far eastern virginia I have discovered that John W. Snead's parents were most likely a Nicholas Snead who married a Sally (Sarah) McDaniel in Albemarle County, Va. in 1820. Does anyone know who the parents of Nicholas Snead might be. looing for benjamin snead of carolina co.l in virgina married mary coleman, their daughter elizabeth born 1760 about in virgina died 1845 in kentucy, married samuel sale, from virgina, moved to kentucy, the snead land was sold by elizabeth in virgina around 1801, there were three sons of the sneads there names were scott, daniel and blanton snead who signed over the land.... the land was located in caroline co. vag.... any information would be appreciated This Benjamin could be the constable in Caroline Co., that portion that was spun off. His wife married secondly Thomas Ayres. He also could be the son of John and grandson of Thomas, seen in the New Kent records. This Benjamin often is confused with the Benjamin Sneed of Albemarle Co. in whom I have a special interest. Elaine, this info not from on-line material. Please contact me directly. The possible father of this Benjamin is John, son of Thomas. John also lived in Caroline Co. and gave an affidavit when an aged man about his Uncle John. Uncle John and Thomas were brothers. Some material about this can be found in Hatcher's book, "Sneads of Fluvanna County." My husband is a 4-g-grandson of the Charles Snead who married Mary Gilliam. We understand that Charles was the son of William Snead and Catherine Sharpe (daughter of Robert Sharpe) and that William's father was Jacob Snead, grandfather Alexander Snead. Further back no info. Our line of descent from Charles and Mary's son Jacob, who m. Mary Franklin. Would love to correspond with anyone searching this line. Searching for parents/ancestors of William SNEAD/SNEED born 1822-1824, possibly in Albemarle Co., VA. He married Sarah Jane CLARK on 1 July 1846 in Albemarle Co., VA. William is listed in the 1850 Census for Albemarle Co., VA with child Chapman. William is listed in the 1860 Census for Louisa Co., VA with children: Chapman, Ida, Ann, Eugene, Baby. Per other sources, William SNEAD/SNEED was possibly the grandson of Holman SNEAD, who was one of three brothers who married POLLARD sisters. Any help on this SNEAD/SNEED line is appreciated. Steve, this is what I have on the Sneed/Snead & Pollard families: William Snead married Lucinda Pollard b. May 6, 1796 Issue: Sallie Ann, Peyton Pollard,George Washington,Robert Pollard, John Newton,Benjamin Hadad,William Pumphrey,Bettie, Mary Katherine, Lewis Brown. Robert Pollard married Mary Terry,issue:Jane Lucinda, Sarah Katherine, Willie Ann,Robert Newton, William Cenadius,Joseph Terry. Peyton Pollard died unmarried. Sallie Ann married Samuel Sadler, issue: Willis Granville, William Henry,Helen, Sallie Ann.Sallie Ann married Valentine Duncan, Lemuel, died unmarried. George Washington, no information William Pumphrey married Henrietta Tapscott, had issue: Willie Frank,George Tapscott,Waverly Hull,and Sallie Lou who died. William Pmphrey married secondly to Julia M. Seay issue:Henry martin, Ruth Spencer,Lottie Moon. Benjamin Hadad married mary Elizabeth Bashaw had issue:James Rufus. Benjamin married second to Rebecca Pettit had issue:Emma, Samuel Pollard.... There is alot more. Email me and I can copy what I have or it can be purchased through the Library of Virginia (they have a site online) Book: The Sneads of Fluvanna by Mrs William E. Hatcher. I can also make copies but she has a whole chapter on the three Pollard women who married the Sneads. In it is a whole listing of the descendents of William, George Holman, and Benjamin Weaver Snead. There is also pictures throughout the book. In 1839 Archibill Snead signed a marriage license for Hugh Snead and Ann Eliza White. At the time Hugh lived in Bedford County VA. because of a notice in a Lynchburg newspaper. I have checked county records but he did not appear anywhere, nor does he appear in the 1830 or 1840 census records. So I figured that Hugh moved there and Archibill lived elsewhere. Was he a brother or the father of Hugh? I would like to hear from someone who can make a link for me. John C. SNEAD, m. 1814/1821 ?Accomack Co, VA sp--Betsey PILCHARD (d/o Levi and Esther PILCHARD) Tilda Ann SNEAD Esther Pain SNEAD Charles SNEAD sp--Arabella ____ Bowdoin SNEAD, b. 1760 Accomack Co, VA; m. 4-29-1790 Accomack Co, VA sp--Polly KELLAM William SNEAD, m. 1-16-1788 Northampton Co, VA sp--Adah SATCHELL (d/o William SATCHELL, Sr.) East of richmond Thomas SNEAD sp-- Rebecca SNEAD, c. 1-3-1688 New Kent Co, VA John SNEAD sp-- Henry SNEAD, c. 5-8-1687 New Kent Co, VA William SNEAD, c. 11-9-1690 New Kent Co, VA Samuel SNEAD, b. 1692 New Kent Co, VA SNEADS OF FLUVANNA, ALBEMARLE & GOOCHLAND COUNTIES 1--Jacob SNEAD, in Hanover Co, VA 1737, will 1777 Henrico Co. sp-- 2--William SNEAD sp--Catherine SHARPE (d/o Col. Robert SHARPE) 3--Robert ("Robin") SNEAD 3--Lucy SNEAD 3--Mary SNEAD 3--Charles SNEAD sp--Mary GILLIAM 4--James SNEAD 4--Judith SNEAD 4--Jacob SNEAD, b. 5-5-1791; d. 1870? sp--Mary ("Polly") FRANKLIN 5--Charles SNEAD sp--Ann PHILLIPS 5--Henrietta SNEAD 5--Melcina SNEAD 5--Rosa SNEAD 5--Mary Gilliam SNEAD sp--George EUBANK 6--Alice EUBANK sp--Smith THORPE 7--Lottie THORPE 7--Richard THORPE 7--Pat THORPE 7--Lillian THORPE 5--Andrew Jackson SNEAD, b. 5-4-1831 Henrico Co, VA; d. 10-19-1916; m. 12-22-1864 Powhatan Co, VA sp--Martha Ann GODSEY 6--James SNEAD sp--Leila 6--Kirby SNEAD sp--Laura WELLS 7--Kathleen SNEAD sp--Bob McCUBE 8--Martha McCUBE 7--Herbert SNEAD sp--Carol McGEE 8--Caroline SNEAD sp--Cohen HARDY 9--Johnny HARDY 9--Gary HARDY 8--Martin Herbert SNEAD 7--Keith SNEAD sp--Inez DYKES 8--Edward SNEAD sp--Betty ____ 8--Corrine SNEAD sp-- 9--Laura 6--John SNEAD sp--Genevieve SINGLETON 7--Sarah A. SNEAD sp--Clyde WISE 8--Jack WISE 7--Jack SNEAD 6--Mattie SNEAD sp--Ira CHISHOLM 7--Frank SNEAD sp--Louise ____ 7--Elwood SNEAD 6--Walker Jackson SNEAD, b. 7-10-1870 Hanover Co, VA; d. 2-22-1936; m(1) 6-28-1892 Richmond VA; m(2) 3-21-1901 Greenwood, SC sp(1)--Delia BELL 7--Elbert SNEAD sp--Nina CUNNINGHAM 8--Nina May SNEAD sp--James DEMONTMOLLEN 9--Kathy DEMONTMOLLEN 9--Linda DEMONTMOLLEN 7--Kenneth SNEAD sp--Nellie SPROTT 8--Mary SNEAD sp--Charles BOGER 9--Kenneth BOGER 9--Charles BOGER 9--Josh BOGER sp(2)--Julia Blanche WELLS 7--Carl Ball SNEAD sp--Kathleen SANDERS 8--Betty SNEAD 7--Earle Swygert SNEAD sp--Mary TILLMAN 8--Mary Anne SNEAD sp--Frank KEARNEY 8--Henry SNEAD 7--Julia Blanche SNEAD sp--H. S. BURDETTE 8--Walker Snead BURDETTE sp--Joyce Ann COOK 7--James Kirby SNEAD sp--Lenna JOSEY 8--Lenna Jo SNEAD 8--Jimmie SNEAD 8--Julie SNEAD 7--Laura Wells SNEAD sp--Ben D. FREE 8--Dave FREE 8--Bill FREE John SNEAD, d. 1793/94 Goochland Co., VA sp--Jane ____ Richard SNEAD John SNEAD Kittura SNEAD sp--Richard GLAZEBROOK Elizabeth SNEAD sp--Charles ANDERSON Keziah SNEAD sp--William HARRIS ?Matthew HARRIS Alice SNEAD sp--Nathaniel HOLMAN Robert SNEAD, b. ?1762 Hanover Co, VA; d. ?1841 Hanover Co, VA; m. ?1792 sp--?Sophia HARRIS, b. 1776; d. 1844 Billey SNEAD Patrick SNEAD (may be grandson of John) Jane SNEAD sp--David HARRIS Mary SNEAD sp--Thomas PRIDDY Anne SNEAD sp--William E. HARRIS Augustine SNEAD sp-- John SNEAD Jane SNEAD Catharine SNEAD Martha SNEAD sp--____ HARRIS Elizabeth HARRIS Nancy HARRIS ?3--?John SNEAD sp-- 4--John SNEED, m. 4-6-1763 Goochland Co, VA sp--Sarah WOODRUM 5--Claiborne SNEED, c. 1-26-1766 Goochland Co, VA; m. 3-9-1791 Albemarle Co, VA sp--Mary CHILDRESS 5--Elizabeth SNEED, c. 11-29-1767 Goochland Co, VA 5--Benjamin SNEED, c. 3-18-1764 Goochland Co, VA 4--William SNEAD, m. 4-6-1748 Goochland Co, VA sp--Catherine SHARP 5--Martha SNEAD, c. 10-19-1763 Goochland Co, VA; m. ?12-8-1776 Albemarle Co, VA sp--?Thomas POPE 5--Robert SNEAD, c. 10-19-1763 Goochland Co, VA 5--Catherine SNEAD, c. 10-19-1763 Goochland Co, VA 5--?John SNEED, b. 2-2-1755 sp--Sarah JOHNSON, b. 2-27-1755 VA; d. 5-12-1831 Boyle Co., KY 6--Cynthia Mims SNEED, b. 1-15-1784; m. 11-27-1810 Mercer Co., KY sp--Joseph WILSON 6--Alexander SNEED, b. 11-3-1786 Albemarle Co., VA; d. 10-14-1867 Boyle Co., KY; m. 9-29-1820 sp--Elizabeth CAMPBELL 6--Martha SNEED, b. 3-8-178--; d. 10-14-1847 sp--Michael HOPE 6--John Holman SNEED, b. 1792; d. 1876; m. 9-2-1817 sp--Elizabeth FINLEY, b. 2-8-1802 Orange Co., IN; d. 9-25-1889 Bloomington, McClean Co., IN (d/o David FINLEY and Elizabeth MOUNTS) 7--John A. SNEED, b. 1818 7--Harvey F. SNEED, b. 1819; d. 1872 7--Rufus SNEED sp--____ LECHENE 7--Almira SNEED, b. 1822; d. 1854 7--Henry C. SNEED, b. 1824; d. 1863 Ft. Snelling, MT 7--Benjamin SNEED, b. 1826; d. 1859 7--Isabella H. SNEED, b. 1828; d. 1871 7--John A. SNEED, b. 1830; d. 1877 7--Sarah SNEED, b. 1833; d. 1854 7--James B. SNEED, b. 1835; d. 1894 7--Mary J. SNEED, b. 1837; d. 1899 7--David F. SNEED, b. 1839; d. 1891 7--Nathan SNEED, b. 1842 6--Matilda SNEED sp--William HUGHES 6--Mary M. SNEED, m. 12-5-1811 Mercer Co., KY sp--Thomas HARRISON 6--Sarah SNEED, m. 1-5-1813 Mercer Co., KY sp--John D. BROWN 5--?Archibald SNEAD, Jr., d. 1815 Fluvanna Co, VA; m. 1790 sp--Mary BLANKS 6--Burwill SNEAD 6--James Holman ("Holman") SNEAD, b. 1827 Fluvanna Co, VA; d. 1908 Augusta Co, VA; m. ?1850 sp--Margaret Ann PETTIT, b. 1830; d. 1892 (d/o Samuel M. PETTIT and Frances S. WALDROPE) 6--Archibald SNEAD 6--John SNEAD 6--Matilda SNEAD 6--Sarah SNEAD Ray, a law suit filed by the John Snead family in the Hanover Co. VA court on July 24, 1812 mentions a Mary Snead who was married to Thomas Priddy. Other people listed were Billy Snead, Patrick Snead, and Jane Snead, but they were not specifically identified as the children of John Snead.Looking for dates and parents from Mary Snead, who married Capt. Thomas Priddy. He was born 1745 in Pittsylvania Co., VA and died 1811 in Halifax Co., VA. I am descended from their son, John S. Priddy (b: 1794 in Halifax Co., VA). Maybe children of Robert Snead, b. ca. 1763 Goochland Co., VA: William SNEAD, b. 1792/93 VA sp--Lucinda ____, b. 1793/94 VA ?Robert W. SNEAD, b. 1821/22 VA sp--Mildred M. ____, b. 1821/22 VA Robert J. SNEAD, b. 1844/45 VA Fannie A. SNEAD, b. 1846/47 VA Lucy S. SNEAD, b. 1848/49 VA ?James H. SNEAD, b. 1827/28 VA Benjamin H. SNEAD, b. 1827/28 VA Lewis B. SNEAD, b. 1831/32 VA Mary C. SNEAD, b. 1833/34 VA, m. 1858 Fluvanna, VA sp--Benjamin SEAY Elizabeth J. SNEAD, b. 1829/20 VA Melinda SNEAD, b. 1797/98 VA Marie M. SNEAD, b. 1799/1800 VA George H. SNEAD, b. 1803/1804 VA (may be cousin to wm.) sp--Olivy ____, b. 1803/04 VA George H. SNEAD, b. 1832/33 VA Payton SNEAD, b. 1834/35 VA James P. SNEAD, b. 1837/38 VA Charles G. SNEAD, b. 1839/40 VA Oranie V. SNEAD, b. 1843/44 VA John H. SNEAD, b. 1805/06 VA sp (1)?-- ____ Frances A. SNEAD, b. 1828/29 VA sp(2)?--Susan ____ ?William SNEAD, b. 1843/44 VA ?Sallie SNEAD, b. 1844/45 VA Benjamin W. SNEAD, b. 1806/07? VA; Fluvanna Co. 1850 sp--Elizabeth ____, b. 1801/02 VA Cornelius P. SNEAD, b. 1829/30 VA, m. 1851 Fluvanna, VA sp--Helen WINN Thomas W. (Or N.) SNEAD, b. 1831/32 VA, m. 1853 Fluvanna, VA sp--Frances Jane PETTIT John P. SNEAD, b. 1833/34 VA Tucker R. SNEAD, b. 1835/36 VA Philip B. SNEAD, b. 1837/38 VA Gideon S. SNEAD, b. 1839/40 VA Walker G. SNEAD, b. 1841/42 VA Eliz. E. SNEAD, b. 1845/46 VA ?Pleasant A. SNEAD (see below) Elizabeth SNEAD, b. 1814/15 VA Robert P. SNEAD, b. 1816/17 VA sp (1)--____ Sarah C. SNEAD, b. 1839/40 VA Lucinda J. SNEAD, b. 1841/42 VA Willie G. SNEAD (f), b. 1843/44 VA William C. SNEAD, b. 1845/46 VA Elizabeth SNEAD, b. 1847/48 VA Robert W. SNEAD, b. 12-1849 VA sp--Mary E. J. ____, b. 1825/26 VA (?John-William-Robert-Pleasant?) ?Pleasant A. SNEAD, b. 1814 VA sp--Elizabeth L. THOMAS, b. 1815 VA (brother Anderson?) Robert A. SNEAD, b. 1834 VA sp--Pocahontas CLOUDIS Ocella Cinderella ("Olie") SNEAD sp--John KAY Roberta Lillian ("Bertie") KAY sp--Oscar Wiley ("Wiley") TROUT Alice Susan Mae TROUT sp--Charles Albert KNOUSE Charles Allison KNOUSE sp--Iris Christine EHRENREICH John Arthur KNOUSE sp--Elizabeth Lynn FREY Elizabeth Alice KNOUSE Rachel Vivian KNOUSE I looking for my g grandfather's family. Benjamin W. Snead was born Apr. 1849 in KY, county unknown. His father was from VA and his mother was from TN. He was married to Mary G. (last name unknown) who was born in NC. He moved to IL until early 1880s MO for awhile and ended up in TX. in the mid 1880s. He was in Hopkins Co. Tx for the 1900 census. Thanks for any help Would like to correspond with anyone having ties to my husband's Snead line: Alexander>Jacob>William m. Catherine Sharpe>Charles>Mary Gilliam>Jacob m. Mary Franklin>Andrew Jackson m. Martha Godsey>Walker Jackson m. Delia Bell>Kenneth Grayson m. Nell Sprott>Mary m. Charles Boger. Also descended from Jacob and Mary Franklin Snead through their daughter Rozena m. Fleming Phillips>Isabelle Phillips m. John Francis Bell>Delia Bell m. Walker Jackson Snead. Family from Henrico and Hanover Cos from 17th century on. Followups: Robert SNEED sp--Lucinda ?BECKS Achilles (Arkillis) SNEED, b. c. 1830 Albemarle Co, VA; d. 12-30-1907 Lane, KS; m. 10-14-1858 Lewis Co, VA sp--Mary Belle ELLIS, b. 1831 Albemarle Co, VA; d. 12-17-1880 Miami Co, KS (d/o Thomas and Polly ELLIS) Lucy J. SNEED, b. 10-30-1860 Lewis Co, VA Olivia Winifred SNEED, b. 10-16-1862 lewis Co, WV; d. 4-8-1949 Nampa, ID sp--David Francis KEITH J. Frank SNEED, b. 12-25-1867 Lewis Co, WV Henrietta B. SNEED, b. 3-20-1870 Charlotteville, VA; d. 7-27-1952 ID; m. 1-3-1893 Lane, Franklin Co, KS sp--Robert Allen NEWHOUSE Mabel Pearl SNEED, b. 5-14-1873; d. Washington, DC Alexander SNEED, m. 1-11-1793 Caroline Co, VA; d. 1818 Mercer Co, KY sp--Susannah ("Sukey") SNEED Martha ("Patsy") SNEED, m. 9-19-1797/99 Caroline Co, VA sp--Harrison MUNDAY Sarah ("Sally") SNEED, m. 1-5-1813 Mercer Co, KY sp--John D. BROWN Benjamin SNEED, b. VA; d. 1781 Caroline Co., VA sp--Mary COLEMAN (rem. Thomas AYERS) Susanna SNEED, m. 8-17-1787 Caroline Co., VA sp--Carter BLANTON Jane SNEED sp--Rev. John SCOTT Samuel Coleman SNEED, d. 1823 Owen Co., KY; m. 9-30-1797 Caroline Co., VA sp--Mary ("Polly") DANIEL Fanny SNEED, m. 1821 Owen Co., KY sp--James CHURMAN Jane SNEED, m. 1818 Gallatin Co., KY sp--James SNAPE Betsy SNEED, m. 1824 Owen Co., KY sp--Francis MOORE William SNEED sp--?Nancy MUNDAY James SNEDD Susan SNEED Mary SNEED sp--Thomas DANIEL Elizabeth SNEED, b. 1760 VA, d. 1845 KY sp--Samuel SALE Nancy Ann SNEED sp--John ELLISTON Israel SNEED, d. 11-27-1787 Caroline Co, VA sp--Mary CRUTCHER (d/o Thomas CRUTCHER) William SNEED, d. 1827 Landon SNEED, b. 1770; d. 1847; m(1) 1807 Franklin Co., KY; m(2) 1823 Franklin Co., KY sp(1)--Nancy EIDSON sp(2)--Eliza GIBSON Achilles SNEED, b. 1772; d. 1825; m. 1800 Franklin Co., KY sp--Sarah ("Sally") STEWART Eliza SNEED, m. 12-1822 Franklin Co., KY sp--Dr. Luke MUNSELL Maria H. SNEED, m(1) 12-1819 Franklin Co., KY sp(1)--Richard BLANTON sp(2)--A. CHURCHILL Louisa SNEED, m. 1824 Franklin Co., KY sp--Dr. Bryan R. YOUNG Sarah Ann SNEED, m(1) 6-29-1826 Franklin Co., KY sp(1) Orville B. MARTIN Julia F. SNEED, m. 11-1829 Franklin Co., KY sp--Richard H. SOUTHGATE Thomas SNEED William SNEED

south central virginia

1--Samuel SNEAD (Virginia Colony in 1635) (may have had son jacob, above?)
  2--William SNEAD
    3--Charles SNEAD
    3--Zachariah SNEED, b. 1726 Henrico Co, VA; m. 1764 Henrico Co, VA
     sp--Martha Patsy NANCE
      4--Elizabeth SNEED, b. 1768 Pittsylvania Co, VA
      4--Zachariah SNEED, b. 1770 Pittsylvania Co, VA
      4--John SNEED, b. 4-3-1773 Pittsylvania Co, VA
      4--Alexander SNEED, b. 1776 Pittsylvania Co, VA; m. 3-19-1796 ?Pittsylvania Co, VA
       sp--Elizabeth JONES
    3--William SNEAD
    3--Robert SNEAD
     sp(1)--Elizabeth LUCAS
      4--Frances SNEAD
      4--Robert SNEAD
      4--Jane SNEAD
      4--Charles SNEAD, d. 4-30-1727; m(2) 1-7-1711
        5--John SNEAD, b. 1-7-1707; d. 9-15-1780
        5--Thomas SNEAD, b. 12-21-1708
       sp(2)--Catherine WEST, d. 2-19-1750 (d/o Lt. Col. John WEST and Matilda ____)
        5--Huldah SNEAD, b. 3-1-1712; d. 4-30-1713
        5--Charles SNEAD, b. 8-26-1714; d. 2-18-1720
        5--John SNEAD, b. 2-3-1715; d. 1777
         sp--Scarborough SCOTT
          6--Charles SNEAD, b. 12-26-1741
          6--John SNEAD, b. 3-10-1743; d. 3-23-1777
           sp--____ SCARBOROUGH
          6--Anne SNEAD, b. 9-1-1746 Accomack Co, VA
          6--Mary SNEAD, b. 12(9?)-25-1749 Accomack Co, VA
          6--Thomas SNEAD, b. 11-28-1752 Accomack Co, VA; d. 3-20-1787; m. 5-25-1785 Accomack Co, VA
           sp--Mary WEST (d/o John WEST and Matilda SCARBURGH)
            7--John Smith SNEAD, b. 1786; d. 1840; m. 1817
             sp--Martha Ann POSTLETHWAITE, b. 1799; d. 1848
              8--Thomas SNEAD, b. 1818; d. 1854; m. 1841
               sp--Fayette RAPHAEL
              8--Charles Scott SNEAD, b. 1820; d. 1903; m. 1842
               sp--Martha Wolfe RAPHAEL
              8--Mary Scott SNEAD, b. 1822; d. 1858; m. 1851
               sp--T. P. Atticus BIBB
              8--Samuel Postlethwaite SNEAD, b. 1827
              8--John Postlethwaite SNEAD, b. 1829; d. 1832
              8--Sarah Elizabeth SNEAD, b. 1831
              8--Emily Frances SNEAD, b. 1832; d. 1836
              8--Martha Ann SNEAD, b. 1836
              8--Sidney Anderson SNEAD, b. 1837; d. 1838
              8--John Smith SNEAD, b. 1840
          6--Catherine SNEAD, b. 7-25-1756 Accomack Co, VA
          6--Scarborough SNEAD, b. 11-23-1758 Accomack Co, VA; m. 3-22-1785 Accomack Co, VA; d.
           sp--Garret TOPPING
          6--Tully SNEAD, b. 7-10-1763; m. 1794 Accomack Co, VA
           sp--Rosetta Ann OLDHAM
            7--George Fredrick SNEAD, b. 9-22-1799 Accomack Co, VA; m. 7-4-1831 Accomack Co, VA
             sp--Henritta Waddy SNEED (d/o Thomas SNEED and Ann WADDY)
        5--Smith SNEAD, b. 1-13-1718
         sp--?Rosanna ____
          6--?Sally SNEAD
          6--?Charles SNEAD
          6--?Smith SNEAD
        5--Charles SNEAD, b. 11-13-1723; d. 2-23-1724
      4--John SNEAD
      4--Mary SNEAD
      4--Catherine SNEAD
      4--Ann SNEAD

Pleasant SNEAD, m. 11-5-1794 Charlotte Co., VA
 sp--Betsey A. FOSTER
  ?Gabriel SNEAD, b. 1802 VA
   sp--Sophia ____, b. 1809 Va
    James SNEAD, b. 1830 VA
    George SNEAD, b. 1833 VA
    Elizabeth SNEAD, b. 1837 VA
    Mary SNEAD, b. 1841 VA
    Vincent SNEAD, b. 1843 VA
    Henry SNEAD, b. 1846 VA

Henderson SNEAD, b. 3-13-1797 VA; d. 3-31-1891 AL
  Logan H. SNEAD, b. 1827; d. 1904; m. 1848
   sp--Dicy A. BEASON
  Chestina SNEAD, m. 9-3-1847
   sp--Elijah PAYNE
  Elizabeth SNEAD, b. 1831; d. 1927; m. 1848
   sp--John MAULDIN
  John SNEAD, b. 1833
  Isaac SNEAD, b. 1835
  Mildred SNEAD, b. 1837
  Ambrose H. SNEAD, b. 3-20-1839 Halifax? Co, VA; d. 4-15-1918 Jerrerson Co, AL; m. 5-3-1865 Jefferson Co,
   sp--Catherine THOMPSON

western virginia

John SNEED, d. 1815 Patrick Co., VA (brother James and Abraham?)
 sp--Nancy ____
  William SNEED
  Richard SNEED
  John SNEED
  Samuel SNEED
  Patsey SNEED
   sp--____ JAMES
  Judith SNEED, d. 9-1-1813; m. 5-6-1800
   sp--Samuel PACKWOOD, Jr.
  Nancy SNEED
   sp--____ CARTER
  Janey SNEED
   sp--____ CARTER

Richard SNEED
 sp--Nancy MURRELL
  Thomas SNEED, b. 1-15-1775 Patrick Co., VA; d. 10-6-1832
   sp--Cynthia PENN, b. 1731; d. 7-9-1858 Sonoma, CA
    Abraham SNEED, b. 12-8-1798
    John SNEED, b. 8-8-1800
     sp--Annie RICH (11 children)
    Leatha SNEED, b. 9-12-1802; d. 7-6-1893
     sp--____ AKERS
    Wiley SNEED, b. 11-6-1804 VA; d. 1872 Napa Co., CA; m. Cass Co., MO
    Richard SNEED, b. 12-27-1806 Patrick Co., VA; d. 4-22-1890 Sonoma, Ca; m. 2-1-1835 Cass Co., MO
     sp--Sara Ann LYON
      Ann Elizabeth SNEED, b. Cass Co., MO
       sp--Richard Lee PATTON
      Parilee SNEED, b. 1838 Cass Co., MO; m. 11-3-1853 Sonoma Co., CA
       sp--D. O. SHATTUCK, Jr.
      Thomas Jefferson SNEED, b. 1841 Cass Co., MO; d. 7-1-1895 Santa Barbara Co., CA; m(1) 6-2-1875 Lake
Co., CA
       sp(1)--Susan Mary WHITE
       sp(2)--Sonora Ann McGEE
      Peter Slater SNEED, b. 1846 Cass Co., MO
    Thomas SNEED, b. 2-15-1808
    Jefferson SNEED, b. 2-28-1810; d. Wilson Co., TN
     sp--Lacy RICH (8 children)
    William SNEED, b. 6-29-1812
    Landery SNEED, b. 1-6-1818

northern virginia

  Sarah ("Sally") SNEED, d. 1825; m(2) 1808
   sp(1)--Thomas SNEED
   sp(2)--____ BARTLETT
  John SNEED, m. 1802 Nelson Co., KY
   sp--Elizabeth CRUTCHER
  Fielding SNEED, d. 1795 Woodford Co., KY; m. 9-1794 Culpeper Co., VA
   sp--Elizabeth CRUTCHER
  Elizabeth SNEED, m. 1-25-1800 Mercer Co., KY
   sp--Robert LEWIS

states other than virginia

William SNEED, b. 1773?; d. Carroll Co., AR; m. 120-27-1798 Greene Co., KY
 sp--Keziah GRAHAM, d. Carroll Co., AR
  Charles SNEED, b. 1801? KY; d. 2-8-1865 Carroll Co., AR
   sp--Jane COKER, d. 1878
    William R. SNEED, b. 3-23-1837 Carroll Co, AR; m. 2-14-1869 Madison Co, AR
     sp--Melrose McCRACKEN (d/o Ewing McCRACKEN)
      Charles ("Charley") SNEED, b. 1874
      William ("Willie") SNEED, b. 1885
  William SNEED, b. 1821 AR
   sp--Giney ____, b. 1820 GA
    Keziah SNEED, b. 1838 Osage, Carroll Co, AR
     sp--James VAN WINKLE
    Sarah SNEED, b. 1842 Osage, Carroll Co, AR
    Anderson SNEED, b. 1843 Osage, Carroll Co, AR; m. 11-6-1884
     sp--Sallie MOORE
    Berry SNEED, b. 1848 Osage, Carroll Co, AR; m. 11-20-1869
     sp--Malissa GLOVER
    Mary SNEED, b. 1850 Osage, Carroll Co, AR
  Samuel SNEED, b. 1816 KY
   sp--Permelia ____, b. 1822 AL
    Richison SNEED, b. 1838 AR
    Peter SNEED, b. 1840 AR
    William SNEED, b. 1842 AR
    Mary J. SNEED, b. 1846 AR
    Sebron SNEED, b. 1848 AR
Thomas SNEED
  Sarah K. SNEED, b. 1834 Franklin Co, KY; d. 10-1852

Harrison E. SNEAD, b. 4-27-1835 VA; d. 3-8-1906 Lincoln Co, MO; m. 1-17-1856 Lincoln Co, MO
 sp--Miranda FRENCH, b. 9-11-1837 KY; d. 7-26-1897 Lincoln Co, MO (d/o ?James FRENCH)
  Elizabeth J. SNEAD, b. 1857; d. 1-1927
   sp--William W. MITCHELL
  Benjamin Todd SNEAD, b. 6-22-1861 MO; d. 8-19-1933 MO; m. 9-4-1890
   sp--Mary Jane WHALEN

William H. SNEAD, b. 10-27-1813 GA; d. 12-10-1883 LA; m(2) 8-25-1844 Randolph Co, GA
 sp(1)--?Caroline SCOGGINS
  Martha A. SNEAD, b. ?1839 GA
  William M. SNEAD, b. ?1841; m. 1865 Prienville, LA
   sp--Mrs. S.? E. WHITE
 sp(2)--Harriett GODURIN, b. 5-19-1826 NC; d. 2-1-1908 LA
  David Taylor SNEAD, b. 12-8-1845 Randolph, GA; d. 12-15-1893 ?TX; m. 1-13-1867 Prienville, LA
   sp--Dora Augusta HORN
  Alfred Judson SNEAD, b. 9-5-1848 Prienville, LA; d. 8-3-1925 Red River, LA; m. 8-15-1871 Prienville, LA
   sp--Mary Alice GARNER
  Henry Clay SNEAD, b. 8-29-1852 Prienville, LA; d. 10-23-1912 Red River, LA; m. 6-7-1871 LA
   sp--Lucy Frances HARRIS
  Sarah SNEAD, b. ?1855
  Lucy SNEAD, b. ?1860
  William SNEAD, b. ?1864
  Harriett SNEAD, b. ?1867

Samuel SNEED, d. Anson Co, NC; m. 4-15-1730
 sp--Temperance BUFORD
  Israel SNEAD, b. 1-26-17??; d. 1788 Richmond Co, NC
    Hanly SNEAD
    Solomon SNEAD
    John SNEAD
    Kessiah SNEAD
     sp--William WATKINS
    Ann SNEAD
     sp--____ DIGGS
    Frances SNEAD
     sp--____ HUSBANDS
    Martha SNEAD
     sp--____ COLE
  ?____ SNEAD
    ?Daniel SNEAD, b. 11-5-1752
    ?Amy or Ann SNEAD, b. 3-4-1755
    ?David SNEAD, b. 10-5-1757
    ?Katherine ("Caty") SNEAD, b. 1-14-1760
    ?Phillip Buford SNEAD, b. 10-29-1762
    ?Patty SNEAD, b. 10-10-1764
    ?Betty SNEAD, b. 2-18-1767
    ?William SNEAD, b. 3-13-1770
  Samuel SNEAD, b. 1709; m. 1732 Orange Co, VA
   sp--Ruth DUDLEY
    Dudley SNEAD, b. 1736 Orange Co, VA
    Sarah SNEAD, b. 1741 Hanover Co, VA; m. 1758 Hanover Co, VA
     sp--John STRONG
    Stephen SNEAD, b. 1751 Orange Co, VA

James B. SNEED, b. Mar. Garrard Co, KY; d. 1894 Moline, IL
  Frank SNEED
  Minta SNEAD

Jacob B. SNEAD, b. 1818 TN; d. ?1855; m. 1-12-1841 Edgar Co, IL
 sp--Mahala ROGERS, b. 3-17-1822 Fayette Co, OH; d. 4-22-1904 Vigo Co, IN
  William SNEAD, b. 1844 Edgar Co, IL
  Henry SNEAD, b. 1850 Edgar Co, IL
  Martha Jane SNEAD, b. 1846 Edgar Co, IL
   sp--Joseph Erastus STARR
  Mary Ellen SNEAD, B. 1847

 sp--Maud BURCH (d/o Albinis H. BURCH and Eliza WILLIAMS)
  Claudine SNEED
   sp--J. Carl FLEMING
  Corine SNEED

  Peter Lafayette SNEED, b. 1836 Carroll Co, AR
   sp--?Nancy ____, b. ?1836 TN
    Martha Elli SNEED, b. 1855 Osage, Carroll Co, AR
    Sabry SNEED, b. 1856 Osage, Carroll Co, AR
    Nancy S. SNEED, b. 1856 Osage, Carroll Co, AR
    Robert N. SNEED, b. 1858 Osage, Carroll Co, AR
    Isora F. SNEED, b. 1860 Osage, Carroll Co, AR
    Elizabeth SNEED, b. 1863 Osage, Carroll Co, AR

Capt. Thomas H. SNEED, b. 1801 VA
 sp--Sophronia ____, b. 1811 KY
  Affiah M. D. SNEED, b. 1838 Mercer Co, KY; m(1) 9-23-1858 Mercer Co, KY
   sp(1)--James H. MUNDAY, b. Garrard Co, KY
   sp(2)--Jeremiah COBB
  Mary SNEED, b. 1849 KY

Sebe SNEED, b. KY
 sp--Mary Jane HARLOW, b. France
  Uretha SNEED, b. 12-6-1878 Caldwell, Ray Co, MO; d. 7-29-1938 Pueblo, CO; m. 3-25-1896
   sp--William K. RICHARDSON

John Thomas SNEED, mb 9-8-1798 Green Co, KY
 sp--Mecca Isabel GRAHAM
  Sebron Graham SNEED, b. 1-15-1802 Green Co, KY; d. 4-19-1879 TX; m. 1-22-1824
   sp--Marinda ADKINS

 sp--Martha ____
  Mary S. SNEAD, b. 1824 Lexington, Fayette Co, KY; d. 8-6-1859 Franklin Co, KY
   sp--____ BIBB

Thomas P. SNEED, b. 10-26-1822 TN; d. 12-9-1878 Barry Co, MO; m. 8-14-1842 Franklin Co, TN
 sp--Frances M. TALLIFERRO, b. 10-29-1823 VA; d. 5-1-1902 Noel, McDonald Co, MO
  Harriet E. SNEED, b. ?1844 TN; m. 9-9-1858 Barry Co, MO
   sp--James M. CORNELIUS
  Nancy D. SNEED, b. ?1845 TN; m. 7-12-1860 Barry Co, MO
  Mary Jane SNEED, b. ?1847 TN; m. 9-17-1868 Barry Co, MO
   sp--Thomas B. HOWERTON
  Happy Sarah SNEED, b. 2-1850 Barry Co, MO; d. 1902 Noel, McDonald Co, MO; m. 8-11-1869 Barry Co, MO
   sp--Francis Marion HOWERTON
    (10 children)
  William Talliferro (Toliver) SNEED, b. ?1852 MO; bur Stroud, OK
   sp--Nancy Francis HARROLD
  C. Safronia SNEED, b. ?1855 MO
   sp--____ COOK
  Theodosia SNEED, b. ?1857 mo
   sp--C. D. FLY
  James Thomas ("Tom") SNEED, b. 6-22-1860 MO; d. 1-2-1936 Grandy, Newton Co, MO; ni
   sp--Betty ____
  John Franklin SNEED, b. 4-30-1868 Barry Co, MO; d. 2-8-1925 Carney, Lincoln Co, OK; m. 1901 Jasper Co,
   sp--Margaret Ellen STEPHENSON

John SNEAD, m. bef. 1831 VA?
 sp--Amelia CHANDLER (d/o Mitchell CHANDLER)

Charles SNEAD, Captain in Rev. War
  Edward S. SNEAD
  Salley SNEAD
   sp--____ WINDER
   sp--____ WILKINS
    Mary E. WILKINS

Robert SNEAD, Surgeon in Rev. War (bro. Robert?)
  John W. SNEAD--OH/PA?
   sp--Leah ____

Isaac SNEAD, m. bef. 1831
 sp--Anna BONWELL (s/o Southey BONWELL)

Thomas SNEAD
 sp--Katherine ____, d. 3-1710/11 (m(1) Thomas BOURNE, m(2) Richard GREGORY, m(3) Thomas SNEAD)

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John Sneed b.1793 in Virginia m.Polly Ann from Kentucky, moved to Missouri. Descendant John Haley Sneed b.1853 in Macon Co.MO m.Ida May McKimmey moved to Drain, Oregon. I have biographical information on some relatives, and would love to share info and connections, Bonnie Higgins Descendants of John SNEED 1 John SNEED 1793 - .. +Polly Ann (SNEED) 1782 - ......... 2 Andrew J. SNEED ............. +Mary E. JOHNSON ......... 2 Martha SNEED ............. +John CROSS ......... 2 Henry J. James SNEED 1819 - 1902 ............. +Martha Elizabeth ANDREWS 1826 - .................... 3 Mary Jane SNEED ........................ +B.J. SHACKLEFORD .................... 3 Fannie E. SNEED ........................ +S.N. WISDOM .................... 3 Margaret Elizabeth SNEED 1849 - 1925 ........................ +Absolom ROSS .................... 3 John Haley SNEED 1853 - 1932 ........................ +Ida May MCKIMMEY 1856 - 1897 .................... 3 Martha Anne (Mattie) SNEED 1855 - 1938 ........................ +William J. BODDY .................... 3 Sarah Elizabeth SNEED 1856 - ........................ +Waitman BODDY .................... 3 William Samuel SNEED 1865 - 1934 ........................ +Mary Joe BLAKE .................... 3 Bell SNEED 1866 - ......... 2 Hezekiah SNEED 1820 - ............. +Polly Ann WILSON ......... 2 Emaline (Emily) SNEED 1831 - ............. +Allen GREEN John H. Sneed (b. ca. 1816) married Sarah Ann "Sallie" Jones (b. ca. 1813) on 22 JAN 1835 in Charlotte Co., VA. an later settled in Halifax Co., VA. Anyone have a clue as to whom John H. Sneed belonged? Joanie, Thank you so much for your response. I think you may have something related to my Snead family. The information I have on Benjamin Edward Snead is as follows: He was b. May 13, (1923?), near Richmond, VA., m. Caroline Armstrong in Washington County, Arkansas, on April 22, 1847, and d. Dec 15, 1904, possibly in Crawford County, AR. Caroline Armstrong b. about 1824 possibly near Nashville, TN, and d. March 7, 1907, possibly in Crawford County, AR. Their children: Priscilla E. b. about Aug 1850 possibly in AR; Harrison E. b. about 1851 possibly in AR,and m. Evaline T. ?; Caswell Thomas (my g-grandfather) b. Oct 29, 1853, possibly in AR, m. Martha Ellen Wilson and d. Jan 23, 1941 in Cleveland County, OK; James C. b. about 1855 possibly in AR, m. Mary Harris July 31, 1879; Ann A. (or Ann L.?) b. about 1858 possibly in AR; Benjamin E. (Jr.?) b. about 1862, possibly AR, m. America A. Scales Dec 17, 1884; George Albert b. Dec 24, 1865 in Joplin, MO, m. Sally Ovilene Byrum Mar 6, 1887, in Van Buren, Crawford County,AR, Mar 6, 1887, d. Dec 27, 1948 in Ft. Smith, AR. Could your Harrison E. be a brother to my Benjamin Edward? I would sure appreciate any information. I have been at a standstill with Benjamin Edward Snead for years! Lorna