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8--?Thomas CLOUDAS, b. 12-14-1850 Monticello, Lewis, MO (may be Thomas R., son of
Thomas M.)
8--?Frances CLOUDAS, b. 11-21-1851 Monticello, Lewis, MO
8--?Richard CLOUDAS, b. 2-24-1853 Pekin, IL
8--George CLOUDAS, b. 1858 MO
8--?James CLOUDAS, b. 2-6-1859 Pekin, IL
8--?Harry CLOUDAS, b. 9-27-1866 Pekin, IL

Cenay CLOUDIS, m. 11-25-1877 Livingston, MO
 sp--William R. MAY

Ambus CLOUDUS, m. 9-8-1866 Marshall, MS
 sp--Judie BAYLIS

Elsie CLOWDUS, m. 9-22-1857 Blount, AL
 sp--William JONES

Mark Meridian CLOWDUS
 sp--Mary Belle WILKINSON
     Gloyd Thomas CLOWDUS, b. 9-21-1924 Roseville, CA; m. 5-23-1953
      sp--Dolores Laverne STADLER
       Richard CLOWDUS
       Paul CLOWDUS

Harold W. CROWDES, Jr.
 sp--Anita Jane LARSON, b. 3-28-1938, McPherson, KS

Walter Cary CROWDUS
 sp--Lois Margell HUSS
     Clark CROWDUS, b. 4-17-1949 Highland Park, IL; m(1) 8-7-1974; div. 2-1979; m(2)
6-2-1979; NI?
      sp(1)--Marilyn Ann YAUORNIK
      sp(2)--Jeannine LUECKER

Delia CLOWDIS, b. 2-1874 AL (Fresno, CA 1900)

Constance CLAUDIS, b. 1879 CA (San Francisco, CA 1910)

G. CLAUDES, b. 1880 MT (San Francisco, CA 1910)

Naoimi CLOWDIS, b. 1890 WA (Fresno, CA 1910)

M. Buttry CLAUDAS, b. 1886 AR (Washington, AR 1910)
 sp--Cora E., b. 1888 KS
     Nora A. CLAUDES, b. AR

Mary CROWDERS, m. 1-1-1903 Washington, KY
 sp--Taylor DAVIS

John ("Jack") CLOWDIS, b. ca. 1891; m. 7-1-1939
 sp--Clara Minerva JORGENSEN, b. 12-8-1891 Lake View, Provo, UT (prev. married to 1. Perry 
       MILLER; 2. Stanley        COWDEN; remarried 4. Frank FURTADO; 5. Perry MILLER; d/o
       Johannas JORGENSEN and Eve Katrine 

7--?Edward CROWDIS, b. 1835 VA
7--?Adelia , b. 1839 VA
 sp--William L. PEASLEY, b. 1824 VA
  8--Mary S. PEASLEY, b. 1856 VA
  8--Adelia A. PEASLEY, b. 1858 VA

Charles Wilburn CLOWDIS
 sp--Margaret May ROBINSON
  Charles Wilburn CLOWDIS, b. 9-5-1944 Lafayette, GA; m. 6-17-1972
   sp--Anita L. JONES

John L. CLAUDIS, b. 1820; d. 11-24-1854 Mobile, AL

Charles B. CROWDUS, b. 1901 KY (Elizabeth City, VA 1920--in army)

George W. CROWDES, b. 1864 VA (Grayson, VA 1920)
 sp--Malinda ____, b. 1880 VA
     Maggie CROWDES, b. 1898 VA
     William CROWDES, b. 1900 VA
     Ada CROWDES, b. 1902 VA
     Florence CROWDES, b. 1905 VA
     Pearl CROWDES, b. 1908 VA
     ____ CROWDES
      sp--William ALLEY, b. 1899 VA

 sp--Edward JONES
     Lucia C. JONES, b. 5-9-1902 Denver, Denver, CO

John W. CROWDIS, consent for m. 12-18-1854
 sp--Mary C. WALKER

 sp--Julina CREWS
     Evan CROWDUS, b. 12-24-1875 Marion, KY

 sp--Essie BEAN, b. 1897 KY (d/o William BEAN) (McLean, KY 1920)
     Alta CROWDES, b. 1925 KY (McLean, KY 1920)

Will CROWDUS?, m. 9-10-1901 Marion, KY
 sp--Neltie DOUGLASS

John CROWDUS, b. Allen, KY
 sp--T. P. GAINS, b. Warren, KY
     William D. CROWDUS, b. 4-9-1875 Simpson, KY

Teresa CROWDUS, d. 5-1959 Union, KY; bur St. Ann's Cem., Union, KY

Millard Y. CROWDUS, b. 8-18-1884; d. 10-5-1936 Simpson, KY; bur Salem Cem., Simpson,
Willie L. Taylor CROWDUS, b. 1-19-1863; d. 2-24-1889 Simpson, KY; bur Salem Cem.,
Simpson, KY

Mary E. CROWDUS, b. 1-1844 (Daviess, 1920)

James N. CROWLIS, b. 1822 AL (Ray, MO 1850-375)
 sp--Emily ____, b. 1828 NC
     Daniel CROWLIS, b. 1849 MO
     Samuel CROWLIS, b. 5-1850 MO

Monteray CROWDUS, b. 7-1849 KY (Simpson 1900)
     Sallie CROWDUS, b. 4-1870 KY
     Janie CROWDUS, b. 6-1879 KY

M. D. CROWDES, b. 1877 KY (Logan, KY 1910)
 sp--May M. ____, b. 1882 KY
     Leola D. CROWDES, b. 1906 KY

Richard HUGHES
 sp--Mahaley WILLIAMS
     Cissly CROWDES, b. 2-6-1863?; d. 9-22-1917 Smith Mills, Henderson, KY
      sp--____ CROWDES

Charles G. CROWDES, MD, b. Rosine, KY
 sp--Norma L. BROWN, b. ?Charlestown, KY
     Charles Thomas CROWDES, b. 10-5-1912; d. 7-31-1913 McHenry, Ohio, KY

Lee CROWDES (may be son)
 sp--Ann UTLEY, d. 12-25-1919 Corydon, Henderson, KY (d/o Royal UTLEY and ____

George CROUDACE, 39, came to Illinois 1886
Milicent CLOWDS came to VA 1721

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