KnaussLetter 5


December, 2001

I apologize for the delay in getting out the next Knaussletter. I had a hard drive crash in September, and other things have interfered in my life. I had announced that this Knaussletter would include all the known Knauss immigrants to the United States, but that will be the next one, instead. This one is about the families of Jacob Kanouse and John George "Honiery" or "Yerry" Kanouse who came to New Jersey about 1750/1755.

This includes what was said about them in the last Knaussletter, but updated with new information:

Adapted from David Kanouse,, plus new information I've added:

Two brothers, Jacob Kanouse and his brother John George ("Honiery") Kanouse, came to America about 1750. An early family tradition, documented by Judge John L. Kanouse in Munsell's History of Morris County, New Jersey, is that Jacob and Honiery (who commonly used the nickname "Yerry") were accompanied by an older half-brother who, upon their arrival in New York, went ashore first with the common purse and failed to return, leaving them unable to pay for the passage. The ship's captain sold them into service for a number of years.

After serving his time, Jacob, progenitor of the Morris County, New Jersey, Kanouse family, settled by 1766 in the Rockaway Valley, near the present town of Boonton, New Jersey. He purchased land in 1768 and built a large frame house at Powerville, in what is now Boonton Township, that has remained in the hands of his direct descendants for over 230 years. "Jacob Knowse" appears in a list of Morris County ratables living in Pequannock Township in May 1778, when he was assessed for 100 acres of land and 15 horses and/or cattle. In November 1795, Jacob and his son, Jacob Jr., signed the statement of incorporation of the Reformed Dutch Church at Lower Montville.

According to the History of Outagamie County, Wisconsin (1912), Jacob Kanouse was born 12 August 1733 in Wurttemberg in the German Palatinate. He died in Rockaway Valley, Morris County, New Jersey on 14 September 1821, "aged 88 years and 26 days," which implies a later birth date in August.

The settlement of Jacob's estate in Morris County, New Jersey, 1822, includes a listing of children: Conrad Kanouse; Elizabeth Peer; Anne Hopler; Jacob Kanouse, Jr., deceased, leaving children; John Kanouse, deceased, leaving two minor children; Peter Kanouse; Rachel Cook, wife of Peter Cook, Abraham Kanouse, and John G. Kanouse. Another researcher claims that there was another daughter, Sarah, but I do not yet know the reason for this claim.

Other settlements help establish families of his descendants. The 1814 settlement of John Kanouse's estate mentions two minor children under age 14, David and Polly, and two children over 14, Peter F. and John J. That he was the son of Jacob mentioned above is confirmed by the fact that the guardians appointed by the court were Abraham and Peter Kanouse.

The 1818 settlement of Jacob Kanouse, Jr.'s estate (Jacob, son of Jacob) names minor children David, Joseph, Conrad, Jr., Frederick, and a major child, Peter Kanouse. Administrator was David Kanouse.

Family Group of Jacob Kanouse

(note: the numbers used in these family groups are those that will be used in the posted genealogy):
Jacob was reportedly married twice, but it's unclear which children were from which wife. The division here is somewhat arbitrary and may be wrong.
born: August 12, 1733, Wurttemberg, Germany
died: September 14, 1821
married (1): Unknown
married (2): Unknown
spouse (1): Mary PEER
This is uncertain; she may have been his first wife
born: Unknown
died: Unknown
III-21. Conrad KANOUSE
III-22. Elizabeth KANOUSE (1764-1827)
spouse (2): Elisabeth DAVENPORT
d/o Cornelius & Rachel DAVENPORT
born: 10-12-1765 Milton, NJ
died: Unknown
III-26. Rev. Peter KANOUSE
III-27. Rachel KANOUSE
III-28. Abraham KANOUSE
III-29. ?Sarah KANOUSE, b. ?1796; d. y.?
III-2A. Rev. John George KANOUSE

Family Groups of Jacob's Children

III-21. Elizabeth KANOUSE
born: 1-1-1764
died: 1-24-1827
married: Unknown
spouse: Elder David PEER
born: 3-10-1762
died: 4-15-1824

III-22. Conrad KANOUSE
born: 11-15-1765 NJ
died: Unknown
married: Unknown
spouse: Sarah PEER
born: 9-3-1769
died: 4-28-1837
IV-221. Jacob KANOUSE, b. 5-27-1790
IV-222. Tunis KANOUSE, b. 1-2-1794
sp (1)--Sarah BAKER
sp (2)--Mariah VAN DYNE
?IV-223. John KANOUSE
IV-224. Thomas KANOUSE, b. 7-20-1797 NJ, d. 12-1-1881 Morris Co., NJ
sp--Elizabeth C. VAN NESS, b. 1800/01 NJ, d. ca. 1875, Morris Co., NJ (d/o Henry J. VAN NESS)
IV-225. Eleanor KANOUSE, b. 10-17-1799; d. 17 Jun 1878, Parma, NY; m. 12-12-1817
sp--John N. HILER, b. 8-20-1796; d. 12-22-1872
IV-226. Daniel KANOUSE, b. 10-10-1802 NJ
sp--Hannah, b. 1805/06 NJ
IV-227. Anne or Amy KANOUSE, b. 1-21-1806
sp--Cornelius VANDERHOOF
IV-228. ?Abraham KANOUSE, b. 10-6-1809; d. 05-02-1899 (not certain that he's Conrad's son)
sp--Mary Anna HILER or HYLER, b. 12-26-1814; d. 1-7-1899

born: Unknown
died: Unknown
married: 7-12-1789
spouse: Frederick HOPLER
s/o Conrad HOPLER
born: 1770
died: Unknown
IV-241. Henry HOPLER, b. 1-2-1795
IV-242. Anna HOPLER, b. 8-18-1797

John's estate settlement in 1814 lists the four children below.
born: Unknown
died: 1814
married: Unknown
spouse: Unknown
born: Unknown
died: Unknown
IV-241. Peter F. KANOUSE, b. before 1800?
IV-242. John J. KANOUSE, b. before 1800?
IV-243. David KANOUSE, b. after 1800
IV-244. Mary A. ("Polly") KANOUSE, b. 1813; d. 01-07-1899

III-25. Rachel KANOUSE
born: Unknown
died: Unknown
married: Unknown
spouse: Peter COOK
born: Unknown
died: Unknown

II-26. Jacob KANOUSE, Jr.
Jacob's estate settlement in 1818 lists the five children below.
died: 1818
spouse: Mary HOPLER
IV-265. Frederick KANOUSE, d. 1879
sp--Catherine YOUNG, b. 1802; d. 1869; bur Scott Family BurGd, Boonton, Morris, NJ
IV-261. Peter KANOUSE, b. 1824/25 NJ
sp--?Sarah COOK
IV-262. David KANOUSE
IV-263. Joseph KANOUSE, d. 1845?
sp--Eleanor THOMAS, d. 1845?
IV-264. Conrad KANOUSE

III-27. Rev. Peter KANOUSE
born: 8-20-1784 NJ
died: Unknown
married: Unknown
spouse (1): Amanda Malvina DE CAMP
born: Unknown
died: Unknown
IV-271. Abraham KANOUSE, b. 10-1808; d. 05-02-1899
IV-272. Amanda KANOUSE, b. 1810/11 NJ
spouse (2): Mary Woolverton BASSET
born: 1-17-1785
died: 9-27-1819
IV-273. Mary Elizabeth KANOUSE, b. 9-5-1818, d. 10-5-1819
spouse (3): Mary ORSBORN
born: Unknown
died: Unknown
IV-274. Elizabeth KANOUSE, b. 1824/25 NJ
IV-275. Ann M. KANOUSE, b. 1827/28 NJ

III-28. Abraham KANOUSE
born: 1784/85
died:after 1850
married one: 3-3-1809
married two: Unknown
spouse one: Elizabeth ("Betsey") LOW
d/o John LOW
born: Unknown
died: Unknown
IV-281. John L. KANOUSE
spouse two: Unknown
born: Unknown
died: Unknown
4 sons, 2 daughters, names unknown

III-2A. John George KANOUSE
born: 1800 Pequannock, NJ
died: 1870 WI
married: 06-04-1818 Caldwell, Essex Co., NJ
spouse: Elizabeth DODD
d/o Elijah DODD and Lois WILLIAMS
born: ca. 1801 Pequannock, NJ
IV-2A1. Elijah Dodd KANOUSE, b. 1820 Newark, NJ; d. 1870
sp--Sarah WOOD, b. MI
IV-2A2. Jacob Allen KANOUSE, b. 1822; d. 1870
sp--Mary Ann BUSH
IV-2A3. Abraham Morris KANOUSE
IV-2A4. John Calvin KANOUSE, b. 11-11-1829, Newark, NJ
sp--Maria L. SKINNER
IV-2A5. Peter A. KANOUSE, b. 1832
sp--Jane ____
IV-2A6. David M. (Or K.) KANOUSE, b. 1836; d. 1908
sp--Sarah HALL
IV-2A7. Theodore Dwight KANOUSE, b. 1838; d. 1927
sp--Amelia Adelaide LEVAKE
IV-2A8. Ira Weed KANOUSE, b. 1840
sp--Marian TAYLOR (d/o William Robert TAYLOR, WI Governor)
IV-2A9. Mary Elizabeth KANOUSE, b. 1843
sp--Abijah CATLIN
IV-2AA. George Washington KANOUSE, b. 1846, d. 1932

Jacob's brother John George ("Honiery") settled at Newfoundland, Bergen County, New Jersey, not far from where Jacob lived. He is likely the Johan Georg Knauss whose baptism was recorded at the Evangelische Kirche Dornhan in Wurttemberg 2 April 1736. The church record says that he and his brother Jacob went to "Pennsylvania," which could be a broad reference to "America." Or the brothers may have set out for Pennsylvania and ended up in New Jersey instead. John George died at Newfoundland, Pompton Township, Bergen County, New Jersey 7 December 1810. He had a son, Jacob, born 10 June 1762. Quite a few of the Kanouses in the area of Newark and East Orange during the late 1800s are descendants of this Jacob. Another son, John Kanouse, born about 1765, removed to Manchester, Ontario County, New York, where he had a very large family. He often spelled his last name "Kanouts". Those are the only two children known, though there may have been daughters.

Family Group for John George "Honiery" or "Yerry" Kanouse

II-3. John George ("Honiery" or "Yerry") KANOUSE
born: 4-2-1736 Wuerttemberg, Germany
died: 12-7-1810 Newfoundland, Pompton Twp, Bergen Co, NJ
married: Unknown
spouse: Unknown
born: Unknown
died: Unknown
III-31. Jacob Allen KANOUSE, b. 6-10-1762 Newfoundland, Pompton Twp, Bergen Co, NJ; d. 3-23-1827 same
III-32. John C. KANOUSE, b. ca. 1765, d. Manchester, Ontario Co, NY

Family Groups for Yerry's Children:

III-31. Jacob Allen KANOUSE
The only child listed below that's known to be Jacob's son is John Baltos. There's also disagreement over whether Elizabeth Davenport was Jacob's father's wife or his own.
born: 6-10-1762 Newfoundland, Pompton Twp, Bergen Co, NJ
died: 3-23-1827 Newfoundland, Pompton Twp, Bergen Co, NJ
married: Unknown
spouse: ?Sarah ____
born: Unknown
died: Unknown
IV-311. John Baltos KANOUSE, b. 5-9-1785 Newfoundland, Pompton Twp, Bergen Co, NJ; d. 9-4-1821 same; m. ca. 1806 (John Baltos was the progenitor of the Essex County Kanouses)
sp--Chloe WALLACE, b. 5-14-1782 CN; d. 2-17-1864 Newfoundland, Pompton Twp, Bergen Co, NJ (d/o William WALLACE and Sarah DICKERSON)
IV-312. ?Jacob KANOUSE, m. 12-18-1813 Bergen Co., NJ
sp--Sally O'BRIEN
IV-313. ?Catharine KANOUSE, m. 06-27-1818 Bergen Co., NJ
IV-314. ?Frederick KANOUSE, m. 02-02-1825 Bergen Co., NJ
sp--Catharine YOUNG
IV-315. ?Peter KANOUSE
IV-316. ?David J. KANOUSE, b. 1800/01 NJ
sp--Anna ____, b. 1800/01 NJ
IV-317. ?Moses KANOUSE
sp--Margaret SISCO (d/o Derrick SISCO and Marregriet VAN RIPER)

born: 1770 NJ
died: 6-4-1851 NY
spouse: Mary VANDERHOOF
III-321. John C. KANOUSE, b. 2-28 (or 25)-1795; d. 8-29-1849 NY
sp: Sarah A.? ("Sally") VAN NESS, d/o Henry J. VAN NESS
III-321. B. (Son) KANOUSE, b. 1809/10 NY
III-322. Andrew KANOUSE, b. 1813/14 NY
III-323. ?David KANOUS, b. NY
sp ____ VAN DINE
III-324. Louisa KANOUSE, b. 1821/22 NY
III-325. Ann KANOUSE, b. 1828/29 NY
III-326. Jacob KANOUSE, b. 1831/32 NY

Many descendants of these families, of course, emigrated elsewhere across the continent. Early points included New York, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

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