Descendants of John Ludwig Knauss

This page includes all known descendants of John Ludwig Knauss, eleventh child and seventh son of Johann Ludwig Knauss, son of Lukas, son of Andreas.
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III-B. John Ludwig ("Lewis") KNAUSS (A12)
born: 2-1730, Whitemarsh, Montgomery, PA
died: 5-1809, PA
spouse: Elizabeth ____
born: 1724
died: 1794, PA
IV-B1. Ludwig ("Lewis") KNAUSS (A33, 1760-1808/23)
IV-B2. Anna Elizabeth KNAUSS (1763-)
IV-B3. Johan KNAUSS (A34, 1764-1813)

    3--John Ludwig ("Lewis") KNAUSS (A12), b. 2-1730, Whitemarsh,
Montgomery, PA; d. 5-1809, PA
     sp--Elizabeth ____, b. 1724, d. 1794, PA
      4--Ludwig ("Lewis") KNAUSS (A33), b. 2-28-1760 Easton,
Northampton, PA; d. 1808/1823
       sp--Elizabeth SCHUMAKER, b. 8-1864; d. 3-1835 PA (d/o Michael SHUMAKER and
Mary Catharine SHIMER)
        5--Johann KNAUSS (A75), b. 12-29-1785 Easton, Northampton, PA
         sp--Rachael KREIDER, b. 11-12-1791; d. 6-3-1878 PA (d/o Michael KREIDER and ____
          6--Regina KNAUSS, b. 1-2-1809; d. 12-12-1827 Easton, PA
          6--Thomas Willam KNAUSS (A155), b. 10-30-1811 Easton, PA; d. 1-1-1848
           sp--Mary BUTTS, b. NJ?; d. 11-9-1851 Tobyhanna, Monroe, PA
            7--Emeline Minerva KNAUSS, b. 5-22-1837; d. 5-30-1916 PA
             sp--John G. KOONS, b. 8-21-1831; d. 3-31-1909
              8--Mary C. KOONS, b. 6-17-1868
               sp--A. W. MERRILL
              8--Harold KOONS, b. 1-25-1876
              8--Emma J. KOONS, b. 12-16-1858; m. 6-25-1879
               sp--Emmett NICHOLS
              8--William KOONS, b. 1860?; d. 1861; nm, ni
            7--William Henry KNAUSS (A286); b. 3-10-1839 Upper Mt. Bethel, Northampton,
PA--lived Northampton, PA, Newark, NJ, Kansas 
                  City, MO, Columbus, OH
             sp--Margaret M. LAMB, b. Newark, NJ? d. 1908
              8--Martha KNAUSS
               sp--O. W. PLETCHER
                9--William PLETCHER
                9--Elizabeth PLETCHER
              8--Nellie KNAUSS, nm; ni
              8--Elizabeth KNAUSS
               sp--John T. GAMBLE
                9--Victor GAMBLE
                9--Catharine GAMBLE
              8--Benjamin KNAUSS
            7--John Michael KNAUSS, b. 6-7-1841; d. 8-9-1841; nm, ni
            7--Ervin James KNAUSS, b. 4-10-1843; d. 10-9-1843; nm, ni
            7--Sarah Maria KNAUSS, b. 11-12-1844; d. 5-25-1906 Bethlehem, PA
             sp--William FAIRCHILD
              8--Nellie FAIRCHILD
               sp--William SCHAEFFER
            7--(Boy) KNAUSS, d. y.; nm, ni
            7--Thomas Emmanuel KNAUSS (A287), b. 3-30-1848 Mt. Bethel, PA; d. 1915?; served
in Civil War, b. 1880OH)
             sp--Elizabeth ("Lizzie") RANELLS, b. 1852/53 OH; d. 1921? (d/o Watt RANELLS_
              8--Dr. William H. KNAUSS, b. 1872/73 OH--lived Newark, OH
              8--Capt. Watson Ranells KNAUSS, b. 1875/76 OH; nm
              8--Eva KNAUSS, b. 1877/78 OH--lived Columbus, OH
               sp--____ HULSE
              8--Thomas E. KNAUSS, b. 1886; d. 5-2-1910; nm
          6--Anna Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 10-1-1815--lived in Gallia Co., OH
           sp--Dr. Albert S. COMBES
            7--Minnie COMBES, nm
            7--Emma COMBES
             sp--James CHERRINGTON
            7--Kate COMBES
             sp--Lon CHERRINGTON
            7--Lillian COMBES, nm
            7--William COMBES
          6--Catharine KNAUSS, b. 12-23-1819; d. 2-1-1900--lived White Haven, PA
           sp--William FISH, b. 10-1818; d. 7-29-1887
            7--Tillie FISH, b. 6-17-1857
             sp--Marshall BARRY, d. 1914?
            7--Clara FISH, b. 6-13-1860; nm
          6--Joseph KNAUSS (A156), b. 12-22-1823 Upper Bethel, Northampton, d. 12-23-1901
Dayton, OH; m. 7-20-1845
           sp--Catharine Ann MANSFIELD, b. 5-8-1825; d. 9-21-1883 (d/o John MANSFIELD and
Anna Maria SOBERS)
            7--Isabel KNAUSS, b. 4-18-1846; d. 9-9-1847; nm, ni
            7--John Wesley KNAUSS (A288), b. 2-4-1848 Ross, Monroe, PA; d. 4-14-1875; Servied
in Civil War
             sp--Eliza Jane BLACK, b. 12-25-1848 Ashley, PA; d. 7-1913 Binghampton, NY (d/o
Samuel BLACK and Rebecca JOHNSON)
              8--Dr. Joseph Wesley KNAUSS, DO (A387), b. 10-3-1871 Ashley, PA; m(1)
2-28-1893 Sayre, PA; m(2) 1-26-1898
               sp(1) Ada MARCY, b. 7-16-1871; d. 4-1894 (d/o Cyrus MARCY and Frances
                9--Ada Helen KNAUSS, b. 4-11-1894 Ashley, PA
               sp(2) Lulu KERN, b. 3-21-1878 Pittston, PA (d/o Llewellyn KERN and Florence
Isedore PRICE)
                9--Florence Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 12-29-1898 Ashley, PA; m. 6-25-1925--lived
Oswego, NY
                 sp--Earl D. BROWN
                9--Edna Lois KNAUSS, b. 5-25-1904 Ashley, PA
              8--Samuel Mansfield KNAUSS (A388), b. 3-14-1873 Wilkes-Barre, PA; m. 12-5-1905
               sp--Ellen Josephine GROUT, b. 4-10-1878 Elmore, VT (d/o Frank E. and Izona
                9--Katherine KNAUSS, b. 7-17-1908
              8--Anna Lea KNAUSS, b. 5-9-1875; d. 6-1905; nm
            7--Frank Vincent KNAUSS (A289), b. 12-22-1850 Rockport, PA; d. 6-11-1930; m.
9-1872 Ohio (OH1880)
             sp--Frances BEECHING (d/o John and Ann BEECHING)
              8--Frank M. KNAUSS, b. 8-1873--lived Buena Vista, OH
               sp--Anna DORTCH
              8--John Beeching KNAUSS (A389), b. 6-1876 OH; m. 2-14-1897
               sp--Alice Sarah HYLAND
                9--John Beeching KNAUSS (G88), b. 5-20-1898; d. 10-24-1962
                 sp--Helen Maude KEHRER
                  10--Patricia KNAUSS, b. 4-1927
                  10--(Child) KNAUSS
                  10--(Child) KNAUSS
                  10--(Child) KNAUSS
                9--Frances Elizabeth KNAUSS (G89), b. 2-8-1900
                 sp(1)--Lee B. SMITH
                 sp(2)--Joseph COBURN
                  10--Alyce COBURN, b. 10-16-1932
                   sp--Filbert VENTURA
                    11--Teri VENTURA, b. 2-22-1958
                    11--Antone VENTURA, b. 1-29-1960
                  10--Suzanne COBURN, b. 1-3-1937
                   sp--John GALLETTA
                    11--Michael GALLETTA, b. 8-18-1955
                    11--Pala GALLETTA, b. 9-3-1958
                9--Philip Andrew KNAUSS (G90), b. 2-16-1902
                 sp--Clara OWENS
                  10--Joan KNAUSS, b. 1931
                   sp--Harry MUESSGEN
                    11--Rebecca MUESSGEN, b. 1950
                    11--Robert MUESSGEN, b. 1953
                  10--Mary KNAUSS, b. 9-25-1932
                   sp--William GILKERSON
                    11--(Child) GILKERSON
                    11--(Child) GILKERSON
                    11--(Child) GILKERSON
                    11--(Child) GILKERSON
                    11--(Child) GILKERSON
                9--Charles Alfred KNAUSS (G91), b. 8-16(or 5)-1905; div.
                 sp--Mary WILLEY
                9--William H. (or Alfred) KNAUSS (G92), b. 2-9-1908; m. 4-19-1930
                 sp--Dorothy GARDNER
                  10--Jan M. KNAUSS, b. 1-1-1932; m. 8-11-1957
                   sp--Dominick CHIONO
                    11--Sharon CHIONO, b. 7-30-1958
                    11--John CHIONO, b. 2-28-1961
              8--Dr. Harry Alfred KNAUSS (A390), b. 7-1889--lived Newark, NJ
               sp(1)--Dorothy ROBERTSON
                9--Elizabeth KNAUSS
                9--Dorothy KNAUSS
                9--Frank KNAUSS
               sp(2)--Kitty MASTERSON
                9--Florence KNAUSS
            7--Louis Mansfield KNAUSS (A290), b. 4-19-1853 White Haven, PA; d. 12-27-1919
OH; m. 1-8-1890
             sp--Annie Laurie JONES (d/o David and Ann JONES)
              8--Louis Mansfield KNAUSS, b. 12-7-1890; d. 6-24-1892
              8--Katherine Marie KNAUSS, b. 8-13-1895
               sp--James Roy LEWIS
                9--Virginia Marie LEWIS, b. 1-1-1919
              8--Isabel KNAUSS, b. 4-22-1897--lived Columbus, OH
               sp--Francis W. MILLER
              8--Edna Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 1-6-1899; d. 4-27-1912; nm, ni
            7--Anna Dudu KNAUSS, b. 4-2-1856; d. 9-6-1926; m. 1-1-1880
             sp--Harry MONTGOMERY, d. 4-20-1929
              8--John K. MONTGOMERY
              8--Frank MONTGOMERY
              8--Richard W. MONTGOMERY
            7--Joseph Livingston KNAUSS, b. 7-16-1858; d. 12-13-1860; nm, ni
            7--Elizabeth ("Lizzie") KNAUSS, b. 9-12-1860; d. 5-26-1926; m. 8-1-1892; ni
             sp--David Oren McCOLLUM, b. 4-21-1848; d. 4-12-1918
            7--Rachael KNAUSS, b. 7-6-1865; d. 10-3-1866; nm, ni
            7--William KNAUSS, b. 8-17-1867; d. 4-16-1868; nm, ni
            7--Clara KNAUSS, b. 9-15-1870; m. 2-25-1892--lived Wyoming, PA
             sp--William R. CHAPIN, b. 3-9-1869
              8--Martha Jeanette CHAPIN, b. 12-5-1892; d. 12-18-1922; nm, ni
          6--Emeline KNAUSS, b. 10-1829; d. 1-10-1907; nm
          6--Angeline KNAUSS, b. 1840; d. 1869--lived White Haven, PA
           sp--Lyman P. LITTLE
            7--Cicero LITTLE
            7--Lillian LITTLE
        5--Elizabeth ("Betsy") KNAUSS, b. 6-30-1790 Northampton, PA
        5--Mary ("Polly") KNAUSS, b. 1-1-1793 Northampton, PA
        5--Margaret ("Peggy") KNAUSS, m. 4-13-1822
         sp--Henry STEM
      4--Anna Elizabetha KNAUSS, b. 1763 Northampton, PA
      4--Johan KNAUSS (A34), b. 1764 Easton, PA; d. 4-14-1813; m.
       sp--Elizabeth HAY, b. 3-16-1768; d. 2-5-1831 (d/o Adam and Anna Maria HAY)
        5--Johannes KNAUSS, b. 12-12-1794
        5--Maria KNAUSS, b. 11-8-1797; d. 2-13-1833; m. 9-20-1821
         sp--Capt. David D. WAGENER, b. 10-11-1792; d. 10-1-1860 (s/o Judge Daniel
          6--Daniel WAGENER, b. 8-8-1822; d. 7-8-1787; nm
          6--Sarah E. WAGENER, d. 8-13-1888
           sp--L. Cauffman HEPBURN
          6--Elizabeth K. WAGENER, b. 1-15-1823; d. 3-1899; m. 7-15-1847
           sp--Thomas Haughton LEARY, b. 2-12-1821; d. 10-28-1883 (s/o Thomas H. LEARY and
Parthenia S. STANDIN)
            7--David Wagener LEARY, b. 4-14-1848; d. 4-1-1907; m. 12-4-1872
             sp--Elizabeth BOOKER
              8--Thomas H. LEARY, b. 10-26-1873; d. 10-28-1877; ni
              8--Lavinia B. LEARY, b. 1-8-1876
              8--Elizabeth W. LEARY, b. 4-8-1877
              8--David W. LEARY, b. 2-12-1879
              8--Harriet S. LEARY, b. 9-4-1884
            7--Mary Parthenia LEARY, b. 12-31-1849; m. 2-24-1879
             sp--Francis Coles WOODWARD
            7--Thomas Haughton LEARY, Jr., b. 7-21-1852; d. 5-17-1884; m. 10-11-1876
             sp--Nora R. PURCELL
              8--John P. LEARY, b. 8-26-1877
              8--Thomas H. LEARY, b. 12-12-1879
              8--Nora P. LEARY, b. 12-30-1882
            7--Annie Wagener LEARY, b. 8-12-1854; m. 2-27-1889
             sp--James Doddridge PATTON, b. 10-11-1849 (s/o William L. PATTON and Katharine
              8--Nannie L. PATTON, b. 4-16-1890
              8--James D. PATTON, b. 12-13-1892
               sp--Janet Keen (JONES) GLENNON, b. 1-14-1920
          6--Susan B. WAGENER, b. 4-15-1826; d. 12-23-1912; m. 1850
           sp--Dr. Jacob Brackenridge CLEMONS, b. 1829/30; d. 1-11-1867 (s/o Joseph Walton
            7--Mary Wagener CLEMONS, b. 3-28-1852; d. 4-10-1880; ni
             sp--George K. SISTARE, d. 7-28-1892
            7--Harold CLEMONS, b. 8-16-1858; d. 10-1-1917; ni
             sp--Grace (HARRIS) FERGUSON
            7--Dr. James B. CLEMONS, b. 1-8-1861, m. 4-22-1899
             sp--Marie Antionette HEYE, b. 11-1-1869 (d/o George Gustav HEYE and Marie
Antionette LAWRENCE)
              8--Dorothy Heye CLEMONS, b. 1902
              8--Marie Antionette Wagener CLEMONS, b. 1907
            7--Maurice CLEMONS, b. 12-17-1865; m. 2-10-1906; ni
             sp--Sue (POMP) MAXWELL, b. 12-12-1860; d. 4-10-1913 (d/o Charles POMP and
Rachel SNYDER; prev. m. to John MAXWELL)
          6--John O. WAGENER, b. 3-19-1832; d. 7-27-1900
           sp--Matilda ADAMS, b. 6-6-1839; d. 2-11-1882
            7--David D. WAGENER, b. 7-25-1859; nm
            7--Mary WAGENER, b. 7-11-1861; d. 8-15-1917; m. 12-8-1886
             sp--Frederick GREEN, b. 10-5-1859 (s/o Hon. Henry GREEN and Ann HULSIZER)
              8--Henry GREEN, b. 1-13-1888; m. 12-4-1915
               sp--Mildred LaBARRE, b. 5-21-1889 (d/o Alexander Carron LaBARRE and Laura
Tallman BOWERS)
                9--Edward Wagener GREEN, b. 10-6-1918
              8--John Wagener GREEN, b. 9-25-1889
        5--William KNAUSS, b. 1-1796; d. 5-1804; nm, ni

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