KnaussLetter 4


August, 2001

What? I just put out one, and I'm already putting another out? Go figure. In any case, I'm sending out this KnaussLetter in hypertext format. If anyone has problems reading it like this, please let me know and I'll make sure you get a plain text version. If you can read the preceding sentence, that is.

New URLs

The Knauss files on the web have been moved into a new directory. Here are the new URLs:

Main genealogy page:

Main Knauss page:


Ludwig Knauss descendancy:

Also, instead of one huge file for the Ludwig descendancy, it is now broken up into separate ones for each child. These and other changes were just made necessary by the immensity of the information, the size of the files, and the complexities of my web site. Some browsers wouldn't even load entire genealogy files because they were too big. In fact, there are still forty working files in the genealogy directory alone, and six of them are still over 100 kilobytes.

Also, I've included a new link on the main Knauss page for people working on any Knauss family who are interested in others being able to contact them. Names, email addresses and URLs will be posted ONLY for people who specifically request to be posted.

Other Issues

Another issue is the question of maintaining the mailing list, and what happens to it. Rest assured that anyone on the Knauss mailing list will receive NO routine mailings other than the KnaussLetter, although, of course, I may be directly corresponding with people. This list will NEVER be used for any other purpose and will not under any circumstances be available to anyone else for any reason. If anyone has any legitimate reason dealing with the Knauss families to send info to everyone on the list, it will be included in the KnaussLetter. In other words, this list remains entirely private. In fact, I just spent an entire evening making complaints against spammers myself. I detest them.

And yet another issue: Crediting people who have provided research and files. Obviously, what I've done is a huge amount of work, but it also represents other people's huge amounts of work, and I've been remiss in not properly crediting them. I'm still trying to figure out how best to do this. If you wish to be credited for info that you've supplied, please don't be shy. Email me and remind me of what it was and what your name is, and whether you wish to be credited on-line, and whether you want your email address posted for contact. Again, such will be online ONLY with your permission.


Benjamin Knauss (1842-1916), son of Benjamin Knauss (1805-1879), believed to be son of John Knauss who was son of Benjamin Knauss, son of Johann Peter Knauss, son of Johann Ludwig Knauss, had been listed as serving in the Confederate Army, and I wish to make it clear that this was my error. He served, in fact, in the Union Army, along with three of his brothers.

New Information on Ludwig/Lukas Ancestry

The 1930 Knauss genealogy by King listed Lukas Knauss as the father of Johann Ludwig Knauss who came to America in 1723. I attempted to take this back another generation based on IGI (International Genealogical Index) information. Considering the paucity of information on Knauss events in the early 1600s in Dudelsheim, Germany, it seemed logical to assume that Lukas and another Knauss father of about his age, Peter, were brothers to each other and to two individuals, Johann Christoph Knauss and Johann Andreas Knauss, who were also only a little younger than Ludwig, who were both listed as sons of an older Andreas Knauss and who both had families. This was supported by the report that Ludwig had a younger brother Andreas.

But apparently, my conclusion that the older Andreas was the father of Lukas was incorrect. According to a German Knauss researcher, Lukas' father was a Peter Knauss. Here are the early generations as provided by Wolfgang Strehlow, who married a Knauss, and relayed to me by Jane Naus of Pennsylvania:

1--Peter KNAUSS, b. 1535 Dudelsheim, d. before 1602; m. 1560 Dudelsheim
   2--Hans KNAUSS, b. 1560 Dudelsheim; d. between 1617 and 1620; m. 1585 Dudelsheim
     3--Peter KNAUSS, b. 1605 Dudelsheim; d. 12-29-1686 Lindheim; m. 1634 Domdorf
      sp--Barbara Diehl
       4--Lukas KNAUSS

Also included in the information was this blurb about the second Peter Knauss:

Capt. of Militia and Farmer. During the 30 year war of 1618-1648, Peter served in the Imperial Bavarian and Swedish Armies. He survived and returned to Dudelsheim in 1653. Peter became a farmer and on 4-4-1664 was appointed capt. of the militia by Ct. Johann Ernst of Ysenburg and Buedingen. The first day on the job, he and his militia provided crowd control during the trial of a local witch. It is not clear what happened, but during the previous year on 9-7-1663, Margarette Kranz--called Black Margaret, was beheaded in Dudelsheim.

This actually all makes more sense when it's considered that Ludwig's second-eldest son was named Johann Peter. I believe that the naming of the eldest son Gottfried had religious, rather than family, significance. The Andreas Knauss who was the father of Johann Christoph and Johann Andreas, then, was apparently an uncle of Lukas, presumably a brother of his father Peter. I am still presuming that the other Peter who was having children about the same time as Lukas was a brother of Lukas. See the Ludwig descendancy for the newly-arranged files. I hope that they're correct, but if not, don't anybody hesitate to send in corrections!

I am indebted to Wolfgang Strehlow and Jane Naus for this information.

Next Issue: ALL the Knauss Immigrants (that I can find!)

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