Descendants of
Charles Albert Knouse
Alice Susan Mae Trout

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This file deals only with the descendants of my paternal grandparents. It is linked to by the other descendancies which "feed into" it, and it links back to those other descendancies as well.

  1. Generation One (A)
  2. Generation Two (B)
  3. Generation Three (C)
  4. Generation Four (D)
  5. Generation Five (E)


A1. Charles Albert KNOUSE
Knauss Family file number: XII-3326422
s/o John Henry KNOUSE and Mary Emma WITT
born: 1-12-1891 Gower, Clinton Co, MO
died: 6-12-1962 Cassville, Barry Co, MO
bur: Gower, Clinton Co, MO
married: 12-24-1919 St. Joseph, Buchanan Co, MO
Charles was a redhead. He was in the US Army during World War I, as an ammunition truck driver in Europe. He attended seminary and became an ordained minister of the Christian (Disciples of Christ) Church. He worked as a minister for several years, then became a field executive for the Boy Scouts of America. Subsequently, he became a newspaper reporter, and was a reporter and associate editor in Cassville, Missouri, when he died.
Alice Susan Mae TROUT
Trout family file number: X-113219C2
d/o Oscar Wiley ("Wiley") TROUT and Roberta Lillian ("Bertie") KAY
born: 10-4-1900 Lily, Clinton Co, MO
died: 10-12-1986 Olathe, Johnson Co, KS
bur: Gower, Clinton Co, MO
Alice, a brunette, was an avid gardener. In her later years, she became a committed member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. She possessed a phenomenal memory and was, in fact, the source of the information that was the genesis of all the genealogy of this site.
B1. Charles Allison KNOUSE (1921-1992)
B2. Winifred Ruth KNOUSE (1923-)
B3. Shirley Elizabeth KNOUSE (1925-1987)


B1. Charles Allison KNOUSE
born: 3-14-1921 Plattsburg, Platte Co., MO
died: 8-1-1992 Athens, Athens Co., OH
married: 1944 New York, NY
Charles had dark brown hair and hazel eyes, and was six feet, one inch tall when he stood up straight. He started going bald fairly early. He was quite overweight most of his adult life. He served in the Merchant Marines, and then the US Army, during World War II. In the Army, he was sent to Germany as part of the occupying force as a medic. After the war, he went to medical school at the Kansas City College of Osteopathy and Surgery. He started in medicine with a general practice in Howard City, Michigan, from 1949 to 1956. During part of 1956, he was an associate editor of the AOA Journal, in Chicago, then was in private practice in Seattle, Washington, and Pacific Beach, Washington, for two years. He began a pathology residency in Kansas City, Missouri, in 1958, followed by a stint as an associate professor of Pathology at the Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery from 1961-1965. Next, he was chairman of the Department of Pathology at the Kansas City College of Osteopathic Medicine, 1965-1968, then chairman of the Department of Pathology at Memorial Osteopathic Hospital in York, Pennsylvania, 1968-1977. He finished his career as professor of pathology at the Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Athens, Ohio, from 1977-1991.
spouse: Iris Christine EHRENREICH (or "ENRIGHT")
d/o Jacob EHRENREICH and Christine KNUDSEN
born: 7-9-1923 Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY
died: 5-15-1992 Gallipolis, Gallatin Co., OH
Iris barely topped five foot in height, with dark brown hair and eyes. She grew up in an orphanage in New York City, the Brooklyn Home for Children, from the age of seven. She met her husband Charles in a USO in New York City. Iris wrote a memoir of her childhood, but could not find a publisher. She went back to college in her fifties, and eventually received a BA in fine arts at the age of 63, and went on to her Master's in graphic design at 65, both from Ohio University.
C11. Thea Christine KNOUSE (1945-)
C12. Charles Allison KNOUSE (1950-)
C13. Karen Elizabeth KNOUSE (1952-)
C14. John Arthur KNOUSE (1953-)

B2. Winifred Ruth ("Ruth") KNOUSE
born: 4-11-1923 Pickering, MO
died: 7-2000, PA
married: 6-22-1946 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO
Ruth and Paul lived in a beautiful old brick farmhouse in the hills of southeastern Pennsylvania, where Paul still resides.
spouse: Paul LILIENTHAL
born: 8-25-1923 Glenwood, MN
C21. John Metlie LILIENTHAL (1951-)
C22. Margaret LILIENTHAL (1953-)
C23. Peter LILIENTHAL (1955-)

B3. Shirley Elizabeth KNOUSE
born: 2-32-1925 Winchester, KS
died: 1-11-1987 Kansas City, KS
married one: 2-17-1944 Edmond, OK
married two: 2-1961 KS?
Shirley was a striking woman. She and Joe had bought a house in a Kansas suburb of Kansas City. When she remarried, she and Bud moved into another house in another Kansas suburb.
spouse one: Charles Joseph ("Joe") BOWER
s/o Charles Joseph BOWER and Clover Reliance ("Reliance") COLLINS
born: 3-2-1923 Memphis, Shelby Co, TN
died: 1-12-1961 Topeka, KS
Joe died of early-onset Alzheimer's disease. He served in the Navy in WWII.
C31. David Joseph BOWER (1945-1978)
C32. Michael Fletcher BOWER (1946-)
C33. Deborah KAY BOWER (1951-1996)
spouse two: Jules Francis ("Bud") GROGAN
died: 1994 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO
Bud was a restaurant equipment salesman, and served in the Air Force in WWII.
Bud had four children by his first marriage: Cathy, John, and two others
he remarried Lois ____ after Shirley's death.


C11. Thea Christine KNOUSE
born: 7-8-1945 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO
married: 1966 Kirksville, Adair Co, MO
Thea attended Kirksville State Teacher's College as an arts major but left when she married. Thea and Fred first lived in Kirksville, Missouri. They then moved to Tucson, Arizona, where Fred was in private practice before joining the Air Force. They then were stationed in Tacoma, Washington; Tokyo, Japan; Frankfurt, Germany; Dover, Delaware; Spokane, Washington; Enid Oklahoma; and wound up back in Spokane. She worked in a variety of jobs through the years, but especially enjoyed having a booth for collectibles in an antiques mall while they lived in Enid, Oklahoma.
spouse: Fred Dee PRICE
Son of Samuel Kay PRICE (1910-1989) and Elsie Mae WESTERBROOK (b. 12-27-1918; d. 1993; they m. 1936?); has brother Samuel Wesley PRICE
born: 10-27-1942 Paso Robles, CA
Fred graduated from Western Oregon University with a BS in General Studies in 1964, and from the Kirksville College of Osteopathy and Surgery (now the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine) in Missouri in 1970. He became a DO (Doctor of Osteopathy) and served in the Air Force as a flight surgeon, retiring a few years ago as a Lieutenant Colonel.
David John PRICE (1966-)
Christine Elizabeth PRICE (1967-)
Susan Kay PRICE (1969-)

C12. Charles Allison KNOUSE
born: 12-27-1950 Grand Rapids, Kent Co, MI
married one: 1973
married two: 8-20-1988 Epping, NH
Charles worked a variety of jobs through the years, including being an engine mechanic at a Volkswagen repair shop in the Washington, DC area, and being a presentation consultant in the Boston/lower New Hampshire area. He recently became a doctor (DO). He and his wife also have an audio tape business that produces study tapes for medical students.
spouse one: Nancy Gwyneth LEWIS
born: 1951 MD?
spouse two: Jacki Lynn RICE
d/o Paul RICE and Brenda
born: 7-19-1964 Haverhill, MA
Jacki gained a degree in early childhood studies, and has since worked as a teacher. She is currently managing their audio tape business.
D121. Charles Andrew KNOUSE (1989-)
D122. Max Christopher KNOUSE (1990-)
D123. Hannah Christine KNOUSE (1992-)
D124. Cameron Paul KNOUSE (1994-)

C13. Karen Elizabeth KNOUSE, DO
born: 3-27-1952 Grand Rapids, Kent Co, MI
married: 11-19-1977 York, York Co, PA
Karen worked as an insurance adjustor until she got her medical degree (DO) from the Kansas City of Osteopathic Medicine. She is now a doctor in Torrington, Wyoming, where she is a partner in a clinic.
spouse: Larry Bernard BRUNGARDT
born: 2-6-1943 Washington, KS
previously married with one daughter, Crystal
Larry had a career as an insurance adjustor. He is now retired.
no children

C14. John Arthur KNOUSE
born: 6-22-1953 Grand Rapids, Kent Co, MI
married: 11-30-1985 Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY
divorced: 11-9-1990 Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY
spouse: Elizabeth Lynn FREY
d/o Robert Servetus FREY and Elizabeth Ann LEWIS
born: 6-27-1958 IL
D141. Elizabeth Alice KNOUSE (1987-)
D142. Rachel Vivian KNOUSE (1988-)

C21. John Metlie LILIENTHAL
born: 12-18-1951 Allentown, PA
married: 4-26-1986 Moselem, PA
spouse: Ulla-Lena Elisabeth LINDSTROM
born: 10-10-1960 Oskarshamn, Sweden
D211. Ingrid Elisabeth LILIENTHAL (1986-)
D212. Christopher Rauno LILIENTHAL (1988-)

C22. Margaret Ann LILIENTHAL
born: 4-2-1953 Allentown, PA
married: 3-12-1977 Moselem, PA
spouse: Stephen Edward BROUGHALL, Jr.
born: 2-2-1953 Fort Dix, NJ

C23. Peter Frederick LILIENTHAL
born: 1-23-1955 Wilsonboro, PA
married: 1-25-1976 Reading, PA
spouse: Cynthia Jane CANTOR
born: 9-6-1947 Philadelphia, Philadelphia Co, PA
D231. Jane Alyse LILIENTHAL (1976-)
D232. Rachael Dawn LILIENTHAL (1977-)
D233. Joshua Paul LILIENTHAL (1981-)

C31. David Joseph BOWER
born: 11-11-1945 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO
died: 5-31-1979 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO
married: 1-28-1967 Roeland Park, Johnson Co, MO
spouse: Beverly Ann BRAUN
d/o Lawrence Adolphus BRAUN and Bertha Von McKELVEY
born: 1-10-1945 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO
Beverly remarried Alan Harry MORRIS 1-25-1981 Prairie Village, KS
D311. Jeffery David BOWER (1969-)
D312. Lisa Christine BOWER (1972-)

C32. Michael Fletcher BOWER
born: 10-19-1946 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO
married: 4-7-1978 Mesa, AZ
spouse: Ruth HUSSTAEDE
d/o Louis George HUSSTAEDE and Regina Catherine ISAAK
born: 10-14-1949 Breese, Clinton Co, IL
D320. Beth Elaine BOWER (1984-; adopted)
D321. Emily Elizabeth BOWER (1986-)
D322. Charles Andrew BOWER (1988-)
D323. Stephen Nicholas BOWER (1989-)

C33. Deborah KAY BOWER
born: 2-17-1951 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO
died: 1995 KS
married: 8-13-1971 Prairie Village, KS
spouse: John William HIMPEL
born: 3-28-1947 Lawrence, Douglas Co, KS
John has remarried, but I don't have his wife's name.
no children


D111.. David John PRICE
attended Washington State University
born: 11-16-1966 Kirksville, Adair Co, MO
married (1): ?1996
divorced: ?1998
married (2): ?1999
spouse (1): Jill GUILBERT
spouse (2): Jenn
E1111. Andrew Thomas PRICE (2000-)

D112. Christine Elizabeth PRICE
BSN from University of Delaware, 1989
born: 12-29-1967 Kirksville, Adair Co, MO
spouse: Timothy IPPOLITO
born: 1966
E1121. Joseph Michael IPPOLITO (1991-)
E1122. Matthew IPPOLITO (2000-)

D113. Susan Kay PRICE
BA in Leisure Studies from University of Oregon, 1992
born: 8-3-1969 Kirksville, Adair Co, MO

D121. Charles Andrew KNOUSE
born: 2-4-1989 Beverly, MA

D122. Max Christopher KNOUSE
born: 4-28-1990 Beverly, MA

D123. Hannah Christine KNOUSE
born: 6-18-1992 Marietta, Washington Co, OH

D124. Cameron Paul KNOUSE
born: 3-26-1994 Athens, Athens Co, OH

D141. Elizabeth Alice KNOUSE
born: 2-6-1987 Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY

D142. Rachel Vivian KNOUSE
born: 11-1-1988 Louisville, Jefferson Co., KY

D211. Ingrid Elisabeth LILIENTHAL
born: 9-29-1986 Falls Church, VA

D212. Christopher Rauno LILIENTHAL
born: 2-5-1988 Falls Church, VA

D231. Jane Alyse LILIENTHAL
born: 3-20-1976 Reading, PA

D232. Rachael Dawn LILIENTHAL
born: 12-4-1977 Reading, PA

D233. Joshua Paul LILIENTHAL
born: 11-11-1981 Reading, PA

D311. Jeffery David BOWER
born: 5-21-1969 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO

D312. Lisa Christine BOWER
born: 5-23-1972 Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO

D320. Beth Elaine BOWER
adopted into family

D321. Emily Elizabeth BOWER
born: 10-16-1986 Falls Church, Fairfax Co, VA

D322. Charles Andrew BOWER
born: 8-28-1988 Fairfax, Fairfax Co, VA

D323. Stephen Nicholas BOWER
born: 12-18-1989 Fairfax, Fairfax Co, VA


E1111. Andrew Thomas PRICE
born: February 8, 2000

E1121. Joseph Michael IPPOLITO
born: 1991

E1122. Matthew IPPOLITO
born: April 17, 2000
Adopted into the family

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