PAYNE
                  10--Diane PAYNE
                9--Daniel R. KNAUSS, b. 4-28-1939; m. 9-9-1961
                 sp--Sharon UNRUH
                  10--Daniel KNAUSS, b. 1962
                  10--Rodney KNAUSS, b. 8-2-1963
                9--Sidney KNAUSS, b. 2-10-1941; d. 9-24-1941; nm, ni
                9--Marion (Ted) KNAUSS, b. 10-11-1943
                9--John KNAUSS, b. 7-6-1949
              8--Margaret Grinham KNAUSS (G23), b. 9-19-1906; d. 3-8-1952; m. 8-19-1928
               sp--Glen MANSFIELD
                9--Colleen M. MANSFIELD, b. 3-22-1930; m. 8-29-1952
                 sp--Gordon COOK
                  10--Glen COOK, b. 6-11-1954
                  10--Linda COOK, b. 8-12-1955
                  10--Sharon COOK, b. 12-2-1962
                  10--Gordon COOK, b. 5-25-1964
                9--Pauline MANSFIELD, b. 1-5-1932
                9--Glenna MANSFIELD, b. 4-6-1936 (twin); m. 2-20-1953
                 sp--____ BENNETT
                  10--Terre BENNETT, b. 10-10-1954
                  10--Connie BENNETT, b. 1-4-1956
                  10--Christie BENNETT, b. 5-16-1960
                  10--Ronnie BENNETT, b. 10-6-1965
                  10--Sandy BENNETT, b. 1-3-1968
                9--Marjorie MANSFIELD, b. 4-6-1956 (twin)
                 sp--Rev. ____ WALLACE
                  10--Randy WALLACE
                  10--Nancy WALLACE
                  10--Steven WALLACE
                9--Dan MANSFIELD, b. 10-22-1949
              8--Sidney Grinham KNAUSS (G24), b. 4-8-1911; m. 9-22-1933
               sp--Roberta IRWIN
                9--Marilyn A. KNAUSS, b. 3-2-1937; m. 6-28-1961
                 sp--Ronald KENDRICKS
                  10--John KENDRICKS, b. 2-22-1962
                  10--Anne KENDRICKS, b. 7-2-1963
                  10--Joan KENDRICKS, b. 9-17-1964
                9--Janet K. KNAUSS, b. 12-6-1938; m. 1-6-1955
                 sp--Phillip NICHOLS
                  10--Robert NICHOLS, b. 2-26-1957
                  10--Kathryn NICHOLS, b. 5-28-1958
                  10--Karen NICHOLS, b. 11-27-1960
                  10--Michael KNAUSS, b. 5-22-1962
                9--Sidney I. KNAUSS, b. 2-19-1944; m. 2-3-1968
                 sp--Patricia ANNALA
                  10--Shannon E. KNAUSS, b. 1-19-1969
            7--J. William KNAUSS (A264), b. 3-28-1867; m. 10-25-1888--lived Crozier, ND
             sp--Frances CASE, b. 12-3-1871
              8--Harvey Warren KNAUSS (G28), b. 2-4-1890; d. 4-1925 BC; m. 1915
                9--Wendell Rolle KNAUSS (G36), b. 6-10-1916; m. 1938
                 sp--Gladys TAYLOR
                  10--Boyd Wendell KNAUSS (G37), b. 10-12-1939--served in army
                   sp--Teresa RAYMOND
                    11--Eric W. KNAUSS, b. 4-20-1968
                  10--William Max KNAUSS (G38), b. 4-11-1941--served Navy
                   sp--Raye Jean SAAR
                    11--Kristina R. KNAUSS, b. 4-21-19??
                9--Boyd R. KNAUSS, b. 1917; d. Los Angeles, CA
              8--Ida Mae KNAUSS (G29), b. 11-27-1891; d. 8-18-1925
               sp--Leo DORAN
                9--Rachel DORAN, b. 3-3-1914
                 sp--Jack PAUL
                  10--Douglas PAUL
                  10--Roger PAUL
                  10--Janet PAUL
                9--Margery DORAN, b. 11-27-1916
                  10--Gary ____
                9--Patricia DORAN, b. 12-1918
                  10--Kenneth ____
                  10--Steven ____
                9--Kathryn DORAN, b. 12-16-1924
              8--Olive Olivia KNAUSS (G32), b. 8-19-1895; m. 12-25-1913
               sp--Ernest ROLLE
                9--Ernest ("Rex") ROLLE, b. 10-11-1914
                 sp--Virginia HALL
                  10--Sharon ROLLE, b. 3-22-1942
                  10--Clark ROLLE, b. 7-14-1943
                  10--Wayne ROLLE, b. 6-6-1951
                  10--Keith ROLLE, b. 3-3-1953
                  10--Rex ROLLE, b. 5-5-1954
                9--Mae ROLLE, b. 9-29-1916; d. 1959; m. 4-6-1944
                 sp--William HENDERSON
                  10--Richard HENDERSON, b. 4-19-1946; m. 6-11-1966--served in Army
                   sp--Cheryl BURGES
                  10--Robert HENDERSON, b. 5-13-1948; m. 4-6-1968
                   sp--Karen BECHTEL
                  10--Scott HENDERSON, b. 6-19-1950
                  10--Jean HENDERSON, b. 6-12-1953
                9--Phyllis ROLLE, b. 9-4-1918; m. 6-10-1940
                 sp--Don BRONSON
                  10--Julie BRONSON, b. 2-6-1942; m. 10-19-1961
                   sp--Carl HARRIS
                  10--William BRONSON, b. 3-14-1943, m. 6-21-1968
                   sp--Laurie MARTIN
                  10--Richard BRONSON, b. 5-21-1968
                9--Frances ROLLE, b. 6-14-1920; m. 4-5-1941
                 sp--David HOLT
                  10--Candace HOLT, b. 6-28-1944
                  10--Patricia HOLT, b. 11-18-1947
                9--Ruth ROLLE, b. 4-25-1922; m. 6-10-1943
                 sp--William ADAMS
                  10--Mark ADAMS, b. 3-28-1945
                   sp--Jane RYDER
                  10--William ADAMS, b. 2-5-1947
                  10--Jane ADAMS, b. 1-24-1949
                9--David ROLLE, b. 2-9-1928
                 sp--Mary HASKELL
                  10--Lee ROLLE, b. 2-5-1958
                  10--Layne ROLLE, b. 10-12-1959
                  10--Lisann ROLLE, b. 6-21-1961
              8--Sarah Lucille KNAUSS (G33), b. 1-10-1901 Lakota, ND; m(1) 1919; div; m(2)
1924; div.; m(3) 1943
               sp(1)--Ebbin KERR
                9--Maxine KERR, b. 1921 Lethbridge, Alberta; m. 11-27-1947
                 sp--Alex TIBEAU
                  10--Sandra TIBEAU
                  10--Deanna TIBEAU
                  10--Cheri TIBEAU
                  10--Toni TIBEAU
               sp(2)--Dellis MOORE
                9--Dellia MOORE, b. 4-11-1928; m. 9-28-1962
                 sp--Susan CRUM
                9--Robert MOORE, b. 2-10-1930
                 sp--Dorothy POORTVLIET
                  10--Barbara MOORE, b. 10-30-1960
                  10--Jeffery MOORE, b. 1-14-1962
                  10--Shyrrel MOORE, b. 3-19-1965
              8--Thomas W. KNAUSS (G30), b. 1-14-1903; d. 3-9-1943
               sp--Marge BUSHMAN
              8--Newton S. KNAUSS (G34), b. 1-5-1905; m(1) 7-12-1924; m(2) 1936
               sp(1)--Beulah CROSLER, d. bef. 1936
                9--Newton A. KNAUSS, b. 6-26-1926; m(1) 2-1947
                 sp(1)--Dorothy WILSON, d. 1953
                  10--Phillip S. KNAUSS, b. 4-13-1948
                  10--Kima KNAUSS, b. 1953
                 sp(2)--Joyce ____
                  10--Zane N. KNAUSS, b. 2-14-1954
                  10--Delbert W. KNAUSS, b. 12-27-1954
                  10--Jamie Joyce KNAUSS, b. 9-24-1956
                  10--Oscar D. KNAUSS, b. 8-14-1957
                  10--Newton A. KNAUSS, b. 11-8-1958
                9--Beulah M. KNAUSS, b. 1-5-1928; m(1) 11-25-1945; div.; m(2) 1948; div; m(3)
                 sp(1)--William MARTIN
                  10--Dennis MARTIN, b. 9-27-1946
                 sp(2)--Robert FUESTON
                  10--Robert FUESTON, b. 1-15-1949
                  10--Cheryl FUESTON, b. 8-1-1950
                 sp(3)--Robert SEXSMITH
                  10--William SEXSMITH, b. 12-17-1952
                  10--John SEXSMITH, b. 11-18-1956
                  10--Dean SEXSMITH, b. 12-1-1963
                9--Delbert W. KNAUSS, b. 9-25-1931; m. 3-16-1957
                 sp--Arlene ____
                  10--James K. KNAUSS, b. 3-24-1958
                  10--Delene J. KNAUSS, b. 2-5-1961
                  10--Leane R. KNAUSS, b. 7-12-1966
                  10--Kimberly K. KNAUSS, b. 4-1-1968
                9--Jarralee F. KNAUSS, b. 9-25-1931; m. 11-8-1949
                 sp--Kenneth J. HINDMAN
                  10--Patty L. HINDMAN, b. 7-21-1950
                  10--Cathy F. HINDMAN, b. 6-12-1954
                  10--Terry W. HINDMAN, b. 2-11-1956
               sp(2)--Irene HARSTAD
                9--Anton M. KNAUSS, b. 5-3-1953
                9--Ronald G. KNAUSS, b. 8-21-1954
              8--Harry L. KNAUSS (G31), b. 2-6-1908; d. 1940; m. 1931
               sp--Evelyn ERICKSON
                9--Harry KNAUSS, Jr., b. 4-16-1933
                  10--Harry KNAUSS, III
                  10--Mark KNAUSS
                  10--Jimmie KNAUSS
                9--Dione KNAUSS, b. 6-24-1934
                  10--(Girl twin)
                  10--(Girl twin)
              8--Francis Wilson KNAUSS (G35), b. 8-22-1911 Maddock, ND; m. 7-7-1932
               sp--Effie SPRIETSMA
                9--Rosalie J. KNAUSS, b. 7-12-1934; m(1) 3-20-1954; m(2) 11-6-1959
                 sp(1)--Harvold E. WILSON
                  10--Michael E. WILSON, b. 12-18-1955
                  10--Rosalie J. WILSON, b. 6-20-1957
                  10--Franceen WILSON, b. 4-22-1959
                 sp(2)--Paul GIAMPEDRAGLIA
                  10--Paula GIAMPEDRAGLIA, b. 7-21-1960
                9--Sarah F. KNAUSS, b. 12-12-1935; m. 12-27-1954
                 sp--Jerome FROLAND
                  10--Julie FROLAND, b. 6-11-1956
                  10--Jerome FROLAND, Jr., b. 4-21-1958
                  10--Loretta FROLAND, b. 9-9-1959
                  10--Kenneth FROLAND, b. 1-4-1961
                  10--Curtis FROLAND, b. 5-28-1963
                  10--Mark FROLAND, b. 6-25-1964
                9--Harvey G. KNAUSS, b. 6-19-1937; m. 7-21-1956
                 sp--Carolyn SCHUMANN
                  10--Harry KNAUSS, b. 4-27-1957 (twin)
                  10--Harvey KNAUSS, b. 4-27-1957 (twin)
                  10--Glenda KNAUSS, b. 10-23-1959; d. bef. 1970; nm, ni
                  10--Brenda KNAUSS, b. 1-27-1961
                  10--Larry KNAUSS, b. 5-22-1963
            7--Mamie C. KNAUSS, b. 4-1869; d. 9-1872; nm, ni
            7--Harry L. KNAUSS (A265), b. 8-14-1871; m. 2-21-1892--lived Crozier, ND
             sp--Nellie F. PARKER
              8--Homer Hoyt KNAUSS (G40), b. 4-29(or 23)-1894; m. 11-4-1914--lived ND,
Kalispell MT
               sp--Cora HOVESKELAND
                9--Harris H. KNAUSS (G46), b. 7-17-1915; m. 7-21-1940--lived Windom, MN
                 sp--June FAHEY
                  10--James R. KNAUSS, b. 8-12-1941; m. 2-19-1965
                   sp--Patsy PARKER
                  10--Kathryn Ann KNAUSS, b. 2-6-1944; m. 9-15-1962
                   sp--Marlyn VOEHL
                    11--Mitchell VOEHL, b. 5-12-1963
                  10--H. Steven KNAUSS, b. 2-11-1949
                  10--Marsha Sue KNAUSS, b. 10-29-1953
                9--Alice N. KNAUSS (G44), b. 6-6-1918 (twin); m. 8-14-1943--lived Long Beach,
                 sp--Richard SHOEMAKER
                  10--Richard SHOEMAKER, b. 7-9-1944; m. 9-6-1963
                   sp--Vonda STARK
                    11--Pamela SHOEMAKER, b. 11-13-1965
                  10--Susan SHOEMAKER, b. 5-13-1947; m. 10-10-1964
                   sp--James CASH
                    11--Curtis CASH
                    11--(Child) CASH
                  10--Linda SHOEMAKER, b. 6-20-1951
                9--Mary Phyllis KNAUSS (G45), b. 6-6-1918 (twin); m. 11-16-1942--lived Costa
Mesa, CA
                 sp--Kenneth FOWLER
                  10--Jeanne FOWLER, b. 8-16-1946; m. 3-16-1968
                   sp--Hyatt BAKER
                  10--Barbara FOWLER, b. 12-1-1947; m. 10-29-1966
                   sp--Wayne GAULT
                  10--Dorothea FOWLER, b. 11-17-1952
                9--M.(or H.) H. ("Jack") KNAUSS (G47), b. 11-9-1924; m. 3-21-1945--lived Terrell,
                 sp--Hallie MAYES
                  10--Janet M. KNAUSS, b. 11-14-1946; m(1) 8-26-1963; div. 8-9-1968; m(2)
                   sp(1)--____ MOORE
                    11--Shaen MOORE, b. 12-9-1967
                   sp(2)--Vernon GRIFFIN
              8--Mary Eunice KNAUSS (G39), b. 6-29-1896; m. 12-19-1914--lived ND
               sp--G. E. NELSON
                9--Fred NELSON, b. 10-7-1915; m. 9-23-1939--lived Detroit, MI
                 sp--Norma McKENZIE
                  10--James NELSON, b. 3-6-1944--lived Kalamazoo, MI
                  10--Susan NELSON, b. 11-22-1945
                  10--Nancy NELSON, b. 12-8-1949
                9--Dorothy E. NELSON, b. 12-15-1917; m. 5-17-1941--lived Chicago
                 sp--Eugene SUMMERFIELD
                  10--Elizabeth SUMMERFIELD, b. 6-11-1943; m. 6-12-1965
                   sp--Phillip SCHMIDT
                    11--Julie SCHMIDT, b. 1-31-1966
                  10--Patrick SUMMERFIELD, b. 6-1-1944; m. 8-27-1966--in Army
                   sp--Cynthia SIMON
                9--Herry NELSON, b. 2-1-1921; m. 11-12-1943--Lt. JG in Navy
                 sp--Mary DONOVAN
                  10--Thomas NELSON, b. 2-12-1951
                  10--Mary NELSON, b. 3-6-1959
              8--Perry Parker KNAUSS (G41), b. 2-7-1904; d. 1964; m(1) 1924; div. 1937; m(2)
               sp(1)--Dina HAMRE
                9--Wayne Luverne KNAUSS (G49), b. 2-20-1925; m. 6-25-1950--lived Tigard, OR
                 sp--Dorisjean THOMPSON
                  10--Nancy J. KNAUSS, b. 11-25-1951
                  10--Thomas J. KNAUSS, b. 3-17-1954
                  10--Robert W. KNAUSS, b. 1-17-1956
                9--Harvey Lowell KNAUSS (G50), b. 10-24-1927; m. 6-5-1951--lived Tigard, OR
                 sp--Judith DEPUY
                  10--Stephen P. KNAUSS, b. 10-18-1952
                  10--Elizabeth A. KNAUSS, b. 12-23-1953
                  10--John W. KNAUSS, b. 12-21-1954
                  10--Sarah J. KNAUSS, b. 12-5-1958
               sp(2)--Margaret GOODWIN
                9--Margaret Ann KNAUSS, b. 9-3-1939; m. 3-17-1962
                 sp--Gary LEWIS
              8--Sarah Louise KNAUSS (G42), b. 4-17-1908; m. 6-7-1932--lived Pekin, ND
               sp--George HOVEL
                9--Joan M. HOVEL, b. 5-30-1933--lived Aloha, OR
                 sp--Marvin NYGAARD
                9--Jerome R. HOVEL, b. 10-23-1934--lived Pekin, ND
                 sp--Evelyn KADRY
                  10--Monica L. HOVEL, b. 4-17-1955
                  10--Jerene R. HOVEL, b. 1-11-1957
                  10--Kelly L. HOVEL, b. 3-14-1967
              8--William ("Billy") KNAUSS (G43), b. 10-1911; d. 2-14-1967; m. 11-9-1931--lived
Tolna, ND
               sp--Vivan GRESS
                9--Bernard D. KNAUSS (G48), b. 4-17-1932; m. 4-2-1955--lived Terrell, TX
                 sp--Charlotte JOHNSON
                  10--Dean W. KNAUSS, b. 1-1-1956
                  10--Dale K. KNAUSS, b. 9-7-1961
                9--Nellie M. KNAUSS, b. 5-9-1935; m. 3-29-1959; div.
                 sp--Robert BROWN
                  10--Donna BROWN, b. 1-15-1962
                  10--Roberta BROWN, b. 9-4-1963
                  10--Barbara BROWN, b. 8-25-1964
                9--Polly Eunice KNAUSS, b. 6-29-1941; m(1) 10-11-1958; div.; m(2) 4-30-1965
                 sp(1)--Larry SCHUH
                  10--Lynette SCHUH, b. 1-23-1961
                 sp(2)--Robert MENDOZA
                  10--Daniel MENDOZA, b. 7-17-1967
            7--Lillie O. KNAUSS (G1), b. 8-4-1873; m. 1-1-1895
             sp--A. H. PARKER
              8--George William PARKER, b. 5-15-1898; d. 1917 WWI--lived Bissmore, ND
              8--Mary E. PARKER, b. 9-18-1903; m. 7-16-1930--lived Gibson, BC
               sp--J. A. WICKLUND
                9--Donald J. WICKLUND, b. 5-31-1933; m. 9-7-1957
                 sp--Anna Lee HANSON
                  10--Lori Dawn WICKLUND, b. 4-19-1962
                  10--Michael WICKLUND, b. 2-14-1967
                9--Harld G. WICKLUND, b. 2-9-1940; m. 9-1-1962
                 sp--Laverne HEHN
                  10--Carrie Lynn WICKLUND, b. 12-19-1962
                  10--Kathy Dineen WICKLUND, b. 9-7-1965
              8--Ruth L. PARKER, b. 7-30-1905; m. 6-2-1934
               sp--Telford SPENCER
            7--Sallie A. KNAUSS (G2), b. 6-4-1875; m. 3-15(or 4)-1894
             sp--LaMott A. DAY
              8--Ruth DAY, b. 7-2-1898; d. 3-1905--lived Lakota, ND
              8--Edwin P. DAY, b. 10--6-1903; d. 11-30-1964; m. 1-3-1926
               sp--Ruth E. ARCHBALD
                9--Lois L. DAY, b. 11-17-1926
                 sp--Harold ABRAHAMSON
                  10--Richard L. ABRAHAMSON
                  10--Janice ABRAHAMSON
                  10--Harold J. ABRAHAMSON
                  10--Sally Ann ABRAHAMSON
                  10--Michael ABRAHAMSON
                  10--Donald ABRAHAMSON
                  10--Ralph E. ABRAHAMSON 
                9--Edwin P. DAY, Jr., b. 7-8-1928; m. 2-1953
                 sp--Dovie L. PORTER
                  10--Donnie Mac DAY
                  10--Douglas E. DAY
                  10--Dakota Ann DAY
                  10--Dovie D. DAY
                9--Elwood B. DAY, b. 7-19-1931; d. 6-11-1938; nm, ni
                9--Ralph L. DAY, b. 6-26-1936; m. 1954
                 sp--Patsy ____
                  10--Bobbie R. DAY
                  10--Kelvin E. DAY
                  10--Ralph L. DAY
                9--James K. Day, b. 5-2-1939; m. 6-1962
                 sp--Loretta ____
                9--Patricia A. DAY, b. 10-19-1941; m. 5-1963
                 sp--John T. SHEPARD
                  10--Melina R. SHEPARD, b. 2-26-1966
                9--Donna L. DAY, b. 10-2-1942; m. 3-1957
                 sp--James GIBBS
                  10--William J. GIBBS
                  10--Michael E. GIBBS
                  10--Tonya R. GIBBS
                9--Lela A. DAY, b. 4-3-1944; m. 2-1963
                 sp--John O. SHEPARD
                  10--Leslie L. SHEPARD, b. 2-16-1966
                9--Glena G. DAY, b. 5-19-1947; m. 3-1963
                 sp--William P. FERGUSON
                  10--Nita Lynn FERGUSON
                  10--William P. FERGUSON
                9--Mary E. DAY, b. 4-1948; d. 4-1948 (3 d. o.); nm, ni
              8--Landis S. DAY, b. 7-10-1906; d. 2-1943; m. 6-4-1927
               sp--Elsie V. ARNESON
                9--Neal L. DAY, b. 1928; m. 2-10-1948
                 sp--Carol SKAFE
                  10--Theodore L. DAY
                  10--Victoria L. DAY
                  10--Terrianne S. DAY
                  10--Thomas N. DAY
                  10--Timarye DAY
                  10--Tracy L. DAY
            7--Emma KNAUSS, b. 9-1877; d. 1-1883; nm, ni
            7--George KNAUSS (A266, G3), b. 12-14-1879; m. 7-15-1900--lived Hannaford, ND
             sp--Mae BROWN
              8--Ralph Chalmer KNAUSS (G5), b. 2-24-1902; m. 6-18-1925
               sp--Alice HEMPSTEAD
              8--Rachel L. KNAUSS (G6), b. 7-21-1903; m. 8-10-1925
               sp--Charles B. DAY
                9--John B. DAY, b. 3-3-1928; m(1) 3-1952; m(2) 1961
                 sp(1)--Elsa GROVERMAN
                  10--Caroly B. DAY
                  10--John W. DAY
                 sp(2)--Ruth SCHEERER
                  10--Carl E. DAY
                  10--Theresa E. DAY
                9--George W. DAY, b. 9-24-1935; m. 1959; ni
                 sp--Eleanor REYES
              8--Frederick G. ("Ted") KNAUSS (G7). b. 6-6-1908; m. 6-30-1927--lived Hannaford,
               sp--Lucile A. VAN SCOIK
                9--Phillis M. KNAUSS, b. 4-5-1938; m. 6-13-1948
                 sp--John NELSON
                  10--Ralph J. M. NELSON, b. 3-24-1949; m. 5-31-1967
                   sp--Leslie LAMBERT
                  10--Muriel D. KNAUSS, b. 6-8-1950; m. 3-2-1968
                   sp--Gary WENICK
                  10--Marlene M. KNAUSS, b. 11-30-1951
                  10--John T. KNAUSS, b. 2-22-1955
                  10--Sallie M. KNAUSS, b. 5-25-1957
                  10--Ted M. KNAUSS, b. 2-20-1960
                9--Patricia E. KNAUSS, b. 4-30-1930; m. 5-29-1948
                 sp--Duane BAUKOL
                  10--Richard D. BAUKOL, b. 7-30-1950
                  10--Ellen R. BAUKOL, b. 12-30-1953
                  10--Arlen F. BAUKOL, b. 6-25-1956
                9--Frederick George KNAUSS, Jr. (G14), b. 10-3-1935; m. 6-1-1961--lived Portland,
                 sp--Karlin BROHN
                  10--Jacqueline Rebecca KNAUSS, b. 4-19-1962
                  10--David Allen KNAUSS, b. 7-12-1964
                9--Kathryn L. KNAUSS
                 sp--____ BRUDVAG
                  10--Doreen K. BRUDVAG
                9--Mary J. KNAUSS, b. 7-23-1947
                9--Rebecca C. KNAUSS, b. 7-23-1947
                 sp--Melvin MOE
              8--Harry Luke KNAUSS (G8), b. 12-18-1910; m(1) 5-25-1927; div. 11-1965; m(2)
12-6-1965 Spokane, WA
               sp(1)--Eleanor PETERSON
                9--Donald Rogers KNAUSS (G15), b. 9-6-1929 Hannaford, ND; m. 5-31-1951
                 sp--Phillis Jean SLUSSAR, b. 8-6-1929 Nebraska City, NE
                  10--Donald Rogers KNAUSS, Jr., b. 9-26-1952 Seattle, WA
                  10--Ronald Ray KNAUSS, b. 9-2-1960 Spokane, WA
                  10--Robert Leif KNAUSS, b. 9-4-1966 Edmonds, WA
                9--Caroline S. KNAUSS, b. 9-24-1933 Hannaford, ND; m(1) 12-7-1952; div. 1955;
m(2) 7-11-1959
                 sp(1)--Robert SEEK
                  10--Dan J. SEEK, b. 2-6-1955
                 sp(2)--Pat MICHIELLI
                  10--Patrick J. MICHIELLI, b. 7-9-1960
                  10--Jacqueline MICHIELLI, b. 7-6-1963
               sp(2)--Barbara JONES
              8--Margaret Ruth KNAUSS (G9), b. 10-30-1912 (twin); m. 6-14-1940 Cooperstown,
               sp--William HOWDEN
                9--Diana E. HOWDEN, b. 2-8-1942; m. 7-17-1960
                 sp--Dennis LARSON
                  10--Lori B. LARSON, b. 3-13-1962
                  10--Greg P. LARSON, b. 10-25-1967
                9--Richard J. HOWDEN, b. 10-15-1944
                9--Jeane E. HOWDEN, b. 3-3-1947; m. 6-25-1966
                 sp--Jerome MARSCHKE
                  10--Jay D. MARSCHKE, b. 8-17-1968
                9--William T. HOWDEN, Jr., b. 11-11-1949
              8--Elizabeth M. KNAUSS (G10), b. 10-30-1912 (twin); m. 12-24-1931
               sp--Carl LYNGBY
                9--Joan E. LYNGBY, b. 12-17-1946
                 sp--Joe E. BROWN
                9--Allison M. LYNGBY, b. 5-2-1949
              8--Helen KNAUSS (G11), b. 8-17-1916 Hannaford, ND; m. 12-15-1940
               sp--Olef BROTEN
                9--Linda Rae BROTEN, b. 1-4-1945; m. 1962
                 sp--Vernon SCHULER
                  10--David SCHULER, b. 6-7-1963
                  10--Lorie SCHULER, b. 5-24-1964
                  10--Steven SCHULER, b. 10-18-1966
                9--Louise Helen BROTEN, b. 11-16-1947
                9--James Olaf BROTEN, b. 12-10-19??
                9--Judith Ann BROTEN, b. 3-25-1959
              8--Donald J. KNAUSS (G12), b. 11-21-1914; m. 6-11-1933
               sp--Letha KOLBERG
                9--Donna L. KNAUSS, b. 1-8-1934; m. 11-2-1952
                 sp--Lowell THOMPSON
                  10--LuAnn THOMPSON, b. 1-8-1954
                  10--Denis THOMPSON, b. 1-31-1955
                  10--Judy THOMPSON, b. 12-11-1961
                  10--Michael THOMPSON, b. 12-27-1962
                9--James D. KNAUSS, b. 4-2-1940; m. 6-8-1958
                 sp--Judy SWANSON
                  10--Ladawn SWANSON, b. 10-30-1959
                  10--Lonnie SWANSON, b. 6-2-1961
                  10--Jamie SWANSON, b. 1-20-1963
                9--Ronald J. KNAUSS (G13), b. 1-6-1943; m. 8-20-1961
                 sp--Evelyn PARKER
                  10--Terra Dawn KNAUSS, b. 9-6-1965
                  10--Steven Todd KNAUSS, b. 1-25-1968
                9--Donald J. KNAUSS, b. 5-2-1948; m. 6-1968
                 sp--Bonnie EVENSON
            7--John Yost KNAUSS (G4), b. 11-25-1886--lived ND, Spokane, WA
             sp--Lillian A. SCOTT
              8--Florence KNAUSS
              8--Gordon A. KNAUSS (G51), b. 5-10-1910; m. 1931--lived Spokane, WA
               sp--Kathryn BELDIN
                9--Ralph G. KNAUSS, b. 3-21-1933; m. 1952
                 sp--Gloria KLEWSNO
                  10--Richie Ann KNAUSS, b. 10-14-1954
                  10--Debra M. KNAUSS, b. 10-17-1955
                9--Nancy L. KNAUSS, b. 6-28-1940; m(1) 1957; div.; m(2) 1967
                 sp(1)--Clifford SNOW
                  10--Christine SNOW, b. 11-21-1958
                  10--Haryn SNOW, b. 11-23-1959
                  10--Kathline SNOW, b. 7-12-1963
                 sp(2)--Clarence GRANLUND
                9--James L. KNAUSS, b. 7-9-1947
              8--Paul Scott KNAUSS (G52), b. 3-31-1918; m. 6-11-1938--lived Cocolalla, ID
               sp--Martha STREIT
                9--Judith Jeanne KNAUSS, b. 10-30-1940; m. 11-28-1958
                 sp--Virgil LOWDER
                  10--Donald LOWDER, b. 6-17-1959
                  10--Gene LOWDER, b. 9-19-1960
                  10--Lannette LOWDER, b. 11-13-1967
                9--Marcia Marie KNAUSS, b. 6-10-1956
                9--Donna Doreen KNAUSS, b. 5-22-1958
              8--George W. KNAUSS (G53)
          6--Abraham KNAUSS (A137), b. 10-10-1844 East Allen, Northampton, PA; d.
9-30-1905; m. 11-26-1879
           sp--Lillie C. FREY, b. 1855 (d/o Henry FREY and Susanna WEAVER)
            7--Abraham KNAUSS, b. 1-14-1880; d. 1-31-1880; nm, ni
        5--Benjamin KNAUSS, b. 12-4-1807; d. 12-12-1859; m. 1832?
         sp--Sarah EVERITT, b. 8-23-1811; d. 4-9-1891
        5--David KNAUSS, b. 11-4-1809; d. 5-12-1826
        5--Levi KNAUSS (A68), b. 7-18-1813 Weisenberg, Lehigh, PA; d. 7-5-1893 Three Rivers
MI; m(2) 5-15-1838--mvd to 3 Rivers in 1870's
         sp(1)--Judith LAROS
          6--Henry KNAUSS (A138), b. 7-25-1836 East Allen, Northampton, PA; d. 12-2-1910; m.
           sp--Sarah Ann FREDERICK, b. 2-27-1845; d. 6-3-1870
            7--Mary Alice KNAUSS, b. 6-7-1862
         sp(2)--Maria HEIMBACH
          6--Mahlon M. KNAUSS, b. 1837? d. 1902? Philadelphia, PA
          6--Amanda KNAUSS, b. 5-14-1839; m. 6-17-1860
           sp--Valentine BARTHOLOMEW, b. 8-20=1837
            7--Naomi BARTHOLOMEW
             sp--Barney BOYL
            7--Acquilla BARTHOLOMEW
             sp--Albert WEAVER
            7--Milton BARTHOLOMEW
             sp--Catharine FARRER
            7--(Boy) BARTHOLOMEW
             sp--Cinderella M. PETERS
            7--(Boy) BARTHOLOMEW
             sp--Ellen J. BRONG
            7--Oscar D. BARTHOLOMEW
             sp--Laura WEAVER
            7--Robinson BARTHOLOMEW
             sp--Anna KRAUSE
            7--Emma BARTHOLOMEW
             sp--V. C. BROWN
            7--Audra BARTHOLOMEW
             sp--Josiah MILLER
            7--Norman BARTHOLOMEW
            7--Palmer BARTHOLOMEW
             sp--Lillie DREISBACH
          6--David KNAUSS (A139), b. East Allen, Northampton, PA--moved to Stillwater, OK
           sp--Priscilla FEHNEL (d/o Daniel FEHNEL)
            7--Ellen KNAUSS
            7--Abigail KNAUSS
             sp--Harry E. McCABE
               sp--____ ELLIOTT
                9--Dick ELLIOTT
               sp--____ GROVES
                9--____ GROVES
                 sp--Darlene ____
            7--Harvey KNAUSS
            7--Allen KNAUSS
            7--(Girl) KNAUSS--moved to Africa?
             sp--Rev. Walter RICHARDS
            7--(Child) KNAUSS
            7--(Child) KNAUSS
            7--(Child) KNAUSS
            7--(Child) KNAUSS
            7--(Child) KNAUSS
            7--(Child) KNAUSS
            7--(Child) KNAUSS
          6--Benjamin Franklin KNAUSS (A140), b. 4-20-1847 East Allen, Northampton, PA; d.
1-28-1929; m(1) 1865 Belfast, PA; m(2) 10-2-
              1874 Three Rivers, MI--lived La Grange, IN
           sp(1)--Sarah FAIR, d. 1873? MI
            7--Cora F. KNAUSS, b. 11-20-1866; d. 1926--lived Los Angeles
             sp--Elery B. McDONALD
              8--Malcolm McDONALD
            7--Auddra KNAUSS, b. 3-23-1870--lived Flint, MI
             sp--John W. CLUGSTON
           sp(2)--Marietta WALTZ
            7--Glenn W. KNAUSS (A267), b. 4-13-1882 Lima (now Howe), IN; m. 6-19-1912
             sp--Oma M. SHOUP, b. 5-4-1890 near Topeka, IN (d/o Hartman D. & Alwilda
              8--Marilynn L. KNAUSS, b. 9-19-1915
          6--Levi Jonathan KNAUSS (A141), b. 2-27-1851 East Allen, Northampton, PA; d. South
Bend, IN--moved to 3Rivers, MI
           sp--Hester WOLFORD
            7--Anna KNAUSS
             sp--Warren TRACY
            7--Nettie KNAUSS--lived in CA
          6--Elias D. KNAUSS, d. 7-1924 South Bend, IN; ni
           sp--Alice ____
          6--Anna Maria KNAUSS
           sp--Nathan BARTHOLD
          6--Emma KNAUSS--lived Pratt, KS
           sp--John REESE
      4--Christian KNAUSS (A30), b. Weisenberg, Lehigh, PA
       sp--M. Elizabeth HOFFMAN
        5--Salome KNAUSS, b. 9-1-1792 Lehigh, PA
         sp--Henry ROTH
        5--Christian KNAUSE (A69), b. 1-17-1794 Bern, Berks (in Lehigh Co. records!), PA; d.
11-24-1880 Arcadia, IN (OH 1840, IN 1850)
         sp--Katharine KAUFFMAN, b. 11-14-1793; d. 10-25-1872 Arcadia, IN (d/o John?
KAUFFMAN and Margaretha HESS)
          6--Elizabeth KNAUSE, b. 4-12-1826 Berks, PA; d. Arcadia, IN; m. E. Germantown, IN
           sp--Henry WALTZ
            7--Katharine WALTZ
             sp--John BRENNER
            7--Mary WALTZ
             sp--Eli STALKER
            7--Matilda E. WALTZ
             sp--Alva H. McMULLEN
            7--Malinda WALTZ
             sp--John McKEE
            7--Rev. William J. WALTZ--lived Stevenson, WA
          6--Joseph KNAUSE (A142), b. 3-22-1828/1829 Berks, PA; d. 8-1904/1905; m.
10-10-1857 IN--OH 1840; IN 1850
           sp--Mary GOLDMAN, b. 3-2-1838/1839 Miami, Montgomery, OH; d. 5-1905/1906
Arcadia, IN (d/o John GOLDMAN and Mary   ELEBARGER)
            7--Benjamin Franklin KNAUSE (A268), b. 8-16-????
             sp--Ollie LEMING
              8--George KNAUSE
              8--Frederick C. KNAUSE--lived CA
              8--Cedric KNAUSE--lived Denver, CO
            7--William Henry KNAUSE (A269), b. 5-25-????--lived Tipton, IN
             sp--Ida MILLER
              8--Nellie KNAUSS (G205), b. 1885
               sp--Lee C. GRIFFITH
                9--Frank GRIFFITH, ni
              8--Hazel KNAUSS (G206), b. 1886--lived Shanghai, China
               sp--William K. MARSHALL
                9--William MARSHALL
                  10--(Child) MARSHALL
                  10--(Child) MARSHALL
            7--Dora Alice KNAUSE (G207), b. 12-28-????---lived Lafayette, IN
             sp--Henry A. CONVER
              8--Maude CONVER
               sp--Charles BARTH
                9--William BARTH
                9--Robert BARTH
                9--James BARTH
                9--Dorothy BARTH
                 sp--____ RHODARMEL
                9--Alice BARTH
                 sp--____ MORLOCK
              8--Ruby CONVER
               sp--Lester A. DOWNING
                9--Noel DOWNING
                  10--James DOWNING
                  10--Robert DOWNING
                  10--Robin DOWNING
                9--Marjorie DOWNING
            7--George Leither KNAUSE (A270), b. 2-7-????--lived Peru, IN
             sp--Emma KLOTZ
              8--Chester KNAUSE
            7--Katharine Adeline KNAUSE (G208), b. 6-17-1869
             sp--Robert E. RAYER
              8--Beatrix RAYER
               sp--J. R. ADAMS
              8--Irene RAYER
               sp--____ DENISON
            7--Harriet Ellen KNAUSE (G161), b. 5-21-????--lived Arcadia, IN
             sp--John L.(or T.) MAHAN
              8--Bert MAHAN
              8--John Newell MAHAN
               sp--Margaret MILLS
                9--Betty MAHAN, b. 8-5-1919
                 sp--____ EDSON
                  10--Margo EDSON
                   sp--____ WARM
                9--Keith MAHAN, b. 2-9-1934
                  10--Carol MAHAN
                  10--Keith MAHAN
              8--Mary Louise MAHAN, b. 7-21-1903; m. 10-10-1926--lived Kokomo, IN
               sp--Dallas M.(or W.) ANDREWS
                9--Diane ANDREWS, b. 2-19-1945
              8--Edythe MAHAN
              8--Juanita MAHAN
            7--Charles Edward KNAUSE, b. 6-3-????; dy?
            7--Clara Maude KNAUSE, b. 3-16-????; dy
          6--Daniel KNAUSE (or KNOUSE) (A143), b. 1829 (or 1822) Berks, PA; d. 8-1-1859
Green Castle, IN (or IA); m. 1849--IN 1850, then IA
           sp--Matilda RIEMAN, b. 9-29-1829 Wrightsville, York PA; d. 2-14-1921 Mingo IA (rem.
John B. COLE, widower; d/o Jacob RIEMAN)
            7--Charles L. KNAUSE (A271), b. 3-4-1849 IN; m. Newton, IA--lived Des Moines, IA
             sp--Hattie SPENCER
              8--Earl KNAUSE
              8--Lillian KNAUSE
              8--Charles KNAUSE
              8--Orvil KNAUSE
            7--George B. KNAUSE, b. 1851; d. 10-1873; nm, ni
            7--Lillian ("Lilly") M. KNAUSE, b. 8-14-1852 Anoba, IN; m. 6-22-1871 Jasper,
IA--lived Maywood, CA
             sp--S. M. HAMILTON, b. 2-20-1846; d. 5-28-1927
              8--Bessie HAMILTON, b. 5-22-1872; d. 7-20-1908
              8--Kate HAMILTON, b. 7-21-1874
            7--Julia C. KNAUSE, b. 8-24-1855; d. 3-1874
            7--Jacob Franklin KNAUSE, b. 1-14-1859 Greencastle, IN; d. 3-28-1928 Wells, MI; m.
1895 Colfax, IA--lvd Des Moines, IA
             sp--Anna Bell LACEY (d/o George and Rose LACEY)
              8--Daniel G. KNAUSE
              8--Fannie KNAUSE--lived Wells, MN
               sp--____ PRESTON
          6--Jacob KNAUSE (A144), b. 5-22-1832 Berks, PA; d. Arcadia, IN, b. 1840:OH;
           sp--Fannie DICKOVER
            7--John KNAUSE (A273)--lived Arcadia, IN
             sp--Annie KAISER
              8--Floyd KNAUSE, d. bef. 1930
              8--Catharine KNAUSE
              8--Wilbur KNAUSE
              8--Charles KNAUSE
            7--Charles KNAUSE, b. 7-1863 IN
             sp--Sarah KAUFMAN, b. 11-1865 IN
            7--Henry KNAUSE (A274), b. 9-1865 IN--lived Arcadia, IN
             sp--Amanda WALTZ, b. 6-1870 IN
              8--Paul KNAUSE, b. 4-1896 IN
            7--Lilly KNAUSE
            7--Martha KNAUSE
            7--Rose KNAUSE
            7--Lou KNAUSE--lived OH
             sp--Edward MILLER
              8--Claude MILLER
               sp--Florence SCHMIDT
              8--Carl MILLER
              8--Edward MILLER
              8--Blaine MILLER
            7--Samuel KNAUSE (A275)--lived OH
             sp(1)--Maggie WIGGS
              8--Rennie KNAUSE
              8--Hugh KNAUSE
              8--Sarah KNAUSE
             sp(2)--Rosa LIMESTAHL
              8--Esther KNAUSE
              8--Irene KNAUSE
              8--Bernice KNAUSE
              8--Evelyn KNAUSE
          6--Jonathan KNAUSE (or KNOUSE) (A145), b. 10-18-1835 Berks, PA; d.
4-4-1925--lived Arcadia, IN, b. 1850IN)
           sp--Matilda WALTZ, b. 9-1839 IN
            7--Mary E. KNAUSE, b. 1-1860 PA
             sp--John C. TEAL
              8--Elsa C. TEAL
              8--Jonathan E. TEAL
              8--Louis S. TEAL
              8--Paul H. TEAL
              8--Donald TEAL
              8--Dorothy TEAL
            7--Alice KNAUSE, b. 11-1864 IN--lived Bloomington, IN
             sp--Ernest BIERMAN (or BEERMAN)
              8--Augusta BIERMAN (f), b. 11-1896 CA (twin)
               sp--Roger BARBOUR
              8--Helen BIERMAN, b. 11-1896 CA (twin)
              8--Elizabeth BIERMAN, b. 4-1898 CO
               sp--William GILLESPIE
              8--Arnold BIERMAN
              8--Alice BIERMAN
              8--David BIERMAN
            7--Katharine H. KNAUSE, b. 6-1861 IN--lived Westfield, IN
             sp--Eli STALKER
            7--Emma R. KNAUSE, b. 10-1866 IN
            7--Frances KNAUSE-lived Urbana, IL
             sp--Charles T. KNIPP
              8--Pauline KNIPP
               sp--George S. MILL
              8--Frances M. KNIPP
               sp--Max SHIPLEY
              8--Julian K. KNIPP
              8--Barbara KNIPP
            7--Edna I. KNAUSE, b. 7-1879 IN--lived Johnstown, PA
             sp--Orlando E. TOMES
              8--George K. TOMES
              8--Paul TOMES
              8--Mark TOMES
        5--Solomon KNAUSS
        5--Daniel KNAUSE (A70) b. PA
         sp--Elizabeth KOCH
          6--Hester KNAUSE, b. 1-22-1828 Upper Bern, Berks, PA; m. Hamilton, IN
           sp--William FOUST
            7--Minnie FOUST
             sp--Lon GASCHO
            7--Dollie FOUST
          6--Levi KNAUSE, b. 4-27-1830 Oley, Berks, PA; d. 8-16-1902 PA
          6--Lovania KNAUSE, b. 3-31-1833 Upper Bern, Berks, PA; d. 7-30-1888
           sp--Daniel PATTEIGER
          6--Harry KNAUSE
        5--M. Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 1-19-1795 Lehigh, PA
         sp--John HAACK
        5--Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 3-18-1803; d. 2-10-1842 Berks, PA
         sp--George KAUFFMAN, b. 7-11-1797; d. 5-24-1867 Berks, PA
        5--Mary KNAUSS
         sp--Joseph KLEIN
          6--Benneville KLEIN
          6--Eliza KLEIN
      4--Charlotte KNAUSS
       sp--John ECK
      4--Anna Magdalena KNAUSS
       sp--Henry SNYDER, b. 4-18-1751; 11-8-1822
        5--(Child) SNYDER
        5--(Child) SNYDER
        5--(Child) SNYDER
        5--(Child) SNYDER
      4--Anna Maria KNAUSS
       sp--Johann Nicholas MAYER, b. 9-29-1759; d. 12-5-1830
      4--Margaret KNAUSS
       sp--Adam EBERTS
IV-98. Salome ("Sallie") KNAUSS
born: November 2, 1771 PA
died: March 18, 1852 White Oak, Somerset Co, PA
sp: Peter WILHELM
Peter farmed near Corrigansville, MD. He is listed on the tax role with 50 acres in the Third District, Wills Town Hundred in 1798. He later moved to a farm which he cleared on the west slope of Savage Mountain in Greenville and Southampton Twp., Somerset Co., PA. [originally Londonderry Twp., Bedford Co.] He sold the farm to his son John before his death. This land is southwest of Pleasant Union and east of the Western Maryland Reservoir.
born: 1770 Germany
died: 1838 Greenville Twp, Somerset Co, PA
V-981. Daniel WILHELM (1795-)
V-982. Samuel WILHELM (1797-)
V-983. Elizabeth WILHELM (1801-)
V-984. Philip WILHELM (1802-)
V-985. Charles WILHELM (1805-)
V-986. John WILHELM (1806-)
V-987. David WILHELM (1809-)

V-981. Daniel WILHELM
married: January 23, 1821
sp: Elizabeth FOUTCH
d/o Abraham FOUTCH and Nancy FINDLEY
John Olin, Benjamin, Maria, Sarah, male?, Charles, Nelson Joseph, Louisa 1 Daniel WILHELM s/o Peter and Salome (Knauss) Wilhelm b. 1795 PA d. by 1860 m. 23 Jan 1821 Elizabeth FOUTCH d/o Abraham and Nancy (Findley) Foutch b. ca. 1798 PA d. after 1870 ch: John Olin, Benjamin, Maria, Sarah, male?, Charles, Nelson Joseph, Louisa res: Allegany Co., MD He operated a grist mill at Barrelsville, Maryland. 11 John Olin WILHELM s/o Daniel and Elizabeth (Foutch) Wilhelm b. Jun 1822 PA d. m. 29 May 1849 Allegany Co., MD Rachel Emily JENKINS b. 1829 MD d. ch: Caroline, Elmira, Francis Thomas, Virginia, Winfield S., John Olin John was a County Commissioner in 1879. In 1882 John Wilhelm was a Trustee of Lancaster School on Pea Ridge at Avilton. res: Allegany Co., MD 111 Caroline WILHELM d/o John Olin and Rachel Emily (Jenkins) Wilhelm b. ca. 1851 Allegany Co., MD d. m. James ROBESON b. ch: Della, Laura, infant (b. 1881), Olin T. 1111 Della ROBESON d/o James and Caroline (Wilhelm) Robeson b. 5 Apr 1877 d. 14 Sep 1976 m. 16 Aug 1894 Ervin Franklin LANCASTER b. 1 Mar 1872 d. 7 Feb 1950 ch: Marshall T., Arrella L., Ervin Elroy, Laura R., Ruby Freda, Forest Argyle, Grover Olin, Carl Atlee, Leonard R., Willard E. 11111 Marshall T. LANCASTER s/o Ervin Franklin and Della (Robeson) Lancaster b. 29 Mar 1895 d. 4 Mar 1948 m. 6 Dec 1919 Alice CARTER b. 17 Jun 1902 ch: Katherine, Thomas, Joseph, Mary, Dorothy, Marshall Leo

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