Descendants of Maria Catharina Knauss

This page includes all known descendants of Maria Catharina Knauss, twelfth child and fifth daughter of Johann Ludwig Knauss, son of Lukas, son of Andreas.
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III-C. Maria Catharina KNAUSS
born: 2-16-1734 Whitemarsh, Montgomery, PA
died: 10-3-1804 Emaus, Lehigh, PA
married: 3-4-1754 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA
spouse: Andreas GIERING
born: 8-19-1729 Boll, Wuerttemberg, Germany
died: 3-20-1803 Emaus, Lehigh, PA
IV-C1. Maria GIERING (1755-1795
IV-C2. Elisabeth GIERING (1757-)
IV-C3. Catherine GIERING (1760-1892)
IV-C4. Sophia GIERING (1762-1793)
IV-C5. Anna GIERING (1764-1803)
IV-C6. Andreas GIERING (1766-)
IV-C7. Magdalena GIERING (1769-)
IV-C8. Rosina GIERING (1769-1798)
IV-C9. Johannes GIERING (1771-1813)
IV-CA. Ludwig GIERING (1773-1773)
IV-CB. Barbara GIERING (twin) (1775-1776)
IV-CC. Christina GIERING (twin) (1775-1801)
IV-CD. Ludwig GIERING (1777-1798)

    3--Maria Catharina KNAUSS, b. 2-16-1734 Whitemarsh, Montgomery,
PA; d. 10-3-1804 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; m. 3-4-1754 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA
     sp--Andreas GIERING, b. 8-19-1729 Boll, Wuerttemberg, Germany; d. 3-20-1803 Emaus,
Lehigh, PA
      4--Maria GIERING, b. 2-27-1755 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; d. 6-10-1795
Emaus, Lehigh, PA; m. 3-17-1772 Emaus, Lehigh, PA
       sp--Jacob Fridrich WUENSCH, b. 11-5-1748 Lomersheim, Neckarkis, Wuerttemberg,
Germany; d. 7-12-1812 Emaus, Lehigh, PA (s/o Johann Bernard WUENSCH and Barbara
        5--Phillip WUENSCH, b. 1-13-1773 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; d. 1773 Emaus, Lehigh, PA
        5--Daniel WUENSCH, b. 1-13-1773 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; c. 1-13-1773 Emaus; d.
1-25-1773 Emaus, Lehigh, PA
        5--Anna Maria WUENSCH, b. 3-13-1774 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; c. 3-14-1774 Emaus,
Lehigh, PA; m. 7-28-1794 Emaus, Lehigh, PA
         sp--Johannes KNAUSS (A53, which see; s/o Leonard KNAUSS and
Johanna Salome MUELLER)
        5--Cathrina WUENSCH, b. 3-17-1776 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; d. 3-17-1808
         sp--Immanuel RONDTHALER
          6--Magdalena Elizabeth RONDTHALER (ROMPPALER)
        5--Jacob WUENSCH, b. 8-25-1778 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; c. 8-30-1778 Emaus
         sp--Maria ROSMAN
        5--Friedrich WUENSCH, b. 4-30-1781 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; c. 5-3-1781 Emaus; d.
3-25-1818 Emaus, Lehigh, PA m. 1810 Bethlehem, PA
         sp--Catharina Margaretha ERASMUS, b. 9-12-1808 Longswamp, Berks, PA (or
RASMUS; d/o John RASMUS and Maria Veronica RENTSHEIMER; rem. John DOWNEY)
          6--Aaron WINSCH, b. 3-8-1809 Emma, Northampton, PA; d. 6-21-1874 Bethlehem,
Northampton, PA; m(1) 1830 PA; m(2) 7-13-1848
           sp(1)--Maria CLAUSS, b. 8-21-1813 Lehigh, PA; d. 10-8-1844 Lower Macungie, Lehigh,
PA (d/o Daniel and Dorothy CLAUSS)
            7--Elemanda Carolina WINSCH, b. 10-30-1832 Lower Macungie, Lehigh, PA; d.
5-8-1844 Lower Macungie, Lehigh, PA
            7--William Wayne WINSCH, b. 9-10-1834 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA; c. 11-10-1834
             sp--Aravesta Amelia WEISS, b. 3-26-1883; d. 9-9-1862 (d/o Henry and Maria WEISS)
              8--Amanda Caroline WUENSCH, b. 12-9-1857; c. 1-24-1858
              8--Warren Edgar WUENSCH, b. 6-3-1859; c. 8-7-1859; m. 11-25-1882 Bethlehem,
Northampton, PA
               sp--Laura M. KIDD
              8--William Harrison WUENSCH, b. 1-18-1861; c. 3-24-1861; d. 3-22-1919 Lehigh, PA
               sp--Clara E. ____
            7--Alfred T. WINSCH, b. 1835 PA
            7--Francis Friedrich WINSCH, b. 9-20-1836 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA; c.
10-23-1836 Bethlehem
            7--Mathias WINSCH, b. 1-1-1839 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA
             sp--Allavesta R. ____, b. 10-12-1841; d. 11-12-1877
              8--Oscar L. WINSCH, b. 5-23-1872; d. 7-23-1872
              8--Charles A. WINSCH, b. 3-4-1865; d. 11-12-1869
              8--Lily D. WINSCH, b. 7-30-1866; d. 11-2-1869
              8--Norah E. WINSCH, b. 2-12-1869; d. 8-22-1869
            7--Aaron O. WINSCH, b. 1841 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA; d. 4-25-1916 Allentown,
Lehigh, PA; ni
             sp--____, d. 1903/04
           sp(2)--Catherine REINBOLD, b. 2-19-1818 Upper Saucon, Lehigh, PA; d. 9-19-1901
Salisbury, Lehigh, PA (d/o Georg REINBOLD and Anna Margaretha BRINKER)
            7--Hiram G. WINSCH, b. 10-1849 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA; d. 3-21-1916
Allentown, Lehigh, PA; nm?, ni?
            7--Moses F. WINSCH, b. 10-1850 PA; d. MN?
             sp--Ellea ("Lilly") ____ (widow of _____ MOSES)
              8--Charles Franklin WINSCH, b. 8-6-1872 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA; c. 10-5-1872
              8--Albert WINSCH, b. 3-1874 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA
               sp--Anna ____
              8--Emma Catherine WINSCH, b. 7-9-1875; d. 8-29-1875
              8--Lily WINSCH
              8--Stanley WINSCH, b. 8-1880 MN
               sp--Annie ____
              8--Stuart (or Stewart) WINSCH, b. 6-1882 MN
              8--Sylvanner WINSCH, b. 7-1884 MN
              8--Lamazo WINSCH, b. 4-1886 MN
              8--Cora WINSCH, b. 5-1890 MN
              8--Chester WINSCH, b. 3-1892 MN
              8--Elsie WINSCH, b. 1-1894 MN
              8--Ethel WINSCH, b. 9-1896 MN
            7--Uriah Morris Richard WINCH, b. 3-28-1853 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA; c.
5-22-1853 Allentown, PA; d. 9-19-1939 Springfield, Sangamon, IL; m. 1-18-1876 Springfield
             sp--Katrina Mary RIETZ, b. 3-28-1854 Treese?, Alsace, Germany; d. 9-5-1930
Springfield, Sangamon, IL (d/o Petrus Joseph RIETZ and Margaret Ann HAMES)
              8--John Uriah WINCH, b. 11-20-1875 Springfield, Sangamon, IL; d. 12-20-1949
Springfield; m. 3-1903 Springfield
               sp--Anna Marie ALBERS
              8--Katherine M. WINCH, b. 11-23-1878 Springfield, Sangamon, IL; d. 1957 Springfield
              8--Frank WINCH, b. 4-3-1881 Springfield, Sangamon, IL; m. 2-28-1922 Springfield
               sp--Kathryn Emma KORNACK
              8--Henry WINCH, b. 11-21-1882 Springfield, Sangamaon, IL; d. Froid, MT; nm
              8--Emma E. WINCH, b. 7-29-1886 Springfield, Sangamon, IL; d. 2-16-1977
               sp--James ROYAN
                9--Morris ROYAN
                 sp--Alice ____
              8--Anthony WINCH, b. 7-28-1888 Springfield, Sangamon, IL; d. 6-13-1952
Springfield; m. 8-12-1920 Springfield
               sp--Matha Helen STAMBAUGH
              8--Josephine WINCH, b. 5-1893 Springfield, Sangamon, IL; d. 1-28-1938 Springfield;
m. 1-29-1919
               sp--John FORSYTH
              8--Barbara WINCH, b. 6-1-1894 Springfield, Sangamon, IL; d. 4-28-1962 Springfield;
               sp--Harlan MENDENHALL
              8--Marie WINCH, b. 7-5-1898 Springfield, Sangamon, IL; d. 1984 Bloomington,
McLean, IL
               sp--Lyman BLOSE
              8--Gertrude WINCH, b. Springfield, Sangamon, IL; d. 10-16-1891 Springfield
          6--Maria Magdalena WINSCH, b. 10-25-1810 Emaus, Lehigh, PA
          6--Reuben WINSCH, b. 12-10-1811
          6--John Bernard WINSCH, b. 6-5-1813
          6--Louise Luzetta WINSCH, b. 2-7-1816 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; d. 8-24-1867; m. 1841
           sp--Johannes HEYER, b. 3-21-1814 Buchenau, Hunfeld, Hessen, Germany; d. 4-21-1900
Bushkill, Northampton, PA
            7--John HEYER, b. 6-24-1842 Allentown, Lehigh, PA; d. 10-14-1903 Bushkill,
Northampton, PA
            7--Israel HEYER, b. 1844 Allentown, Lehigh, PA
            7--Henry HEYER, b. 1846 Allentown, Lehigh, PA
            7--Senius HEYER, b. 11-2-1851
            7--Emma HEYER, b. 1853 Allentown, Lehigh, PA
            7--Jerena HEYER, b. 1855 Bushkill, Northampton, PA
            7--Annie HEYER, b. 1857 Bushkill, Northampton, PA
        5--Magdalena WUENSCH, b. 8-29-1784 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; c.
8-29-1784; m. 12-6-1807 Emaus, Lehigh, PA
         sp--Johan Philip KNAUSS (A57, which see; s/o John KNAUSS and
Catharine Elisabeth ROMIG)
        5--Johann Bernardt WUENSCH, b. 9-13-1793 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; c. 9-15-1793 Emaus; d.
6-11-1812 Bethlehem, Northampton, PA
      4--Elisabeth GIERING, b. 12-6-1757
       sp(1)--____ FEBER
       sp(2)--David BRUNNER
      4--Catherine GIERING, b. 5-16-1760; d. 1-28-1892]
       sp--Abraham ZIEGLER
      4--Sophia GIERING, b. 5-7-1762; d. 12-16-1793
      4--Anna GIERING, b. 8-21-1765; d. 1-23-1803
       sp--Ludwig GEIDNER
      4--Andreas GIERING, b. 11-17-1766
       sp--Maria GUNTHER
      4--Magdalena GIERING, b. 8-11-1769; m. 11-27-1798
       sp--Johannes STEINER
      4--Rosina GIERING, b. 8-11-1769; d. 6-8-1798
       sp--Thomas EVERITT
      4--Johannes GIERING, b. 9-15-1771; d. 12-8-1813; m. 5-13-1793
       sp--Catharina ROMIG
      4--Ludwig GIERING, b. 11-15-1773; d. 11-19-1773
      4--Barbara GIERING, b. 4-20-1775 (twin); d. 5-16-1776
      4--Christina GIERING, b. 4-20-1775 (twin); d. 4-28-1801
      4--Ludwig GIERING, b. 8-31-1777; d. 7-2-1798

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