February, 1998

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Hello! This is going to be an occasional update on the Knauss stuff. If you know of anyone else to add to the list, please let me know. If you don't want to be on the list, please let me know.

I'm starting to get caught up on correspondence and such, so if you haven't heard from me and were expecting to, please wait a couple of weeks before reminding me. Then DO remind me. Of course, please let me know anything new.

The Knauss descendancy is up-to-date, but the Knauss genealogy by family groups still is in disarray, and the straight text file is out of date; just a warning.

The descendancy ideally includes this information for each entry:

When specifying the place, please include the name of the county, if possible, because vital records are generally kept by county.

I recently received a tidbit about a Sarah Ann KNAUSS, b. 2-1-1792 in Northampton County, PA. The suggestion was that she might be a daughter of Frederick (#45 in the Knauss Genealogy by King), but I've been able to get a marriage date of 7-10-1792 on Frederick, so this would be a bit awkward, and I don't think it's the right connection. But I'm still looking.

If anyone out there has good connections to North Carolina or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania records, please let me know, because there is much research that needs to be done in those two areas!

Here are some of the names under which members of the family have been recorded in the census (the odd ones are mostly from earlier years):

There are many other spellings that MIGHT be of the family, but haven't been verified yet. The "Nouse" spelling was just used for a known family member once or twice, but there's a whole bunch of people out there with other spellings lacking the K, and we don't know yet whether they're part of the family or not. It has been confirmed that a couple of lines of the family HAVE used the Kanouse spelling to the present day. Spellings known to be used today include:

Incidentally, the 1790 census shows 27 or 28 (there's a Krouse that MIGHT be a Knouse) heads of households in Pennsylvania, and one in North Carolina. The North Carolina one is of the family. I've been able to place all but a few of the ones in Pennsylvania with the right person, but there are another half-dozen or so Knausses known to be living in PA at the time which are apparently not recorded in 1790 (and in PA, the 1790 census WAS the census, not a reconstructed tax record as in some other states).

Eventually, all Knauss names found in the census will be posted, along with their correlations to real Knausses.

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