Descendants of John George Knauss

This page includes all known descendants of John George Knauss, tenth child and sixth son of Johann Ludwig Knauss, son of Lukas, son of Andreas.
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III-A. John George KNAUSS (A11)
born: Whitemarsh, Montgomery, PA
died: 1-1778, Allentown, PA
spouse: Maria Charlotte BISHOP
born: 11-19-1728
died: 1-22-1804
IV-A1. George Frederick KNOUSE (A31, 1748-1817)
IV-A2. Charlotte Barbara KNAUSS (1750-1810)
IV-A3. Philip KNAUSS (A32)
IV-A4. Catharine KNAUSS
IV-A5. Susanna KNAUSS
IV-A6. Margaret KNAUSS
IV-A7. Elizabeth KNAUSS

    3--John George KNAUSS (A11), b. Whitemarsh, Montgomery, PA; d.
1-1778, Allentown, PA
     sp--Maria Charlotte BISHOP, b. 11-19-1728; d. 1-22-1804
      4--George Frederick (chr. Georg Friedrich) KNOUSE (A31), b.
10-12-1748 Lehigh, PA, d. 12-11-1817; m(1) 3-17-1771
       sp(1)--Mary Magdalena ROTH (d/o Frantz Wilhelm ROTH)
        5--Mary Magdalene KNOUSE, b. 2-1-1772 Lehigh, PA; d. 3-24-1842 OH; m. 2-12-1793
         sp--John Nicholas SAEGER, b. 8-15-1760; d. 4-28-1829 (s/o Samuel SAEGER)
       sp(2)--Maria Margaret SAEGER, b. 11-24-1755; d. 5-9-1814 (d/o John Christian and Mary
Susanna SAEGER)
        5--George Frederick KNOUSE (A71), b. 2-3-1780 South Whitehall, Lehigh, PA; d.
7-27-1850 PA
         sp--Anna? Maria Magdalena KNAUSS, b. 5-7-1784; d. 3-20-1862
          6--?Christian KNOUSE, b. 1805
          6--Hannah KNOUSE, b. 2-3-1810
          6--Edward KNOUSE, b. 10-14-1811 Lehigh Co., PA; d. 7-22-1894 Valley Falls, KS--lived
Tiffin, Seneca, OH
           sp--Elizabeth ("Eliza") SWANDER, b. 1822? PA; d. 3-11-1900 Valley Falls, KS (d/o John
and Elizabeth SWANDER)
          7--Solomon KNOUSE, b. 1839 PA
             sp--Mary A. ____, b. 1840 PA
              8--Nathan D.(A.?) KNOUSE, b. 1862; m. 12-25-1883, Seneca, OH
               sp--Elizabeth STUMPF
            7--William F. KNOUSE, b. 1845/46 OH; m. 10-22-1868 Seneca, OH, b.
             sp--Matilda ("Tillie") HOFFERT, b. 1845/46 PA
              8--Ida KNOUSE, b. 1870/71 OH
              8--Alva KNOUSE, b. 1874/75 OH
            7--Thomas J. KNOUSE
            7--John George KNOUSE, b. 11-3-1846 Seneca Co., OH; d. 2-23-1931 Oklahoma City,
OK; m. 10-4-1878 Attica, Seneca Co., OH; bur Fairview Cem, Shawnee, OK
             sp--Elise ("Lizzie") SCHOTTLER
              8--Otis Karl KNOUSE, b. 7-15-1875, Seneca, OH; d. 7-12-1933
               sp--Jenny OTOTT
                9--Harry Karl KNOUSE (G62), b. 6-14-1908; m. 9-13-1936--lived in Sunset Beach,
                 sp--Allah BARNARD
              8--Lena KNOUSE, b. 4-28-1877; d. 5-16-1950; nm, ni
              8--Mabel KNOUSE, b. 2-23-1879; d. 1-26-1963; nm, ni
              8--Edith KNOUSE, b. 1880; d. 1888; nm, ni
              8--Edward Kenneth KNOUSE, b. 3-19-1882; d. 5-8-1951
                9--Edward Kenneth KNOUSE
                9--Mary Ruth KNOUSE
                 sp--____ BROWN
                  10--Frank BROWN
              8--Elizabeth ("Bess") KNOUSE (G61), b. 1-4-1885; d. 8-1976; nm, ni
            7--Elizabeth E. KNOUSE, b. 1856 OH
            7--Mary KNOUSE
            7--Carolina M. KNOUSE, b. 1858 OH
            7--Almeda O. KNOUSE, b. 1862 OH
          6--Rebecca KNOUSE, nm--lived in Kansas w/ bro. Stephen
          6--Solomon KNOUSE (A146), b. 8-12-1814 Lehigh, PA
            7--Isabella KNOUSE
          6--John KNOUSE (G211), b. 12-3-1817--lived in Napierville, DuPage, IL, and Emporia
KS, b. 1874)
            7--W. Stephen KNAUSS
              8--Joseph S. KNAUSS
                9--Richard J. KNAUSS (G84), b. 5-4-1909--lived Northampton, PA
                 sp--Jane KUNKLE
                  10--Peter R. KNAUSS, b. 9-15-1937; d. 5-13-1990 Evanston, IL
                   sp--Jennifer DOBBIN
                    11--Orlando W. G. KNAUSS, b. 10-6-1966
                    11--Olivia KNAUSS
            7--Murray Henry KNOUSE (G212), b. 9-22-1847; m. 6-8-1875--moved to Wamego, KS
             sp--Emma Jane PUTNAM
              8--Edward H. KNOUSE, b. 5-22-1878; d. 9-10-1881; nm, ni
              8--Edith C. KNOUSE, b. 11-4-1879; d. 11-27-1958; m. 9-20-1898
               sp--Edward D. BENEDICT
                9--Lloyd E. BENEDICT, b. 4-15-1899; d. 5-5-1951; m. 2-2-1921
                 sp--Lillian L. LYONS
                  10--Margaret A. BENEDICT, b. 10-10-1921; d. 10-10-1921; nm, ni
                9--Verl D. BENEDICT, b. 1-1-1902; div.; m(2) 12-15-1959
                 sp(1)--Lillian MOORE
                  10--ARNOLD E. BENEDICT, b. 6-27-1927
                  10--Donald D. BENEDICT, b. 1-10-1931; m. 2-27-1954
                   sp--Shirley BLANKENSHIP
                    11--Bryce D. BENEDICT, b. 5-14-1955
                    11--Dennis W. BENEDICT, b. 2-6-1958
                    11--Linda K. BENEDICT, b. 11-4-1959
                 sp(2)--Ruby McILLWAIN
                9--Viola E. BENEDICT, b. 9-22-1903; m. 11-7-1921
                 sp--Ben W. TAGGART
                  10--Wallace L. TAGGART, b. 7-1-1922; m. 5-5-1949
                   sp--Betty KANESTER
                    11--Timothy L. TAGGART, b. 8-22-1950
                    11--Kathleen D. TAGGART, b. 1-24-1952
                    11--Edward L. TAGGART, b. 4-12-1954
                    11--Tamaria R. TAGGART, b. 9-13-1958
                  10--Claude E. TAGGART, b. 12-16-1923; m. 8-5-1949
                   sp--Patricia STACK
                    11--Claudia J. TAGGART, b. 8-24-1951
                    11--Thomas TAGGART, b. 7-24-1953
                  10--Velva M. TAGGART, b. 1-22-1926; m. 5-17-1947
                   sp--Jerry GALLAHER
                    11--Terry GALLAHER, b. 8-20-1949
                    11--Daniel GALLAHER, b. 7-31-1952
                9--Mildred O. BENEDICT HOUSER, b. 6-27-1916; m. 3-17-1936
                 sp--Robert HOUSER
                  10--Sylvia HOUSER, b. 10-26-1936; m. 8-29-1954
                   sp--Orville BURNELL
                    11--Robert BURNELL, b. 3-31-1955
                    11--Bradley BURNELL, b. 2-10-1958
                  10--Karen HOUSER, b. 12-19-1938; m. 2-1-1959
                   sp--Richard LOWRY
                  10--Carol HOUSER, b. 12-19-1938; m. 4-7-1951
                   sp--James THOMAS
                    11--Kathleen THOMAS, b. 10-21-1957
                    11--Stacey THOMAS, b. 2-23-1959
                  10--Rodney HOUSER, b. 2-10-1945
                  10--Ronald HOUSER, b. 10-4-1947
                  10--Donald HOUSER, b. 10-4-1947
                  10--Gordon HOUSER, b. 8-22-1953
              8--Esther Emma KNOUSE, b. 9-10-1881 Emporia, Lyon Co, KS; d. 9-8-1955
              8--Nellie M. KNOUSE, b. 2-4-1884; m. 5-1-1907
               sp--William HICKOX
                9--Vera HICKOX, b. 7-7-1910; m. 6-4-1933
                 sp--Albert SUTTON
                  10--Ronda SUTTON, b. 1-11-1939; m. 6-3-1960
                   sp--Ernest RANGEWITZ
                    11--Todd RANGEWITZ, b. 7-25-1965
                    11--Chad RANGEWITZ, b. 2-28-1968
                  10--Donna SUTTON, b. 6-12-1947; m. 1969
                   sp--Clark WHITSETT
                9--Duane HICKOX, b. 12-15-1919; m. 5-31-1941
                 sp--Faith FEW
                  10--Larry HICKOX, b. 2-8-1945; m. 11-22-1964
                   sp--Norma FREEMAN
                  10--Kathy HICKOX, b. 10-5-1949; m. 12-24-1966
                   sp--Steven ROGERS
                    11--Stephanie ROGERS, b. 8-6-1967
              8--Harry L. KNOUSE, b. 8-28-1886 Emporia, Lyon Co, KS; m. 11-23-1910
               sp--Sallie MILLER
                9--Helen B. KNOUSE, b. 12-17-1911; m. 12-17-1939
                 sp--Martin HILL
                  10--James HILL, b. 7-15-1943
                  10--Gerald HILL, b. 3-25-1949
                9--Ralph KNOUSE, b. 1912/1913; m. 11-21-1936; d. WWII
                 sp--Bonnie FISH
                  10--Kenneth KNOUSE, b. 6-9-1941; m. 3-10-1960
                    11-(Child) KNOUSE
                    11-(Child) KNOUSE
                    11-(Child) KNOUSE
                9--Elaine KNOUSE, b. 1918; ni
              8--Carrie B. KNOUSE, b. 8-28-1887; m. 8-5-1907
               sp--David V. JOHNSON
                9--Leona JOHNSON, b. 2-1-1909; m. 5-6-1930
                 sp--Stuart SPENCE
                  10--Sharon SPENCE, b. 2-5-1936; m. 3-14-1956
                   sp--Donald RUMFORD
                  10--Terry RUMFORD, b. 4-5-1960
                9--Lola JOHNSON, b. 9-25-1910; m. 5-9-1936
                 sp--Clarence PEDERSEN
                  10--Patricia PEDERSEN, b. 5-21-1937; m. 7-28-1956
                   sp--Richard SOWERS
                    11--Nancy SOWERS, b. 5-6-1963
                    11--Richard SOWERS, b. 12-16-1963
                10--Gary PEDERSEN, b. 3-14-1942; m. 7-12-1943
                 sp--Patrica WILLIAMS
                    11--Bradley PEDERSEN, b. 9-16-1964
                    11--Shawn PEDERSEN, b. 4-15-1966
                10--Connie PEDERSEN, b. 6-8-1948; m. 6-2-1968
                 sp--Roger EDWARDS
                    11--(Child) EDWARDS
                9--Deloris JOHNSON, b. 2-13-1923; m. 12-15-1939
                 sp--Elmer PEDERSEN
                  10--Judith PEDERSEN, b. 9-18-1940; m. 6-6-1959
                   sp--Gary ROBINSON 
                    11--Terri ROBINSON, b. 12-8-1960
                    11--Jo ROBINSON, b. 3-6-1963
                    11--Missy ROBINSON, b. 7-6-1967
                  10--Don PEDERSEN, b. 5-7-1949
                  10--Rodney PEDERSEN, b. 12-16-1952
                  10--Barbara PEDERSEN, b. 10-9-1954
                  10--Penny Christine PEDERSEN, b. 1-31-1957
                  10--Eric PEDERSEN, b. 3-24-1959
                9--Elizabeth JOHNSON, b. 12-29-1925
                 sp--Clell Vane TERREL
                  10--Michael TERREL, b. 5-7-1945; m. 8-28-1968
                   sp--Janice RIPLE
                  10--Ronald TERREL, b. 7-27-1946; m. 6-2-1968
                   sp--Marilyn GRIMM
                9--David JOHNSON, b. 5-20-1928; m. 5-28-1946
                 sp--Mary TOBIN
                  10--Jacqueline JOHNSON, b. 7-9-1948
                  10--Charlotte JOHNSON, b. 9-30-1949; m. 2-14-1969
                   sp--Michael SUGG
                  10--Paula JOHNSON, b. 8-23-1951
                  10--Daniel JOHNSON, b. 8-5-1952
                  10--Jody JOHNSON, b. 6-14-1954
                  10--Martin JOHNSON, b. 10-30-1955
                  10--Mathew JOHNSON, b. 7-29-1959
                  10--Toby JOHNSON, b. 8-13-1961
              8--Carl F. KNOUSE, b. 7-13-1890; d. 12-27-1948; m. 6-26-1912
               sp--Frances FILSON
                9--Violet M. KNOUSE, b. 5-16-1913; m. 9-29-1935
                 sp--Laurence PECK, Jr.
                  10--Lawrence PECK, Jr., b. 8-15-1936; m. 7-3-1958
                   sp--Nelva WOOD
                    11--Diane PECK, b. 4-1-1961
                    11--Ashley PECK, b. 9-7-1967
                  10--Carl PECK, MD, b. 3-18-1942; m. 3-26-1968
                   sp--Heidemarie GEERDES
                    11--(Child) PECK
                  10--John PECK, b. 8-8-1944; m. 1-27-1968
                   sp--Pamela Ann ____
                    11--(Child) PECK
                  10--William PECK, b. 11-20-1946--major in army
                9--Charles K. KNOUSE, b. 3-8-1915; m. 1-17-1943
                 sp--Ruth GASKELL
                  10--Joan F. KNOUSE, b. 9-16-1946
                  11--Judith A. KNOUSE, b. 10-21-1949
                9--Ruth I. KNOUSE, b. 12-16-1916; m. 8-17-1941
                 sp--Morris MARKLE
                  10--Gary J. MARKLE, b. 3-7-1944
                   sp--Carolyn NEWMAN
                  10--John D. MARKLE, b. 1-15-1947
                9--Dorothy L. KNOUSE, b. 3-17-1918; m. 8-25-1940
                 sp--Sam Lloyd ATER, Jr.
                  10--Patricia ATER, b. 9-8-1942
                  10--Michael ATER, b. 9-8-1942
                  10--James ATER, b. 5-22-1948
                  10--Janet ATER, b. 12-17-1951
                  10--Robert ATER, b. 7-8-1954
                9--Carl J. KNOUSE, b. 9-10-1926; m. 6-13-1948
                 sp--Glenna DAVIS
                  10--Kenneth C. KNOUSE, b. 3-20-1953
                  10--Karla K. KNOUSE, b. 8-9-1954
                  10--Kathy KNOUSE
              8--John E. KNOUSE, b. 2-4-1895; m(1) 6-29-1918; m(2) 9-8-1955
               sp(1)--Gertrude WESSELL, d. 9-10-1952
                9--Mary KNOUSE, b. 1-22-1921; m. 6-29-1942
                 sp--Alvin SCHMUTZ
                  10--John SCHMUTZ, b. 6-29-1945
                  10--Jerry SCHMUTZ, b. 6-22-1948
                9--Norma J. KNOUSE, b. 6-26-1924; m. 9-1-1950
                 sp--Clyde WILSON
                  10--Diana WILSON, b. 9-20-1953
                  10--Clyde WILSON II, b. 9-11-1958
               sp(2)--Goldie PINE
          6--Stephen S. KNOUSE (A147), b. 9-3-1820 Lehigh, PA
           sp--Eliza Jane HOTTEL, b. 12-24-1824; d. 1-30-1856 (d/o George and Maria HOTTEL)
            7--George Albert KNAUSS, d. 12-31-1870; nm
            7--Lydia Louisa KNAUSS, b. 10-15-1846
             sp--James MILLER 
            7--Mary Jane KNAUSS, b. 12-24-1848; m. 1-25-1870--lived Allentown, PA
             sp--Albert BLANK , Jr., b. 9-7-1848
            7--Ellen Amanda KNAUSS, b. 3-4-1854; d. 5-9-1924]
             sp--William L. BLEICH
              8--Albena BLEICH, b. 5-28-1872
               sp--Alvin D. BUSH
              8--Elizabeth Louisa BLEICH, b. 1-21-1860
               sp--Augustus SCHAIABLE
              8--Margaret BLEICH
              8--William G. M. BLEICH, b. 6-24-1881
            7--Charles E. KNAUSS, b. 1855?; d. 7-12-1925; nm
          6--George Frederick KNOUSE, b. 7-31-1825--lived Napierville, IL
           sp--____ HOTTEL
        5--Solomon KNOUSE (A72), b. 11-10-1781 South Whitehall, Lehigh, PA; d. 1-7-1853
         sp(1)--Maria Magdalena KECK, b. 9-10-1787 Lehigh, PA; d. 4-18-1839 (d/o Andrew
KECK and Susan SHEETZ?)
          6--Annie KNOUSE, b. 1-18-1808; d. 12-20-1844; m. 12-31-1826
           sp--Peter LUDWIG, b. 12-14-1802; d. 9-12-1859 (s/o Henry LUDWIG and Christianna
Barbara SAEGER)
            7--Abigail LUDWIG, b. 12-27-1828; d. 7-24-1854
            7--Solomon H. LUDWIG, b. 12-4-1831; d. 2-27-1885; m. 2-13-1853
             sp--Anna M. KEMERER
            7--Charles W. LUDWIG, b. 5-31-1834; d. 4-27-1896
             sp--Amanda FOCHT
          6--Christina KNOUSE, b. 1-19-1810; m. ;1835
           sp--Charles WICKERT
            7--Nelson WICKERT
            7--Rebecca WICKERT
             sp--____ BERGSTRESSER
            7--Lydiana WICKERT
            7--William WICKERT
            7--Maria WICKERT
          6--Abigail KNOUSE, b. 1-16-1812; d. 2-27-1890
           sp--John BOGERT, Jr., b. 9-28-1808; d. 3-11-1874
            7--Sarus K. BOGERT, b. 8-28-1832; d. 10-2-1906
             sp--Sarah MOYER, b. 1839
            7--Charles H. BOGERT
            7--Hiram J. BOGERT , b. 11-9-1836; d. 5-10-1901
             sp--Amanda NEIMEYER
            7--Maria E. BOGERT, b. 8-23-1918
             sp--Tilghman NEIMEYER
            7--Mathias S. BOGERT, d. 11-18-1918
             sp--Carrie S. SCHAFROTH
            7--Oscar L. BOGERT
             sp--Maggie CLAUSER
          6--Elizabeth KNOUSE, b. 1-3-1814
           sp--Reuben BUTZ
            7--Rebecca BUTZ
             sp(1)--Nathan EBERT
             sp(2)--Jacob CLAPP
            7--Sarah BUTZ
             sp--Rev. Josiah KNERR
            7--Louisa BUTZ
            7--Mary BUTZ
             sp--Rev. MEDLAR
          6--Jesse KNAUSS (A148), b. 11-24-1816 PA; m. 3-26-1839 PA; d. 11-13-1892
Ainesworth, IA (was convict in 1870)
           sp--Sarah J. HEINLY, b. 1818 PA
            7--Solomon Heinly KNAUSS (A276), b. 6-3-1842 PA; d. 11-7-1900 Muscatine, IA; m.
             sp--Anna E. AYERS, b. 7-3-1845; d. 11-16-1916 (d/o Edwin AYERS)
              8--Thomas Jefferson KNOUSE (A379), b. 11-24-1859 Muscatine, IA; d. 5-6-1925
                9--Ethel Mae KNOUSE (G155), b. 8-4-1887; d. 4-18-1955--lived Terre Haute, IN
                 sp(1)--Gary C. TAYLOR
                  10--Mary Ida TAYLOR, b. 5-6-1916; m. 8-23-1940
                   sp--Kenneth D. OSTERMEYER
                    11--Charles T. OSTERMEYER, b. 8-28-1941; m. 4-28-1967
                     sp--Laura Lue LOWRY
                      12--Laura Ann OSTERMEYER, b. 3-19-1968
                    11--Robert E. OSTERMEYER, b. 12-13-1945
                    11--Mary Ann OSTERMEYER, b. 12-9-1950
                 sp(2)--____ KERCH (or KIRCH)
                9--James Edward KNOUSE (G156), b. 8-4-1897; d. 3-18-1965
                  10--Mary Betty KNOUSE
                  10--James Edward KNOUSE
                  10--Lewis Robert KNOUSE
                9--Harry Mac KNOUSE (G157)
                  10--Moman F. KNOUSE
                9--Myrtle Eva KNOUSE (G158)
                 sp(1)--Lewis R. THOMPSON
                 sp(2)--Dr. David BOPP
              8--Rebecca Olivia KNOUSE, b. 1-30-1862 Muscatine, IA; m. 1-29-1880
               sp--George H. CORWIN (s/o Henry and Sarah CORWIN)
                9--Elmer Prime CORWIN, b. 7-15-1883
                 sp--Jessie E. SMITH
                  10--Donald F. CORWIN, b. 12-29-1910
                  10--Majorie L. CORWIN, b. 2-1-1914
                9--Anna Pearle CORWIN, b. 4-19-1889; m. 11-11-1908
                 sp--Walter HOYT
                  10--Gerald M. HOYT, b. 3-5-1911
                  10--Lester G. HOYT, b. 2-21-1916
                9--George Raymond CORWIN, b. 8-8-1892; m. 12-30-1918
                 sp--Maude BISHOP
              8--Sylvester Edwin KNOUSE (A380), b. 4-8-1866 Moscow, IA; m. 9-9-1909
               sp--Atta I. PERRY, b. 4-29-1873 Saline, IA; d. 10-27-1927 (d/o J. T. and Eliza
                9--Delores Maxine (or Maxim) KNOUSE (G154), b. 8-7-1919
                 sp--Walter DAVIDGE
                  10--Gail Kathleen DAVIDGE, b. 10-5-1945
                   sp--____ KATTENBRINK
                  10--Edward Charles DAVIDGE, b. 6-17-1949
              8--Sarah Ann KNOUSE, b. 12-28-1871--lived Muscatine, IA
               sp--____ NICHOLS
              8--Minnie Susan KNOUSE, b. 1-2-1876; d. 5-6-1924; m. 5-9-1893--lived St. Louis,
               sp--E. G. BEITEL
                9--Earl BEITEL
                9--Byron Bliss BEITEL
                9--Charles Lester BEITEL
                9--(Girl) BEITEL
                 sp--C. J. HEIN
              8--Nellie Idella KNOUSE, b. 6-14-1878--lived Muscatine, IA
               sp--____ WHITTAKER
            7--Sylvester B.? KNAUSS, b. 6-3-1845; d. 5-19-1862 Memphis, TN; nm
            7--Rebecca KNOUSE, b. 1848 PA; d. Portland, OR; ni
             sp--____ KNAUFF
          6--Charles K. KNOUSE (A149), b. 3-4-1819 Cedarville, Lehigh, PA; d. 4-1-1886; m.
6-1-1843 PA
           sp--Rebecca SWARTZ, b. 4-15-1821; d. 4-28-1883 (d/o John SWARTZ and Elizabeth
            7--Franklin S. KNOUSE (A277), b. 3-16-1844 (twin) Cedarville, Lehigh, PA; d.
11-20-1910 PA
             sp--Clara E. GEORGE, b. 1846/1847; d. 2-26-1929 (s/o Edward GEORGE and
Elizabeth GLICK)
              8--Alpheus L. KNOUSE (A381), b. 12-11-1871 Cetronia, PA; d. 6-24-1924 PA; m.
               sp--Pauline DESHNER, b. 1-17-1872 (d/o Christian DESHNER)
                9--Walter Franklin KNOUSE, b. 3-31-1906
              8--Elmira R. KNOUSE, b. 9-11-1873; d. 8-17-1894; nm, ni
              8--Mamie H. KNOUSE, b. 1885?; m. 8-13-1904--lived Mountainville, PA
               sp--Charles ALTHOUSE
                9--Elwood ALTHOUSE
                9--Pearl ALTHOUSE
                9--Harold ALTHOUSE
                9--Beatrice ALTHOUSE
              8--Maggie KNOUSE (dy) ni
            7--Tilghman J. KNAUSS (A278), b. 3-16-1844 (twin) Cedarville, Lehigh, PA; d.
4-8-1875 PA; m. 1875
             sp--Elizabeth GREENAWALD
              8--Thomas F. KNAUSS (A382)
               sp--Maggie HARTZELL (d/o Uriah L. HARTZELL and Hannah MERTZ)
                9--Fred KNAUSS
              8--Harry Jacob KNAUSS (A383), b. 1886? Allentown, PA; m(1) 5-22-1906; m(2)
               sp(1)--Minnie Laura KIEFFER, b. 1886 PA; d. 9-1921 (d/o Benjamin F. and Henrietta
                9--(Son) KNAUSS
               sp(2)--Elsie E. WILEY, b. 1891? (d/o William and Christiana WILEY)
            7--James D. KNOUSE (A279), b. 7-3-1850 Cetronia, PA, b. 1880:PA)
             sp--Ella Marie CLADER (d/o Owen and Mary A. CLADER)
              8--George Harrington KNOUSE, b. 1877
              8--Lillian KNOUSE, b. 5-1880; dy; nm, ni
              8--Beulah Mae KNOUSE, b. 5-10-1881; m. 1-15-1907
               sp--Ralph B. BUSH 
                9--James K. BUSH
                9--Austin E. BUSH
            7--Charles W. KNOUSE, b. 7-9-1859 Cetronia, PA; d. 8-11-1925; m. 1885; ni
             sp--Hannah S. GORANFLOE
          6--William Keck KNOUSE (A150), b. 3-7-1822 South Whitehall, Lehigh, PA; d. 1865
           sp--Clarissa MERTZ, b. 9-28-1831; d. 1865 (d/o David and Caroline MERTZ)
            7--Mary Louise KNOUSE, b. 8-29-1849--lived Carbon Co. PA, Davenport, IA
             sp--Walter N. KNAUSS
              8--Gertrude KNAUSS (dy) ni
              8--Raymond KNAUSS, b. 9-4-1881; d. 1883; ni
              8--Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 6-4-1884
              8--William KNAUSS, b. 9-17-1887; d. 6-1902; ni
            7--Vermadella R. KNOUSE, b. 1-12-1852; d. 1874
              8--Willoughby ________
            7--William David KNOUSE (A280), b. 6-14-1854--lived Davenport, IA
             sp--Mattie BENSHOOF
              8--Raymond KNOUSE, b. 9-4-1881
              8--Maude KNOUSE, b. 1-18-1885
              8--Irving KNOUSE, b. 5-16-1891; d. 1950
                9--Bernard C. KNOUSE, b. 1919
                  10--Stephen B. KNOUSE, b. 1947
                    11--Jessica L. KNOUSE, b. 1983
                    11--Andrea M. KNOUSE, b. 1984
            7--Charles Monroe KNOUSE, b. 10-16-1856; d. 1857; ni
            7--Caroline Matilda KNOUSE, b. 12-16-1858; d. 4-30-1930; m. 5-17-1884
             sp--George Bruce HARRIS, b. 1-23-1856 England; d. 10-9-1906
              8--Lillian HARRIS
              8--Edward HARRIS
              8--Arthur F. HARRIS
              8--Percival F. HARRIS
              8--Mabel HARRIS
              8--Elsie HARRIS
               sp--____ REED
              8--Mary HARRIS
               sp--Earl DETWEILER
            7--Annie Eliza KNOUSE (adopted name was BIGONEY), b. 6-16-1861; m.
5-14-1894--moved to Seattle, 1903
             sp--Ethan E. STEWART
              8--William Addison STEWART, b. 6-21-1895; m. 2-6-1922
               sp--Charlotte DAVIDSON
                9--Carol Jean STEWART, b. 1922
              8--Isabel Clarissa STEWART; b. 8-30-1897
              8--Ethan Ellsworth STEWART, b. 8-8-1899; d. 9-11-1900; ni
              8--Ralph Bentley STEWART , b. 6-29-1901
              8--Oliver Thornton STEWART, b. 8-26-1902
            7--Matilda A. KNOUSE, b. 6-9-1863; d. 1865; ni
          6--Jonathan K. KNOUSE (A151), b. 7-13-1826 South Whitehall, Lehigh, PA
           sp--Fianna SCHAADT, b. 4-30-1828; d. 2-5-1897
            7--Walter KNOUSE, d. KS
             sp--Bessie ____
            7--Alice KNOUSE
             sp--Alfred HARMONY
            7--Joseph Thomas KNAUSS (A281), b. 5-1-1855 Allentown, PA; d. 6-29-1910
             sp--Emma Victoria DELAPLAINE (d/o Joel and Eliza Ann DELAPLAINE)
              8--Walter Maurice KNAUSS (A384), b. 9-26-1877 Zion Grove, PA; m. 8-8-1901
               sp--Erda Jennie STAUFFER, b. 11-29-1875 Nuremburg, PA (d/o Beneval and Ella
                9--(Daughter) KNAUSS, b. 1-20-1904; d. 1-20-1904; nm, ni
                9--Charlotte R. KNAUSS, b. 4-3-1906; m. 2-1924
                 sp--Raymond BUCHECKER
                  10--(Son) BUCHECKER, b. 11-11-1927
                9--Paul W. KNAUSS, b. 7-30-1909
              8--Lewis Foster KNAUSS, b. 8-29-1879; d. 4-29-1898 PA
              8--Daisy Stella KNAUSS, b. 1-1-????--lived Brooklyn, NY
               sp--George A. SMITH
              8--Amanda Matilda KNAUSS, b. 3-5-????--lived Washington, DC
               sp--John Winsor PALMER
              8--Cyrus Franklin KNAUSS (A385), b. 10-16-1888 Zion Grove, PA; m. 10-18-1911
Stroudsburg, PA
               sp--Viola Maude KENT, b. 2-27-1888 Analomink, PA
                9--Helen Louise KNAUSS, b. 8-17-1915
                9--Doris Charlotte KNAUSS, b. 5-10-1919
                9--Lucy Emma KNAUSS, b. 12-17-1923; d. 12-24-1923; nm, ni
                9--Sarah Irene KNAUSS, b. 5-14-1925
              8--Harry Paul KNAUSS, b. 8-27-1898
              8--Berlin Edgar KNAUSS, b. 6-6-1900
            7--Jane KNOUSE
             sp(1)--Benjamin MOYER
              8--Sarah MOYER
              8--Jennie MOYER
              8--Simeon MOYER
             sp(2)--____ FINK
            7--Matilda S. KNOUSE, b. 1857; d. 1-28-1907; m. 3-19-1878
             sp--Francis HINKLE
              8--Carrie HINKLE
              8--Charles HINKLE
          6--Mary Barbara KNOUSE, b. 2-14-1830--lived Lock Haven, PA
           sp--E. W. BIGONEY
            7--Alfred BIGONEY
             sp--____ DENGLER
            7--Charles BIGONEY
            7--Ephraim BIGONEY
        5--Elizabeth KNOUSE, b. 11-19-1786 Lehigh, PA; d. 2-24-1825
         sp--Solomon BUTZ
        5--Margaret KNOUSE
         sp--Solomon KECK
        5--Daniel KNOUSE (A73), b. 4-24-1788 Easton, Lehigh, PA; d. 1-12-1820
         sp--Elizabeth FREY, b. 10-28-1795; d. 3-9-1855 (d/o John FREY; remarried George
          6--Adaline KNOUSE, b. 4-20-1813
          6--Alexander Fry KNOUSE (A152), b. 8-7-1814 Dorneysville, PA; d. 8-23-1893
           sp(1)--Mary Ann LUDWIG, b. 8-17-1822 Allentown, PA; d. 5-3-1843 (d/o Benjamin and
Catharine LUDWIG)
            7--Emma Matilda KNOUSE, b. 7-2-1841 Cetronia, PA; d. 11-24-1918
             sp--Tilghman D. KEMMERER, d. 11-3-1895
              8--Edward B. KEMMERER
              8--Charles H. KEMMERER
              8--John A. KEMMERER
              8--William R. KEMMERER
              8--Tilghman D. KEMMERER
              8--Harry H. KEMMERER
              8--Kate M. KEMMERER
               sp--John SELLERS
           sp(2)--Catharine BROBST, b. 105-1817; d. 3-5-1889 (d/o Daniel and Christianna
            7--Alvin Brobst KNAUSS (A282), b. 4-16-1848 Cetronia, PA, b. 1880:PA)
             sp--Alice A. BALLIET, b. 1849/52 (d/o ____ BALLIET and Louisa GEISS)
              8--Edgar R. KNAUSS, b. 6-15-1873 PA
              8--Alvin B. KNAUSS, b. 5-27-1876; d. 11-4-1885 PA; nm, ni
              8--Charles A. KNAUSS, b. 8-3-1880; d. 7-8-1899
            7--Uriah A. KNAUSS (A283), b. 2-27-1850 Cedarville, PA; d. 12-24-1922 PA; m.
             sp--Alice C. YEAKEL, b. 1856 (d/o Peter YEAKEL and Catharine Anna DECH)
              8--Lottie M. KNAUSS, b. 1880; m. 6-29-1912
               sp--Harry P. SHAFER, b. 1876 (s/o Wilson H. and Martha SHAFER)
              8--Warren G. KNAUSS (A386), b. 10-16-1882 Bethlehem, PA; m. 6-28-1907
               sp--Annie E. JACOBY, b. 10-10-1882
                9--Evelyn M. KNAUSS, b. 5-24-1908
                9--R. A. KNAUSS, b. 2-12-1911
                9--William KNAUSS, b. 5-28-1912
                9--Albert E. KNAUSS, b. 5-26-1916
                9--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--Robert L. KNAUSS, b. 3-1-1883; d. 7-30-1910 Los Angeles, CA; nm
              8--Elsie C. KNAUSS, b. 1-10-1885; m(1) 6-1906; m(2) 8-9-1916--lived Bethlehem, PA
               sp(1)--John W. ROSENBERG, b. 2-11-1882 Phillipsburg, NJ; d. 8-26-1911 (s/o C. C.
               sp(2)--Morris G. SNYDER
              8--Mamie E. KNAUSS, b. 1890
            7--Alice C. KNAUSS, b. 1852; d. 3-22-1919; nm, ni
            7--Amanda J. KNAUSS, b. 2-14-1854; m. 1876
             sp--Daniel ESCHENBACH 
              8--Mazie E. ESCHENBACH, b. 12-11-1876; d. 2-14-1881; nm, ni
              8--Robert D. ESCHENBACH, b. 11-12-1878; d. 10-15-1897
              8--Blanch A. ESCHENBACH, b. 4-16-1880; d. 8-27-1880; nm, ni
              8--Charles A. ESCHENBACH, b. 6-10-1881; d. 7-22-1881; nm, ni
              8--Ralph V. ESCHENBACH, b. 10-9-1882
              8--Herbert W. ESCHENBACH, b. 2-14-1884; d. 8-27-1884, nm, ni
              8--Warren E. ESCHENBACH, b. 2-28-1885
              8--Mabel A. ESCHENBACH, b. 3-1-1886
          6--Caroline KNOUSE, b. 3-12-1816; d. bef. 1820; nm, ni
          6--Malinda KNOUSE, b. 1-28-1818; d. 8-13-1892
           sp--Eli GEORGE, b. 5-3-1822; d. 5-24-1904
            7--Senia GEORGE, b. 9-7-1847; d. 10-30-1868
            7--Calpherius GEORGE, b. 10-17-1850; d. 1-3-1905
            7--Theodore G. GEORGE, b. 9-1-1851; d. 4-2-1855; nm, ni
            7--Oscar GEORGE, b. 10-6-1854; d. 4-8-1910
            7--Eliza G. GEORGE, b. 11-12-1857; d. 3-31-1919
          6--Daniel K. KNAUSS (A153), b. 1-4-1820 Lehigh, PA, d. 9-11-1915 PA; m.
9-14-1839--1st Lt. of Co. B, PA Vol., Civil War, 
                Captain of other co.--moved to KS 1876-1895
           sp--Amanda DREISBACH, b. NJ (d/o Frederick DREISBACH)
            7--Theodore Franklin KNAUSS (A284), b. 12-16-1839 Cedarville, PA; d. 4-30-1911
Orwigsburg, PA
             sp(1)--Sarah WEISS, b. 10-12-1840; d. 5-17-1862 (d/o Daniel WEISS)
              8--Mary Emma KNAUSS, b. 5-14-1861; d. 6-4-1911
               sp--Alfred ERICH, b. 5-14-1869
                9--Minnie Irene ERICH, b. 11-28-1876
                 sp--Paul LAROS
                9--Theodore George ERICH, b. 6-14-1881
                9--Charles William ERICH, b. 11-30-1888
                9--Earl Clinton ERICH, b. 1-18-1890
            7--Mary E. KNAUSS, b. 1-12-1841; d. 9-3-1915; m(2) 6-19-1887
             sp(1)--____  MICKLEY
             sp(2)--Hiram J. HISKEY, b. 1844? (s/o Jonathan HISKEY; widower)
            7--Malinda KNAUSS, b. 10-16-1842
             sp--Henry O. BEALER
            7--Reuben KNAUSS, b. 8-11-1844; d. 3-21-1855; ni
            7--Emma R. KNAUSS, b. 6-26-1846
             sp(2)--Frank MARSTELLER (s/o Thomas MARSTELLER)
              8--Oscar MARSTELLER, b. 4-18-1866
               sp--Lillie MUMBAUER
              8--Henry B. F. MARSTELLER
              8--Eugene MARSTELLER
              8--Elizabeth (MARSTELLER) Lewis
              8--(Child) MARSTELLER (dy) ni
              8--(Child) MARSTELLER (dy) ni
            7--Senia R. KNAUSS, b. 8-21-1854 Cetronia, PA; d. 2-8-1919
             sp--Jacob McHOSE
            7--Oscar Daniel KNAUSS (A285), b. 10-2-1858 Cedarville, PA; m. 2-19-1898
             sp--Sarah E. ACKER, b. 5-15-1871
              8--Paul H. KNAUSS (G86), b. 6-25-1898; m. 4-22-1922
               sp--Miriam M. SOLT, b. 1904; d. 10-31-1997 Cedarbrook, S. Whitehall Twp, Lehigh
Co, PA
                9--Betty May KNAUSS, b. 12-4-1922; m. 11-7-1941
                 sp--Luther GEHRINGER 
                  10--Donna GEHRINGER, b. 9-28-1942; m. 1-28-1960
                   sp--David RAIDLER
                    11--Lorie RAIDLER, b. 8-16-1960
                    11--Ellen RAIDLER, b. 8-19-1962
                    11--Michael RAIDLER, b. 2-16-1967
                    11--Melissa RAIDLER, b. 4-17-1968
                  10--Geoffrey GEHRINGER, b. 10-20-1952
                9--Charlotte Honore KNAUSS, b. 5-8-1927; m. 6-23-1951
                 sp--(Rev.) Donald G. NOWERS
                  10--Elizabeth NOWERS, b. 8-29-1953
                9--Mary Louise KNAUSS, b. 1-4-1929; m. 8-5-1950--lives Emmaus
                 sp(1)--Stephen EWANOR
                  10--Stephanie EWANOR, b. 2-12-1952
                  10--Barbara EWANOR, b. 7-3-1955
                 sp(2)--Grant S. LEIBENGUTH
                9--Jerome Burbank KNAUSS, b. 9-25-1930; m. 5-5-1956--lives Schnecksville
                 sp--Janet MOERDER
                  10--Pamela KNAUSS, b. 1-18-1961
                  10--Paula KNAUSS, b. 1-5-1964
              8--Esther Acker KNAUSS, b. 1-25-1900; m. 12-29-1921
               sp--Byron G. V. BRELSFORD (s/o John BRELSFORD and Matilda HAINES)
              8--James D. KNAUSS, b. 9-30-1902; m. 4-15-1922
               sp--Elsie H. RAUB, b. 1902? (d/o Oscar J. RAUB and Ida M. HEIMBACH)
              8--Margaret E. KNAUSS, b. 10-7-1906; m. 12-25-1925
               sp--Howard O. PARKER, b. 1907 Seattle, WA (s/o Theodore PARKER and Madeline
            7--(Child) KNAUSS (dy) ni
          6--George A. KNAUSS (A154)
            7--Reuben KNAUSS
            7--George KNAUSS
        5--Peter KNOUSE (A74), b. 8-13-1792 Lehigh, PA--served as Sgt. in War of 1812--moved
to IL
         sp--Anna Maria ____
          6--Lucianna KNOUSE, b. 3-22-1816
          6--Maria KNOUSE, b. 12-14-1817
          6--Rebecca KNOUSE, b. 11-12-1819
          6--Sarah Ann KNOUSE, b. 4-6-1832
      4--Charlotte Barbara KNAUSS, b. 6-20-1750 Lehigh, PA; d. 3-28-1810;
m. 11-5-1769
       sp--Lorentz RUCH, b. 11-14-1744; d. 10-27-1825
        5--Elizabeth RUCH, b. 6-27-1772
        5--Catharine RUCH, b. 10-30-1774
        5--Mary Susanna RUCH, b. 3-11-1777
        5--Peter RUCH, b. 2-28-1779
        5--Lorentz RUCH, b. 3-19-1781
        5--Hanna RUCH, b. 10-12-1783
        5--Elizabeth RUCH, b. 5-21-1786
        5--George RUCH
        5--John Henry RUCH, b. 10-1-1791
      4--Philip KNAUSS (A32), b. Lehigh, PA
       sp--Maria Magdalena FATZINGER
        5--?Johan G. KNAUSS, b. 1-27-1778 Lehigh, PA
        5--John KNAUSS, b. 10-14-1785 Lehigh, PA
        5--Maria Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 2-16-1791(or 1792) Lehigh, PA; d. 2-9-1867; m.
         sp--Jonathan DIEHL
          6--(Boy) DIEHL
          6--(Boy) DIEHL
          6--(Boy) DIEHL
          6--(Boy) DIEHL
          6--(Boy) DIEHL
          6--(Boy) DIEHL
          6--(Boy) DIEHL
          6--(Boy) DIEHL
          6--(Girl) DIEHL
        5--Salome KNAUSS, b. 12-7-1796 Lehigh, PA
        5--Solomon KNAUSS, b. 12-21-1808; d. 4-8-1880
         sp--Lucy A. GUTH
        5--William KNAUSS, b. 5-15-1811; d. 5-17-1890
        5--Joseph KNAUSS, b. 7-26-1813; d. 7-19-1885
         sp--Elizabeth KLEIN
      4--Catharine KNAUSS
       sp--George SLOTTERBECK
      4--Susanna KNAUSS
       sp--George Adam HAMAN
      4--Margaret KNAUSS
       sp--Peter KOEHLER
      4--Elizabeth KNAUSS
       sp--George SCHNEIDER

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