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I believe that the Clowdus family is part and parcel of the Cloudas family, and previously included it with them, believing that George, Harper's presumed father, was the son of George Clowdis of Charlotte County, Virginia. The family story

The John Clawdes of Mississippi, assumed to be Harper's brother, is a problematical one, because so few records exist; many of the assumptions made are inferred from rather loose circumstantial evidence, and through a process of elimination. John Clawdes shows up in Mississippi in 1820, then is not again to be found. A couple of mysterious marriage records of Cloudas women show up in Mobile in 1828; they are believed to be the marriage of a daughter and the remarriage of John's wife (they're both named Mary but clearly different individuals) then nothing until George and John Cloudis show up in 1850/1860. George and the second John were related, as demonstrated by sharing a burial plot in the cemetery. They were both riverboat captains on the Tombigbee River in Alabama.


In the descendancy, b=born, c=christened, d=died, m=married, mb=marriage bond (where the actual marriage date isn't known), bur=buried, dy=died young, nm=never married, ni=no issue (no descendants). Names with question marks in front mean that the individuals are only conjectured to be the descendant or spouse, the relationship being more likely than any other known. Question marks after a name mean that the spelling of the name is uncertain.


Generation One

I-1. George CLOWDAS
Abbeville, SC 1790
born: bef. 1770
died: 1797/1800
sp: ?Elizabeth
II-1. ____ CLOWDUS (may have been Mary)
II-2. Betsie CLOWDUS
II-5. Harper W. CLOWDUS

Generation Two

II-1.____ CLOWDUS (may have been Mary)
married: 1800
sp: John BYNUM
born: 1775
III-111. Martha BYNUM, b. 1821; d. 1890; nm, NI
Wiley BYNUM (1896-1840)
III-13. George BYNUM, b. 1825?; dy; nm, NI
III-14. John BYNUM, b. 1827; d. 1835; nm, NI
III-15. Watson BYNUM, b. 1840; d. 1841/1842; nm, NI

II-2. Betsie CLOWDUS
sp: Barnett ELLIS

Jackson, MS 1820
born: 1775/95
sp: ?Mary Ann C. ____
?rem. John DEMAREST, 12-29-1828 Mobile, AL
born: 1775/95
III-41. ?George W. CLOUDIS (1811-1864)
III-42. ?John L. CLOUDIS (1820-1854)

II-5. Harper W. CLOWDUS
Pendleton, SC 1820; Blount, AL 1830, 1840, 1850, 1860
born: 1798 SC
sp: Mary ("Polly") MURPHREE
d/o Daniel MURPHREE
born: 1800/01 SC
III-51. Elizabeth ("Eliza") CLOWDUS (1816/21-)
III-53. Ellis CLOWDUS (1822-)
III-54. Sarah ("Sally") CLOWDUS (1825-)
III-55. Daniel CLOWDUS (1829/30-)
III-56. William Redwine ("Pepper"?) CLOWDUS (1827/30- )
III-57. Mary Elizabeth CLOWDUS (1832-)
III-58. Selia (or Cealia) Ann E. CLOWDUS (1834-)
III-59. Martha CLOWDUS (1836-)
III-5A. Stephen CLOWDUS, b. 1838/1839 AL (Blount, AL 1860)
III-5B. Catharine CLOWDUS, b. 1840 AL

Generation Three

III-12. Wiley BYNUM
died: 1896
married: 1840
sp: Rebecca REID
IV-121. Lafayette BYNUM (1847-)
IV-122. Jasper BYNUM (1849-1913)
IV-123. Joel BYNUM (1850-)
IV-124. Rocksie BYNUM(-1900)
IV-125. Elias BYNUM (1856-1885?)
IV-126. John BYNUM, b. 1856; d. 1871/1872; nm, NI
IV-127. George BYNUM (1862-1890)
IV-128. Carrie BYNUM (1865-)
IV-129. Tuma BYNUM (1866-)
IV-12A. Oakley BYNUM (1871-)

III-41. ?George W. CLOUDIS
Mobile, AL 1850, 1860
born: 1811 MS
died: 5-29-1864 Mobile, AL
buried: Magnolia Cem, Mobile, AL
married: 10-31-1840 Mobile, AL
sp: Janet RUSE (or RUOW)
born: 1815/1820 England
IV-411. Georgia Ann (Georgiana?) CLOUDIS (1841- 1871)
IV-412. Louisa L. CLOUDIS, b. 5-17-1844; d. 8-3-1849 KY; bur Magnolia Cem, Mobile, AL
IV-413. Henrietta CLOUDIS, b. 10-16-1847 AL; d. 10-25-1853 Mobile, AL; bur Magnolia Cem, Mobile, AL
IV-414. Laura CLOUDIS (1850-1872)
IV-415. (boy) CLOUDIS, b. 3-1853; d. 5-1855 Mobile, AL

III-42. ?John L. CLOUDIS
born: 1820
died: 10-9-1854 Mobile, AL
sp: ?Ann ____
Mobile, AL 1860
born: 1815 VA
IV-421. ?John D. CLOUDIS (1836-1871)

married: 9-24-1828
sp: William TOMLINSON

III-51. Elizabeth ("Eliza") CLOWDUS
born: 1812/1816/1818 SC
died: 1892
married: 11-17-1836 Blount, AL
sp: Jesse BYNUM
s/o Asa BYNUM and Rebecca MURPHREE
Blount, AL 1850, 1860, 1870; Ellis, TX 1880
born: 1817 SC
died: 1903 Electra, Wichita Co, TX
IV-511. Mace BYNUM (1840-)
IV-512. Adaline Detainia (Bethana Adeline?) BYNUM (1842/43-1920)
IV--513. Eli W. BYNUM (1844-)
IV--514. (Girl) BYNUM, b. 1847 AL; d. 1851
IV--515. Mary Keziah BYNUM (1850-)

Blount, AL 1840, 1860
born: 10-4-1819 SC
married (1): 2-8-1840 Blount, AL
married (2): 12-21-1864 Blount, AL
sp (1): Mary Ann BLAKELY
born: 1823 AL
IV-521. James H. CLOWDUS, b. 1841 AL
IV-522. Mary Ann CLOWDUS (1843-)
IV-523. Daniel Elihu CLOWDUS, b. 9-1850 AL; nm, NI (Blount, AL 1870; Johnson, TX 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920)
IV-524. Sarah Ann Arbelia (Mary Ann Arbelia?) CLOWDUS (1852-)
IV-525. Stephen A. CLOWDUS, b. 1855 AL
IV-526. Eliza Jane CLOWDUS (1858/59-)
IV-527. John Remus (or Reamus G.) CLOWDUS (1861/62-)
IV-528. Rufus D. CLOWDUS (1864-)
sp: Frances ELLIS
widow of Louis ARMSTRONG
Blount, AL 1870
born: 2-1844 SC
IV-529. Robert Fletcher CLOWDUS (1866-)
IV-52A. Sirius Hamilton CLOWDUS, b. 1868 Blount, AL
IV-52B. Deforrest Alexander CLOWDUS (1869-)
IV-52C. Wesley Ellis CLOWDUS (1873-)
IV-52D. Barnett G. CLOWDUS (1875/77-)
IV-52E. Lee Gurley CLOWDUS (1879-)
IV-52F. Benjamin Franklin CLOWDUS (1880/84-)
IV-52G. Nancy Pearl CLOWDUS (1886-)

Blount, AL 1850, 1860, 1870
born: 8-22-1822 SC
died: 1909
married: 10-10-1843 Blount, AL
sp: Elizabeth DEAVER (or DEVER)
born: 1823/1824 TN
died: 1881
IV-531. Wilson B. CLOWDUS (1844-1904)
IV-532. George D. CLOWDUS (1845-1926)
IV-533. Matthew D. CLOWDUS (1847-1893)
IV-534. Daniel H. CLOWDUS (1849-1927)
IV-535. Ann CLOWDUS, b. 1850?
IV-536. (Infant) CLOWDUS, b. 1852?
IV-537. Nancy J. CLOWDUS (1854-)
IV-538. William E. CLOWDUS (1857-1879)
IV-539. John CLOWDUS, b. 10-4-1857 Blount, AL; d. bef. 1870?
IV-53A. Orlena E. CLOWDUS, b. 3-22-1858 Blount, AL; d. 1865
IV-53B. (Infant) CLOWDUS, b. 1860?
IV-53C. Sterling Price CLOWDUS, b. 1862; d. 1863
IV-53D. Sheba CLOWDUS (1866-1927)

III-54. Sarah ("Sally") CLOWDUS
born: 2-10-1825 SC
married: 2-27-1845 Blount, AL
s/o Daniel MURPHREE and Phela BYNUM
IV-541. Solomon H. MURPHREE (1846-)
IV-542. Rebecca Eliza MURPHREE (1847-)
IV-543. Martha MURPHREE, b. 1850 AL
IV-544. Mary MURPHREE, b. 1852 AL (1852-)
IV-545. Marshall L. MURPHREE, b. 1854 AL
IV-546. Elzie Luvicy MURPHREE, b. 1856 AL
IV-547. Mantie MURPHREE, b. 1858 AL
IV-548. Celia Carolina MURPHREE, b. 1860 AL
IV-549. James Mace MURPHREE, b. 1862 AL
IV-54A. Stephen MURPHREE, b. 1864 AL

III-55. Daniel CLOWDUS
Blount, AL 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880
born: 1825/1829 AL
born: 1835/1836 AL
IV-551. Mary E. CLOWDUS (1855/56-)
IV-552. Cene E. CLOWDUS (f), b. 1857/1859 Blount, AL
IV-553. N. Asenath CLOWDUS, b. 1858/1859 AL
IV-554. George C. CLOWDUS (m), b. 1863/1865 Blount, AL
IV-555. L. C. CLOWDUS (f), b. 1865 Blount, AL
IV-556. Dora K. CLOWDUS (1867-)
IV-557. S. L. CLOWDUS (f), b. 1868 Blount, AL
IV-558. Fannie CLOWDUS, b. 1869 AL
IV-559. Thomas L. CLOWDUS (1871/75-)
IV-55A. Kitty E. CLOWDUS, b. 1874 AL
IV-55B. William D. CLOWDUS, b. 10-1879 AL

III-56. William Redwine ("Pepper"?) CLOWDUS
Blount, AL 1850, 1860; Ellis, TX 1880
born: 1827/1830 AL
married (1):
married (2): 6-23-1863 Blount, AL
married (3): ?2-6-1872 Blount, AL
sp (1): Phebia Kezia (or Shebia?) HARDWICK
d/o Robert Marion HARDWICK and Sarah S. WATTS
born: 1828/1833 AL
died: 1862
IV-561. Nancy M.(?Margaret) CLOWDUS (1850-)
IV-562. John Anthony CLOWDUS (1853-1934)
IV-563. Bartemus Montgomery CLOWDUS (1856-1943)
IV-564. Mary Ann Lucy Viola CLOWDUS (1858-1947)
IV-565. Mack Tear CLOWDUS (twin) (1862-1942)
IV-566. Steven A. CLOWDUS (twin) (1862-1943)
sp (2): Louisa WILEMON (?FOSTER)
IV-567. Rebecca CLOWDUS, b. 1863/1864 AL
IV-568. (Boy) CLOWDUS, b. 3-21-1865 AL
IV-569. Lula Fidela CLOWDUS (1866-)
sp (3): Sarah ("Sallie") JACKSON
born: 1850 AL
IV-56A. Jerusha CLOWDUS, b. 1874 AR
IV-56B. Emiline CLOWDUS, b. 1876 TX
IV-56C. Rosa CLOWDUS, b. 1878 TX
IV-56D. Eliza CLOWDUS, b. 3-1880 TX
IV-56E. Charles ("Charlie") CLOWDUS, b. 1881/82 TX; d. OK
IV-56F. Mark CLOWDUS, b. 1883 TX
IV-56G. Lilly CLOWDUS, b. 1886 TX
IV-56H. Elzie CLOWDUS, b. 1887 TX

born: 1832 AL
married: 6-29-1856 Blount, AL
IV-571. Cynthia Arminda HOLLINGSWORTH, b. 3-26-1861 Altoona, Etowah, AL

III-58. Selia (or Cealia, Selah) Ann E. CLOWDUS
born: 1834 AL
married: 1-13-1853 Blount, AL
sp: George J. DAILEY
s/o George DAILEY and Barbara RATLIFF
born: 1834 AL
IV-581. Perry L. DAILEY, b. 1854 Blount, AL
IV-582. Cealia L. E. DAILEY, b. 1856 Blount, AL
IV-583. Mary Ann DAILEY, b. 1858 Blount, AL
IV-584. Martha A. DAILEY, b. 1860 Blount, AL
IV-585. Kansas E. DAILEY, b. 1863 Blount, AL
IV-586. S. G. A. DAILEY, b. 1864 Blount, AL
IV-587. Leona O. C. DAILEY, b. 1868 Blount, AL
IV-588. Miles B. DAILEY, b. 1870 Blount, AL
IV-589. John L. DAILEY, b. 1873 Blount, AL
IV-58A. Leonard C. DAILEY, b. 1875 Blount, AL

Generation Four

IV-121. Lafayette BYNUM
born: 1847
married: 1865
sp: ____ FIELDS
V-1211. J. E. ("Ellie") BYNUM, b. 1867?

IV-122. Jasper BYNUM
born: 1849
died: 1913
married: 1870
sp: Nancy MURPHREE
d/o Bishop Daniel MURPHREE

IV-123. Joel BYNUM
born: 1850
married: 1877
sp: Sarah HARRIS
At least three boys and two girls, names unknown

IV-124. Rocksie BYNUM
died: 1900
sp: John FREEMAN
Two sons

IV-125. Elias BYNUM
born: 1856
died: 1885?
sp: Martha BYNUM

IV-127. George BYNUM
born: 1862
died: 1890
married: 1884
sp: ____ DARIS

IV-128. Carrie BYNUM
moved to TX
born: 1865
sp: ____ DORMAN

IV-129. Tuma BYNUM
born: 1866
married: 1890
sp: ____ HARRIS

IV-12A. Oakley BYNUM
born: 1871
sp: ____ BOWEN

IV-411. Georgia Ann (Georgiana?) CLOUDIS
born:1841 Wetumpka, Elmore, AL
died: 7-19-1871 Mobile, AL
buried: Magnolia Cem, Mobile, AL
married: 10-10-1860 Mobile, AL
sp: John Thomas WOODRUFF
born: 1838
died: 1-18-1865 Mobile, AL
buried: Magnolia Cem, Mobile, AL

IV-414. Laura CLOUDIS
born: 10-22-1850
died: 5-8-1872 Mobile, AL
buried: Magnolia Cem, Mobile, AL
sp: Ruther McDOUGALL

IV-421. ?John D. CLOUDIS
born: 1836 FL
died: 7-14-1871 Mobile, AL
sp: Mary C. SMITH?
born: 1840 LA/AL
V-4211. (Child) CLOUDIS, d. 7-1859 Mobile, AL

IV-511. Mace BYNUM
moved to TX 1868
born: 1840 AL
married: 1865
sp: Sheba STATON

IV-512. Adaline Detainia (Bethana Adeline?) BYNUM
moved to TX 1870
born: 1842/43 AL
died: 1920
married: 1861
sp: William Henry ROBINETT
born: 1842
died: 1906
V-5121. Mace Martin ROBINETT (1862/63-1948)

IV-515. Mary Keziah BYNUM
moved to TX 1872
born: 1850 AL
married: 1868?
sp: John MAJOR
s/o Elijah MAJOR
died: 1900?
V--5151. (Boy) MAJOR

IV-513. Eli W. BYNUM
served in Civil War; moved to TX 1872
born: 1844 AL
married: 1870
sp: Arminda MURPHREE
V--5131. Bill BYNUM
V--5132. Tom BYNUM
V--5133. Jim BYNUM
V--5134. John BYNUM
V--5135. (Girls) BYNUM

         V--5121. Mace Martin ROBINETT, b. 1862/63 AL; d. 1948
          sp--Adaline Belle ROSSON, b. 1866; d. 1925
           VI--51211. Toombs M. ROBINETT, b. 1883; d. ;1884
           VI--51212. Mendozia Exendia ROBINETT, b. 1885; d. 1977
            sp--John Pyeatt MENEFEE,  b. 1884; d. 1971
             VII--512121. Valera William MENEFEE, b. 1907; d. 1978
              sp--Frank E. CURRY
             VII--512122. Howard Robinett MENEFEE, b. 1909; d. 1978
              sp--Leona Florene LANKFORD, b. 1913
             VII--512123. John Marvin MENEFEE, b. 1911; d. 1972
              sp--Mayre McINTOSH
             VII--512124. Clyde Alton MENEFEE, b. 1913; d. 1964
              sp--Lena BONOMO
             VII--512125. Leta Gladys MENEFEE, b. 1915
              sp--William Jack BURCK
             VII--512126. Lawrence Embree MENEFEE, b. 1918; d. 1983
              sp--Dorthea Anna COX
             VII--512127. Glen Turner MENEFEE, b. 1920; d. 1973
              sp--Joan NORRIS
             VII--512128. Clayton C. MENEFEE, b. 1923
              sp--Maxine Cox PARKS
             VII--512129. Donald Earl MENEFEE, b. 1927
              sp--Betty BROWN
             VII--51212A. Lynn Martin MENEFEE, b. 1929
              sp--Helen Alice MEYERS
           VI--51213. Rush Deleath ROBINETT, b. 1888; d. 1953
           VI--51214. Letta Belle ROBINETT, b. 1892; d. 1969

       IV-522. Mary Ann CLOWDUS, b. 1843 AL; m. 10-18-1867 Blount, AL
        sp(1)--Daniel EASLEY
        sp(2)--?William CAUSEY (rem. Arvilla CORNELIUS)
         V-5221. ?William Clinton CAUSEY, b. 1880 Blount, AL
          sp--Grace PARKER
           VI-52211. William Clinton CAUSEY
            sp(1)--Betty COMAN
             VII-522111. William Clinton CAUSEY
             VII-522112. Catherine Ann CAUSEY
             VII-522113. Mark Kay CAUSEY
            sp(2)--Minnie JACOBS

       IV-524. Sarah Ann Arbelia (Mary Ann Arbelia?) CLOWDUS, b. 3-20-1852 AL; m.
10-19-1871 Blount, AL (may be 2 comb.)
        sp--Francis Groom ALLGOOD
         V-5241. Fannie ALLGOOD
       IV-526. Eliza Jane CLOWDUS, b. 1858/1859 Blount, AL
        sp--William Barnett ALLGOOD
       IV-527. John Remus (or Reamus G.) CLOWDUS, b. 7-1861/1862 Blount, AL; m.
11-9-1881 Blount, AL (Blount, AL 1900)
        sp--J. Mary (or Mary J.) CRAWFORD, b. 9-1863/1865 AL
         V-5271. John Henry CLOWDUS, b. 1(or 11)-1882 AL
          sp--Arminta ("Minnie") HORTON, b. 1885
           VI-52711. Florence Thelma CLOWDUS, b. 1908 AL
            sp--Byron Augustus HURST
             VII-527111. Louise HURST
              sp--Walter R. OWENS
               VIII-5271111. Danna Ruth OWENS
               VIII-5271112. Walter Thomas OWENS
             VII-527112. Benjamin HURST
             VII-527113. Thomas HURST
             VII-527114. Margaret HURST
           VI-52712. Johnnie A. CLOWDUS, b. 1916 AL
           VI-52713. John R. CLOWDUS, b. 1917 AL
           VI-52714. Zona CLOWDUS
            sp--James HARRIS
         V-5272. Remus Ellington CLOWDUS, b. 1-26-1884 AL; d. 1-1977 AL
          sp--Ethel DUTTON
           VI-52721. Virgie CLOWDUS
            sp--J. W. RUSSUM
             VII-527211. Virginia Sue RUSSUM
              sp--Alton F. THOMPSON
           VI-52722. Lois CLOWDUS
           VI-52723. Remus Ellington CLOWDUS
            sp--Dorthy PRICKETT
             VII-527231. Juddy CLOWDUS
         V-5273. Tera CLOWDUS, dy
         V-5274. William H. ("Will") CLOWDUS, b. 7-24-1889 Blount, AL
          sp--Pearl WASHBURN, b. 1891 AL
           VI-52741. Carl CLOWDUS
            sp--Lucile Allgood RULE
           VI-52742. William Earl CLOWDUS, b. 1916 AL
            sp--Elizabeth Alerine DELUNG
             VII-527421. James Earl CLOWDUS
             VII-527422. Elizabeth Ann CLOWDUS
           VI-52743. James CLOWDUS, b. 1920 Blount, AL
         V-5275. Lona CLOWDUS, b. 7-1892 AL
          sp(1)--Herbert RULE
          sp(2)--Stephen Bostic ALLGOOD (s/o William Barnett ALLGOOD and Matilda
           VI-52751. Irene ALLGOOD
            sp--Harlan PAULSON
         V-5276. James CLOWDUS, b. 6-1894 AL
          sp--Sadie HICKS
           VI-52761. James Morrison CLOWDUS
            sp--Ann MUSICK
             VII-527611. Richard CLOWDUS
             VII-527612. Stephen CLOWDUS
           VI-52762. June CLOWDUS
            sp--Carter WOODARD
             VII-527621. Pat WOODARD
             VII-527262. Mike WOODARD
           VI-52763. Betty Ann CLOWDUS
            sp--Thurmond MURPHEE
           VI-52764. Bobby Allen CLOWDUS
           VI-52765. Glenda CLOWDUS (twin)
           VI-52766. Linda CLOWDUS (twin)
         V-5277. Homer CLOWDUS, b. 1909 al
          sp--Dorthy BOX
       IV-528. Rufus D. CLOWDUS, b. 10-1864 Blount, AL; m. 1-21-1894 Blount, AL (Blount,
AL 1900)
        sp--Edna Malinda FENDLEY, b. 7-1874/1875 AL (?widow of ____ RUDISELL)
         V-5281. Barnard F. CLOWDUS, b. 9-1896 AL
         V-5282. Lucille CLOWDUS, b. 1903
      sp(2)--Frances ELLIS (widow of Louis ARMSTRONG), b. 2-1844 SC (Blount, AL 1870)
       IV-529. Robert Fletcher CLOWDUS, b. 4-1866 Blount, AL; m. 11-13-1892 Blount, AL
(Blount, AL 1900)
        sp--Jennie Lynn HENDRICKS, b. 9-1871 AL
         V-5291. Ora C.(?Kansas) CLOWDUS, b. 1-1894 AL
          sp--Harry Leonard DURHAM
           VI-52911. Harry Leonard DURHAM
            sp--Syvilla Odell DENDY
             VII-529111. Johnny Lynn DURHAM
           VI-52912. Donald Houston DURHAM
            sp--Charlotte Dolores KREUZER
             VII-529121. Kenneth Jerry DURHAM
         V-5292. Percy Oliver CLOWDUS, b. 6-1896 AL
          sp--Lillian Louise OWEN
           VI-52921. Ralph Owen CLOWDUS, b. 2-16-1927 Nashville, Davidson, TN, d. 9-1973
AL; m. 1-23-1953 Lowndes, MS
            sp--Myrtle Odean LESLIE
             VII-529211. Rodney W. CLOWDUS
             VII-529212. Robert O. CLOWDUS
           VI-52922. Joyce C. CLOWDUS
            sp--John Fred PERRY
             VII-529221. Michael Lamar PERRY
             VII-529222. John Patrick PERRY
             VII-529223. Robert Joel PERRY
             VII-529224. Peggy Lynne PERRY
         V-5293. Roy W. CLOWDUS, b. 9-1898 AL
          sp--Carrie Lee REYNOLDS
           VI-52931. Robert Wilson CLOWDUS
            sp--Bessie Mae LONG
             VII-529311. Cheryle Lynn CLOWDUS
             VII-529312. Robert Henry CLOWDUS
           VI-52932. James Garvin CLOWDUS
            sp--Cary THOMPSON
             VII-529321. Ida Lee CLOWDUS
           VI-52933. Mary Carolyn CLOWDUS
            sp--Charles Larmar WOOD
             VII-529331. Donald Earl WOOD
             VII-529332. Roger Lewis WOOD
             VII-529333. Karen Lee WOOD
         V-5294. Emma Katherine CLOWDUS, b. 5-1900 AL
          sp--James Grisham HARP
           VI-52941. Jennie Lee HARP
            sp--William Mitchell ROBERTSON
             VII-529411. Karen Lorene ROBERTSON
             VII-529412. Barry Mitchell ROBERTSON
             VII-529413. Anita Kay ROBERTSON
           VI-52942. James Albert HARP
            sp--Jean WIMSETT
         V-5295. Mary E. CLOWDUS, b. 1909 AL
          sp--James Ester ROBINETTE
           VI-52951. Emma Jean ROBINETTE
            sp--Raymond LOWRY
           VI-52952. Joe Allen ROBINETTE
            sp--Bonie Jo HAYS
             VII-529521. Ricky Joe ROBINETTE
       IV-52A. Sirius Hamilton CLOWDUS, b. 1868 Blount, AL
       IV-52B. Deforrest Alexander CLOWDUS, b. 8-1869 Blount, AL; m. 11-1-1891 Blount, AL
(Blount, AL 1900; Jefferson, AL 1910)
        sp--Martha J. ("Mattie") HENDRICKS, b. 2-1872 AL
         V-52B1. Jasper Marion CLOWDUS, b. 7-1896 AL
          sp--Flora ("Flossie") NEWSOM, b. 1901 AL
           VI-52B11. Willie Mae CLOWDUS, b. 1918 AL
            sp--George MANN
             VII-52B111. Shirley Ann MANN
           VI-52B12. Jessie Virgil CLOWDUS
             VII-52B121. Thomas Alexander CLOWDUS
           VI-52B13. Mildred Inez CLOWDUS
            sp(1)--Lester CATES
             VII-52B131. Fred CATES
            sp(2)--Herschel SANDERS
             VII-52B132. Sharon Estelle SANDERS
           VI-52B14. James Marion CLOWDUS
            sp--Josephine HARRIS
             VII-52B141. Marion CLOWDUS
             VII-52B142. Debra CLOWDUS
           VI-52B15. Katheryn CLOWDUS
            sp--J. B. JOHNSON
             VII-52B151. Barbara JOHNSON
             VII-52B152. Wanda JOHNSON
           VI-52B16. Dorthy Christine CLOWDUS
            sp--Jack BRYANT
             VII-52B161. Cynthia BRYANT
           VI-52B17. Bessie Ruth CLOWDUS
           VI-52B18. Clyde Pennington CLOWDUS
            sp--Bilie Mae BROOKS
             VII-52B181. Carolyn CLOWDUS
             VII-52B182. Linda CLOWDUS
             VII-52B183. Clyde Pennington CLOWDUS
           VI-52B19. Deforrest Lee CLOWDUS
            sp--Yvonne HYATT
             VII-52B191. Joyce CLOWDUS
             VII-52B192. Janice CLOWDUS
           VI-52B1A. Joe Mack CLOWDUS
            sp--Mary Ruth BROOKS
             VII-52B1A1. Stephen Wayne CLOWDUS
             VII-52B1A2. Debra CLOWDUS
           VI-52B1B. Sarah Estelle CLOWDUS
            sp--Charles BLACKMON
           VI-52B1C. (Child) CLOWDUS
         V-52B2. Charles Curtis CLOWDUS, b. 8-16-1899 AL; d. 9-1972 GA
          sp--Icie Belle MYRERS
           VI-52B21. Charles Curtis CLOWDUS
         V-52B3. I. CLOWDUS (m), b. 1903 AL
         V-52B4. Pearl Justina CLOWDUS, b. 1901/1906 AL
          sp--Fred BICE
           VI-52B41. Myrtle BICE
           VI-52B42. Freddie BICE
           VI-52B43. Martha BICE
           VI-52B44. Barbara BICE
           VI-52B45. Becky BICE
         V-52B5. Ellis Eugene CLOWDUS, b. 1908 AL
          sp--Nell HARDWICK
           VI-52B51. Grant CLOWDUS
           VI-52B52. Delores CLOWDUS
           VI-52B53. Milton CLOWDUS
       IV-52C. Wesley Ellis CLOWDUS, b. 5-1873 Blount, AL; m. 10-14-1894 Blount, AL (Ellis,
TX 1900; Johnson, TX 1910, 1920)
        sp--Mollie A. SIMPSON, b. 11-1876/1878 AL
         V-52C1. Myrtle CLOWDUS, b. 7-1897 AL
         V-52C2. Ola M. CLOWDUS (f), b. 4-1899 TX
         V-52C3. Verdie Nell CLOWDUS, b. 1903 TX
         V-52C4. Cleo CLOWDUS, b. 1904 TX
         V-52C5. Everett CLOWDUS, b. 1906 Johnson, TX
         V-52C6. John Weldon CLOWDUS, b. 1908 Johnson, TX
       IV-52D. Barnett G. CLOWDUS, b. 1875/1877 Blount, AL (St. Clair, AL 1900; Jefferson,
AL 1910)
        sp--Annie L. SWOPE, b. 1885 AL
         V-52D1. ?William C. CLOWDUS
          sp--Lucille WHITE
         V-52D2. ?Charles CLOWDUS, B. 1900 al
          sp--Edna HICKS
         V-52D3. Mamie CLOWDUS, b. 1901 AL
          sp--James Arthur BROCK
           VI-52D31. Lee Crowder BROCK, b. 8-14-1917 Center Point, Jefferson, AL
         V-52D4. ?Margaret CLOWDUS, b. 1906
          sp--Clyde WOOD
         V-52D5. B. G. CLOWDUS (m), b. 10-1909 AL
         V-52D6. ?Edward CLOWDUS, b. 1910
       IV-52E. Lee Gurley CLOWDUS, b. 5-1879 Blount, AL (Blount, AL 1900, 1910)
        sp--Frances E. ("Fannie") HARTLEY, b. 7-1883 AL
         V-52E1. Earnest Grady CLOWDUS, b. 1900 AL
         V-52E2. Quincy Lee CLOWDUS, b. 1902 AL
         V-52E3. Ruby G. CLOWDUS, b. 1905 AL
       IV-52F. Benjamin Franklin CLOWDUS, b. 5-1880/1884 Blount, AL
        sp--Marriam MARTIN
         V-52F1. Onita CLOWDUS
          sp--Ray McKENNEDY
         V-52F2. Arthur CLOWDUS, b. Blount, AL; d. 1956
          sp--Sallie ____, b. 1895 AL
           VI-52F21. Lucille CLOWDUS, b. 1914 AL
           VI-52. Helen CLOWDUS, b. 1916 AL
         V-52F3. Benjamin Franklin CLOWDUS
         V-52F4. Frances Elizabeth CLOWDUS
          sp--Richard DODGE
       IV-52G. Nancy Pearl CLOWDUS, b. 3-1886 AL
        sp--Robert RICHARDSON
         V-52G1. Frances R. RICHARDSON
          sp--T. Monroe BRAY
           VI-52G11. Bobbie BRAY
           VI-52G12. Richard BRAY
         V-52G2. Pearl Gunn RICHARDSON
          sp--Barney WENTZ

       IV-531. Wilson B. CLOWDUS, b. 8-11-1844 AL; d. 1904; m. 8-11-1869 Blount, AL
(Blount, AL 1870, 1900)
        sp--Violantha E. ("Vi") POWELL, b. 7-1848 AL
         V-5311. Anna CLOWDUS, b. 1871 Blount, AL; m. 10-13-1893 Blount, AL
          sp--Robert L. GREEN
           VI-53111. (Child) GREEN
           VI-53112. (Child) GREEN
           VI-53113. (Child) GREEN
       IV-532. George D. CLOWDUS, b. 11-5-1845 Blount, AL; d. 1926; m. 1874 Blount, AL
(Blount, AL 1870; Cullman, AL 1880)
        sp--Elizabeth C. CHANDLER, b. 11-1849 AL
         V-5321. Cains Claude CLOWDUS, b. 8-1875/1876 Blount, AL
         V-5322. John C. CLOWDUS b. 6-16-1877/1883; d. 12-22-1962; bur Oak Hill Cem,
Oneonta, Blount, AL; m. 2-23-1908 Ashville, AL
          sp--Nancy Adaline GILLILAND, b. 9-2-1890; d. 1982; bur Oak Hill Cem, Oneonta,
Blount, AL (d/o Elijah Benton GILLILAND and Nancy Jane RICKLES)
           VI-53221. John Theodore CLOWDUS, b. 12-7-1908; d. 6-30-1976; bur Oak Hill Cem,
Oneonta, Blount, AL
            sp--Ida WALKER
             VII-532211. John Theodore CLOWDUS, Jr.
              sp--Virgie SMITH
               VIII-5322111. Doris Elaine CLOWDUS
               VIII-5322112. Roger Dale CLOWDUS
             VII-532212. Herman Alan CLOWDUS
              sp(1)--Betty June WAID
               VIII-5322121. Freddie Allen CLOWDUS
               VIII-5322122. Brenda June CLOWDUS
               VIII-5322123. Rebecca Jane CLOWDUS
              sp(2)--Barbara? ____
               VIII-5322124. (Child) CLOWDUS
             VII-532213. Ida Lorene CLOWDUS
             VII-532214. Marvin Harold CLOWDUS
              sp--?____ MORTON
             VII-532215. Addie Delores CLOWDUS
              sp--Alfred ("Ray") HODGE
             VII-532216. Robert Earl CLOWDUS
           VI-53222. Florence Elizabeth CLOWDUS, b. 7-21-1911; d. 1985
            sp--Porter S. GRIGGS
           VI-53223. George Robert ("Bob") CLOWDUS b. 12-27-1913 Blount, AL; d. 12-1-1994;
bur Oak Hill Cem, Oneonta, Blount, AL; m. 1-29-1943
            sp--Ola Avis PAYNE, b. 8-3-1916 Shelby, AL (d/o William Franklin Marcus Denoble
             VII-532231. Emily Dian CLOWDUS, b. 8-17-1944; m. 6-7-1969
              sp--Timothy Gay ("Tim") LATHAM, b. 10-5-1940 (s/o Dewey Gay LATHAM and Ira
               VIII-5322311. John Scott LATHAM, b. 10-25-1971
               VIII-5322312. Christopher Patrick LATHAM, b. 2-28-1977
             VII-532232. Kayron Patricia CLOWDUS, b. 9-25-1946; m. 6-2-1973; NI?
              sp--Marvin Maizon CLEMONS, Jr., b. 9-26-1946 (s/o Marvin Maizon CLEMONS and
Ollie Dell PARKER)
           VI-53224. Hubert Earl CLOWDUS, b. 1914 AL; d. 1989
            sp--Bonnie BARWICK
             VII-532241. Sharon Margo CLOWDUS, b. 1949
             VII-532242. Charlotte Marie CLOWDUS, b. 1951
              sp--Terry DUNAGAN
             VII-532243. Carla Jan CLOWDUS, b. 1957
           VI-53225. Lois Isbell CLOWDUS, b. 1919 AL
            sp--Jesse Quinton STATON
             VII-532251. Roy Quinton STATON, b. 1946
              sp--?Carol ____
               VIII-5322511. Eric STATON
               VIII-5322512. Jennifer STATON
         V-5323. Leamer C. CLOWDUS, b. 9-21-1879 Blount, AL; d. 1961
         V-5324. Mamie A. CLOWDUS, b. 3-24-1881 Blount, AL
          sp--J. A. BROCK
           VI-53241. Herman BROCK
            sp--Etta PERRY
             VII-532411. Gail BROCK
           VI-53242. Howard BROCK
            sp--Irene COX
             VII-532421. Kay BROCK
             VII-532422. Terrel BROCK
           VI-53243. Lee BROCK
            sp--Mary Margaret LEVER
             VII-532431. Mary Lee BROCK
             VII-532432. Patricia BROCK
             VII-532433. Carol BROCK
           VI-53244. Lucile BROCK
            sp--Sam AGEE
             VII-532441. Mike AGEE
             VII-532442. Susan AGEE
         V-5325. Emma M. CLOWDUS, b. 11-1883/1884 Blount, AL
          sp--Theodore ATCHLEY
           VI-53251. Elizabeth ATCHLEY
            sp--Nathan LOWE
           VI-53252. Fayette ATCHLEY (m)
           VI-53253. Madge ATCHLEY
            sp--John JACKSON
         V-5326. Chandler L. CLOWDUS, b. 12-22-1886 AL; d. 9-1966 TN (Blount, TN 1920)
          sp--Maude SMITH
           VI-53261. Annette CLOWDUS
            sp--Lamar LINSEY
             VII-532611. Kinley LINSEY
             VII-532612. Melton LINSEY
             VII-532613. Larry LINSEY
           VI-53262. Eugene CLOWDUS
            sp--Betty WATSON
             VII-532621. Betty Gene CLOWDUS
           VI-53263. Mary Nell CLOWDUS
            sp--Earl WILSON
             VII-532631. Elaine WILSON
           VI-53264. Lamar CLOWDUS
           VI-53265. Evelyn CLOWDUS
           VI-53266. Ellen CLOWDUS
           VI-53267. Jerry CLOWDUS
         V-5327. Birdie R. (?Bertie) CLOWDUS, b. 5-1887/1888 AL
          sp--Grady LEAKE
           VI-53271. Kathleen LEAKE
            sp--Arnist WHITED
             VII-532711. Wayne WHITED
             VII-532712. Carolyn WHITED
             VII-532713. Rose Ann WHITED
             VII-532714. Brenda WHITED
             VII-532715. Craig WHITED
           VI-53272. Grady LEAKE
             VII-532721. Henry LEAKE
             VII-532722. Carolyn LEAKE
             VII-532723. Marilyn LEAKE
         V-5328. Bessie R. CLOWDUS, b. 5-1887/1888 AL
          sp--Homer M. FRYE
           VI-53281. Homer M. FRYE
             VII-532811. Pamela FRYE
             VII-532812. Carolyn FRYE
         V-5329. William G. CLOWDUS, b. 4-4-1892 Blount, AL
       IV-533. Matthew D. CLOWDUS, b. 9-12-1847 Blount, AL; d. 1893; m. 8-20-1871 Blount,
AL (Blount, AL 1870, 1880)
        sp--M. Alabama WADE (or WAID), b. 1850 AL
         V-5331. William Reedy CLOWDUS, b. 1873 Blount, AL
          sp--?Margaret ____, b. 1879 AL
           VI-53311. ?Clifford CLOWDUS, b. 1899 AL
           VI-53312. ?Bonnie Bell CLOWDUS, b. 1902 AL
           VI-53313. ?Dorthy CLOWDUS, b. 1905 al
           VI-53314. ?Cleveland CLOWDUS, b. 1908 AL
           VI-53315. ?Farris CLOWDUS, b. 1913 AL
         V-5332. Ada J. CLOWDUS, b. 1875 Blount, AL
         V-5333. Bruce C. CLOWDUS, b. 1877 Blount, AL (Dade, GA 1910)
          sp--Rosie ____, b. 1887 AL
           VI-53331. Ralph CLOWDUS, b. 2-1909/1910 GA
         V-5334. Roxanna ("Annie") CLOWDUS, b. 1-1880 Blount, AL
         V-5335. Robert ("Bob") CLOWDUS, b. 1881 Blount, AL
       IV-534. Daniel H. CLOWDUS, b. 12-23-1849 AL; d. 1927; m. 3-28-1878 Blount, AL
(Blount, AL 1870, 1880, 1910)
        sp--Margaret L. ROBINSON, b. 1851 AL
         V-5341. Thomas L. CLOWDUS, b. 1879/1873 AL (Etowah, AL 1910)
          sp--Jennie MILLER, b. 1883 AL
           VI-53411. Dovie CLOWDUS, b. 1903 AL
           VI-53412. Estelle CLOWDIS, b. 1905/1906 AL
           VI-53413. Chrislene (?Christen) CLOUDIS, b. 7-1908/1909 AL
           VI-53414. Mildred CLOWDUS, b. 1911 AL
           VI-53415. Lovinen CLOWDUS, b. 1913 AL
           VI-53416. Thomas J. CLOWDUS, b. 1918 Jefferson, AL
           VI-53417. Austin CLOWDUS, b. 1919 Jefferson, AL
         V-5342. William ("Willie") R. CLOWDUS, b. 3-17-1879 Blount, AL; d. 1930 CO
          sp--Jewell KENNEDY (rem. C. A. BURGESS)
           VI-53421. Frank J. CLAWDUS, b. 1912
            sp--Violet NEFF
           VI-53422. Edward C. CLAWDUS, b. 1916
            sp--Wilma CLAVELL
             VII-534221. Ron CLAWDUS
               VIII-5342211. Clint CLAWDUS
             VII-534222. Nonda CLAWDUS
           VI-53423. William ("Bill") CLAWDUS
             VII-534231. Rod CLAWDUS
             VII-534232. David CLAWDUS
             VII-534233. Kenneth ("Kenny") CLAWDUS
             VII-534234. Norice CLAWDUS
           VI-53424. Geraldine ("Jerry") CLAWDUS, div.
            sp--____ KAUFMAN
             VII-534241. Danny KAUFMAN
             VII-534242. Pat KAUFMAN
         V-5343. Flora CLOWDUS, b. 9-20-1883 Blount, AL
          sp--Eddie Luther PAYNE
           VI-53431. Louis PAYNE
           VI-53432. Bernice PAYNE
         V-5344. Montgomery CLOWDUS, b. 1888 AL
          sp--Sidney ____ (f), b. 1989 AL
           VI-53441. Lurlene CLOWDUS, b. 1918 AL
         V-5345. Finis CLOWDUS, b. 1889 AL (Etowah, AL 1910)
          sp(1)--Pkelix? WALKER
          sp(2)--Margaret ____, b. 1987 AL
           VI-53451. Ollie Mae CLOWDUS, b. 1916
           VI-53452. Wilma T. CLOWDUS, b. 1918 AL
           VI-53453. Betty CLOWDUS
           VI-53454. ____ CLOWDUS
             VII-534541. Peggy CLOWDUS
              sp--____ HORTON
         V-5346. Bertie E. CLOWDUS (f), b. 2-15-1892 Blount, AL (Blount, AL 1910)
          sp--Jack PAYNE
       IV-535. Ann CLOWDUS, b. 1850?
       IV-536. (Infant) CLOWDUS, b. 1852?
       IV-537. Nancy J. CLOWDUS, b. 7-16-1854 Blount, AL; m. 1-21-1880 Blount, AL
        sp--George P. MASSEY
       IV-538. William E. CLOWDUS, b. 6-8-1857 AL; d. 1879
        sp--Mabel JOHNSON
         V-5381. George CLOWDUS
          sp--Ruby REEVES
           VI-53811. Elizabeth CLOWDUS
           VI-53812. Ellen CLOWDUS
           VI-53813. George Ed CLOWDUS
           VI-53814. Robert CLOWDUS
           VI-53815. Martha Jean CLOWDUS
         V-5382. Ruth CLOWDUS
          sp--Dallas HARTLEY
           VI-53821. Barbara Ann HARTLEY
           VI-53822. Jeroid HARTLEY
           VI-53823. Marlene HARTLEY
         V-5383. Orvie CLOWDUS
         V-5384. Emma CLOWDUS
          sp--James Bennie ESSARY
           VI-53841. James Bennie ESSARY
         V-5385. Lessie CLOWDUS
          sp--Luther LATNER
           VI-53851. Lester LATNER
           VI-53852. Lomas LATNER
           VI-53853. Luther LATNER
         V-5386. Bibb CLOWDUS
         V-5387. Maudina CLOWDUS
         V-5388. Lucile CLOWDUS

       IV-53D. Sheba CLOWDUS, b. 1866 AL; d. 1927 (note:  she may have had another spouse
named DEVORS)
        sp--?Jessie HITT
         V-53D1. Eulas HITT
         V-53D2. Richard HITT
         V-53D3. Pearl HITT
         V-53D4. Clarence HITT
         V-53D5. Lee HITT
         V-53D6. Flora HITT
         V-53D7. Hollis HITT

     IV-541. Solomon H. MURPHREE, b. 1846 AL
      sp--?Ellen THOMAS
     IV-542. Rebecca Eliza MURPHREE, b. 1847 AL
      sp--?James B. HYATT
     IV-544. Mary MURPHREE, b. 1852 AL
      sp--?C. E. SNEAD

     IV-551. Mary E. CLOWDUS, b. 1855/1856 AL; m. ?4-9-1874 Blount, AL
      sp--?W. J. SPRADLING
     IV-556. Dora K. CLOWDUS, b. 1867 AL (not in 1870; spouse?) (Fresno, CA 1910;
Alameda, CA
       V-5561. Ludie CLOWDUS, b. 1889 CA
        sp--Grover C. OBLINGER, b. 1885 AL
     IV-559. Thomas L. CLOWDUS, b. 1871/1875 AL (Jefferson, AL 1910)
      sp--Linnie ____, b. 1880 AL
       V-5591. Claud W. CLOWDUS, b. 1905 AL
       V-5592. Daniel J. CLOWDUS, b. 1909 AL

       IV-561. Nancy M.(?Margaret) CLOWDUS, b. 1850 AL; m. ?6-28-1867 Blount, AL
        sp--?William J. WILEMON
       IV-562. John Anthony CLOWDUS, b. 6-10-1853 Blount, AL; d. 11-4-1934 Wilson, OK;
bur Keller Cem,
Carter, OK; m. ?9-6-1869 Blount, AL (Blount, AL 1870, 1880)
        sp--?M. (?Martha) Rebecca JORDON, b. 1-1855; d. 12-1926 Wilson, OK
         V-5621. Julia Ann CLOWDUS, b. 1868 Blount, AL
          sp--____ MURPHY
         V-5622. Margaret Jane CLOWDUS, b. 3-29-1871/73 Blount Co, AL; d. 6-15-1910 Oak
Branch Community,
Ellis Co, TX; m. 9-16-1890 Blount Co, AL; bur Oak Branch Cemetery
          sp--George Washington HULLETT, d. 1916 Oak Branch Community, Ellis Co, TX; bur
Oak Branch Cem
(s/o George F. HULLETT and Celia Caroline DEARMAN)
           VI-56221. Flora E. HULLETT, b. 1892, Oneonta, Blount Co, AL
            sp--Terry McCLAIN
             VII-562211. Juanita McCLAIN
             VII-562212. J. R. McCLAIN
             VII-562213. Alpheus McCLAIN
           VI-56222. Rebecca Viola ("Becky") HULLETT, b. 10-10-1893 Oneonta, Blount Co, AL;
do 10-4-1928
            sp--El UNDERWOOD
             VII-562221. Elbra UNDERWOOD
              sp--____ THOMPSON
             VII-562222. Georgia UNDERWOOD
              sp--J. R. MUIRHEAD
               VIII-5622221. Warner L. MUIRHEAD
                sp--Roy Catherine SPRINKLE
               VIII-5622222. Robby MUIRHEAD
             VII-562223. E. V. UNDERWOOD
             VII-562224. Raymond UNDERWOOD
             VII-562225. Virginia UNDERWOOD
              sp--____ CORLEY
           VI-56223. Celia E. ("Amy") HULLETT, b. 9-8-1896 Oneonta, Blount Co, AL; d.
11-13-1962 Waxahachie,
Ellis Co, TX
            sp--George BEARDEN
             VII-562231. Lawrence BEARDEN
             VII-562232. Ruth BEARDEN
             VII-562233. George F. BEARDEN, Jr.
             VII-562234. Alvin BEARDEN
             VII-562235. Glen BEARDEN
           VI-56224. James Arthur HULLETT, b. 11-3-1897 Oneonta, Blount Co, AL; d. 10-1987
Lancaster, Dallas
Co, TX
            sp--Alvia SHOULDERS
             VII-562241. Wayne HULLETT
             VII-562242. Dale HULLETT
             VII-562243. Gaynell HULLETT
              sp--____ HOBSON
             VII-562244. Arthur J. HULLETT
             VII-562245. Lindy HULLETT
             VII-562246. Johnnie HULLETT
           VI-56225. Mary M. ("Mattie") HULLETT, b. 1-12-1901 Oneonta, Blount Co, AL; d.
2-1985, Waxahachie,
Ellis Co, TX
            sp--Richard ADAY (s/o William Collin ADAY)
             VII-562251. Adalene ADAY
             VII-562252. Mildred ADAY
             VII-562253. James ADAY
             VII-562254. Viola Mae ADAY
             VII-562255. Joann ADAY
           VI-56226. Emory (Emma?) HULLETT, b. 1902?; died in infancy
           VI-56227. Virda Julia HULLETT, b. 1-15-1903, Oneonta, Blount Co, AL; d. 10-24-1997
Dallas, Dallas Co,
            sp--John Elbert VANTREESE (s/o Valentine VANTREESE and Martha Jane HORN)
             VII-562271. Don Pritchard VANTREESE, b. 10-20-1922 South Prong Community, Ellis
Co, TX;
d. 9-17-1987 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX
              sp(1)--Rowena Ruth FORD
               VIII-5622711. Donnie Lynn VANTREESE, b. 1946 Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX
               VIII-5622712. Sharon Kay VANTREESE, b. 10-1954 Whitney, Hill Co, TX
              sp(2)--Nelda Jo ____
               VIII-5622714. John L. VANTREESE
              sp(3)--Janie ____
             VII-562272. Philip Kenneth VANTREESE, b. 12-20-1925 South Prong Community,
Ellis Co, TX; m. 1951
              sp--Jo Ann CURRY
               VIII-5622721. Randy Mark VANTREESE, b. Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX
                 IX-56227212. Cecele Nicole VANTREESE, b. 10-25-1980 Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX
             VII-562273. Lynn Jasper VANTREESE, b. 6-5-1930 South Prong Community, Ellis Co,
TX; m. 1-9-1952
Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX
              sp--Larance Vernell COSTLOW (d/o Theodore Columbus COSTLOW and Mary
               VIII-5622731. Janice Lynette VANTREESE (twin), b. 9-3-1954 Waxahachie, Ellis Co,
TX; d. 9-3-1954
Waxahachie; bur Waxahachie City Cem
               VIII-5622732. Weldon Eugene VANTREESE (twin), b. 9-3-1954 Waxahachie, Ellis
Co, TX; m.
3-31-1985 Richland Hills, Tarrant Co, TX
                sp--Karen M. PALMER, d. 3-26-1997
               VIII-5622733. Lyndon Keith VANTREESE, b. 7-11-1956 Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX;
m. 3-15-1990
Irving, Dallas Co, TX
                sp--Bernadene BARBER
               VIII-5622734. Sheila Gail VANTREESE, b. 7-27-1957 Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX; m.
Baumholder, Rheinlandpfalz, W. Germany (BR Deutschland)
                sp--Robert Haven MILES, b. 10-30-1948 (birth name FEARER; adopted 1950 s/o
Haven MILES and
Mary ____)
                 IX-56227341. William Christopher MILES, b. 8-4-1977 Landstuhl, Rheinlandpfalz,
W. Germany
(BR Deutschland)
                 IX-56227342. Damien Seth MILES, b. 4-20-1981, Nurenberg, Bavaria, W. Germany
                 IX-56227343. Adam Lynn MILES, b. 4-11-1982 Nurenberg, Bavaria, W. Germany
                 IX-56227344. Joshua Haven MILES, b. 4-4-1983 Tacoma, Pierce Co, WA
             VII-562274. John Tommy VANTREESE, b. 11-24-1933 South Prong Community, Ellis
Co, TX; d.
5-9-1989 Ovilla, Ellis Co, TX
              sp--Joyce Ann CAVENDAR (d/o Ray CAVENDAR)
               VIII-5622741. Melissa Ann VANTREESE, b. 3-27-1958 Dallas, Dallas Co, TX
                sp--Michael Forrest ROE
                 IX-56227411. Rebecca Marie ROE
                 IX-56227412. Adrienne Ann ROE, b. 5-29-1985
                 IX-56227413. Erica Michelle ROE, b. 2-9-1989
               VIII-5622742. Tommy Dwayne VANTREESE, b. 3-18-1962 Ovilla, Ellis Co, TX
                 IX-56227421. Jessica Sharie VANTREESE
                 IX-56227422. Amber Nicole VANTREESE
             VII-5622743. Eddie Bob VANTREESE, b. 7-28-1936 South Prong Community, Ellis
Co, TX; m. Red Oak,
Ellis Co, TX
              sp--Margie Ann MARTIN (d/o Birdie Brown MARTIN and Edna Mae JONES)
               VIII-56227431. David Travis VANTREESE, b. Lancaster, Dallas Co, TX; m. 10-1977
Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX
                sp--Nancy GREEN
                 IX-562274311. Sarah Renee VANTREESE, b. 4-19-1978 Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX
                 IX-562274312. Kimberly Jane VANTREESE, b. 9-12-1982 Waxahachie, Ellis Co,
               VIII-56227432. Juanita Jo VANTREESE, b. Desoto, Dallas Co, TX; m(1) 1976; m(2)
                sp(1)--Donald STEEL
                 IX-562274321. Christy STEEL, b. 4-16-1980 Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX
                sp(2)--Gerald CHANCELLOR
             VII-562275. Jack Warren VANTREESE, b. 2-1-1938 South Prong Community, Ellis Co,
TX; d.
1-18-1997 Emmett, Navarro Co, TX; m(1) 1957; m(2) 1980
              sp(1)--Margaret CAVENDAR
               VIII-5622751. Warren Ray VANTREESE, b. 10-3-1961 Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX
                sp--Donna ____
               VIII-5622752. Lori Ann VANTREESE, b. 11-9-1964 Ovilla, Ellis Co, TX
                sp--____ DRIVER
                 IX-56227521. Jenniffer DRIVER, b. 4-26-1982
                 IX-56227522. James DRIVER (twin), b. 1-15-1988
                 IX-56227523. Jack DRIVER (twin), b. 1-15-1988
                 IX-56227234. Justin DRIVER, b. 11-12-1989
           VI-56228. Ollie Mae HULLETT, b. 8-15-1907 Oak Branch Community, Ellis Co, TX; d.
Waxahachie, Ellis Co, TX; m. Waxahachie
            sp--William Bethel WILBURN
             VII-562281. Travis WILBURN, b. 5-14-1925 Ellis Co, TX; d. 5-26-1996 Arlington, Ellis
Co, TX
              sp--Mary ____
               VIII-5622811. Dale WILBURN
               VIII-5622812. Carolyn WILBURN
               VIII-5622813. Betty WILBURN
           VI-56229. David Troy HULLETT, b. 6-14-1910 Oak Branch Community, Ellis Co, TX;
d. 3-1987
            sp--Ruby Ruth HARDIN
             VII-562291. David Lee HULLETT
             VII-562292. James Dillino HULLETT
             VII-562293. Kenneth Arnold HULLETT
             VII-562294. Steve E. HULLETT
             VII-562295. L. William HULLETT
             VII-562296. Patsy Carol HULLETT
         V-5623. William Jasper CLOWDUS, b. 7-8-1873 Blount, AL; d. 11-4-1957 Ardmore, OK
          sp--Mattie Estelle DUCK
         V-5624. William Floyd CLOWDUS, b. 3-24-1876 Blount, AL; d. 5-20-1941 Wilson, OK
          sp--Ada Cornelia EWING, b. Blount, AL
         V-5625. Emma Eliza CLOWDUS, b. 2-24-1878 Blount, AL; d. 1-6-1919 Wilson, OK
          sp--John Wesley GILBREATH
           VI-56251. Barney William GILBREATH, b. 4-18-1896 Waxahachie, Ellis, TX
         V-5626. James Madison Davis CLOWDUS, b. 2-28-1894 Wahahackie, TX; d. 5-20-1943
Fillmore, CA
          sp--Essie MILAM
         V-5627. Johnie Ola CLOWDUS, b. 12-11-1896 Roff, Chickasaw Nation, OK; d. 3-2-1975
Ardmore, OK
          sp--James Clarence WALKER
       IV-563. Bartemus Montgomery CLOWDUS, b. 3-26-1856 Blount, AL; d. 12-28-1943
Olestee, OK (Union,
TX 1880; Tarrant, TX 1900)
        sp--Artie Catherine LOWERY, b. 5-1859 TN; d. 1932 Olestee, OK
         V-5631. John Oscar CLOWDUS, b. 2-19-1882 TX; d. 4-7-1947; m. 11-22-1915
          sp--Johnnie NEAL, b. 10-25-1891
           VI-56311. Paul Hayden ("Hayden") CLOWDUS, b. 6-22-1916; d. 1967
            sp--Edith EDENS, b. 6-22-1916
             VII-563111. Lonnie Paul CLOWDUS, b. 2-16-1938; m. 12-5-1965
              sp--Elsa VILLALOBES, b. 10-17-1937
               VIII-5631111. Paul Hayden CLOWDUS, b. 7-5-1967
             VII-563112. Linda Zane CLOWDUS, b. 7-10-1943; m. 11-24-1961
              sp--Gene SANDERS, b. 4-22-1941
               VIII-5631121. Kim SANDERS, b. 10-26-1962
                sp--Larry ROBBINS
                 IX-56311211. Kylie ROBBINS, b. 3-14-1990
                 IX-56311212. Presley ROBBINS, b. 4-9-1993
               VIII-5631122. Kristi SANDERS, b. 4-10-1968
               VIII-5631123. Kala SANDERS, b. 10-26-1974
             VII-563113. Larry Jon CLOWDUS, b. 6-9-1947; m. 1-17-1970
              sp--Judy VICKERS, b. 1-9-1950
               VIII-5631131. April Lynn CLOWDUS, b. 5-28-1973
                sp--Jason KARIOHELO, b. 10-8-1970
               VIII-5631132. Nancy Jane CLOWDUS, b. 3-29-1976
               VIII-5631133. Jon Laird CLOWDUS, b. 4-6-1978
           VI-56312. Neal CLOWDUS, b. 3-3-1919
            sp--Dorothy JONES, b. 1-29-1919
             VII-563121. Randal CLOWDUS, b. 8-12-1952
              sp--Brenda ____, b. 6-12-1953
             VII-563122. Pamela CLOWDUS, b. 11-24-1958
              sp--Alvin RATLIFF, b. 10-29-1948
               VIII-5631221. Rossiland RATLIFF, b. 4-5-1982
               VIII-5631222. Carrie RATLIFF, b. 9-20-1987
           VI-56313. Margaret Louise CLOWDUS, b. 12-2-1921
            sp--C. B. HUGHES
             VII-563131. Rodney Fane HUGHES, b. 8-18-1942; m. 10-10-1960; div.
              sp--Caroline BROWNLOW, b. 12-13-1960
               VIII-5631311. Kent DeLon HUGHES, b. 4-9-1961; m. 5-20-1989
                sp--Lisa Monique HINYUB
                 IX-56313111. Preston Kent HUGHES, b. 7-4-1994
                 IX-56313112. Olivia Monique HUGHES, b. 12-20-1992
               VIII-5631312. Cary Fane HUGHES, b. 4-2-1962; m. 8-16-1985
                sp--Susie JONES, b. 1-22-1960
                 IX-56313121. Whitney Suzanne HUGHES, b. 1-21-1986
                 IX-56313122. Tyler Fane HUGHES, b. 4-7-1991
               VIII-5631313. Angela ("Angie") HUGHES, b. 2-25-1966; m. 7-27-1991
                sp--Timothy Boyd RIUBAS, b. 5-24-1968
                 IX-56313131. Allie Caraline RIUBAS, b. 12-18-1995
             VII-563132. Markay HUGHES
              sp--Frank MARSHALL
               VIII-5631321. Stephanie MARSHALL
               VIII-5631322. Stacy MARSHALL
               VIII-5631323. Shannon MARSHALL
         V-5632. William Edgar CLOWDUS, b. 11-1884 TX; d. 11-27-1950; m. 9-22-1912
(Johnson, TX
1910, 1920)
          sp--Essie THRASH, b. 1887/1888 TX
           VI-56321. Foy Edgar CLOWDUS
            sp--Lenna Dee ____
             VII-563211. Lanell CLOWDUS, b. 2-1-1936
              sp--Donald MUELLER, b. 2-16-1936
               VIII-5632111. Timothy MUELLER, b. 10-14-1959
                sp--Rhonda ____, b. 6-12-1962
                 IX-56321111. Lianna MUELLER, b. 7-31-1987
                 IX-56321112. Andrew MUELLER, b. 9-26-1990
               VIII-5632112. David MUELLER, b. 7-25-1964
                sp--April ____, b. 9-19-1972
                 IX-56321121. Ashley MUELLER, b. 9-19-1972
                 IX-56321122. Kaley MUELLER, b. 10-12-1995
             VII-563212. Foy Lynn ("Lynn") CLOWDUS, b. 3-3-1942
              sp--Eilene VEATCH, b. 7-6-1962
               VIII-5632121. LeElla CLOWDUS, b. 10-31-1965; m. 6-26-1984
                sp--Chris LEE
                 IX-56321211. Cierra Dawn LEE, b. 3-3-1995
               VIII-5632122. Foy Eugene CLOWDUS
           VI-56322. James Lloyd CLOWDUS, b. 5-12-1920; m. 7-9-1938
            sp--Sylvesta PRESTON, d. 4-3-1981
             VII-563221. James Lloyd CLOWDUS, b. 3-8-1944
              sp(1)--Carol CRAIG
               VIII-5632211. Craig CLOWDUS
               VIII-5632212. Eena CLOWDUS
              sp(2)--Patricia ____
               VIII-5632213. Justin CLOWDUS
             VII-563222. Raoina Kay CLOWDUS, b. 1-28-1942
              sp--Don PATTON
               VIII-5632221. Jimmy Don PATTON, b. 5-25-1958
               VIII-5632222. Pamela Kae PATTON, b. 7-24-1959
               VIII-5632223. Kelly Shea PATTON, b. 10-2-1968
           VI-56323. Barton Miller CLOWDUS, b. 1-31-1936 Olustee, OK; m. 8-19-1956
            sp--Carmen BORGES, b. 1-25-1933
             VII-563231. ?Stephan Gilbert CLOWDUS, b. 8-3-1953 Stockton, OK
             VII-563232. Barton Miller CLOWDUS, b. 7-15-1957 Stockton, OK; m. 2-14-1981
              sp--Lisa EDWARDS, b. 12-16-1958
             VII-563233. Stephanie Danielle CLOWDUS, b. 6-2-1961; m. 7-9-1983
              sp--Christopher JONES, b. 8-18-1958 San Martin, CA
               VIII-5632331. Lewis Winchester JONES, b. 4-16-1987
               VIII-5632332. Blake Barton JONES, b. 2-16-1991
         V-5633. Kate I. CLOWDUS, b. 9-1-1888 TX; d. 1-31-1970; m. 3-1905
          sp--Jim KEYS
           VI-56331. Garland KEYS
           VI-56332. Virgil KEYS
           VI-56333. Modell KEYS
       IV-564. Mary Ann Lucy Viola CLOWDUS, b. 8-25-1858 Blount, AL; d. 10-20-1947 Fort
Worth, Tarrant, TX
        sp--Benjamine Taylor ("Jack") WISE, b. 2-6-1854 MO; d. 8-20-1927 Fort Worth, Tarrant,
TX (Union, TX
         V-5641. William Lonzo WISE, b. 1878 TX; d. Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
          sp--Louise BACCUS
           VI-56411. William Lonzo WISE
         V-5642. Viola Mae WISE, b. 11-29-1886 Venus, Johnson, TX; d. 12-13-1965 Forth
Worth, Tarrant, TX; m.
          sp--Horace Wooten BUSBY, b. 2-21-1884; d. 12-13-1965 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
           VI-56421. Elden Benjamine BUSBY, b. 11-3-1907
            sp--Ruby TUNSTILL, b. 2-4-1907; d. 8-21-1929 Long Beach, CA
           VI-56422. Willie Mae BUSBY, b. 6-4-1912 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX; m. 5-9-1936 Fort
Worth,Tarrant, TX
            sp--Leo McCLUNG, b. 9-5-1912 Thorps Springs, TX
             VII-564221. John Busby McCLUNG, b. 2-20-1941 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX; m.
1-29-1965 Fort Worth,
Tarrant, TX
              sp--Chistina Lynn HUFFMAN, b. 1-21-1943
               VIII-5642211. Bonnie Lynn McCLUNG, b. 5-5-1973 Malibu, CA
               VIII-5642212. Mindy Ann McCLUNG, b. 5-20-1977 Malibu, CA
           VI-56423. Horace Wooten BUSBY, b. 3-10-1924 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX; m.
Washington, DC
            sp--Mary Virgina ALVES, b. 10-24-1924 Austin, TX
             VII-564231. Scott Tracy BUSBY, b. 6-7-1951 Los Angeles, CA
             VII-564232. Betsy Lee BUSBY, b. 12-1-1952 Austin, TX
             VII-564233. Leslie Ann BUSBY, b. 11-1-1957 Austin, TX
       IV-565. Mack Tear CLOWDUS (twin), b. 6-11-1862 Blount Co, AL; d. 2-23-1942
Alvarado, Johnson, TX; m.
1-11-1883 Alvarado, Johnson, TX (Tarrant, TX 1900; Johnson, TX 1910)
        sp--Sarah Frances QUALLS, b. 6-3-1864 AR; d. 11-8-1945 Alvarado, Johnson, TX (d/o
James QUALLS and
Susan Maria PENDLY)
         V-5651. William Elmor CLOWDUS, b. 5-22-1885 Alvorado, Johnson, TX; d. 1-19-1972
Burleson, Johnson, TX; m. 1904
          sp--Nellie GARRNET, b. 1888 TX
           VI-56511. Floyd Elmor CLOWDUS, b. 1905 Johnson, TX; d. 1968
           VI-56512. Raymond Odell CLOWDUS, b. 1907 Johnson, TX; d. 1984
           VI-56513. Hazel Marie CLOWDUS
           VI-56514. Howard Russell CLOWDUS
         V-5652. Effie Jane CLOWDUS, b. 9-4-1886 TX Alvarado, Johnson, TX; d. 8-26-1973
Bethany, Johnson,
TX; m. 9-1-1906 Alvarado, Johnson, TX
          sp--Charles Drew KEYS
           VI-56521. Juanita KEYS, b. 1914
            sp--Rufus MACK, b. 1921; d. 1995
         V-5653. Georgia Jewell CLOWDUS, b. 7-11-1892 Alvarado, Johnson, TX; d. 10-30-1984
Alvarado, Johnson, TX; m. 7-11-1914 Alvarado, Johnson, TX
          sp--William Andrew KING
           VI-56531. Mildred KING, b. 1921
           VI-56532. William Andrew KING, b. 1923
         V-5654. Velva May CLOWDUS, b. 12-29-1895 Alvarado, Johnson, TX; d. 2-17-1976
Johnson, TX; m. 2-1-1914 Cleburne, Jonson, TX
          sp--Jess L. MAHANAY
         V-5655. Edgar Lorell CLOWDUS, b. 9-16-1904 Kennedale, Tarrant, TX; d. 12-18-1989
Johnson, TX; m(2) 7-8-1922 Cleburne, Johnson, TX
          sp(1)--Ruby McCORKLE
          sp(2)--Beatrice BIVENS
           VI-56551. Norman Lorell CLOWDUS, b. 9-2-1924 Alvarado, Johnson, TX; d. 7-15-1990
Burleson, Johnson, TX; m. 4-2-1948 Alvarado, Johnson, TX
            sp--Dorthy Grace KEY, b. 11-3-1928 Burleson, Johnson, TX (d/o Otis Charlie KEY and
Lillian Parlee
             VII-565511. Cathy Sue CLOWDUS, b. 3-30-1949 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX; m.
Burleson, Johnson, TX
              sp--Albert S. McDADE
               VIII-5655111. Tracy Eileen McDADE, b. 10-6-1976 Dallas, Dallas, TX
               VIII-5655112. Daniel Thomas McDADE, b. 3-25-1978 McKinney, TX
             VII-565512. Randal Lorell CLOWDUS, b. 6-10-1952 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX; m.
Lubbock, TX
              sp--Patricia Alliene NUNN
               VIII-5655121. Ashley Alliene Ruth CLOWDUS, b. 10-24-1978 Lubbock, TX
               VIII-5655122. Bryan Lorell CLOWDUS, b. 5-18-1981 Lubbock, TX
               VIII-5655123. Tiffany Grace CLOWDUS, b. 4-18-1984 Dallas, Dallas, TX
               VIII-5655124. Drayton Baker CLOWDUS, b. 7-1-1987 Dallas, Dallas, TX
             VII-565513. Keith Alan CLOWDUS, b. 3-12-1957 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX; m.
11-18-1989 Mesquite,
Dallas, TX
              sp--Carol Elaine EOFF
               VIII-5655131. Matthew Paul CLOWDUS, b. 5-1-1991 Dallas, Dallas, TX; d. 5-7-1991
Johnson, TX; nm,
               VIII-5655132. Shera Nicole CLOWDUS, b. 1-4-1993 Dallas, Dallas, TX
               VIII-5655133. Hannah Rose CLOWDUS, b. 9-5-1994 Dallas, Dallas, TX
             VII-565514. Stephen Charles CLOWDUS, b. 4-23-1959 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX; m.
1-18-1985 Alvarado,
Johnson, TX
              sp--Leslie Dee CARTER
             VII-565515. Terry Mack CLOWDUS, b. 7-26-1960 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX; m.
7-17-1982 Lubbock, TX
              sp--Christela LOPEZ
               VIII-5655151. Krystal Lynn CLOWDUS, b. 10-17-1984 Dallas, Dallas, TX
               VIII-5655152. Terry Mack CLOWDUS, b. 3-21-1988 Dallas, Dallas, TX
           VI-56552. Eddie Odett CLOWDUS, b. 6-19-1927 Alvarado, Johnson, TX; d. 2-29-1936
Everman, Tarrant, TX; nm, ni
           VI-56553. Margie Lou CLOWDUS, b. 7-24-1930 Alvarado, Johnson, TX; m(1)
            sp(1)--Horace WESTERN
            sp(2)--James SMITH
           VI-56554. Mabel Bernice CLOWDUS, b. 4-25-1932 Alvarado, Johnson, TX; m(1)
Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
            sp(1)--Jimmy PERKINS
            sp(2)--Andrew MOORE
            sp(3)--Rex PAYNE
           VI-56555. Franklin Delano CLOWDUS, b. 6-22-1936 Everman, Tarrant, TX; d.
2-17-1980 Fort
Worth, Tarrant, TX; m. 11-5-1954 Fort Worth, Tarrant, TX
            sp--LaDell CLAY
      sp(2)--Louisa WILEMON (?FOSTER)
       IV-566. Steven A. CLOWDUS (twin), b. 6-11-1862 Blount Co, AL; d. 12-24-1943
OK; m. 1883
        sp--Mattie A. ____, b. 9-22-1866; d. 4-14-1933
         V-5661. Luther CLOWDUS, b. 1-4-1887; d. 5-26-1961
          sp--Pearl L. ____, b. 8-4-1888; d. 2-9-1980
           VI-56611. Jack CLOWDUS, b. 10-8-1913; d. 6-20-1984 Lonegrove, OK
         V-5662. Lester CLOWDUS
          sp--Janie ____
           VI-56621. W. S. CLOWDUS
         V-5663. Thomas D. CLOWDUS
         V-5664. Paul Cecil CLOWDUS, b. 7-24-1896; d. 5-11-1954?; m. ?12-28-1919
          sp--?Bertha May BIGBIE, b. 11-11-1895 Brock, Carter, OK
           VI-56641. Jimmy CLOWDUS (twin), b. 1-19-1926; d. 1-20-1926
           VI-56642. Billy CLOWDUS (twin), b. 1-19-1926; d. 1-27-1926
           VI-56643. Charles Steve CLOWDUS, b. 5-23-1927 (or Jan.?); div.; m(2) 8-12-1951
            sp(1)--Melba ____ (rem. ____ MILLER, who adopted children)
             VII-566431. Charlotte (CLOWDUS) MILLER--living Ardmore, OK
              sp--____ PATZKOWSKI
             VII-566432. Steve (CLOWDUS) MILLER
            sp(2)--Mary Lou TINDLE
             VII-566433. Sharon Louise CLOWDUS, b. 8-10-1953
              sp--Michael HUEBEL
               VIII-5664331. Alicia HUEBEL
               VIII-5664332. Michael Joseph HUEBEL
               VIII-5664333. Robert Patrick HUEBEL
             VII-566434. Paul Steve CLOWDUS, b. 3-195?; m(1) 1980; div.
              sp(1)--Karen SCHUCHARD?
              sp(2)--Lenora ____
               VIII-5664341. Colleen CLOWDUS
               VIII-5664342. Steve CLOWDUS
             VII-566435. Curtis Jeff CLOWDUS, b. 12-29-1956? Germany
             VII-566436. Wanda Jeanette CLOWDUS, b. 10-13-1959/60
              sp--Michael Perry DYE
               VIII-5664361. Jonathan Perry DYE
               VIII-5664362. Jennifer Lynn DYE
             VII-56637. Barbara Ann CLOWDUS, b. 7-8-196?
               VIII-5664371. Melissa ____
               VIII-5664372. Tillery ____
             VII-566438. Charles Stewart CLOWDUS, b. 8-22-1961; m. 1982
              sp--Elizabeth COUCH
               VIII-5664381. Marybeth CLOWDUS, b. 12-23-1982
               VIII-5664382. Cecilia Mignon CLOWDUS, b. 4-20-1987
               VIII-5664383. Natalie Michelle CLOWDUS, b. 4-26-1989
             VII-566439. David John CLOWDUS, b. 9-196?
               VIII-5664391. Paul David CLOWDUS
             VII-56643A. Laura Lee CLOWDUS, b. 4-20-1966
              sp--Randy ROSE
               VIII-56643A1. Jaclyn ROSE
               VIII-56643A2. Maggie ROSE
               VIII-56643A3. Jennie ROSE
             VII-56643B. Frances Lorraine CLOWDUS, b. 12-29-1969; m. 4-24-1987
              sp--Stacey Dale ENTROP
               VIII-56643B1. Sarah Diane ENTROP, b. 11-11-1987
               VIII-56643B2. Lisa Kathleen ENTROP, b. 8-19-1992
               VIII-56643B3. Matthew Dale ENTROP, b. 6-6-1997
             VII-56643C. Naomi Lynn CLOWDUS, b. 8-2-1971
               VIII-56643C1. Ashley Lynn CLOWDUS
              sp(1)--David HOOKER
               VIII-56643C2. Joshua HOOKER
               VIII-56643C3. Anthony HOOKER
              sp(2)--Bret CUTSHALL
               VIII-56643C4. Brandon CUTSHALL
             VII-56643D. Dorothy Allison CLOWDUS, b. 5-12-1975; m. 1-1998
              sp--Jeff STREET
           VI-56644. Naomi CLOWDUS
            sp--Floyd OLSEN
           VI-56645. Dorothy CLOWDUS
           VI-56646. Paul CLOWDUS
           VI-5647. Kenneth CLOWDUS
       IV-567. Rebecca CLOWDUS, b. 1863/1864 AL
       IV-568. (Boy) CLOWDUS, b. 3-21-1865 AL
       IV-569. Lula Fidela CLOWDUS, b. 11-16-1866 Searcy Valley, Butler, AL; m. 5-1-1883
Mountain Peak, Ellis, TX
        sp--Charles Henry PRESTRIDGE
         V-5691. Minnie Ethel PRESTRIDGE, b. 5-12-1884 Johnson City, Blanco, TX
         V-5692. Lucy Viola PRESTRIDGE, b. 12-13-1885 Hood, TX
         V-5693. Adelia PRESTRIDGE, b. 7-16-1887 Parker, TX
         V-5694. Myrtle PRESTRIDGE, b. 3-7-1889 Archer, TX
         V-5695. George Harris PRESTRIDGE, b.  2-25-1891 Knox, TX
         V-5696. William Bagley PRESTRIDGE, b. 10-16-1893 Purdy, Garvin, OK
         V-5697. Charles Henry PRESTRIDGE, b. 5-7-1895 Purdy, Garvin, OK
         V-5698. Joseph Arron PRESTRIDGE, b. 5-17-1897 Purdy, Garvin, OK
         V-5699. Earlie Richard PRESTRIDGE, b. 2-25-1899 Garvin Co, OK
         V-569A. Jonnie Maude PRESTRIDGE, b. 9-23-1902 Lano Co, TX
         V-569B. (Infant Son) PRESTRIDGE, b. & d. 1904 Land Town, Osage, OK
         V-569C. Dovie Delilah PRESTRIDGE, b. 1-16-1906 Coleman, TX
         V-569D. John Thomas PRESTRIDGE, b. 2-9-1906 Coleman, TX
         V-569E. Rufus Andres Barton PRESTRIDGE
      sp(3)--Sarah ("Sallie") JACKSON, b. 1850 AL
       IV-56A. Jerusha CLOWDUS, b. 1874 AR
       IV-56B. Emiline CLOWDUS, b. 1876 TX
       IV-56C. Rosa CLOWDUS, b. 1878 TX
       IV-56D. Eliza CLOWDUS, b. 3-1880 TX
       IV-56E. Charles ("Charlie") CLOWDUS, b. 1881 TX; d. OK
         V-56E1. Charles CLOWDUS, b. OK
           VI-56E11. Gary CLOWDUS, b. OK
       IV-56F. Mark CLOWDUS, b. 1883 TX
       IV-56G. Lilly CLOWDUS, b. 1886 TX
       IV-56H. Elzie CLOWDUS, b. 1887 TX

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