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Trout Families Not Placed Elsewhere

This page was last revised on 8-7-1998.

I have as yet been unable to connect these groups to the rest of the Trouts:
John W. TROUT, b. 1776 PA; d. 1861
 sp--Hester ("Hattie") PURCELL, b. 1802 NJ (Fairfield, OH 1850; d/o Peter PURCELL)
  Horatio Gates TROUT, b. 1830 PA (Fairfield, OH 1850)
   sp--Ruth CARD, b. 1832 NY (Fairfield, OH 1850)
    Randolph TROUT
    Sarah Amelia TROUT
    Ella TROUT
    Julia Frances TROUT
    Rev. William W. TROUT, b. 7-2-1858 PA; m. 8-6-1884
     sp--Jesse REECE, b. OH (d/o James REECE and Eliza McKENNEY)
      Marion TROUT, b. 4-10-1886
      Horatio Gates TROUT, b. 1-29-1888
    Mary TROUT
    Abbie TROUT
    (child) TROUT
  Christian TROUT, b. 1833 PA (Fairfield, OH 1850)
  Abraham TROUT, b. 1834 PA (Fairfield, OH 1850)

Joseph? TROUT
  David TROUT, b. 12-4-1780; d. 2-5-1868 Clark Co, OH
  Abraham TROUT, b. 1784 Franklin Co, VA; d. 12-12-1863 Johnson Co, IN
   sp--Mary ("Polly") LAW
  Susanna TROUT
   sp--Joseph PICKLESIMER
  Joseph Marion TROUT, b. 1778?

Isaac TROUT, b. 1861; d. 1945; m. 5-24-1883 Vinton Co., OH
 sp--Maggie HURLEY
     Virgil, Floyd, George, Ethel, Stella, Octa

John TROUTT, b. 1788 VA
  Margaret TROUTT, b. 1815 TN
  Meredith TROUTT, b. 1816 TN; m. 12-27-1834 Sumner Co, TN
   sp--Anne KLEIN (CLINE)
    George TROUTT
    Michael TROUTT
    Elijah TROUTT
    James TROUTT
    Henry TROUTT
    Vincent TROUTT
  Addison TROUTT, b. 1820 TN
   sp--Tabitha ____
  Michael TROUTT, b. 1821 TN
   sp--Mary ____
 sp(2)--Lucy ____, b. 1808 TN
  William C. TROUTT, b. 1849 IL

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This page was last revised on 8-7-1998.