Knauss Families from Europe to America other than Ludwig Descendants


Other Immigrant Knauss Families, Groups 1007 +

Group 1007:
John KNAUSS, b. 1842/43 Wurtemberg, (1880:PA/Yorkville/Schuylkill)
 sp--Helen ____, b. 1843/44 Hanover
  Charles KNAUSS, b. 1869/70 PA
  Johana KNAUSS, b. 1872/73 PA
  John KNAUSS, b. 1874/75 PA
  Louisa KNAUSS, b. 1876/77 PA
  William KNAUSS, b. 7-1879 PA

Group 1008:
 sp--Wilhelmina ____, b. 1817/18 Wurtemberg
  Jacob KNAUSS, b. 1849/50 Wurtemberg, (1880:PA/Pittsburgh/Allegheny)
   sp--Mary ____, b. 1849/50 Prussia
    Louisa KNAUSS, b. 1870/71 PA
    Mina KNAUSS, b. 1872/73 PA

Group 1009:
Jacob KNAUSE, b. 1839/40 Baden, (1880:PA/Philadelphia/11th St.)
 sp--Fidolia ____, b. 1839/40 Baden
  Emma KNAUSE, b. 1874/75 PA
  Mary KNAUSE, b. 1876/77 PA

GROUP 1010:
William KANOUSE, b. 1820 Prussia (1880 Scioto, OH)
 sp--Charlotte ____, b. 1818 Prussia (1880 Scioto, OH)
  Frederic KANOUSE, b. 1831 Prussia (1880 Scioto, OH)
   sp--Louisa (or Lovina) ____, b. 1830 Prussia
    Frederic W. KANOUSE, b. 1854 KY (1880 Scioto, OH)
     sp--Mary J. ____, b. 1859 OH
      Cora KANOUSE, b. 1874 OH
      Ida R. KANOUSE, b. 1879 OH
    Henry KANOUSE, b. 1863 OH
    Eliza KANOUSE, b. 1868 OH
    George KANOUSE, b. 1873 OH

GROUP 1011:
____ KANOUSE, b. Prussia
 sp--____, b. Prussia
  Frederick KANOUSE, b. 1844 Prussia (1880 Gallia)
   sp--Mary ____, b. 1847 OH (1880 Gallia)
    William KANOUSE, b. 1868 OH
    Ellen KANOUSE, b. 1870 OH
    Dora KANOUSE, b. 1872 OH
    Franklin KANOUSE, b. 1874 OH
    Martha KANOUSE, b. 1876 OH
    Charles KANOUSE, b. 1879 OH
  Lewis KANOUSE, b. 1858 OH (1880 Gallia)

GROUP 1012:
Jacob CANOUS, b. 1827 Germany (Muskingum, OH 1860)
 sp--Sarah ____, b. 1832 Germany (Muskingum, OH 1860)
  Sarah CANOUS, b. 1853 OH (Muskingum, OH 1860)
  Jacob CANOUS, b. 1857 OH (Muskingum, OH 1860)

GROUP 1013:
Christian Frederick KNAUSS, b. Germany, imm. 1884
 sp--Johanna SIEGLOCH
  William Frederick KNAUSS, b. 2-28-1869 Muenster, Germany; d. 9-29-1951 Poughkeepsie,
NY; m. 4-6-1893 Poughkeepsie, NY; imm. 1884
   sp--Emma Wilhelmina SPEER (d/o Karl Heinrich SPEER, b. Wimpfen, Germany)
    Charles William KNAUSS
    Emma Pauline KNAUSS
    Edwin Speer KNAUSS
    Herman KNAUSS
    Lloyd Raymond KNAUSS
    Arnold KNAUSS, dy

GROUP 1014:
Engelbert KNAUS, b. 1903; d. 8-31-1991; imm. from Germany 1922
 sp--Clara ____
  Engelbert G. ("Ed") KNAUS
    Engelbert KNAUS
    (Daughter) KNAUS

GROUP 1015:
1--Johann Frederic Knauss, b. 1787 from Mittelwihr to NY 7/4/1846; went to Cook Co, IL
 sp--Salome Schaller
   2--Frederick Knauss
    sp--Magdalena Barbaras
   2--Christian Knauss
    sp--Margaretha Popp

GROUP 1016:
1--Johan Jacob KNAUSS
 sp--Eva KECK
   2--Johann Jacob KNAUSS--came to America
    sp--Anna Maria ____
      3--Georg Jacob KNAUSS, b. 09-09-1733
      3--Johann Georg KNAUSS

GROUP 1017:
1--____ Knauss
   2--Eugene Knauss, b. 1900/01 Strumpfelbach, Germany; d. 07-07-1998 Concord, CA
    sp--Frieda ____, d. 1993
   2--____ Knauss
     3--Loraine Weston, Pleasant Hill, CA
     3--Eleanor Knauss, Washington State
     3--Hedwig Hayn, Germany
     3--Lotte Palmer, Germany
     3--Martin Knauss, Germany

Knauss Eugene- At Mt. Diablo Hospital, Concord, on July 7, at the age of 97. 
Preceded in death by his wife Frieda in 1993. He is survived by his nieces 
and nephew, Loraine Weston of Pleasant Hill. Eleanor Knauss of Washington, 
Hedwig Hayn, Lotte Palmer and Martin Knauss of Germany. A native of 
Strumpfelbach, Germany, he lived many years in San Francisco and when retired 
moved to Berkeley. He had been living at a retirement residence in Pleasant 
Hillsince Nov.1997. He belonged to the S.F. Schawben Verein Club and enjoyed 

GROUP 1018:
Christian Knaus, 40, Farmer, Wurttemberg, arr. NY on Screamer, 10-18-1853, with:
     Christine Knaus, 29, Farmer
     Caroline Knaus, 9 months

GROUP 1019:
Johannes Knauss, b. Dornham, app. Feb., NA (a), ?immigrated 1860, with:
     Agatha Knauss (wife), b. 2-20-1825 Dornham, Sulz, Germany
     Josefa Knauss, b. 04-03-1850 Dornham, Sulz, Germany
     Walburga Knauss, b. 06-06-1856 Dornham, Sulz, Germany
     Anna Maria Knauss, b. 09-30-1858 Dornham, Sulz, Germany

GROUP 1020:
Barbara Knaus, 34, Arr. New York on Union, 09-25-1868 (b) 9873.1:88, with
     Anna Knaus, 32
     Jacob Knaus, 9
     Franz Knaus, 7
     Heinrich Knaus, 4
     Anna Knaus, 9 months

GROUP 1021:
Carl Knaus, 45, Laborer, arr. NY on Saxonia, 05-21-1868 (b), with:
     Johana Knaus, 17
     Margaretha Knaus, 15
     Carl Knaus, 13

GROUP 1022:
Ursula Knaus, 26, arr. NY on Batavia 07-31-1871 (b), with:
     Jacob Knaus, 5
     Catharina Knaus, 4

GROUP 1023:
Peter Knauss, 36, Stonecutter, arr. NY on Bavaria, 05-18-1868 (b), with
     Heinrich Knauss, 33, Shoemaker

Group 1024:
Jacob F. KNAUSZ, b. 1817/18, Wurtemberg, (1880:PA/Montgomery/Lower P.)
 sp--Catharine ____, b. 1825/26 Wurtemberg
  John KNAUSZ, b. 1860/61 PA
  Jacob F. KNAUSZ, b. 1862/63 PA
  Henry C. KNAUSZ, b. 1865/66 PA
  Hannora KNAUSZ, b. 1867/68 PA
  Fredrica L. KNAUSZ, b. 1869/70 PA
  Catherine E. KNAUSZ, b. 1870/71 PA
  George W. KNAUSZ, b. 1872/73 PA
  Annie KNAUSZ, b. 1874/75 PA
  Mary E. KNAUSZ, b. 1876/77 PA
  Elizabeth C. KNAUSZ, b. 1878/79 PA

Group 1025:
1--John George KNAUS, b. Nov. 28, 1851 Germany--immigrated from Schlichten bie Schorndorf, Wuerttemberg,
 sp--Katherina Auwetter
   2--Anna Matilda Knaus, b. 6/12/1887 Bennington, NE, b. 1905 Elk City, Douglas Co, NE
   2--Frederika KNAUS, m. 02-14-1901 Dodge Co, NE
    sp--John ZEIS
   2--3 other children

Group 1026:
John KNAUSS, b. 1841/42 Wurtemberg, (1880:PA/Philadelphia/Auburn St.)
 sp--Mary ____, b. 1844/45 Wurtemberg
  Frederick KNAUSS, b. 1867/68 OH
  Louisa KNAUSS, b. 1869/70 OH
  Mary KNAUSS, b. 1872/73 PA
  Anna KNAUSS, b. 1875/76 PA

Group 1027:
Andrew KANOUSE, b. 1821/22 Germany (1850 NJ/Middlesex Co./South Brunswick 189)
 sp--Mary, b. 1827/28 Germany

Group 1028:
   Nick KNAUS, imm. to New Jersey
   Maria KNAUS, b. Ketfel, Romania, 1905, imm. to America 1921
   Vhoina KNAUS (m. ____ George or middle name George?)
   (Girl) KNAUS
   (Girl) KNAUS
Family researcher: "Theodore Cavooris" 

Group 1029:
Tony KNOUSE, b. Checo, Slovica (Slovakia?)
   Carl Wilcox KNOUSE, b. 1930 GA
     Barry Carl KNOUSE, b. 1948 NC
       Christian Kelly KNOUSE, b. 1980 FL
       Vanessa Lynn KNOUSE, b. 1982 FL

Group 1030:
____ KANOUSE (imm. From Germany)
 sp--____, b. OH
   Cynthia KANOUSE; b. IA?; d. 01-1916
    sp--John Wesley WILSON

GROUP 1101:
Joseph KNAUX, b. 1825 Prussia, (1860:IN/Floyd 306)
 sp--Mary ____, b. 1829 GRC