Descendants of Gottfried Knauss

This page includes all known descendants of Gottfried Knauss, oldest child and oldest son of Johann Ludwig Knauss, son of Lukas, son of Andreas.
I am in the process of converting this descendancy into family groups. It's going to take a while, so please be patient.
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III-1. Gottfried KNAUSS (A7)
christened: 11-15-1707 ("Gotho Grodus"), Dudelsheim, Germany
died: 1777, Bucks, PA
married one:
married two:
spouse one: Anna Eva ____
died: 1758?
IV-11. Elizabeth KNAUSS
IV-12. Gottfried KNAUSS (A13, 1742?-1806)
IV-13. Francis KNAUSS (A14, 1742?-1819)
IV-14. Daniel KNAUSS (A15, -1779)
IV-15. John Conrad KNAUSS (A16, 1745?-)
IV-16. Henry KNAUSS (A17, 1746-1816)
IV-17. John KNAUSS
IV-18. Paul KNAUSS (A18, 1747-1808)
IV-19. David KNAUSS (A19, -1799)
IV-1A. Eva Catharine KNAUSS (1750-1818)
IV-1B. Juliana Margaret KNAUSS (ni)


IV-12. Gottfried KNAUSS (A13)
born: 1-15-1742?, Whitehall, Lehigh, PA
died: 2-15-1806, Allentown, Lehigh, PA
spouse: Anna Maria GRIESEMER
born: 7-11-1752
died: 9-24-1823, Allentown, Lehigh, PA
V-121. John Henry KNAUSS, b: 12-26-1771 Lehigh, PA, died: 1-14-1772
V-122. Salome KNAUSS (1773-1826)
V-123. Anna Maria KNAUSS (1774-1829
V-124. Daniel KNAUSS, born: 6-19-1775 Lehigh, PA
V-125. Eva Catharine KNAUSS (1777-)
V-126. Jonathan KNAUSS (A35; 1778-1826
V-127. Elizabeth KNAUSS, born: 4-26-1780 Lehigh, PA
V-128. Hannah KNAUSS (1783-
V-129. Maria Magdalena KNAUSS (1784-1862)

IV-13. Francis KNAUSS (A14)
born: 5-6-1742?, Whitehall, Lehigh, PA
died: 9-28-1819, Adams, PA
spouse: Barbara ____
born: 5-1744
died: 11-20-1814, Adams, PA
V-131. Daniel KNOUSE (1766-1839)
V-132. Hannah (chris. as Johanna) KNOUSE, born: 10-9-1767
V-133. Catharine KNOUSE, born: 3-22-1769
V-134. Eva KNOUSE
V-135. Elizabeth KNOUSE, born: 7-20-1772
V-136. Sarah KNOUSE
V-137. Francis KNOUSE
V-138. George KNOUSE
V-139. Barbara KNOUSE

IV-14. Daniel KNAUSS (A15)
died: 1779, York, PA married:
spouse: Elizabeth RITTER
born: 7-6-1753
V-141. Eva Catharine KNAUSS, born: 10-17-1768 Northampton, PA
V-142. Heinrich KNAUSS (A36, 1770-)
V-143. Anna Maria KNAUSS, born: 10-20-1772 Northampton, PA
V-144. Elizabeth KNAUSS, born: 1774
V-145. Daniel KNAUSS (A37, 1776-1864)

IV-15. John Conrad KNAUSS (A16)
born: 1745? PA
spouse: Catharine Marie ____
born: 25 Mar 1752
died: 07 Feb 1834 Union County, PA
V-151. ?Anna Margaret KNAUSS, born: 5-2-1773 Lehigh, PA
V-152. Abraham KNAUSS
V-153. Christian KNAUSS (A38, 1788-)

IV-16. Henry KNAUSS (A17)
born: 1-8-1746
died: 10-30-1816
married one:
married two: 5-4-1781
spouse one: ____ BRANT
V-161. Henry KNOUS (A39, 1775-1854)
V-162. William KNAUS (A40)
V-163. Samuel KNOUSE (A41, -1828)
V-164. Mary KNAUSS
V-165. Elizabeth KNAUSS
spouse two: Elizabeth
born: 9-17-1762
died: 1-27-1800
V-166. Jacob KNOUSE, born: 7-27-1785, died: 12-8-1868, Oley, Berks, PA
V-167. Johannes KNAUSS, born: 6-10-1787, died: 4-15-1802, Oley, Berks, PA; ni
V-168. Charles KNAUSS, born: after 1794
V-169. Margaret KNAUSS (1801-1867)
V-16A. Susannah KNAUSS, born: 9-10-1810, Oley, Berks, PA, died: 9-19-1811, Oley, Berks, PA; ni

IV-18. Paul KNAUSS (A18)
born: 4-13-1747 Whitehall, Lehigh, PA
died:1-19-1808 Kreidersville, Northampton, PA
spouse one: Anna Catharine GRIESEMER
born: 4-12-1754
died: 9-10-1790
V-181. Anna Maria KNAUSS (1774-1847)
V-182. John (christened Johannes) KNAUSS (A42, 1776-1831)
V-183. George (chr. Georg) KNAUSS (1778-)
V-184. Elizabeth (chr. Elizabetha) KNAUSS, born: 2-6-1781 Northampton, PA
died: 11-18-1827
V-185. Jonas KNAUSS (A43, 1784-)
V-186. Catharine KNAUSS, born: 7-29-1786 Northampton, PA--res. Columbia Co.
V-187. Susanna KNAUSS, born: 11-21-1788 Northampton, PA
V-188. Paul KNAUSS (-1861)
spouse two: Magdalena ____
died: 1822
V-189. Anna KNAUSS, born: 1795/1802

IV-19. David KNAUSS (A19)
died: 1799, Adams, PA
spouse: Christiana? ____
V-191. Daniel KNAUS (-1846)
V-192. David KNOUSE (1787- )


V-122. Salome KNAUSS
born: 3-16-1773 Lehigh, PA
died: 9-5-1826
married: 8-4-1795
spouse: Frederick BIERY
born: 4-22-1770
died: 8-31-1846, Schoenersville, Lehigh, PA
Children (supposed to be total of 6 boys and 6 girls):
VI-1221. Salome BIERY, born: 1-3-1796
VI-1222. Maria Magdalena BIERY, born: 5-6-1797
VI-1223. Joseph BIERY, born: 5-4-1799
VI-1224. Hanna BIERY, born: 12-10-1800
VI-1225. Daniel BIERY, born: 2-15-1802

V-123. Anna Maria KNAUSS
born: 5-12-1774 Lehigh, PA
died: 1-21-1829
married: 1796
spouse: Peter MARKS
< dd>born: 8-5-1773
died: 4-27-1835
VI-1231. Gideon MARKS, born: 5-7-1810, died: 12-25-1887
VI-1232. Magdalena MARKS, born: 2-3-1797, died: 12-20-1858
VI-1233. Peter MARKS, born: 10-29-1798, died: 11-1-1869
VI-1234. Jesse MARKS, born: 1822, died: 1889
VI-1235. Eliza MARKS
VI-1236. Jonathan MARKS, born: 7-8-1800
VI-1237. John MARKS, born: 4-1-1803
VI-1238. Hannah MARKS, born: 6-30-1807, died: 11-7-1826
VI-1239. Marienna MARKS, born: 3-25-1813

V-125. Eva Catharine KNAUSS
born: 6-10-1777 Lehigh, PA
spouse: John KEICHLEY
VI-1251. Henry KEICHLEY
VI-1252. John KEICHLEY, born: 1810, died: 1861
VI-1253. Jonas KEICHLEY, d. y.; ni
VI-1254. Stephen KEICHLEY
VI-1255. Sarah KEICHLEY
VI-1256. Mary KEICHLEY
VI-1257. Lovina KEICHLEY
VI-1258. Edward KEICHLEY

V-126. Jonathan KNAUSS (A35)
born: 12-18(or 10-19)-1778 Whitehall, Lehigh, PA
died: 3-23-1826 Allentown, Lehigh, PA
married: 6-1800
spouse: Elizabeth FAUST
d/o John Philip FAUST
born: 12-12-1778
died: 10-18-1852
VI-1261. Magdalena ("Polly") KNAUSS (1803-1888)
VI-1262. Maria Elizabeth KNAUSS, born: 5-22-1804, died: 6-6-1811; ni
VI-1263. Sarah KNAUSS (1805-1827)
VI-1264. Reuben KNAUSS (A76, 1807-)
VI-1265. Benjamin KNAUSS (1809-1829)
VI-1266. Joseph KNAUSS, born: 12-8-1820
VI-1267. William KNAUSS, d. 4-15-1847 New Orleans, LA; served Mexican War
VI-1268. Edward KNAUSS (A77, 1813-)
VI-1269. Adaline KNAUSS (1815-)
VI-126A. Mary Ann KNAUSS, born: 8-15-1817, married: 4-10-1838
VI-126B. Jonathan KNAUSS (A78, 1819-bef. 1852)
VI-126C. Peter KNAUSS, born: 1-14-1821, died: 2-1-1843 Lehigh, PA
VI-126D. Thomas KNAUSS, born: 9-11-1824, died: 9-6-1828 Lehigh, PA; ni
VI-126E. (Son) KNAUSS

V-128. Hannah KNAUSS
born: 1-23-1783 Lehigh, PA
(moved 1819 to NY)
spouse: Abraham ZERFASS
VI-1281. George ZERFASS, born: 1-28-1805

V-131. Daniel KNOUSE
born: 7-30-1766
died: 7-29-1839, Menallen, Adams, PA
married: 1799 or 1800
spouse: Elizabeth
born: 4-28-1777
died: 8-5-1850, Butler, Adams, PA
VI-1311. Hannah KNOUSE, born: 1800, not married as of 1850, ni
VI-1312. John KNOUSE (1801-)
VI-1313. Mary KNOUSE, born: 1808, not married as of 1850, ni

V-138. George KNOUSE
spouse: Sarah KANN
born: 1790?
VI-1381. (Boy) KNOUSE
VI-1382. (Girl) KNOUSE
VI-1383. (Girl) KNOUSE
VI-1384. (Boy) KNOUSE
VI-1385. (Girl) KNOUSE
VI-1386. (Girl) KNOUSE
VI-1387. (Boy) KNOUSE
VI-1388. Elizabeth KNOUSE, m. 11-15-1831, Menallen, Adams, PA

V-142. Heinrich KNAUSS (A36)
born: 10-24-1770, Northampton, PA
married: 4-5-1791, Northampton, PA
spouse: Katharine WALTERS
born: 11-7-1773
died: 8-22-1840
VI-1421. Susan KNAUSS (lived in OH)
VI-1422. Daniel KNAUS (A79, -1818)
VI-1423. Henry KNAUS (A80, 1797-1866)
VI-1424. Solomon KNAUSS, born: 1801?, died: 1819, OH; ni
VI-1425. Elizabeth ("Betsy") KNAUSS, born: 1802, married: 1-13-1819 (or 1820), Chariton, Howard, MO, died: 1873, MO
VI-1426. George KNAUSS, born: 1802, died: 1822, MO; ni
VI-1427. Kate KNAUSS, born: 1805, died: 1894, CA
VI-1428. Sallie KNAUSS, born: 1806, died: 1864
VI-1429. John H. KNAUS (A81, 1808-1878)
VI-142A. Jacob KNAUS (A82, 1810-1902)
VI-142B. Walter KNAUSS, born: 1812 (or 1816), died: 1840, Old Franklin, MO; ni

V-145. Daniel KNAUSS (A37)
born: 7-16-1776, Adams, PA
died: 9-21-1864
spouse: Elizabeth KNOUSE
born: 7-20-1772
VI-1451. Solomon KNAUSS, born: 7-17-1800, died: 4-23-1873
VI-1452. Daniel KNOUSE (A83, 1802-1873)
VI-1453. Conrad KNAUSS, born: 1-11-1803
VI-1454. Sarah KNAUSS, born: 4-15-1805
VI-1455. Elizabeth KNAUSS, born: 11-17-1806
VI-1456. John Franciscus KNAUSS, born: 2-28-1808
VI-1457. John KNAUSS, born: 4-26-1809
VI-1458. Mary KNAUSS, born: 4-3-1813, died: 2-28-1888
VI-1459. Barbary KNAUSS, born: 5-16-1815 (moved to Texas)

V-152. Abraham KNOUSE
born: 18 Jan 1776
died: 26 Nov 1833 Penn Twp. Snyder Co., PA
sp: Hannah RITTER
daughter of Phillip RITTER
VI-1521. David KNOUSE (1808-1883)
VI-1522. Abraham KNOUSE, born 16 Jan 1812.
VI-1523. Sallie R. KNOUSE
VI-1524. Solomon KNOUSE (1819-1901)
VI-1525. John KNOUSE, born Abt. 1820.
VI-1526. Cora KNOUSE, born 05 Nov 1822.
VI-1527. Jacob KNOUSE

V-153. Christian KNAUSS (A38)
born: abt. 1788
VI-1531. David KNOUSE (G214, 1811-1857)
VI-1532. Daniel KNOUSE (A84, 1812-1897)
VI-1533. Sarah KNAUSS
VI-1534. Magdalena KNAUSS
VI-1535. Herman KNAUSS (A85, -1855?)--lived Juniata, PA
VI-1536. Samuel KNAUSS, nm
VI-1537. Margaret KNAUSS
VI-1538. Catharine KNAUSS--lived Juniata, PA

V-161. Henry KNOUS (A39)
born: 9-21-1775 Oley, Berks, PA
died: 7-29-1854 Berks, PA
spouse: Elizabeth SCHWEYER
d/o Christian SCHWEYER
born: 9-9-1784
died: 11-30-1859
VI-1611. Esther S. KNOUS, born: 11-5-1802, died: 7-31-1880
VI-1612. Amos Augustus KNOUS (A86, 1805-1863)
VI-1613. Lydia Rebecca KNOUS, m. 3-25-1838
VI-1614. Eliza Catharine KNOUS, m. 11-17-1854
VI-1615. James Swoyer KNOUS, born: 12-10-1811, died: 2-3-1840

V-162. William KNAUS (A40)
spouse: Sophia ____
VI-1621. Samuel KNAUS, born: 5-1-1809, died: 7-2-1852--lived at Pottstown
5--?J. M. KNOUSE (believe this to be a son of Jacob Knauss, A26, son of Sebastian Henrich; name may be Jacob Midian Knouse) sp--Hannah, b. 1787 PA (?rem. Thomas CASSELMAN 12-28-1858 Crawford, OH?; Crawford, OH 1850) 6--Rev. John Henry KNOUSE, b. 1-21-1808, PA; d. 12-20-1885 Wamego, Pottawatomie, KS; m(2) 2-27-1876 Wamego, KS (Crawford, OH 1850, 1860) sp(1)--Elizabeth CROMBAUGH, b. 1809 PA; d. 1879? (Crawford, OH 1850) 7--Catherine KNOUSE, b. 1831 PA; m. 10-24-1848 Crawford, OH sp--Samuel BUZZARD 8--William BUZZARD, b. ca. 1850 Crawford Co, OH 8--John T. BUZZARD, b. ca. 1853 Bucyrus, Crawford Co, OH 8--Samuel W. BUZZARD, b. ca. 1857 Crawford Co, OH 8--Elizabeth Hannah BUZZARD, b. ca. 1855 Crawford Co, OH 8--Joseph BUZZARD, b. IA 8--Mary BUZZARD, b. IN 8--Jeremiah BUZZARD, b. Wamego Co, KS 7--Sarah KNOUSE, b. 1835 PA 7--Engelbert KNOUSE, b. 1836/1839 PA sp--Ruth A. ____, b. 1841 IN 8--Daisie F. KNOUSE, b. 1881; d. 11-20-1881 8--Sarah E. KNOUSE, b. 1859 KS 8--William E. KNOUSE, b. 9-8-1861 KS; d. 5-19-1880 Pottawatomie, KS 8--Murray E. KNOUSE, b. 1863 NE 8--John P. KNOUSE, b. 1865 KS 8--Milton D. KNOUSE, b. 1867 IA 8--(Ida E. KNOUSE, b. 2-1870 IA 7--Editha KNOUSE, b. 1837 PA 7--Leah KNOUSE, b. 1838 PA 7--Almira KNOUSE, b. 1841 PA 7--Elcanah KNOUSE, b. 12-30-1842 Crawford, OH; d. 5-5-1910 Emmett, Gem, ID; bur Emmett, Gem, ID; m. 1864 sp--Sarah Ann SHROLL 8--Ellis Milton KNOUSE, b. 9-29-1867 SD; d. 9-18-1940 8--Eddie Loucian KNOUSE, b. 8-23-1868 SD; d. 3-24-1869 8--Ira Nuton KNOUSE, b. 1-21-1870 Springfield, Clark, OH; m. 7-4-1895 sp--Amanda MOULTON 8--Minnie Alice KNOUSE, b. 10-19-1872 Laclede, KS; m. 6-18-1893 sp--Clayton B. KNOX 8--Clara Ada KNOUSE, b. 2-25-1875 Laclede, KS; d. 12-26-1938; m. 5-15-1895 sp--Alvin E. MYERS 8--Lula Estella KNOUSE, b. 1-20-1878 Laclede, KS; d. 10-12-1959 Emmett, Gem, ID; bur Emmett, Gem, ID; m. 11-1-1989 Emmett, Gem, ID sp--Charles Lavern ANDERSON 8--Oda Oscar KNOUSE, b. 7-28-1879 Laclede, KS 8--Cora May KNOUSE, b. 9-13-1881 Llans, TX; m. 11-4-1902 sp--Otto WILHELM 8--Dollie Blanch KNOUSE, b. 7-19-1885 Laclede, KS; d. 3-2-1949; m. 6-28-1904 sp--Albert NALE 8--Viola Bell KNOUSE, b. 9-29-1887 Emmett, Gem, ID 8--Dora Mabel KNOUSE, b. 5-18-1890 Emmett, Gem, ID; m. 11-3-1909 sp--Franklin SASSER 8--Charles Elmer KNOUSE, b. 5-3-1892 Emmett, Gem, ID; d. 4-4-1958; m. 3-16-1920 sp--Ruth HOVIS 7--William Midian ("Midian") KNOUSE, b. 1844 PA sp--Hulda HENRY, b. 9-12-1846 Jersey City, NJ (d/o Charles Casper HENRY and Elizabeth PIERCE) 8--Mirtia Rosetta KNOUSE, b. 3-29-1867 Floyd, IA sp--Charles Henry OEHLER 8--Nelson M. KNOUSE, b. 1-23-1870 Louisville, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas; d. 7-22-1911, Natoma, Osborne Co., Kansas; m. 1-5-1893 Creston, Union Co., Iowa sp--Ida L. LONG, b. 1889 Afton, Union Co., Iowa; d. 1-1-1908 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co., Kansas 9--May KNOUSE, b. 9-19-1876 Blockton, IA sp--James A. EDABURN 9--Ada Maude KNOUSE, b. 5-19-1883 Taylor, IA sp--? 9--Clifford Thomas KNOUSE, b. 8-12-1894 Creston, Union Co., Iowa, d. 5-13-1971, Sharon Springs, Wallace Co., Kansas; m. 7-11-1917 Hayes, Ellis Co., Kansas sp--Bertha Partina CARTER, b. 7-16-1898 Ellis, KS; d. 12-1-1970 Sharon Springs, Wallace, KS 10--Eileen KNOUSE 10--Doris KNOUSE 10--Richard KNOUSE sp--Ida Bernice BENNION 11--Danalee KNOUSE sp--Aden Gordon THORNOCK 11--Stephen Doyle KNOUSE 11--Janet KNOUSE sp--David Alan GRANDY 11--Kathleen KNOUSE sp--Kevin Earl COATS 11--Paul Thomas KNOUSE sp--Viemarie BUCKINGHAM 11--Karen KNOUSE 10--Delmar KNOUSE 10--Marvin KNOUSE 10--Doyle KNOUSE 9--Carl Midian KNOUSE, b. 6-13-1896 Creston, Union Co., Iowa; d. 7-29-1913 Yocemento, KS 9--Claudius Nelson KNOUSE, b. 9-26-1899 Ceder City, Callaway Co., Missouri; d. 12-18-1961 9--Clay Henry KNOUSE, b. 6-13-1904 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co., Kansas, d. 2-19-1975 Elvira KNOWSE, b. 1843 OH 7--Murray Henry KNOUSE, b. 1847 PA sp-- 8--Nellie May KNOUSE, b. 1880 IA sp(2)--Caroline MZRICK, b. 1836 6--?Henry KNOUSE, m. 1-6-1833, Crawford, OH sp--Elizabeth CRONBAUGH 6--?Polly KNOUSE, m. 1-5-1837, Crawford, OH sp--Henry YOUNG 6--?Lucretia KNOUSE, m. 4-15(or 16)-1839, Crawford, OH sp--Michael BEAVER 6--?Elizabeth KNOUSE, m. 4-15(or 16)-1839, Crawford, OH sp--Joseph BEAVER 6--Hannah KNOUSE, b. 1823 PA; m. 12-31-1860, Crawford, OH (Crawford, OH 1850) sp--Oliver H. P. CASSELMAN

V-163. Samuel KNOUSE (A41)
died: 1828
spouse: Maria DENGLER
born: 9-13-1788
died: 7-24-1864
VI-1631. Maria KNOUSE, born: 11-9-1810--lived at Boyertown
VI-1632. George KNOUSE (A87, 1812-1887)
VI-1633. Sarah Ann KNOUSE, born: 2-27-1815
VI-1634. Charles KNOUSE, born: 10-5-1817 Colebrookdale, PA, died: 11-8-1838; nm
VI-1635. Hannah KNOUSE, born: 6-12-1820, died: 8-9-1844; ni
VI-1636. Luciann KNOUSE, born: 10-11-1822, died: 8-1-1879, married: 7-10-1842

V-169. Margaret KNAUSS
born: 1801, Berks, PA
died: 1867, Berks, PA
spouse: William KNABB
VI-1691. (Child) KNABB
VI-1692. (Child) KNABB
VI-1693. (Child) KNABB
VI-1694. (Child) KNABB
VI-1695. (Child) KNABB
VI-1696. (Child) KNABB
VI-1697. (Child) KNABB
VI-1698. (Child) KNABB

V-181. Anna Maria KNAUSS
born: 12-11-1774 Lehigh, PA
died: 11-12-1847 Kreidersville, Northampton, PA
spouse: Michael YOUNG
born: 4-7-1771
died: 10-20-1847 Kreidersville, Northampton, PA
VI-1811. Elizabeth YOUNG, born: 8-17-1794
VI-1812. Peter YOUNG, born: 10-3-1796

V-182. John (christened Johannes) KNAUSS (A42)
born: 5-11-1776 Allen, Northampton, PA
died: 10-11-1831 Northampton, PA
spouse: Catharine EHLER
VI-1821. Thomas KNAUSS (A88, 1805-1886)
VI-1822. Charles KNAUSS
VI-1823. Mary KNAUSS
VI-1824. Eliza KNAUSS
VI-1825. Reuben KNAUSS
VI-1826. John KNAUSS

V-183. George (chr. Georg) KNAUSS
born: 6-5-1778 Northampton, PA
VI-1831. Paul KNAUSS, born: 10-7-1805

V-185. Jonas KNAUSS (A43)
born: 2-4-1784 Allen, Northampton, PA
spouse: Sarah EHLER
VI-1851. Owen KNAUSS, born: 6-5-1826 Northampton, PA, died: 2-18-1834 Northampton, PA; ni

V-188. Paul KNAUSS (A44)
born: 9-1-1790 PA Allen, Northampton, PA
died: 4-1-1861 Allentown, PA
married: 7-23-1811
spouse: Maria Elizabeth DICKENSHIED
born: 10-27-1794
died: 7-25-1855 Allentown, PA
VI-1881. Maria Elizabeth KNAUSS, born: 5-10-1818
VI-1882. Ephraim John KNAUSS (A89, 1819 Allentown, Northampton, PA, married: 10-15-1844
VI-1883. Franklin J. KNAUSS, born: 7-2-1823, died: 2-26-1850, Allentown, PA; ni
VI-1884. Maria Catharine KNAUSS, born: 4-5-1830, died: 6-5-1912, married: 1852
VI-1885. Charles H. KNAUSS (A90)
VI-1886. Sarah KNAUSS--moved to Ohio
VI-1887. Susanna M. KNAUSS, m. 9-22-1839--moved to Indiana

V-191. Daniel KNAUS
died: 5-22-1846, Menallen, Adams, PA
spouse: Elizabeth ____
born: 8-2-1793
died: 8-31-1851 Cashtown, Adams, PA
VI-. (Boy) KNOUSE, born: 1811/1815, Adams, PA
VI-. (Girl) KNOUSE, born: 1811/1815, Adams, PA
VI-. (Boy) KNOUSE, born: 1816/1820, Adams, PA
VI-. (Girl) KNOUSE, born: 1816/1820, Adams, PA
VI-. (Boy) KNOUSE, born: 1821/1825, Adams, PA
VI-. (Boy) KNOUSE, born: 1826/1830, Adams, PA
VI-. (Girl) KNOUSE, born: 1836/1840, Adams, PA

V-192. David KNOUSE
born: 1787, Adams?, PA
spouse: Margaret ____
born: 1785
VI-1921. Mary KNOUSE, born: 1827


III-1. Gottfried KNAUSS (A7), c. 11-15-1707 ("Gotho Grodus"), Dudelsheim, Germany; d. 1777, Bucks, PA sp (1)--Anna Eva ____, d. 1758? IV-11. Elizabeth KNAUSS IV-12. Godfrey (chr. Gottfried) KNAUSS (A13), b. 1-15-1742?, Whitehall, Lehigh, PA; d. 2-15-1806, Allentown, Lehigh, PA sp--Anna Maria GRIESEMER, b. 7-11-1752; d. 9-24-1823, Allentown, Lehigh, PA V-121. John Henry KNAUSS, b. 12-26-1771 Lehigh, PA; d. 1-14-1772; ni V-122. Salome KNAUSS, b. 3-16-1773 Lehigh, PA; d. 9-5-1826; m. 8-4-1795 sp--Frederick BIERY, b. 4-22-1770; d. 8-31-1846, Schoenersville, Lehigh, PA VI-1221. Salome BIERY, b. 1-3-1796 VI-1222. Maria Magdalena BIERY, b. 5-6-1797 VI-1223. Joseph BIERY, b. 5-4-1799 VI-1224. Hanna BIERY, b. 12-10-1800 VI-1225. Daniel BIERY, b. 2-15-1802 V-123. Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 5-12-1774 Lehigh, PA; d. 1-21-1829; m. 1796 sp--Peter MARKS, b. 8-5-1773; d. 4-27-1835 VI-1231. Gideon MARKS, b. 5-7-1810; d. 12-25-1887 VI-1232. Magdalena MARKS, b. 2-3-1797; d. 12-20-1858 sp--John WENNER VI-1233. Peter MARKS, b. 10-29-1798; d. 11-1-1869 sp--Maria ALBRIGHT VI-1234. Jesse MARKS, b. 1822; d. 1889 VI-1235. Eliza MARKS sp--Thomas YUNDT VI-1236. Jonathan MARKS, b. 7-8-1800 sp--Catharine ROTH VI-1237. John MARKS, b. 4-1-1803 sp--Anna NEWHARD VI-1238. Hannah MARKS, b. 6-30-1807; d. 11-7-1826 VI-1239. Marienna MARKS, b. 3-25-1813 sp--David BURKHALTER V-124. Daniel KNAUSS, b. 6-19-1775 Lehigh, PA V-125. Eva Catharine KNAUSS, b. 6-10-1777 Lehigh, PA sp--John KEICHLEY VI-1251. Henry KEICHLEY VI-1252. John KEICHLEY, b. 1810; d. 1861 VI-1253. Jonas KEICHLEY, d. y.; ni VI-1254. Stephen KEICHLEY VI-1255. Sarah KEICHLEY sp--Jonas BIERY VI-1256. Mary KEICHLEY VI-1257. Lovina KEICHLEY sp--Nathan FREDERICK VI-1258. Edward KEICHLEY V-126. Jonathan KNAUSS (A35), b. 12-18(or 10-19)-1778 Whitehall, Lehigh, PA; 3-23-1826 Allentown, Lehigh, PA; m. 6-1800 sp--Elizabeth FAUST, b. 12-12-1778; d. 10-18-1852 (d/o John Philip FAUST) VI-1261. Magdalena ("Polly") KNAUSS, b. 2-14-1803; d. 3-1-1888; m. 2-18-1822 sp--Henry SCHAADT (s/o John SCHAADT and Elizabeth CLADER) VII-12611. William SCHAADT, b. 6-15-1822 VII-12612. Sarah Ann SCHAADT, b. 2-21-1824 VII-12613. Benjamin Henry SCHAADT, b. 12-9-1826 VII-12614. Esther SCHAADT, b. 6-10-1830 VII-12615. Maria SCHAADT, b. 3-1832 VII-12616. Monroe SCHAADT, b. 3-8-1834 VII-12617. Elizabeth SCHAADT, b. 6-2-1836 VII-12618. John J. SCHAADT, b. 5-18-1838 VII-12619. Christiana M. SCHAADT, b. 4-25-1840 VII-1261A. Mary Anna SCHAADT, b. 6-5-1847 VI-1262. Maria Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 5-22-1804; d. 6-6-1811; ni VI-1263. Sarah KNAUSS, b. 11-15-1805; d. 3-6-1827; m. 10-26-1822 sp--Henry HISKEY VII-12631. William D. HISKEY, b. 3-2-1823 VII-12632. Mary HISKEY VI-1264. Reuben KNAUSS (A76), b. 9-5-1807 Lehigh, PA sp--Hannah SNYDER (d/o Henry SNYDER and Julianna NEWHART) VII-12641. Franklin KNAUSS VII-12642. Mary ("Polly") KNAUSS sp--Edward KRAMER VIII-126421. Thomas KRAMER VIII-126422. Frank KRAMER VIII-126423. Matilda KRAMER VII-12643. Eliza KNAUSS sp-George BURKHART VII-12644. Allen KNAUSS, b. 12-19-1921 (incorrect date!); served in Co. I, 47th Reg. PA Civil War sp--Amanda ____ VII-12645. Emma KNAUSS sp--Abraham WORMAN, served in Huber's Co., 128th PA Reg. Civil War VII-12646. (Son) KNAUSS, d. @6 mos. VII-12647. Sarah KNAUSS, nm, ni VII-12648. William KNAUSS, b. 3-26-1846; d. 3-28-1871; nm, ni; served Civil War VII-12649. Henry KNAUSS, b. 1848/1849; d. 3-28-1911 Lehigh, PA; nm, ni VII-1264A. Catharine KNAUSS, d. 1902 sp--Edmund McHOSE (s/o Samuel McHOSE) VIII-1264A1. E. Stanley McHOSE, b. 12-2-1868 VIII-1264A2. Elizabeth May McHOSE, b. 7-6-1870 VIII-1264A3. Charles Henry McHOSE, b. 10-15-1872 VIII-1264A4. Minnie Louisa McHOSE, b. 4-2-1874 VIII-1264A5. Harry Edmund McHOSE, b. 8-17-1875 VIII-1264A6. Julia Irene McHOSE, b. 7-13-1878 VIII-1264A7. Frederick George McHOSE, b. 2-13-1888 VIII-1264A8. Florence Albertine McHOSE, b. 7-6-1889 VIII-1264A9. Grace Marie McHOSE, b. 9-10-1893 (last orphan on Civil War Pension List) VI-1265. Benjamin KNAUSS, b. 8-3-1809; d. 2-21-1829 sp--?Solome ____, b. 10-1-1808; d. 4-9-1891; bur Zion Stone Church, Kreidersville, PA VII-12651. Benjamin Franklin KNAUSS, b. 12-13-1828; d. 12-31-1911 sp--Sara STEININGER VIII-126511. Amenda KNAUSS, b. 11-29-1856; d. 3-8-1931 sp--____ LICHTENWALER VIII-126512. Tilghman G. KNAUSS, b. 3-3-1859; d. 11-17-1921 sp(1)--____ KUHNS IX-1265121. Solomone KNAUSS sp--____ STEPHENS IX-1265122. Stell KNAUSS sp--____ HUNSICKER IX-1265123. John F. KNAUSS sp(1)--Verna LICHTENWALER X-12651231. Sarah KNAUSS X-12651232. Rachael KNAUSS sp(2)--Tavilla KOCH sp(2)--Elizabeth SEIPLE VIII-126513. Isabella KNAUSS VIII-126514. Franklin Peter KNAUSS, b. 5-7-1869; d. 1-3-1943 sp--Alice RUPP IX-1265141. Pruella M. KNAUSS, b. 8-30-1896; d. 1-26-1962 sp--____ HELFRICH IX-1265142. Benjamin F. KNAUSS, b. 4-1-1902 sp--Dorothy FEHNEL X-12651421. Franklin V. KNAUSS, b. 1941 X-12651422. Barbara A. KNAUSS, b. 1948 IX-1265143. Theodore Wilbert KNAUSS, b. 7-19-1905 sp--Alta GUTH X-1265431. Joyce S. KNAUSS sp--____ MATHUES X-12651432. Lucille P. KNAUSS sp--____ JACOBY X-12651433. Richard F. KNAUSS, b. 1931 sp--Eileen WETZEL XI-126514331. Kelly C. KNAUSS, b. 1958 XI-126514332. Derek KNAUSS, b. 1959 XI-126514333. Tania KNAUSS, b. 1960 X-12651434. Bruce W. KNAUSS, b. 1934 sp--June ARNOLD XI-126514341. Karen L. KNAUSS, b. 1957 XI-126514342. Robert B. KNAUSS, b. 1961 X-12651435. Theodore J. KNAUSS, VI-1266. Joseph KNAUSS, b. 12-8-1820 VI-1267. William KNAUSS, d. 4-15-1847 New Orleans, LA; served Mexican War VI-1268. Edward KNAUSS (A77), b. 2-13-1813 Lehigh, PA sp-- VII-12681. Frank KNAUSS VII-12682. Allen KNAUSS VII-12683. Emma KNAUSS VII-12684. Eliza KNAUSS VII-12685. Catharine KNAUSS VI-1269. Adaline KNAUSS, b. 4-6-1815 sp--Augustus L. RUHE, b. 9-23-1809; d. 5-5-1892 VII-12691. Werner K. RUHE VII-12692. Frank A. RUHE VII-12693. Henry M. RUHE VII-12694. ____ RUHE sp--C. Frank HAINES VII-12695. Maria RUHE sp--Levi NICKUM VII-12696. ____ RUHE sp--J. H. ADDIS VII-12697. ____ RUHE sp--William DUTT VI-126A. Mary Ann KNAUSS, b. 8-15-1817; m. 4-10-1838 sp--David STEM VI-126B. Jonathan KNAUSS (A78), b. 2-4-1819 Lehigh, PA; d. bef. 1852 sp--Mary Ann REICHARD VII-126B1. Charles Henry KNAUSS--res. Hutchinson, KS VII-126B2. Peter William KNAUSS, b. 1843?; d. 4-20-1850; ni VII-126B3. Thomas Richard KNAUSS VI-126C. Peter KNAUSS, b. 1-14-1821; d. 2-1-1843 Lehigh, PA VI-126D. Thomas KNAUSS, b. 9-11-1824; d. 9-6-1828 Lehigh, PA; ni VI-126E. (Son) KNAUSS V-127. Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 4-26-1780 Lehigh, PA V-128. Hannah KNAUSS, b. 1-23-1783 Lehigh, PA (moved 1819 to NY) sp--Abraham ZERFASS VI-1281. George ZERFASS, b. 1-28-1805 V-129. Maria Magdalena KNAUSS, b. 5-7-1784 Lehigh, PA; d. 3-20-1862 sp--George F. KNAUSS, b. 2-3-1780; d. 7-27-1850 IV-13. Francis KNAUSS (A14), b. 5-6-1742?, Whitehall, Lehigh, PA; d. 9-28-1819, Adams, PA sp--Barbara ____, b. 5-1744; d. 11-20-1814, Adams, PA V-131. Daniel KNOUSE, b. 7-30-1766; d. 7-29-1839, Menallen, Adams, PA; m. 1799 or1800 sp--Elizabeth ____, b. 4-28-1777; d. 8-5-1850, Butler, Adams, PA VI-1311. Sara KNAUS, c. 10-28-1798 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1312. Hannah KNOUSE, b. 1800, c. 8-28-1803 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA, not married as of 1850, ni VI-1313. John (c. Johannes) KNOUSE, b. 1801, c. 5-24-1801 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA, b. 1850: Menallen, Adams 43) sp--Maria Magdalena ("Polly") BLANK, b. 11-12-1806 Menallen, Adams Co, PA (d/o Conrad BLANK and Anna Maria SCHLEBACH) VII-13131. John (c. Johannes) KNOUSE, c. 1829 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VII-13132. Savilla KNOUSE, b. 1830, Adams, PA VII-13133. Jacob KNOUSE, b. 1831, Adams, PA sp--?Maria VIII-131331. ?Lenah S. KNOUSE, c. 1-10-1856, Arendtsville, Adams, PA VII-13134. ?Lenah KNOUSE, b. 1832, Adams, PA--may be daughter of Samuel, below? VII-13135. Mary Magdalena (c. Maria) KNOUSE, b. 1833, c. 5-5-1833 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA; m.? 11-12-1850, Adams, PA sp--?Nicholas BIESECKER VII-13136. Elizabeth Elvina KNOUSE, b. 1834, c. 3-27-1836 Arendtsville, Adams, PA VII-13137. Daniel Conrad KNOUSE, c. 5-19-1838, Arendtsville, Adams, PA VII-13138. Hannah Catharine KNOUSE, c. 6-2-1839, Arendtsville, Adams, PA VII-13139. William KNOUSE, b. 1842, Adams, PA VII-1313A. Sarah Louisa KNOUSE, c. 5-1-1844, Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VII-1313B. Simon Oliver KNOUSE, b. 1846, c. 7-25-1846 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VII-1313C. Isaiah David KNOUSE, c. 7-21-1850, Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VII-1313D. Elmira Lucinda KNOUSE, c. 6-18-1854 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1314. Daniel KNAUS, c. 4-11-1802 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1315. Sydney KNOUSE, b. 1803 PA VI-1316. Mary (c. Maria) KNOUSE, b. 1808, c. 11-20-1808 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA; not married as of 1850, ni VI-1317. Francis William (c. Franciscus Wilhelminus) KNOUSE, b. 2-23-1811, PA; c. 5-5-1811 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA; d. 4-5-1880, Adams, PA; m. 2-2-1843, Gettysburg, Adams, PA(1850:Butler, Adams 9) sp--Sarah KANN, b. 4-18-1820, PA; d. 1-18-1892, Arendtsville, Adams, PA VII-13171. Sydney Susanna KNAUSS, b. 12-30-1843 Adams Co, PA; c. 5-4-1844 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA; d. 3-12-1913, Adams, PA; m. 1870 sp--William B. THOMAS, b. 4-30-1826, PA; d. 9-8-1891, Adams, PA; m. 1870 VIII-131711. Ada May THOMAS, b. 1-8-1869, Biglerville, Adams, PA; d. 8-14-1956, Las Vegas, Clark, NV; m. 1-26-1892, Clearfield, Clearfield, PA sp--William Blake EARNSHAW VIII-131712. Gary Revire (or Revere) THOMAS, b. 9-13-1875, PA; d. 8-1967, PA sp--____ RICE VIII-131713. Ner(?) Clifford THOMAS, b. 9-13-1879, PA; d. 8-17-1967, Biglerville, Adams, PA sp--Nettie VII-13172. David KNOUSS, b. 7-1-1847 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA; d. 1934, Arendtsville, Adams, PA sp--Sophie CRESSLER VII-13173. Amanda Elizabeth KNOUSE, b. 5-15-1849, Adams, PA; d. 9-13-1850, Adams, PA VII-13174. Mary Ellen KNOUSE, c. 4-24-1853, Arendtsville, Adams, PA; d. abt. 3-20-1892 VII-13175. William Allen KNOUSS, c. 8-26-1855 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VII-13176. John Andrew KNOUSS, b. 1-10-1858 Biglerville, Adams Co, PA; c. 5-28-1859 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA; m. ?9-7-1893 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA sp--?Emma MILLER VI-1318. Simon Petrus KNAUS, c. 5-2-1813 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA V-132. Hannah (c. as Johanna) KNOUSE, b. 10-9-1767 sp--Michael CONSER V-133. Catharine KNOUSE, b. 3-22-1769 V-134. Eva KNOUSE sp--George CONSER V-135. Elizabeth KNOUSE, b. 7-20-1772 sp--Daniel KNAUSS (A37), b. 7-16-1776. See Daniel KNAUSS (37) for continuance V-136. Sarah KNOUSE V-137. Francis KNOUSE V-138. George KNOUSE (This family could be for a George who could be son of David) sp--Catharina ____, b. 1790? VI-1381. (Boy) KNOUSE, b. 1811/1815 VI-1382. Christine KNAUS, c. 11-7-1813 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1383. Leah KNAUS, c. 4-7-1816 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA; m. 8-27-1839 Adams Co, PA sp--Daniel SOUDERS (or SAUDERS) VI-1384. Mary Anna KNAUS, c. 8-23-1818 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1385. Sara KNAUS, c. 11-5-1820 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1386. Johann George KNAUS, c. 3-23-1823 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1387. (Boy) KNOUSE, b. 1830? VI-1388. Elizabeth KNOUSE, m. 11-15-1831, Menallen, Adams, PA sp--Thomas SILLET V-139. Barbara KNOUSE sp--John ARENDT, b. 1768; d. 10-17-1826, Arendtsville, Adams, PA IV-14. Daniel KNAUSS (A15), d. 1779, York, PA sp--Elizabeth RITTER, b. 7-6-1753 V-141. Eva Catharine KNAUSS, b. 10-17-1768 Northampton, PA V-142. Heinrich KNAUSS (A36), b. 10-24-1770, Northampton, PA; m. 4-5-1791, Northampton, PA (lived Mason Co., KY for some time) sp--Katharine WALTERS, b. 11-7-1773; d. 8-22-1840 VI-1421. Susan KNAUSS (lived in OH) sp--____ DAVIDSON VI-1422. Daniel KNAUS (A79), d. 1818, MO sp--Catherine, b. 1891, PA; d. after 1850 VII-14221. Mary Ann KNAUS, b. 1819, MO (moved to CA after 1850) sp (1)--____ THOMAS sp (2)--____ LLOYD VIII-142211. Henry C. THOMAS, b. 1839 MO VIII-142212. Catherine THOMAS, b. 1842 MO VIII-142213. Mary E. THOMAS, b. 1844 MO VII-14222. Lydia KNAUS; ni sp--____ STIPES VI-1423. Henry KNAUS (A80), b. 1797, KY; d. 1866, Howard, MO sp--Elizabeth (or Nancy) MONROE, b. 1800, KY VII-14231. (Child) KNAUS; d. as infant; ni VII-14232. William KNAUS (A157), b.3-2-1823, Howard, MO; d.MO; m(1) 10-26-1843, Cooper, MO; m(2) 5-24-1857, Cooper, MO sp (1)--Melvina (or Malvina) Frances OGLESBY, b. 6-2-1819, Madison, KY; d. 1856 VIII-142321. Elizabeth Catharine KNAUS, b. 9-4-1844, MO VIII-142322. Martha Ellen KNAUS, b. 1-27-1846, MO; d. 4-1926 sp--John W. SMALL IX-1423221. Hunter M. SMALL sp--Ola COX IX-1423222. Mary SMALL sp--Jack DILLARD IX-1423223. William SMALL, d. y.; ni IX-1423224. Eva SMALL sp--Charles SHOEMAKER IX-1423225. Maude SMALL sp--George SHOEMAKER IX-1423226. John SMALL sp--Violet KILLUP IX-1423227. Martha E. SMALL sp--Harry H. EVERETT VIII-142323. Mary Eliza KNAUS, b. 1-20-1848, MO; d. 1853; ni VIII-142324. Henry Walter KNAUS, MO, b. 11-13-1849 VIII-142325. Nancy Margaret KNAUS, b. 11-8-1851; d. 3-1926 VIII-142326. John William KNAUS, b. 3-22-1853 VIII-142327. Amanda Frances KNAUS, b. 7-3-1854; m. ?1-20-1881, Pettis, MO sp--?David C. RHODES VIII-142328. Blanche KNAUS, b. 2-15-1856 sp (2)--Elizabeth Ann HARRIS, b. 12-3-1827, Jefferson, VA; d. 12-30-1906, MO VIII-142329. James Monroe KNAUS (A291), b. 3-18-1859, Otterville, MO; m. 5-28-1885 sp--Jane N. NEFFENDORF IX-1423291. Mayne KNAUS sp--George ELLIS VIII-14232A. Sallie Harris KNAUS, b. 9-17-1861; m. 2-25-1885, Otterville, Cooper, MO sp--Sylvester Bright CHILDERS IX-14232A1. Rose Elizabeth CHILDERS, b. 1-3-1886; d. 9-25-1887; ni IX-14232A2. Carlos McNabe CHILDERS, b. 7-3-1888; m. 12-22-1909 sp--Gertrude Marie McKenzie IX-14232A3. James Ira CHILDERS, b. 2-4-1890; m. 10-28-1922 sp--Valle May WOODSON IX-14232A4. William Verner CHILDERS, b. 7-25-1893; m. 11-27-1926 sp--Florence ELLIS IX-14232A5. Beulah Irene CHILDERS, b. 10-7-1895 IX-14232A6. Sallie Blanche CHILDERS, b. 9-24-1898; d. 2-23-1900; ni IX-14232A7. Pauline Sylva CHILDERS, b. 6-8-1904 VIII-14232B. George Thomas KNAUS, b. 12-17-1865; m. 10-9-1907; ni sp--Nellie TEUFEL VIII-14222C. Rosa Ann KNAUS, b. 5-17-1869; nm; ni VII-14223. Henry KNAUS, b. 1826, MO sp--Martha Ann PEELER, b. 1831, MO VIII-142231. Sarah Elvarene KNAUS, b. 10-29-1849 Cooper, MO; m. 12-20-1870, Cooper, MO sp--Benjamin F. KEPNER VIII-142232. Elizabeth Jane KNAUS, b. 12-20-1852 Cooper, MO; m. 10-13-1875, Cooper, MO sp--Henry CRAWFORD VIII-142233. Robert Henry KNAUS, b. 8-20-1854 Cooper, MO VII-14224. Elizabeth KNAUS VII-14225. Franklin KNAUS, b. 1829, MO; m. 9-2-1852 Howard Co, MO sp--Sarah H. DINWIDDEE VII-14226. Mary J. KNAUS, b. 1832, MO VII-14227. Thomas KNAUS, b. 1833, MO VI-1423. Solomon KNAUSS, b. 1801?; d. 1819 OH; ni VI-1424. Elizabeth ("Betsy") KNAUSS, b. 1802; m. 1-13-1819 (or 1820), Chariton, Howard, MO; d. 1873, MO sp--Joseph VANCE VI-1425. George KNAUSS, b. 1802; d. 1822 MO; ni VI-1426. Kate KNAUSS, b. 1805; d. 1894 CA sp--George FOSTER VI-1427. Sara ("Sallie") KNAUSS, b. 1-22-1804 Mason, KY; d. 1864 sp--William M. SYBERT (or SCYBERT) VI-1428. John H. KNAUS (A81), b. 10-9-1808, OH; d. 3-6-1878, New Franklin, MO; m. 4-5-1841 sp--Mary A. CREWS, b. 10-16-1822, or 1827, KY VII--14281. Nancy or Nannie A. KNAUS, b. 1842, MO sp--Reuben LONG VII--14282. Walter C. KNAUS, b. 9-23-1843 sp-- VIII--142821. Joseph T. KNAUS, b. 1887; d. 1888; ni VII--14283. Joseph H. KNAUS, b. 1845; d. 1910, New Franklin, MO sp-- VIII--142831. Norris W. KNAUS VIII--142832. Mattie Lou KNAUS VIII--142833. Rachel KNAUS, m. 6-20-1875, Howard, MO sp--James BOGGS VIII--142834. (Son) KNAUS, d. 1888; ni VIII--142835. (Child) KNAUS, d. 1891; ni VIII--142836. (Child) KNAUS, ni VIII--142837. (Child) KNAUS, ni VIII--142838. (Child) KNAUS, ni VII--14284. Mary Catherine KNAUS, b. 1847; d. 1878 VII--14285. ?Delia Jane KNAUS, b. 1848; d. 1848; ni VII--14286. Susan Laughra KNAUS, b. 1849; d. 1851; ni VII--14287. ?John H. KNAUS, b. 1851; d. 1873 VII--14288. ?Edney F. KNAUS, b. 1854; d. 1854; ni VII--14289. Alsis KNAUS, b. 1856; d. 1887 VII--1428A. Albert G. KNAUS (A158), b. 3-13-1858, Howard, MO; d. 12-9-1928, St. Louis, MO; m. 12-21-1882 sp--Delia Pearl CAMPBELL, b. 9-15-1862 VIII--1428A1. William Thomas KNAUS (G204), b. 9-18-1883, Fayette, MO; m. 10-20-1908 sp--Cora LLOYD IX--1428A11. Gilbert M. KNAUS, b. 5-10-1911 sp--Fern MORRIS X--1428A111. Mary KNAUS, b. 1945 X--1428A112. Susan KNAUS, b. 1953 IX--1428A12. William L. KNAUS, b. 8-7-1909 lived Cinci, OH sp--Ruth E. PORTER X--1428A121. Alice KNAUS X--1428A122. Dorothy KNAUS X--1428A123. Ruth KNAUS X--1428A124. Ellen KNAUS X--1428A125. William C. KNAUS, d. 1968 Vietnam IX--1428A13. Elizabeth KNAUS sp--Phillip RENNER X--1428A131. Philip RENNER X--1428A132. Martha RENNER VIII--1428A2. Mary Belle KNAUS, b. 3-11-1885; m. 6-26-1907 sp--Ambrose LLOYD VIII--1428A3. Joseph Trice KNAUS, b. 6-10-1887; d. 1-7-1888; ni VIII--1428A4. Albert Gallatin KNAUS, b. 11-1-1888; m. 9-17-1917 sp--Carrie ALLERS VIII--1428A5. Grover Cleveland KNAUS, b. 7-7-1892; m. (2) 3-30-1926 sp (1)--May ECKRICH sp (2)--Sophie MEYER VIII--1428A6. Elle Crews KNAUS, b. 8-14-1895, Keytesville, MO VIII--1428A7. Elizabeth KNAUS, b. 12-19-1897; m. 8-22-1925 sp--Lyman C. BRANNER VIII--1428A8. Delia Pearl KNAUS, b. 7-1-1900, St. Louis, MO; m. 2-6-1929 sp--Elmer M. RUFFIN VIII--1428A9. Walter Givens KNAUS, b. 12-27-1903; d. 1-27-1904; ni VII--1428B. Ella K. KNAUS, b. 1860 sp--J. G. CREWS VII--1428C. (Child) KNAUS VI--1429. Jacob KNAUS (A82), b. 11-27-1810, Maysville, KY; d. 11-12-1902 sp--Sophia PRIGMORE VII--14291. John KNAUS, b. 3-1-1833, MO VII--14292. Benjamin Prigmore KNAUS sp--Elizabeth WAMPLER VIII--142921. William Jacob KNAUS, b. 10-10-1865, Knobnoster, Johnson, MO VIII--142922. Walter KNAUS sp-- IX--1429221. Mabel Helen KNAUS (G122), b. 11-9-1905; ni VII--14293. J. H. KNAUS VII--14294. W. Y. KNAUS y--W. C. KNAUS VII--14295. George Washington KNAUS (G121), b. 5-8-1855 Knobnoster, Johnson, MO; m. 2-22-1877 sp--Martha Ellen LANDINGHAM VIII--142951. Ory E. KNAUS, b. 7-27-1878 sp--William STEPHENS IX--1429511. Lloyd STEPHENS VIII--142952. (Daughter) KNAUS, b. 12-7-1880; d. 1880; ni VIII--142953. Margaret S. KNAUS, b. 3-20-1882, Johnson, MO; m. 7-9-1903--moved to Beulah, ND sp--Ezra EMIG IX--1429531. Maryellen EMIG, b. 3-17-1911, Beulah, ND IX--1429532. Margaret EMIG, b. 1921, Beulah, ND VIII--1429533. George Evert KNAUS, b. 11-28-1883, Knobnoster, Johnson, MO VIII--1429534. Jacob Lawrence KNAUS, b. 8-1-1895, Knobnoster, Johnson, MO; d. 8-17-1956, Concordia, MO; m. 10-11-1931 sp--Ruby GALLAWAY IX--14295341. Delores J. KNAUS, b. 1932; m. 1954 sp--Robert WEST X--142953411. Richard WEST, b. 1955 X--142953412. Rodney WEST, b. 1956 VIII--1429535. Benjamin R. KNAUS, b. 1-12-1898; m. 3-17-1944 sp--Elma RALFSON IX--14295351. Lynda J. KNAUS, b. 1949 IX--14295352. Nancy K. KNAUS, b. 1950; m. 1969 sp--Thomas PERKINS VII--14296. Mary KNAUS sp--____ GALLAGHER VII--14297. VI-142A. Walter KNAUSS, b. 1812 (or 1816); d. 1840, Old Franklin, MO; ni V-143. Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 10-20-1772 Northampton, PA V-144. Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 1774 V-145. Daniel KNAUSS (A37), b. 7-16-1776, Adams, PA; d. 9-21-1864 sp--Elizabeth KNOUSE, b. 7-20-1772 VI-1451. Solomon KNAUSS, b. 7-17-1800; d. 4-23-1873 VI-1452. Daniel KNOUSE (A83), b. 2-7-1802 Adams, PA; d. 1-11-1873 Monroeville, Allen, IN; m. 12-11-1833 Westmoreland, PA sp--Maria STERNER (d/o Daniel STERNER and Esther SMITH) VII-14521. Aaron L. KNOUSE, b. 6-8-1835 Westmoreland, PA; d. 9-8-1858 Chicago, IL; nm, ni VII-14522. David S. KNOUSE (A159), b. 5-10-1837 Westmoreland, PA; d. 3-25-1896 Sterling, KS; m. Union City, IN sp--Lominda SWAIN VIII-145221. Bertha A. KNOUSE, b. 1-19-1873 sp--____ HODGE IX-1452211. Frank S. HODGE, b. 7-17-1903 VIII-145222. Frank S. KNOUSE--lived Dallas, TX VIII-145223. Ansel L. KNOUSE--lived Seattle, WA VII-14523. Mary KNOUSE, b. 12-21-1843 Wooster, OH; m. 4-23-1874 sp--Linford Van BUSKIRK, b. 7-4-1847 Carroll, OH; d. 10-16-1910 (s/o James Van BUSKIRK and Ann MORROW) VIII-145231. Edmund Michael Van BUSKIRK, b. 2-11-1875; m. 1-10-1906 sp--Louise SCHWARZE IX-1452311. Edmund L. Van BUSKIRK, b. 10-15-1907 IX-1452312. Alice L. Van BUSKIRK, b. 6-29-1911 VIII-145232. Otis Walter Van BUSKIRK, b. 6-18-1876 sp--Nancy CLEM VIII-145233. Ella Florilla Van BUSKIRK, b. 6-25-1877 sp--Leo GRESSLEY IX-1452331. Merlin GRESSLEY IX-1452332. Gladys GRESSLEY VIII-145234. Ethel May Van BUSKIRK, b. 8-28-1879 sp--Frank LAUDAHN IX-1452341. Luella LAUDAHN IX-1452342. Leota LAUDAHN IX-1452343. Lucile LAUDAHN IX-1452344. Bernice LAUDAHN IX-1452345. Frank LAUDAHN VII-14524. Elizabeth KNOUSE, b. 9-21-1846 Wooster, OH; d. 12-25-1927 Warsaw, IN; m. 3-8-1873 sp--William Scott HERRICK, b. 10-27-1847; d. 5-4-1912 (s/o William R. HERRICK and Ruth WILLIAMS) VIII-145241. Marian Ellen HERRICK, b. 1-28-1876 VIII-145242. Horace Theophilus HERRICK, b. 9-9-1879; d. 5-22-1913 Keokuk, IA sp--Nellie WRAY VIII-145243. Ruth Knouse HERRICK, b. 5-30-1882 sp--Dwight H. ASHLEY IX-1452431. William Hale ASHLEY, b. 1912 IX-1452432. Horace T. ASHLEY, b. 1914 (twin) IX-1452433. David H. ASHLEY, b. 1914 (twin) VIII-145244. Homer Knouse HERRICK, b. 12-2-1884 sp--Hazel LONGACRE IX-1452441. Caroline HERRICK IX-1452442. Robert HERRICK IX-1452443. George R. HERRICK IX-1452444. Janet HERRICK VIII-145245. Elizabeth Adele HERRICK, b. 3-1890; d. 7-22-1899 VII-14525. Michael Badger KNOUSE (A160), b. 10-10-1849 Wooster, OH; m. 9-2-1875, b. 1880:IN) sp--Clara A. MOSES, b. 1852/53 OH VIII-145251. Eliza Maria KNOUSE, b. 11-14-1877; d. 9-1879 VIII-145252. Lucius Moses KNOUSE (A292), b. 5-27-1880 Monroeville, IN; m. 9-2-1902 Denver, CO--lived Hollywood, CA sp--Mary SPERRY IX-1452521. Lucius Sperry KNOUSE, b. 7-19-1907 IX-1452522. William Stanley KNOUSE, b. 6-8-1911 VIII-145253. Homer Virgil KNOUSE (A293), b. 12-6-1884 Monroeville, IN; m. Denver, CO sp--Marjorie Lovine LONG IX-1452531. Helen Ann KNOUSE, b. 8-6-1913 IX-1452532. Homer Long KNOUSE, b. 11-27-1914 IX-1452533. Robert Alfred KNOUSE, b. 6-19-1920 Omaha, NE sp-- X-14525331. Geoffrey Charles ("Jeff") KNOUSE, b. 1946 Chicago, Cook Co, IL X-14525332. Stephen Lee KNOUSE, b. 1948 VIII-145254. Roxanna Jane KNOUSE, b. 2-9-1886; d. 7-9-1898 VIII-145255. Helen KNOUSE, b. 8-19-1894 VII-14526. Simon Walter KNOUSE (A161), b. 10-19-1855 Monroeville, IN; m. MO sp--____ (____) FORREST VIII-145261. Daniel KNOUSE, b. 1896? VIII-145262. Frank KNOUSE, b. 1898? VIII-145263. Walter KNOUSE, b. 1900? VI-1453. Conrad KNAUSS, b. 1-11-1803 VI-1454. Sarah KNAUSS, b. 4-15-1805 sp-____ WELLS VI-1455. Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 11-17-1806 VI-1456. John Franciscus KNAUSS, b. 2-28-1808 VI-1457. John KNAUSS, b. 4-26-1809 VI-1458. Mary KNAUSS, b. 4-3-1813; d. 2-28-1888 VI-1459. Barbary KNAUSS, b. 5-16-1815 (moved to Texas) sp--Reuben METLER IV-15. John Conrad KNAUSS (A16), b. 1745? PA; d. bef. Feb 1834 sp--Mary Catharine ____, b. 25 Mar 1752; d. 07 Feb 1834 Union County, PA V-151. Anna Margaret KNAUSS, b. 5-2-1773 Lehigh, PA V -152. Abraham Knouse, b. 18 Jan 1776; d. 26 Nov 1833 Penn Twp. Snyder Co., PA sp--Hannah Ritter (daughter of Phillip Ritter) VI-1521. David Knouse, born 01 Mar 1808; died 30 Dec 1883; m. 11 Feb 1840 sp--Sarah Salome Maurer; born 16 Mar 1817; died 30 Sep 1861 VII-15211. Samuel KNOUSE, b. 17 Mar 1841 sp--Mary BROUSE VIII-152111. Alice KNOUSE sp--Thomas VONODIA VIII-152112. Emma KNOUSE sp--William SWARTZ VIII-152113. Harrison KNOUSE VIII-152114. Ida KNOUSE sp--Aaron MOYER VIII-152115. Lizzie KNOUSE VIII-152116. Sara KNOUSE sp--George A. KREBBS VIII-152117. Wilson KNOUSE sp-- IX-1521171. Harry KNOUSE, b. 02 May 1895; d. Jul 1970; m. 26 Dec 1917, Middleburg, Snyder Co. PA sp--Carrie Lillian MAY, b. 03 Oct 1898 VII-15212. Jacob KNOUSE, b. 1845; m(2) 12-06-1898 sp (1)--Leah COCHRAN, b. 14 Jan 1854; d. 28 Feb 1896 VIII-152121. David KNOUSE VIII-152122. Elizabeth KNOUSE sp--Thomas ADAMS VIII-152123. Margaret KNOUSE VIII-152124. (Girl) KNOUSE sp--PETER BAILEY VIII-152125. (Girl?) KNOUSE sp--____ MULL VIII-152126. (Girl) KNOUSE sp--Henry HAINES sp (2)--Louisa FOX VIII-152127. Flossie KNOUSE VII-15213. Peter KNOUSE, b. 1856. VII-15214. David KNOUSE, died young. VII-15215. Hannah KNOUSE VII-15216. Polly KNOUSE sp--John FETTER VII-15217. Sarah KNOUSE VII-15218. Susan KNOUSE sp--Henry LAUDENSCHALGER VI-1522. Abraham Knouse, born 16 Jan 1812. VI-1523. Solomon Knouse, born 30 Oct 1819; died 15 Dec 1901 sp--Susanna ____, born 09 Mar 1825; died 15 Dec 1925 VII-15231. Daniel KNOUSE, b. 01 Jun 1860; d. 22 Oct 1915 sp--Clara AURAND, b. 13 Jan 1865 VIII-152311. Ralph KNOUSE, b. 1908; d. 1914. VII-15232. Mary Ann KNOUSE, b. 29 Jan 1863; d. 19 Nov 1908 VII-15233. Franklin KNOUSE VII-15234. Esther KNOUSE VII-15235. John KNOUSE sp-- VIII-152351. Susan N. KNOUSE VI-1524. Sallie R. Knouse, born Bef. 1820; m. 03 May 1898 in Penn Twp. Snyder Co. PA sp--George A. Mull VI-1525. John Knouse, born Abt. 1820. VI-1526. Cora Knouse, born 05 Nov 1822. VI-1527. Jacob Knouse, born Unknown. V-153. Christian KNAUSS (A38), b. abt. 1788 sp-- VI-1531. David KNOUSE (G214), b. 1-26-1811, Adams Co., PA; d. 11-28-1857; m. (1) 1-7-1834. moved to IA 1850 sp (1)--Mary Ann ECKER or ECHERT, b. 7-17-1812, Adams Co., PA; d. 6-6-1882, Long Grove, Scott Co., IA VII-15311. George KNOUSE, b. 1-26-1834 or 11-1-1834, PA; d. 6-23-1945 in PA VII-15312. Jeremiah (Perry) KNOUSE, b. 11-22-1836, PA; d. 12-5-1909; m. 6-18-1876 sp--Maria LANKER, b. 1847/48 PA VIII-153121. Flora KNOUSE, b. 1866/67 IA VII-15313. Martin L. KNOUSE, b. 3-9-1838 or 3-14-1838, PA; d. 6-5-1921; m. 4-24-1869 sp--Susan (or Susanne) MURRISON, b. 1842/43 Canada VIII-153131. Mary KNOUSE, b. 1868 IA VII-15314. David KNOUSE, b. 3-24-1840, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 11-18-1904; m. 12-25-1860 sp--Temperance DAY, b. 1843/44 PA VIII-153141. George Washington KNOUSE, b. 2-1870 IA VII-15315. Elizabeth Ann KNOUSE, b. 1-28-1842, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 3-8 (or 9)-1922; m. 12-25-1860 sp--Charles CLAPP or CLAP VII-15316. John Simon KNOUSE (G215), b. 12-20-1843, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 5-27-1909 (or 1919); m. 2-26-1874 sp--Mary J. MURRISON or MORRISON VIII-153161. David A. KNOUSE, b. 1-4-1875; d. 4-16-1929; nm, ni VIII-153162. Leslie M. KNOUSE, b. 5-18-1880; d. 1-15-191V-1531. lived at Wilton, IA IX-1531621. Florence KNOUSE IX-1531622. Cecil KNOUSE IX-1531623. Mildred KNOUSE IX-153164. Leslie KNOUSE IX-1531625. Howard KNOUSE VIII-153163. Oscar Edward KNOUSE (G216), b. 7-11-1882; m. 9-6-1911 sp--Ruth BAKER IX-1531631. John M. KNOUSE, b. 8-24(or 25)-1912; m. 9-17-1938 sp--Marguerite BURHOP X-15316311. Raymond KNOUSE, b. 1940; m. 1963 sp--Elaine YOUNG IX-1531632. Grace I. KNOUSE, b. 8-24-1915, IA; m. 8-29-1936 lived Davenport, IA sp--Ralph MEANS X-15316321. Dennis MEANS, b. 1948; m. 1967 sp--Nina BRAND XI-153163211. Ralph MEANS, b. 1969 XI-153163212. William MEANS, b. 1969 X-15316322. Martin MEANS, b. 1951 IX-1531633. Raymond E. KNOUSE, b. 2-1-1920, IA; d. 5-15-1966; m. 6-1-1946 sp--Mary THOMAS X-15316331. Ronald R. KNOUSE, b. 1946, IA; m. 1966 sp--Connie THURSTON XI-153163311. Raymond W. KNOUSE, b. 1968, IA X-15316332. Thomas S. KNOUSE, b. 1947, IA X-15316333. Dan E. KNOUSE, b. 1951, IA X-15316334. Charles M. KNOUSE, b. 1952, IA IX-1531634. Milford G. KNOUSE, b. 1924, IA; m. 1949 lived in Norfolk, VA sp--Opal DEBRUYN X-15316341. Elizabeth KNOUSE, b. 1954, IA X-15316342. Barbara KNOUSE, b. 1957, IA IX-1531635. Merrill D. KNOUSE, b. 1934 IA; m. 1956 sp--Phyllis KRUSE X-15316351. Mark D. KNOUSE, b. 1960, IA X-15316352. Steven S. KNOUSE, b. 1963, IA VIII-153164. Cora E. KNOUSE, b. 12-17-1886; d. 1-10-1958; nm, ni VIII-153165. Howard E. KNOUSE, b. 8-16-1888; d. 8-23-1966; ni sp (1)-- sp (2)-- VII-15317. Samuel M. KNOUSE, b. 9-22-1845, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 5-22-1850 VII-15318. Mary M. KNOUSE, b. 9-12-1847, Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 7-20-1896 sp--James MURRISON or MORRISON VII-15319. Joanna (or Johanne) C. KNOUSE, b. 12-1-1850, Carlisle, Cumberland Co., PA; d. 8-3-1940 sp--Charles WHITTAKER or WHITAKER VII-1531A. William Benjamin KNOUSE, b. 6-24-1854, Scott Co., IA; d. 8-19-1915, Lincoln, Lancaster Co., NE; m. IA sp--Addie May MATHEWS, b. 8-6-1859, Scott Co., IA VIII-1531A1. Raymond William KNOUSE, b. 3-12-1880, Fullerton, Nance Co., NE sp--Jean (or Jennie) H. HUMMER, b. 12-3-1880, Keokuk, IA IX-1531A11. Corinne Amelia KNOUSE sp--Raymond John JIMERSON, b. 5-19-1911, Liberty, Gage Co., NE X-1531A111. (Child) VIII-1531A2. Claud Arthur KNOUSE, b. 2-11-1884, Fullerton, Nancy Co., NE sp--Ina EARNHART, b. 1884 VIII-15313. Eva Elizabeth KNOUSE, b. 8-29-1885(?1886), Liberty, Gage Co., NE; m. 5-11-1910 Lincoln, Lancaster Co, NE sp--Carl Cecil NELSON, b. 1885 VIII-1531A4. Frank Mathews KNOUSE, b. 3-18-1887, Fullerton, Nance Co., NE VIII-1531A5. Earl KNOUSE, b. 3-19-1891, Liberty, Gage Co., NE sp--Bertha HOLK, b. 1891 VIII-1531A6. Frances May KNOUSE, b. 1-16-1900, Beatrice, Gage Co., NE sp-- sp (2)--Magdalena VI-1532. Daniel KNOUSE (A84), b. 3-9-1812 near Sunbury, Northumberland Co., PA; d. 4-20-1897 Oriental, Juniata Co., PA; bur Barners Church; m(1) 1833--lived Juniata, PA Website on Daniel Knouse descendants; contact site master, Ron Knouse sp(1)--Catharine ZELLERS, b. 11-2-1814; d. 9-21-1850 (d/o Henry ZELLERS) VII-15321. Eliza KNOUSE, b. 11-16-1833; d. 8-3-189IX-1532. lived Juniata, PA sp--William CHUBB VII-15322. John KNOUSE (A162), b. 2-12-1835, near Sunbury, Perry, PA; d. 1922 (may have served in Civil War) sp--Margaret ("Peggy") BAER (d/o Jacob and Sarah BAIR) VIII-153221. Thomas N. KNOUSE (A294), b. 9-30-1859 Liverpool, PA; m(1) 3-11-1880; m(2) 3-19-1927 sp(1)-Priscilla LIMBERT, b.2-10-1862 Oriental, Juniata PA; d.7-24-1921 Sunbury PA (d/o Andrew LIMBERT & Lydia MARTIN) IX-1532211. Delia KNOUSE, b. 5-8-1881; d. 5-7-1907 sp--John STRAWSER X-15322111. Ruth STRAWSER, b. 12-8-1902 sp--Willard HOCKENBROCHT IX-1532212. Laura KNOUSE, b. 8-31-1883; d. 12-6-1915 sp--Daniel STRAWSER--lived Liverpool, PA X-15322121. Pearl STRAWSER, b. 4-10-1906 X-15322122. Kathryn STRAWSER, b. 6-29-1908 X-15322123. Quiela STRAWSER, b. 7-8-1910 sp--Franklin PONTIUS X-15322124. Norman STRAWSER, b. 3-22-1912 X-15322125. Esther STRAWSER, b. 4-23-1915 IX-1532213. Bertha KNOUSE, b. 6-22-1885 sp--Charles MURRAY X-15322131. Merle MURRAY, b. 3-19-1913 X-15322132. Pauline MURRAY, b. 10-1914 X-15322133. Robert MURRAY, b. 12-4-1916 IX-1532214. Jacob KNOUSE, b. 1-22-1888; d. 2-1897; nm, ni IX-1532215. Margaret KNOUSE, b. 7-13-1892 sp--Grover ZIMMERMAN X-15322151. John ZIMMERMAN, b. 2-9-1919 X-15322152. Paul ZIMMERMAN, b. 11-24-1920 X-15322153. Dorothy ZIMMERMAN, b. 1922 X-15322154. Beatrice ZIMMERMAN, b. 1924 IX-1532216. Emma KNOUSE, b. 10-30-1894 lived Sunbury, PA sp--Wilfred BOYER IX-1532217. Joseph KNOUSE, b. 3-19-1897; d. 8-1898 IX-1532218. Esther KNOUSE, b. 9-3-1899 sp--Ben GOODLING X-15322181. Thelma GOODLING, b. 1921 X-15322182. Carl GOODLING, b. 1922 IX-1532219. Arlington KNOUSE (A391), b. 8-6-1902 Snydertown, PA--lived Sunbury, PA sp--Grace HERMAN X-15322191. Mildred KNOUSE, b. 1922 VII-15323. William H. KNOUSE (A163), b. 8-15-1836 Oriental, Juniata, PA; d. 5-22-1918; m. 10-1-1867; served in Civil War sp--Nancy (MICKEY) REMFER (d/o Abraham and Mary MICKEY; her first husband was killed in Civil War) VIII-153231. Oliver Perry KNOUSE (A295), b. 10-15-1871 Oriental, Juniata, PA; m. 12-16-1895 sp--Ada KAUFFMAN, b. 5-22-1873 McAlisterville, PA (d/o Joseph and Jane KAUFFMAN) IX-1532311. Bertha Viola KNOUSE (G140), b. 9-16-1897; d. 12-23-1948; m. 5-15-915 sp--Wesley B. WITMER X-15323111. Herbert O. WITMER, b. 9-24-1915; d. 2-1931 IX-1532312. William Roy KNOUSE (G141), b. 8-13-1899; d. 8-18-1959; m(1) 1-5-1921; m(2) 8-4-1928 sp(1)--Jennie P. MEISER, d. 5-22-1924 X-15323121. Marlin William KNOUSE, b. 1921 sp(2)--Elizabeth KEISER X-15323122. Larry Allen KNOUSE, b. 1939 X-15323123. Rae Anna KNOUSE, b. 1944 IX-1532313. Mabel Lulu KNOUSE (G142), b. 1-17-1901; d. 8-6-1949; m. 2-2-1920 sp--Robert V. C. KERR X-15323131. Doris Virginia KERR, b. 11-13-1920; m. 2-7-1943 sp--Robert W. SMITH XI-153231311. (Child) SMITH XI-153231312. (Child) SMITH IX-1532314. Joseph Carl KNOUSE (G143), b. 6-5-1904 (or 1903); m. 6-16-1934; ni sp--Hazel CLARK IX-1532315. Laura Pauline KNOUSE (G144), b. 3-18-1907 (or 1905); m(2) 1935 sp(1)--Eugene McCONNEL sp(2)--Harold WERT X-15323151. Ned Oliver WERT, b. 1936 X-15323152. Diane WERT IX-1532316. James Mervin KNOUSE (G145), b. 2-5-1909 (or 1907); d. 4-23-1966; ni sp--Florinda WRIGHT, d. 4-23-1966 IX-1532317. George Park KNOUSE (G146), b. 1-24-1911 (or 1910) sp--Sylvia STROUP X-15323171. Donna Lee KNOUSE, b. 1943 IX-1532318. Perry A. KNOUSE (G147), b. 3-17-1913 (or 1912); d. 3-31-1948; m. 8-1936 sp--Marion KOPENHAVER X-15323181. Perry A. KNOUSE, Jr., b. 1937 IX-1532319. Harold E. KNOUSE (G148), b. 5-22-1915 (or 1914); m. 6-30-1936 sp--Esther Margaret HENRY X-15323191. Donald E. KNOUSE, b. 1943; m. 1967 sp--Alice Jean LYONS X-15323192. Henry Lynn KNOUSE, b. 1948; m. 1968 sp--Patricia EWING X-1532319. Harry Wayne KNOUSE, b. 1948 VIII-153232. Mervin Louis KNOUSE (A296), b. 5-28-1877 McAlisterville, PA; m. 12-27-1899 sp--Nora E. RANNELS, b. 3-19-1877 (d/o William H. and Mary Oles RANNELS) IX-1532321. William Paul KNOUSE, b. 2-28-1901 IX-1532322. Laura Ruth KNOUSE, b. 3-3-1903; m. 7-29-1923 sp--Jay R. ROUSH X-15323221. Janet Ruth ROUSH, b. 1925 IX-1532323. Margaret Pauline KNOUSE, b. 8-15-1906; m. 3-19-1926 sp--Clair GINGRICH X-15323231. Norine Claire KNOUSE, b. 1927 IX-1532324. George Mervin KNOUSE, b. 1-25-1909 VII-15324. Christian KNOUSE (A164), b. 12-25-1837 Susquehanna, Juniata, PA; d. 2-24-1924 Perry, Snyder, PA; m. 9-3-1865; served in Civil War sp--Louisa B. GELNETT, d. 2-21-1911 (d/o Jonathan GELNETT) VIII-153241. Alice KNOUSE, b. 7-6-186VI-1532. lived Liverpool, PA sp--Amos RUMFELT IX-1532411. (Child) RUMFELT IX-1532412. (Child) RUMFELT IX-1532413. (Child) RUMFELT IX-1532414. (Child) RUMFELT IX-1532415. (Child) RUMFELT IX-1532416. (Child) RUMFELT IX-1532417. (Child) RUMFELT IX-1532418. (Child) RUMFELT IX-1532419. (Child) RUMFELT IX-153241A. (Child) RUMFELT IX-153241B. (Child) RUMFELT VIII-153242. George KNOUSE (A297), b. 2-11-1868 Mt. Pleasant Mills, PA; d. 2-7-1894 sp--Ida Lucy RAMSEY IX-1532421. Bertha Ida KNOUSE--lived Bloomsburg, PA sp--____ BIDLEMAN IX-1532422. Holman George KNOUSE (G54), b. 3-23-1894 Meiserville, PA--lived Phila. VIII-153243. Amos KNOUSE (A298), b. 5-31-1869 Quaker Run, PA; d. 1933; bur St. Thomas UMC Cem, Snyder Co, PA; m. 9-3-1892 sp--Sarah S. HEITYMAN, b. 3-30-1875 Northumberland, PA; d. 1963; bur St. Thomas UMC Cem, Snyder Co, PA (d/o Elias and Sarah HEITYMAN) IX-1532431. Susan KNOUSE (G183), b. 11-12-1893; m. 3-24-1918 sp--Sylvester G. RHOADS X-15324311. Lawrence RHOADS, b. 12-26-1918; m. 4-17-1938 sp--Esther SMITH XI-153243111. Bertha RHOADS, b. 1939 sp--____ FREY XII-1532431111. Wayne FREY XII-1532431112. Sandee FREY XII-1532431113. Brenda FREY XI-153243112. Patricia RHOADS, b. 1951 sp--____ FAUVER XII-1532431121. Wendy FAUVER XII-1532431122. Patsy FAUVER XII-1532431123. Jeffry FAUVER XII-1532431124. Shane FAUVER X-15324312. Arlise E. RHOADS, b. 1921; m. 1946 sp--Anna McCARVER XI-153243121. Betty RHOADS, b. 1947 sp--____ HUMMEL XI-153243122. Thomas RHOADS, b. 1948 XI-153243123. Joyce RHOADS, b. 1949 X-15324313. Faith C. RHOADS, b. 1934; m. 1951 sp--John MENGLE XI-153243131. Sharon MENGLE, b. 1953 XI-153243132. Laurie MENGLE, b. 1955 XI-153243133. Joan MENGLE, b. 1956 IX-1532432. Dora L. KNOUSE, b. 6-6-1895 (twin); d. 3-9-1901; bur St. Thomas UMC Cem, Snyder Co, PA; nm, ni IX-1532433. Nora KNOUSE, b. 6-6-1895 (twin); d. 6-8-1895; nm, ni IX-1532434. William KNOUSE, b. 11-25-1896; d. 3-14-1901; nm, ni IX-1532435. Stella KNOUSE, b. 9-13-1898; d. 3-17-1901; bur St. Thomas UMC Cem, Snyder Co, PA; nm, ni IX-1532436. Emma (or Erma) KNOUSE (G184), b. 3-22-1900; m. 6-29-1924 sp--G. Dewey SCHRAUDER X-15324361. Florence SCHRAUDER, b. 1926; m. 1946 sp--Harvey SWARTZ IX-1532437. Franklin KNOUSE (G55), b. 1-31-1902; m. 9-1925 sp--Ruth SCHULL X-15324371. Arlene R. KNOUSE, b. 1930; m. 1950 sp--Kenneth SPADE XI-153243711. Evelyn SPADE XI-153243712. Kenneth SPADE, Jr. XI-153243713. Wanda SPADE XI-153243714. Rosemary SPADE XI-153243715. Darlene SPADE XI-153243716. Carl SPADE XI-153243717. Sheron SPADE X-15324372. Esther M. KNOUSE, b. 1932 sp--Glen THARP XI-153243721. Glen THARP, Jr. XI-153243722. Timothy THARP XI-153243723. Christian THARP XI-153243724. Phillip THARP X-15324373. Donald E. KNOUSE (G57), b. 1934, m. 1954 lived Richfield, PA sp--Clarice STROUP XI-153243731. Susan KNOUSE, b. 1956 XI-153243732. Ronald KNOUSE, b. 1959 XI-153243733. Carol KNOUSE, b. 1960 XI-153243734. Richard KNOUSE, b. 1962 XI-153243735. Lorrain KNOUSE, b. 1963 XI-153243736. Gloria KNOUSE, b. 1965 X-15324374. Dora L. KNOUSE, b. 1936; m. 1954 sp--Ray SPADE XI-153243741. Kathy SPADE XI-153243742. Julieanna SPADE XI-153243743. Cindy SPADE XI-153243744. Michael SPADE XI-153243745. Randall SPADE X-15324375. Violet KNOUSE, b. 1941; m. 1958 sp--Walter THARP XI-153243751. Sherry THARP XI-153243752. Teresa THARP X-15324376. Lloyd (or Floyd) A. KNOUSE (G58), b. 1944; m. 1963 sp--Luella ANCKER XI-153243761. Linda KNOUSE, b. 1964 XI-153243762. Lila KNOUSE, b. 1967 IX-1532438. Minerva KNOUSE, b. 10-29-1904 sp--Howard KERSTETTER X-15324381. (Boy) KERSTETTER IX-1532439. Learie (or Lerie) KNOUSE (G185), b. 1906; m. 1924 sp--Calvin C. ARNOLD X-15324391. Harold ARNOLD, b. 1927; m. 1955 sp--Lena BOLIG XI-153243911. Harold ARNOLD, b. 1959 XI-153243912. Steven ARNOLD, b. 1962 XI-153243913. Maxine ARNOLD, b. 1967 X-15324392. Shirley ARNOLD, b. 1947; m. 1966 sp--Eugene VARNER IX-153243A. Earl KNAUSS (G56), b. 3-26-1907; m. 3-30-1929 sp--Virginia SMITH X-153243A1. June I. KNAUSS, b. 1930; m. 1947 sp--George L. KINGSTON XI-153243A11. Janet KINGSTON, b. 1948; m. 1968 sp--Kenneth JAMES XI-153243A12. George KINGSTON, Jr., b. 1952 XI-153243A13. John KINGSTON, b. 1957 X-153243A2. Carl D. KNAUSS (G59), b. 1932; m. 1952--lived Sunbury, PA sp--Floris R. LEPLEY XI-153243A21. Carl D. KNAUSS, b. 1957 XI-153243A22. Carter D. KNAUSS, b. 1960 XI-153243A23. Curtis D. KNAUSS, b. 1967 X-153243A3. Donald M. KNAUSS (G60), b. 1936; m. 1956. lived Lewiston, PA sp--Evelyn M. LOCKET XI-153243A31. Mary R. KNAUSS, b. 1957 XI-153243A32. Donald E. KNAUSS, b. 1960 XI-153243A33. Ronald L. KNAUSS, b. 1963 XI-153243A34. Ellen M. KNAUSS, b. 1966 X-153243A4. Donna F. KNAUSS, b. 1944; m. 1960 sp--William CARVELL XI-153243A41. Donna CARVELL, b. 1961 XI-153243A42. William CARVELL, Jr., b. 1963 XI-153243A43. Douglas CARVELL, b. 1964 X-153243A5. Sandra L. KNAUSS, b. 1946; m. 1967 sp--Randall P. EDWISH, b. 1944; d. 7-3-1998 Lehighton, PA (s/o John EDWISH and Beulah KUTZOR) XI-153243A51. Ryan EDWISH X-153243A6. Richard E. KNAUSS, b. 1955 IX-153243B. Mae KNOUSE, b. 6-11-1908 sp--W. D. MINIUM IX-153243C. Sallie KNOUSE, b. 10-18-1909 IX-153243D. Violet KNOUSE, b. 9-4-1911 IX-153243E. Mertie KNOUSE, b. 5-30-1913 VIII-153244. Jonathan KNOUSE (A299), b. 3-28-1871 Richfield, PA; m. 3-27-1899 sp--Lizzie DRESSLER (d/o John and Catharine DRESSLER) IX-1532441. Lena Mae KNOUSE, b. 1-6-1902 sp--F. F. WALKER X-15324411. Mae WALKER, b. 1925? VIII-153245. Moses KNOUSE, b. 2-9-1873; d. 12-4-1878; nm, ni VIII-153246. James G. KNOUSE (A300), b. 12-22-1874 Knousetown, Perry, PA; m. 4-15-1900 sp--Lydia L. BOYER, b. 8-14-1878 Oriental, Juniata, PA (d/o Joseph and Mary BOYER) IX-1532461. Mary L. KNOUSE, b. 10-17-1900 IX-1532462. Minnie M. KNOUSE, b. 3-29-1907 VIII-153247. Levi G. KNOUSE (A301), b. 11-18-1876 Knousetown, Perry, PA; d. 02-01-1945 PA; m. 3-11-1899 sp--Cassa Miah WAGNER, b. 12-26-1866 Hunter, PA; d. 07-07-1945 PA (d/o Isaac and Esther WAGNER) IX-1532471. Esther Louisa KNOUSE, b. 9-22-1899; m. 1-5-1927 sp--Charles W. APP, b. 8-25-1889 (s/o Lawrence and Mary APP) IX-1532472. Joseph Daniel KNOUSE, b. 5-2-1901; d. 12-25-1915; nm, ni IX-1532473. Cora Jane KNOUSE, b. 12-14-1903; m. 3-19-1924 Irish Valley, PA sp--Joseph J. LEWIS, b. 6-2-1905 (s/o Robert and Sarah LEWIS) X-15324731. Robert Levi LEWIS, b. 1924 X-1532473.2 James Eugene LEWIS, b. 1927 IX-1532474. Ralph E. KNOUSE (A392), b. 3-19-1907 Sunbury, PA; m. 1-23-1925 sp--Edith HUMMEL, b. 3-9-1908 (d/o Agnes HUMMEL) X-15324741. Olivia Emma KNOUSE, b.1925 VIII-153248. Jane KNOUSE, b. 2-4-1879 sp--David V. PETERS IX-1532481. John C. PETERS IX-1532482. George PETERS IX-1532483. May PETERS VIII-153249. Newton G. KNOUSE (A302), b. 12-13-1882 Knousetown, Perry, PA sp--Amanda S. SHAEFFER, b. 4-12-1880 Oriental, Juniata, PA (d/o Emanuel and Louisa SHAEFFER) IX-1532491. John S. KNOUSE, b. 8-25-1904 IX-1532492. William KNOUSE, b. 10-6-1906 IX-1532493. Lee KNOUSE, b. 1-26-1908; d. 6-28-1919; nm, ni IX-1532494. Mabel L. KNOUSE, b. 4-8-1910 sp--Howard FELTMAN IX-1532495. Charles Christian KNOUSE, b. 9-11-1912 Mount Pleasant Mills, PA; d. 1-5-1998 Lewisburg, PA; m. 12-24-1943 sp--Lousa Blanche ____, d. 12-16-1991 X-15324951. Harold L. KNOUSE X-15324952. Charles J. KNOUSE X-15324953. Larry E. KNOUSE X-15324954. Dorothy M. KNOUSE sp--Norman MINIUM X-15324955. Carol M. KNOUSE sp--____ PEACHEY X-15324956. Betty J. KNOUSE sp--Bradley MARLEY X-15324957. Ruth A. KNOUSE X-15324958. Howard P. KNOUSE, d. 1989 IX-1532496. Paul KNOUSE, b. 7-5-1915 IX-1532497. Norman KNOUSE, b. 1-3-1918 VIII-15324A. Hannah KNOUSE, b. 6-25-188V-1532. lived Liverpool, PA sp--Charles PHILLIPS IX-15324A1. (Child) PHILLIPS IX-15324A2. (Child) PHILLIPS IX-15324A3. (Child) PHILLIPS IX-15324A4. (Child) PHILLIPS IX-15324A5. (Child) PHILLIPS IX-15324A6. (Child) PHILLIPS IX-15324A7. (Child) PHILLIPS VII-15325. Sarah KNOUSE, b. 8-8-1839; d. 1870 sp--Amos MILLER VII-15326. Daniel KNOUSE (A165), b. 6-6-1841; d. 7-2-1898; bur. Profret Manor Cem, Sunbury, PA; served in Civil War 107 regiment Pa vltrs. Company E--lived Juniata, PA sp(1)--Ella RAKER (or RAKE), d. 1889 VIII-153261. Charles A. KNOUSE VIII-153262. Harvey Tobias KNOUSE, b. Feb 6,1871; d. May 3,1893; buried: Salem Church at Strawsers, near Oriental, PA; m. 1892 sp--Cora Shafer IX-1532621. Emmanuel KNOUSE sp-- X-15326211. David Charles KNOUSE sp-- XI-153262111. Pat KNOUSE eight other children sp--____ CAMPBELL VIII-153263. (Child) KNOUSE sp(2)--Agnes SMITH (widow of Smith? born Strawser?) VII-15327. Catharine KNOUSE, b. 11-10-184IV-1532. lived Hoffer, PA sp--Henry HENDRICKS, b. 2-15-1837; d. 1-5-1927 VII-15328. Solomon KNOUSE, b. 12-31-1846; d. 9-24-190VIII-1532. lived Knousetown, PA sp--Louisa SMITH VII-15329. Leah KNOUSE, b. 6-10-1850; d. 8-191VI-1532. lived Oceola, IN sp--William PONTIUS, d. 1914 sp(2)--Eliza (HAAS) PONIAS, b. 1-8-1823; d. 3-27-1895 VII-1532A. Eli KNOUSE (A166), b. 4-1-1852 Oriental, Juniata, PA; d. 4-27-1898 Vinyard, Juniata Co., PA--lived Mifflin, PA sp--Mary HOWERTES VIII-1532A1. Kate KNOUSE sp--____ GOUTS VIII-1532A2. ____ KNOUSE--lived Selinsgrove, PA sp--George ZETTLEMOYER VIII-1532A3. Elmer E. KNOUSE, b. 8-22-1894 Vinyard, Mifflin Co., PA; d. 9-30-1968 Altoona, Blair Co., PA sp-- IX-1532A31. Melvin E. KNOUSE, b. 1922 Altoona, Blair Co., PA VIII-1532A4. Samuel KNOUSE sp-- IX-1532A41. George T. KNOUSE, d. 6-1996 sp-- X-1532A411. Daniel James KNOUSE, b. 1947 Altoona, Blair Co, PA VII-1532B. Fianna KNOUSE, b. 2-17-1854 live Pfoutz Valley, PA sp--George E. LONG VIII-1532B1. Daniel E. LONG, b. 11-28-1874 sp--Eve STROUP VIII-1532B2. Margaret E. LONG, b. 11-11-1876 sp--Frank DELBAUGH VIII-1532B3. Oliver P. LONG, b. 8-19-1878; d. 10-5-1907 VIII-1532B4. Carrie LONG, b. 5-26-1881 VIII-1532B5. Vertie B. LONG, b. 9-7-1888 VIII-1532B6. Orpha O. LONG, b. 6-11-1890 VIII-1532B7. Arthur LONG, b. 6-4-1892 VII-1532C. Amelia KNOUSE, b. 5-16-1856 sp--Abraham LONG VII-1532D. D. Nelson KNOUSE, b. 6-30-1861; nm VI-1533. Sarah KNAUSS sp--Abraham WILT VI-1534. Magdalena KNAUSS sp--Henry LEITER VI-1535. Herman KNAUSS (A85), d. 1855?--lived Juniata, PA sp--Magdalena BEAR VII-15351. Henry KNAUSS VII-15352. Lery KNAUSS VII-15353. Herman KNAUSS VII-15354. Rebecca KNAUSS VII-15355. Lucile KNAUSS VI-1536. Samuel KNAUSS, nm VI-1537. Margaret KNAUSS sp--Joseph KAIN VI-1538. Catharine KNAUSS--lived Juniata, PA sp--Henry ZELLERS V-154. (Son) KNAUSS IV-16. Henry KNAUSS (A17), b. 1-8-1746; m(2) 5-4-1781; d. 10-30-1816 sp (1)--____ BRANT V-161. Henry KNOUS (A39), b. 9-21-1775 Oley, Berks, PA; d. 7-29-1854 Berks, PA (Berks, PA1820, 1830, 1850) sp--Elizabeth SCHWEYER, b. 9-9-1784; d. 11-30-1859 (d/o Christian SCHWEYER) VI-1611. Esther S. KNOUS, b. 11-5-1802; d. 7-31-1880 sp--Gideon GRIM, b. 8-30-1792; d. 4-27-1848 (s/o Gideon GRIM and Elizabeth KIRBY) VII-16111. William Knouse GRIM, b. 5-28-1825; d. 8-14-1905; m. 6-11-1853 sp--Rebecca Loretta RHOADS, b. 8-21-1825; d. 8-4-1906 (d/o John and Catharine RHOADS) VII-16112. Levi Swayer GRIM, b. 9-17-1829; d. 3-30-1849 VI-1612. Amos Augustus KNOUS (A86), b. 6-29-1805; d. 9-8-1863 Montgomery, PA; m. 4-8-1835 sp--Rebecca KOHL, b. 2-26-1810; d. 1-9-1867 VII-16121. Edward KNOUS (A167), b. 8-17-1838 New Hanover, PA; d. 2-26-1884 sp--Catharine RITTER, b. 3-13-1845; d. 8-4-1923 (d/o Daniel RITTER) VIII-161211. Amos KNOUS--lived Boyertown, PA VIII-161212. Mary Ann KNOUS, b. 3-15-1867; d. 10-30-1883; nm, ni VIII-161213. Katherine R. KNOUS, b. 11-8-1869; m. 3-23-188IX-1612. lived Reading, PA sp--Leman S. EPLER, b. 8-14-1864 IX-1612131. Ida M. EPLER IX-1612132. Mamie E. EPLER IX-1612133. Carrie EPLER IX-1612134. Charles A. EPLER IX-1612135. John L. EPLER VIII-161214. Henry W. KNOUS, b. 1-29-1871; d. 7-13-1877; nm, ni VIII-161215. Eddie Grandlin KNOUS, b. 8-3-1873; d. 1-5-1875; nm, ni VIII-161216. Eliza Matilda KNOUS, b. 5-29-1876; d. 11-11-1883 VIII-161217. Daniel Jonathan KNOUS, b. 3-22-1878; d. 11-11-1883 VIII-161218. Samuel R. KNOUS, b. 10-31-1881 Douglas, Berks, PA; m. 3-16-1907 sp--Kate M. KELLER, b. 1884 (d/o Lewis and Catharine KELLER) IX-1612181. Elba KNOUSE, b. 1907/08 PA VIII-161219. John Orlando KNOUS, b. 10-30-1883; d. 10-2-1884 VII-16122. James S. KNOUS (A168), b. 10-21-1840 New Hanover, PA; d. 3-27-1883 sp--Sarah HILTEBEITEL, b. 1-9-1847 Frederick, Montgomery, PA; d. 10-22-1908 Pottstown, PA VIII-161221. Ida KNOUS, b. 3-29-186V-1612. lived Boyertown sp--O. S. LANGNER IX-1612211. (Boy) LANGNER IX-1612212. (Boy) LANGNER IX-1612213. (Boy) LANGNER VIII-161222. Olivia KNOUS, b. 8-29-1867. lived Pottstown, PA sp--M. D. KERR VIII-161223. Laura KNOUS, b. 6-3-1869. -lived Pottstown sp--Jacob BATEMAN IX-1612231. (Boy) BATEMAN IX-1612232. (Boy) BATEMAN IX-1612233. (Boy) BATEMAN VIII-161224. Amos Levan KNOUSE (A303), b. 3-21-1871; m. 9-19-1896. lived North Wales, PA sp--Mary E. HOFFERT IX-1612241. Elizabeth KNOUSE, b. 8-8-1900 VIII-161225. James Hiltebeitel KNAUSE (A304), b. 7-9-1873 New Hanover, Montgomery, PA; m. 12-31-1899. lived Pottstown sp--Susan F. MERTZ (d/o Daniel and Matilda MERTZ) IX-1612251. Winifred Christina KNAUSE, b. 8-20-1903 IX-1612252. Daniel Linwood KNAUSE, b. 12-16-1906 IX-1612253. Virginia May KNAUSE, b. 9-24-1911 VIII-161226. Mary Jane KNOUS, b. 7-12-1875; m. 10-22-1898. lived Pottstown sp--William D. EBERT, b. 10-23(25?)-1877 (s/o Amos H. EBERT and Hannah M. DERR) IX-1612261. Gladys E. K. EBERT, b. 7-10-1903 VIII-161227. Florence KNOUS, b. 12-18-1877; d. 7-1-1880; nm, ni VIII-161228. Katie Almedia KNOUS, b. 9-18-1880; ni sp--Frank FILLMAN VIII-161229. Violetta KNOUS; b. 7-20-1882; d. 9-26-1925; m. 5-3-1902--lived Pottstown sp--William MALSBERGER VII-16123. William KNOUS, b. 9-24-1843; d. 3-17-1844; nm, ni VII-16124. Malinda R. KNOUS, b. 9-17-1845; d. 9-23-1845; nm, ni VII-16125. Amos A. KNOUS, b. 10-4-1848; d. 5-9-1849; nm, ni VII-16126. (Boy) KNOUS VII-16127. (Girl) KNOUS VII-16128. (Girl) KNOUS VI-1613. Lydia Rebecca KNOUS, m. 3-25-1838 sp--John H. BECHTEL VII-16131. Amanda R. BECHTEL, b. 6-27-1839 VII-16132. Henry F. BECHTEL, b. 1-18-1845 VI-1614. Eliza Catharine KNOUS, m. 11-17-1854 sp--Samuel MARQUART (s/o Philip MARQUART) VII-16141. Amelia Elizabeth MARQUART, b. 9-13-1845 VII-16142. Amanda Catharine MARQUART, b. 9-5-1847 VII-16143. James Knause MARQUART, b. 9-1-1850 VII-16144. William Franklin MARQUART, b. 10-23-1850 VII-16145. Eliza Ann MARQUART, b. 8-12-1855 VII-16146. Sarah Mahala MARQUART, b. 1-19-1858 VII-16147. Mary Ellen MARQUART, b. 4-13-1860 VII-16148. Ammon K. MARQUART, b. 12-26-1862 VI-1615. James Swoyer KNOUS, b. 12-10-1811; d. 2-3-1840 V-162. William KNAUS (A40) m(2) 04-19-1807 New Hanover, PA (Berks, PA 1820) sp--Hannah KREBS, b. 1787 PA (?rem. Thomas CASSELMAN 12-28-1858 Crawford, OH?; Crawford, OH 1850) VI-1621. Rev. John Henry KNOUSE, b. 1-21-1808, PA; d. 12-20-1885 Wamego, Pottawatomie, KS; m(2) 2-27-1876 Wamego, KS (Crawford, OH 1850, 1860) sp(1)--Elizabeth CROMBAUGH, b. 1809 PA; d. 1879? (Crawford, OH 1850) VII-16211. Catherine KNOUSE, b. 1831 PA; m. 10-24-1848 Crawford, OH sp--Samuel BUZZARD VIII-162111. William BUZZARD, b. ca. 1850 Crawford Co, OH VIII-162112. John T. BUZZARD, b. ca. 1853 Bucyrus, Crawford Co, OH VIII-162113. Samuel W. BUZZARD, b. ca. 1857 Crawford Co, OH VIII-162114. Elizabeth Hannah BUZZARD, b. ca. 1855 Crawford Co, OH VIII-162115. Joseph BUZZARD, b. IA VIII-162116. Mary BUZZARD, b. IN VIII-162117. Jeremiah BUZZARD, b. Wamego Co, KS VII-16212. Sarah KNOUSE, b. 1835 PA VII-16213. Engelbert KNOUSE, b. 1836/1839 PA sp--Ruth A. ____, b. 1841 IN VIII-162131. Daisie F. KNOUSE, b. 1881; d. 11-20-1881 VIII-162132. Sarah E. KNOUSE, b. 1859 KS VIII-162133. William E. KNOUSE, b. 9-8-1861 KS; d. 5-19-1880 Pottawatomie, KS VIII-162134. Murray E. KNOUSE, b. 1863 NE VIII-162135. John P. KNOUSE, b. 1865 KS VIII-162136. Milton D. KNOUSE, b. 1867 IA VIII-162137. (Ida E. KNOUSE, b. 2-1870 IA VII-16214. Editha KNOUSE, b. 1837 PA VII-16215. Leah KNOUSE, b. 1838 PA VII-16216. Almira KNOUSE, b. 1841 PA VII-16217. Elcanah KNOUSE, b. 12-30-1842 Crawford, OH; d. 5-5-1910 Emmett, Gem, ID; bur Emmett, Gem, ID; m. 1864 sp--Sarah Ann SHROLL VIII-162171. Ellis Milton KNOUSE, b. 9-29-1867 SD; d. 9-18-1940 VIII-162172. Eddie Loucian KNOUSE, b. 8-23-1868 SD; d. 3-24-1869 VIII-162173. Ira Nuton KNOUSE, b. 1-21-1870 Springfield, Clark, OH; m. 7-4-1895 sp--Amanda MOULTON VIII-162174. Minnie Alice KNOUSE, b. 10-19-1872 Laclede, KS; m. 6-18-1893 sp--Clayton B. KNOX VIII-162175. Clara Ada KNOUSE, b. 2-25-1875 Laclede, KS; d. 12-26-1938; m. 5-15-1895 sp--Alvin E. MYERS VIII-162176. Lula Estella KNOUSE, b. 1-20-1878 Laclede, KS; d. 10-12-1959 Emmett, Gem, ID; bur Emmett, Gem, ID; m. 11-1-1989 Emmett, Gem, ID sp--Charles Lavern ANDERSON VIII-162177. Oda Oscar KNOUSE, b. 7-28-1879 Laclede, KS VIII-162178. Cora May KNOUSE, b. 9-13-1881 Llans, TX; m. 11-4-1902 sp--Otto WILHELM VIII-162179. Dollie Blanch KNOUSE, b. 7-19-1885 Laclede, KS; d. 3-2-1949; m. 6-28-1904 sp--Albert NALE VIII-16217A. Viola Bell KNOUSE, b. 9-29-1887 Emmett, Gem, ID VIII-16217B. Dora Mabel KNOUSE, b. 5-18-1890 Emmett, Gem, ID; m. 11-3-1909 sp--Franklin SASSER VIII-16217C. Charles Elmer KNOUSE, b. 5-3-1892 Emmett, Gem, ID; d. 4-4-1958; m. 3-16-1920 sp--Ruth HOVIS VII-16218. William Midian ("Midian") KNOUSE, b. 1844 PA sp--Hulda HENRY, b. 9-12-1846 Jersey City, NJ (d/o Charles Casper HENRY and Elizabeth PIERCE) VIII-162181. Mirtia Rosetta KNOUSE, b. 3-29-1867 Floyd, IA sp--Charles Henry OEHLER VIII-162182. Nelson M. KNOUSE, b. 1-23-1870 Louisville, Pottawatomie Co., Kansas; d. 7-22-1911, Natoma, Osborne Co., Kansas; m. 1-5-1893 Creston, Union Co., Iowa sp--Ida L. LONG, b. 1889 Afton, Union Co., Iowa; d. 1-1-1908 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co., Kansas IX-1621821. May KNOUSE, b. 9-19-1876 Blockton, IA sp--James A. EDABURN IX-1621822. Ada Maude KNOUSE, b. 5-19-1883 Taylor, IA sp--? IX-1621823. Clifford Thomas KNOUSE, b. 8-12-1894 Creston, Union Co., Iowa, d. 5-13-1971, Sharon Springs, Wallace Co., Kansas; m. 7-11-1917 Hayes, Ellis Co., Kansas sp--Bertha Partina CARTER, b. 7-16-1898 Ellis, KS; d. 12-1-1970 Sharon Springs, Wallace, KS X-16218231. Eileen KNOUSE X-16218232. Doris KNOUSE X-16218233. Richard KNOUSE sp--Ida Bernice BENNION XI-16218233. Danalee KNOUSE sp--Aden Gordon THORNOCK XI-162182331. Stephen Doyle KNOUSE XI-162182332. Janet KNOUSE sp--David Alan GRANDY XI-162182333. Kathleen KNOUSE sp--Kevin Earl COATS XI-162182334. Paul Thomas KNOUSE sp--Viemarie BUCKINGHAM XI-162182335. Karen KNOUSE X-16218234. Delmar KNOUSE X-16218235. Marvin KNOUSE X-16218236. Doyle KNOUSE IX-1621824. Carl Midian KNOUSE, b. 6-13-1896 Creston, Union Co., Iowa; d. 7-29-1913 Yocemento, KS IX-1621825. Claudius Nelson KNOUSE, b. 9-26-1899 Ceder City, Callaway Co., Missouri; d. 12-18-1961 IX-1621826. Clay Henry KNOUSE, b. 6-13-1904 Leavenworth, Leavenworth Co., Kansas, d. 2-19-1975 VII-16219. Elvira KNOWSE, b. 1843 OH VII-1621A. Murray Henry KNOUSE, b. 1847 PA sp-- VIII-1621A1. Nellie May KNOUSE, b. 1880 IA sp(2)--Caroline MZRICK, b. 1836 VI-1622. Samuel KNAUS, b. 5-1-1809; d. 7-2-1852--lived at Pottstown VI-1623. ?Henry KNOUSE, m. 1-6-1833, Crawford, OH sp--Elizabeth CRONBAUGH VI-1624. ?Polly KNOUSE, m. 1-5-1837, Crawford, OH sp--Henry YOUNG VI-1625. ?Lucretia KNOUSE, m. 4-15(or 16)-1839, Crawford, OH sp--Michael BEAVER VI-1626. ?Elizabeth KNOUSE, m. 4-15(or 16)-1839, Crawford, OH sp--Joseph BEAVER VI-1627. Hannah KNOUSE, b. 1823 PA; m. 12-31-1860, Crawford, OH (Crawford, OH 1850) sp--Oliver H. P. CASSELMAN V-163. Samuel KNOUSE (A41), d. 1828 (Berks, PA 1820) sp--Maria DENGLER, b. 9-13-1788; d. 7-24-1864 VI-1631. Maria KNOUSE, b. 11-9-18X-163. lived at Boyertown sp--George SASSAMAN VI-1632. George KNOUSE (A87), b. 10-28-1812 Colebrookdale, Berks, PA; d. 5-30-1887; m. 7-27-1845. lived at Nazareth sp--Annabella BEITEL, b. 9-13-1813 Nazareth, PA; d. 3-29-1800 (d/o John BEITEL and Anna Magdalena ROMIG) VII-16321. William V. KNOUSE (A169), b. 6-7-1846 Jacobsburg, PA; d. 1-18-1916, (1880:PA) sp(1)--Marie L. WILHELM; b. 1850; d. 1872 (d/o Dr. B. WILHELM and Frederica PAULUS) VIII-163211. Emily Frederica KNOUSE, b. 9-15-1872 sp--Albert G. CONNOLLY, b. 8-29-1871; d. 9-4-1926 IX-1632111. William CONNOLLY IX-1632112. John S. CONNOLLY sp(2)--Matilda A. LUCKENBACH, b. 12-23-1843; d. 2-1-1928 (d/o Jacob LUCKENBACH and Mary WHITESELL) VIII-163212. (Girl) KNOUSE, b. 6-9-1877; d. 6-10-1877 VI-1633. Sarah Ann KNOUSE, b. 2-27-1815 sp--Aaron MAURER VII-16331. Jeremiah MAURER VII-16332. Andrew MAURER VI-1634. Charles KNOUSE, b. 10-5-1817 Colebrookdale, PA; d. 11-8-1838; nm VI-1635. Hannah KNOUSE, b. 6-12-1820; d. 8-9-1844; ni sp--Stephen KICHEL (remarried Angeline LEIBENSPERGER) VI-1636. Luciann KNOUSE, b. 10-11-1822; d. 8-1-1879; m. 7-10-1842 sp--John NONNEMACHER, b. 3-20-1818; d. 1898 VII-16361. Lewis Martin NONNEMACHER, b. 9-26-1842 VII-16362. John Henry NONNEMACHER, b. 3-4-1844 VII-16363. George Samuel NONNEMACHER, b. 5-12-1846 VII-16364. Uriah M. NONNEMACHER, b. 6-15-1847 VII-16365. Molton Franklin NONNEMACHER, b. 2-28-1850 VII-16366. Henry G. NONNEMACHER, b. 9-2-1853 VII-16367. Mary Ann NONNEMACHER, b. 1-27-1857 VII-16368. James G. NONNEMACHER, b. 2-10-1859 VII-16369. Annie E. NONNEMACHER, b. 7-15-1862 V-164. Mary KNAUSS sp--Samuel HEIN V-165. Elizabeth KNAUSS sp--Jacob HEIN VI-1651. Charles HEIN VI-1652. George Washington HEIN sp--Mary Ann Greaver EGE VI-1653. Albert HEIN VI-1654. Rebecca Elizabeth HEIN VI-1655. Jacob HEIN VI-1656. Harriett HEIN VI-1657. Henry HEIN VI-1658. Mary Ann HEIN VI-1659. Samuel HEIN sp (2)--Elizabeth VAN RITH, b. 9-17-1762; d. 1-27-1800 V-166. Jacob KNOUSE, b. 7-27-1785; d. 12-8-1868, Oley, Berks, PA V-167 Johannes KNAUSS, b. 6-10-1787; d. 4-15-1802, Oley, Berks, PA; ni V-168. Charles KNAUSS, b. after 1794 sp (3)--Eva BOYER, d. 1854? V-169. Margaret KNAUSS, b. 1801, Berks, PA; d. 1867, Berks, PA sp--William KNABB VI-1691. (Child) KNABB VI-1692. (Child) KNABB VI-1693. (Child) KNABB VI-1694. (Child) KNABB VI-1695. (Child) KNABB VI-1696. (Child) KNABB VI-1697. (Child) KNABB VI-1698. (Child) KNABB V-16A. Susannah KNAUSS, b. 9-10-1810, Oley, Berks, PA; d. 9-19-1811, Oley, Berks, PA; ni IV-17. John KNAUSS IV-18. Paul KNAUSS (A18), b. 4-13-1747 Whitehall, Lehigh, PA; d.1-19-1808 Kreidersville, Northampton, PA sp (1)--Anna Catharine GRIESEMER, b. 4-12-1754; d. 9-10-1790 V-181. Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 12-11-1774 Lehigh, PA; d. 11-12-1847 Kreidersville, Northampton, PA sp--Michael YOUNG, b. 4-7-1771; d. 10-20-1847 Kreidersville, Northampton, PA VI-1811. Elizabeth YOUNG, b. 8-17-1794 VI-1812. Peter YOUNG, b. 10-3-1796 V-182. John (christened Johannes) KNAUSS (A42), b. 5-11-1776 Allen, Northampton, PA; d. 10-11-1831 Northampton, PA sp--Catharine EHLER VI-1821. Thomas KNAUSS (A88), b. 6-26-1805 Allen, Northampton, PA; d. 9-12-1886 Northampton, PA; m. 1-25-1829 sp--Elizabeth WENTZ, b. 4-3-1812; d. 12-27-1889 VII-18211. Sarah KNAUSS sp--____ SIVAGE of New York VIII-182111. Ida SIVAGE VII-18212. Adeline KNAUSS sp--____ WESTERFIELD of New York VIII-182121. Lizzie WESTERFIELD VIII-182122. Sophia WESTERFIELD VIII-182123. Edward WESTERFIELD VII-18213. Harrison KNAUSS (A170), b. 7-8-1831 Kreidersville, Northampton, PA; d. 11-7-1905; m. 12-1856 sp--Susan SCHUMAN, b. 3-2-1833 Upper Mt. Bethel, Northampton, PA; d. 2-24-1912 VIII-182131. William Thomas KNAUSS (A305), b. 5-18-1857 Bath, PA; m. 12-26-1877 sp--Emma O. SPANGLER, b. 4-30-1860; d. 4-22-1912 IX-1821311. Floyd Harry KNAUSS (A393), b. 8-14-1885 Bath, PA; m. 12-30-1906 sp--Sarah Laura SNYDER X-18213111. Mabel Emily KNAUSS, b. 4-15-1907; d. 1-27-1908; ni X-18213112. Harrison William Floyd KNAUSS (G200), b. 6-14-1914 sp--Dorothy DIETER XI-182131121. Harrison R. KNAUSS, b. 1937 XI-182131122. Sars William KNAUSS, b. 1940 sp--Theresa SKARAPITO XII-1821311221. Justine A. KNAUSS, b. 1963 XII-1821311222. David S. KNAUSS, b. 1967 X-18213113. Pierce Augustus KNAUSS (G201), b. 5-7-1919 sp--Dortha KEPHART XI-182131131. Pierce A. KNAUSS, Jr., b. 1937 sp--Ann ANNAS XII-1821311311. Linda M. KNAUSS, b. 1965 XII-1821311312. Lori A. KNAUSS, b. 1963 XI-182131132. Naomi S. KNAUSS, b. 1943 sp--Richard TOTH XI-182131133. Gregory C. KNAUSS, b. 1955 VIII-182132. Edward Leslie KNAUSS (A306), b. 8-3-1861 Bath, PA sp--Eleanor Jane BARTHOLOMEW, b. 5-15-1861 IX-1821321. Stuart Russell KNAUSS, b. 6-26-1884; m. 11-17-1920; ni as of 1930 sp--Elsie Elizabeth RUTH VII-18214. Catharine KNAUSS, b. 1833 sp--____ MacCRACKEN VIII-182141. Henry MacCRACKEN VII-18215. John KNAUSS (A171), b. 7-31-1834 Kreidersville, Northampton, PA; d. 12-10-1899 Lehigh, PA; m. 1-1-1857 sp--Susan ARNDT, b. 1-24-1835 Upper Milford, Lehigh, PA; d. 5-8-1912 VIII-182151. Mary Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 11-20-1860; d. 9-6-1915 sp--Jeremiah H. SCHULTZ, b. 10-9-1846 (s/o Reuben SCHULTZ and Hannah HEEBNER) IX-1821511. Albert K. SCHULTZ, b. 9-11-1882 sp--Esther BILLMAN IX-1821512. John R. SCHULTZ, b. 12-4-1883; m. 10-9-1912 sp--Edna FAVORITE, b. 8-4-1896 X-18215121. Rolland F. SCHULTZ, b. 2-25-1915 IX-1821513. Minnie S. SCHULTZ, b. 1-24-1885 sp--Ammon MINNER IX-1821514. Franklin K. SCHULTZ, b. 9-16-1886; d. 1-25-1887 IX-1821515. Calvin K. SCHULTZ, b. 11-21-1887; m. 1-6-1912 sp--Mandilla M. MOSER, b. 7-16-1887 (d/o Jonathan W. MOSER and Fianna B. MOYER) X-18215151. James M. SCHULTZ, b. 7-1-1912 X-18215152. Howard M. SCHULTZ, b. 7-10-1915 X-18215153. Mabel M. SCHULTZ, b. 2-21-1917 IX-1821516. William K. SCHULTZ, b. 4-7-1889 IX-1821517. Elsie Hannah SCHULTZ, b. 2-18-1891; m. 1-18-1913 sp--Morris S. KRIEBEL, b. 5-7-1886 (s/o Charles S. KRIEBEL and Lydia SEIBERT) X-18215171. Mary Elizabeth KRIEBEL, b. 4-21-1914 X-18215172. Clara Mae KRIEBEL, b. 3-1-1917 X-18215173. Ada Lottie KRIEBEL, b. 9-18-1918 X-18215174. Evelyn Grace KRIEBEL, b. 9-16-1920 X-18215175. Kathryn Elsie KRIEBEL, b. 1922 IX-1821518. Ida E. SCHULTZ, b. 10-4-1892 IX-1821519. Charles K. SCHULTZ, b. 12-2-1895; m. 10-27-1917 sp--Sarah B. SCHANTZ, b. 2-19-1901 (d/o Oswin SCHANTZ and Ida HERBST) X-18215191. Loraine B. SCHULTZ, b. 4-10-1918 VIII-182152. (Son) KNAUSS VIII-182153. Joseph Franklin KNAUSS, b. 5-13-1866; d. 4-20-1894; nm; ni VII-18216. Robert Thomas KNAUSS, b. 5-17-1848; d. 6-6-1848; ni VII-18217. George Leslie KNAUSS (A172), b. 5-20-1849, Kreidersville, Northampton, PA; d. 4-29-1912 Bath, PA sp (1)--Cecilia LEHR, b. 1-23-1848; d. 6-12-1873 VIII-182171. Robert KNAUSS, b. 4-17-1869; d. 9-8-1871 Bath, PA; ni VIII-182172. Ida Lavinia KNAUSS, b. 8-29-1872 Bath, PA; m. 6-28-1893 sp--William F. MILLER, b. 11-7-1862; d. 9-22-1914 IX-182173. Francis W. MILLER, b. 4-19-1894; d. 12-13-1921 IX-182174. Mary MILLER, b. 9-14-1895 IX-182175. Dr. Ruth N. MILLER, b. 1897? sp (2)--Sophia BAER VII-18218. Ellen Jane KNAUSS, b. 8-7-1852; d. 8-20-1855; ni VII-18219. Mary L. KNAUSS, m. 10-24-1857 sp--Henry MELLICK VIII-182191. William MELLICK VI-1822. Charles KNAUSS VI-1823. Mary KNAUSS VI-1824. Eliza KNAUSS VI-1825. Reuben KNAUSS VI-1826. John KNAUSS V-183. George (chr. Georg) KNAUSS, b. 6-5-1778 Northampton, PA sp-- VI-1831. Paul KNAUSS, b. 10-7-1805 V-184. Elizabeth (chr. Elizabetha) KNAUSS, b. 2-6-1781 Northampton, PA; d. 11-18-1827 sp--John HAGENBUCH V-185. Jonas KNAUSS (A43), b. 2-4-1784 Allen, Northampton, PA sp--Sarah EHLER VI-1851. Owen KNAUSS, b. 6-5-1826 Northampton, PA; d. 2-18-1834 Northampton, PA; ni V-186. Catharine KNAUSS, b. 7-29-1786 Northampton, PA--res. Columbia Co. sp--John HOWER V-187. Susanna KNAUSS, b. 11-21-1788 Northampton, PA sp--Jacob SIEGFRIED V-188. Paul KNAUSS (A44), b. 9-1-1790 PA Allen, Northampton, PA; d. 4-1-1861 Allentown, PA; m. 7-23-1811 sp--Maria Elizabeth DICKENSHIED, b. 10-27-1794; d. 7-25-1855 Allentown, PA VI-1881. Maria Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 5-10-1818 VI-1882. Ephraim John KNAUSS (A89), b. 5-21-1819 Allentown, Northampton, PA; m. 10-15-1844 sp--Mary KLINE, b. 9-12-1819 Goshenhoppen, PA; d. 2-2-1904 VII-18821. Emma Josephine KNAUSS, b. 8-8-1845; d. 3-25-1901; nm, ni VII-18822. Anna Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 11-25-1847 sp--Henry D. HERSH VIII-188221. John F. HERSH, d. 1924 VIII-188222. Mary M. HERSH VIII-188223. Howard HERSH VIII-188224. Grace E. HERSH sp--Christian PRETZ VIII-188225. Charles W. HERSH VIII-188226. Nina HERSH sp--George SACKS VIII-188227. Frank A. HERSH VII-18823. Clara Maria KNAUSS, b. 4-3-1850; d. 6-6-1920; m. 4-17-1888; ni sp--David R. KLINE, b. 1841 VII-18824. Milton Henry KNAUSS (A173), b. 9-5-1853 Allentown, PA; d. 2-4-1920; m. (1) 1880; m. (2) 1883 sp (1)--Cora SIEGFRIED, d. 1882 sp (2)--Ida ROBERTS VIII-188241. Helen May KNAUSS, b. 8-22-1893; d. 5-1930; nm, ni VIII-188242. Alla L. KNAUSS sp--John FUKAM VIII-188243. David M. KNAUSS, b. 5-8-1897 VIII-188244. Paul KNAUSS, dy; ni VII-18825. Mary Alice KNAUSS, b. 9-14-1856; m. 9-17-1882 sp--Franklin T. HARTZEL VII-18826. Ida Minerva KNAUSS, b. 3-14-1864; m. 11-20-1890 sp--Martin H. STRAUSS, b. 5-5-1864 VIII-188261. Mary K. STRAUSS, b. 4-28-1892; d. 10-5-1904; ni VIII-188262. Florence I. STRAUSS, b. 11-16-1893 VIII-188263. Thomas M. STRAUSS, b. 11-10-1894 VIII-188264. Grace E. STRAUSS, b. 10-17-1895 VIII-188265. Anna Christina STRAUSS, b. 4-25-1898; d. 9-5-1898; ni VIII-188266. Lewis H. STRAUSS, b. 4-4-1901 VIII-188267. Kathryn M. STRAUSS, b. 8-28-1903 VIII-188268. Lucy M. STRAUSS, b. 3-7-1905 VI-1883. Franklin J. KNAUSS, b. 7-2-1823; d. 2-26-1850, Allentown, PA; ni VI-1884. Maria Catharine KNAUSS, b. 4-5-1830; d. 6-5-1912; m. 1852 sp (1)--Allen K. APPEL, b. 7-14-1830; d. 9-8-1860 VII-18841. Mary E. APPEL sp (1)--Dr. Ervin HEYL sp (2)--Reuben S. LEISENRING VII-18842. John P. APPEL sp (2)--John W. OCHS VII-18843. Edwin OCHS VII-18844. Samuel OCHS VII-18845. Charles OCHS VII-18846. Ella Lydia OCHS sp--Rev. James F. LAMBERT (remarried after Ella's death) VI-1885. Charles H. KNAUSS (A90), b. Allentown, PA--moved to Liberty Ctr. OH 1860 sp--Sarah Anna KEMMERER, b. 2-9-1828 VII-18851. (Son) KNAUSS VII-18852. (Son) KNAUSS VII-18853. Eujane Elizabeth Rebecca KNAUSS, b.9-9-1853 Salisbury,Northampton, PA; d.3-9-1919 Liberty Ctr, OH; m.5-31-1871 sp--G. A. CRAWFORD VIII-188531. Lena M. CRAWFORD, b. 4-4-1872; m. 5-4-1904 sp--Rev. James M. LAMBERT VIII-188532. Charles K. CRAWFORD, b. 6-15-1880 sp--Rella WEIRICH VII-18854. Mary Alice KNAUSS, b. 3-6-1856; d. 1-19-1919 Liberty Center, OH; m. 3-12-1876 sp--W. C. OVERMIER VIII-188541. (Son) OVERMIER VIII-188542. (Son) OVERMIER VIII-188543. ____ OVERMIER sp--H. E. DeTRAY VIII-188544. ____ OVERMIER sp--M. B. SHANNON VI-1886. Sarah KNAUSS--moved to Ohio sp--Francis SEAGRAVES VI-1887. Susanna M. KNAUSS, m. 9-22-183IX-188. moved to Indiana sp--John HORN sp (2)--Magdalena ____, d. 1822 V-189. Anna KNAUSS, b. 1795/1802 IV-19. David KNAUSS (A19), d. 1799, Adams, PA sp--Christiana? ____ V-191. Daniel KNAUS, c. 6-20-1790 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA; d. 5-22-1846, Menallen, Adams, PA sp--Elizabeth ____, b. 8-2-1793; d. 8-31-1851 Cashtown, Adams, PA See other DANIEL!! VI-1911. Johannes KNAUS, c. 5-24-1801 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA sp--Maria Magdalena ("Polly") BLANK, b. 11-12-1806 Menallen, Adams Co, PA (d/o Conrad BLANK and Anna Maria SCHLEBACH) VII-19111. Johannes KNAUS, c. 1829 Arendstville, Adams Co, PA VII-19112. Lavilla KNOUSE, b. 1830 PA VII-19113. Jacob KNOUSE, b. 1831 PA VII-19114. Mary KNOUSE, b. 1833 PA VII-19115. Elizabeth KNOUSE, b. 1836 PA VII-19116. Daniel KNOUSE, b. 1838 PA VII-19117. Hannah KNOUSE, b. 1840 PA VII-19118. William KNOUSE, b. 1842 PA VII-19119. Sarah KNOUSE, b. 1844 PA VII-1911A. Simon KNOUSE, b. 1846 PA VII-1911B. Isaiah KNOUSE, b. 1850 PA VI-1912. ?Catharine KNAUS, m. 3-5-1833 Gettysburg, Adams Co, PA sp--John BITTINGER VII-19121. Susanna Margaret BITTINGER, b. 12-31-1834 VII-19122. Maria Catharine BITTINGER, b. 1-1847; d. 6-8-1851 VII-19123. John Calvin BITTINGER, b. 7-1848; d. 6-2-1851 VII-19124. Jacob Keller BITTINGER, b. 6-22-1851 VI-1913. ?Henry KNAUS, b. Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA sp--Catharine ____ VII-19131. Catharine Ann KNAUS, c. 5-19-1838 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1914. (Girl) KNOUSE, b. 1816/1820, Adams, PA VI-1915. (Boy) KNOUSE, b. 1821/1825, Adams, PA VI-1916. (Boy) KNOUSE, b. 1826/1830, Adams, PA VI-1917. (Girl) KNOUSE, b. 1836/1840, Adams, PA V-192. David KNOUSE, b. 1787, Adams?, PA sp--Margaret ____, b. 1785 VI-1921. Elisabeth KNAUS, c. 12-4-1819 Arendstville, Adams Co, PA VI-1922. Katy KNAUS, c. 4-26-1812 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1923. David KNAUS, c. 7-17-1814 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1924. Mariane KNAUS, c. 5-18-1823 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA VI-1925. Margaretha KNAUS, c. 12-24-1826 Arendtsville, Adams Co, PA; d. 1845 Arendtsville VI-1926. Mary KNOUSE, b. 1827 IV-1A. Eva Catharine KNAUSS, b. 8-15-1750; d. 4-22-1818; m. 3-26-1771 sp--George Yundt, b. 3-30-1744; d. 4-13-1828 IV-1B. Juliana Margaret KNAUSS; ni sp--Felix GRIESEMER, b. 7-1749; d. 1-17-1827 sp (2)--Regina Louisa (BENAY) ____

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