Descendants of Sebastian Henrich Knauss

This page includes all known descendants of Sebastian Henrich Knauss, fourth known child and fourth known son of Johann Ludwig Knauss, son of Lukas, son of Andreas.
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VI-4. Sebastian Henrich KNAUSS (A9)
born: 10-6-1714, Dudelsheim, Germany
christened: 10-7-1714
died: 2-26/27-1777 Emaus, Lehigh, PA
married: 1-1-1741, PA
spouse: Anna Catharine TRANSUE
d/o Abraham TRANSUE and Elizabeth MUNSTER
born: 3-6-1722, Mutterstadt in der Pfalz, Germany
died: 6-26-1799, Emaus, Lehigh, PA
VII-41. Henry (Heinrich) KNAUSS (A21, 1741-1810)
VII-42. Catharine (Catharina) KNAUSS (1743-)
VII-43. Leonard KNAUSS (A22, 1745-1823)
VII-44. Anna Maria ("Margaret") KNAUSS (1747-1823)
VII-45. John (Johannes) KNAUSS (A23, 1748-1822)
VII-46. Joseph KNAUSS (A24, 1750-1826)
VII-47. Elizabeth KNAUSS (1753-1825)
VII-48. Abraham KNAUSS (A25, 1754/55-1836)
VII-49. Jacob KNAUSS (A26, 1757-)
VII-4A. John (Johann) Ludwig KNAUSS (A27, 1759-1832)
VII-4B. Magdalena KNAUSS (1761-1803)
VII-4C. Anna Johanna KNAUSS (1765-1803)
IV-4D. Philip KNAUSS (1767-1789)


VII-41. Henry (c. Heinrich) KNAUSS (A21)
born: 11-22-1741
christened: 12-3-1741
died: 5-6-1810 PA
married: 4-22-1766
sp: Anna Maria EHRENHARDT
born: 12-6-1748
died: 6-10-1840
VIII-411. Sebastian KNAUSS, b. 5-3-1767 Lehigh, PA; d. 5-7-1767; nm, ni
VIII-412. Susanna KNAUSS (1768-1840)
VIII-413. Catharine (chr. Catharina) KNAUSS, b. 3-2-1770 Lehigh, PA; d. 5-15-1838; nm
VIII-414. Anna Barbara KNAUSS (1772-1850)
VIII-415. Henry (chr. Heinrich) KNOUSE (A49; 1773-1851)
VIII-416. Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 8-18-1775 Lehigh, PA; d. 2-4-1779; nm, ni
VIII-417. Jacob KNOUSS (A50, 1777-1855)
VIII-418. Anna Maria KNAUSS (1779-1850)
VIII-419. Daniel KNAUSS, b. 6-22(or 23)-1782 Lehigh, PA; d. 11-23-1803
VIII-41A. Magdalena KNAUSS (1785-1869)
VIII-41B. Joseph KNAUSS (A51, 1787-1832)
VIII-41C. Anna Salome KNAUSS (1865-)
VIII-41D. Thomas KNAUSS (A52, 1792-1832)

VII-49. Jacob KNAUSS (A26)
census: Decatur Co, IN 1850 with son John
born: 1-26-1757 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA
died: 1851 IN
married: 4-10-1787
sp: Anna Rosina KREITER
widow; born KOHR; d/o Caspar KOHR
VIII-491. (Boy) KNAUSS
VIII-492. Maria Magdalena KNAUS, b. 1-28-1788 Lehigh, PA
VIII-493. Anna Maria KNAUS, b. 4-22-1789 Lehigh, PA
VIII-494. Anna Rosina KNAUS, b. 1-12-1791 Lehigh, PA
VIII-495. Friedrich Jacob KNAUSS (1795-)
VIII-496. John KANOUSE (1801-1874)


VIII-495. Friedrich Jacob KNAUSS
born: July 19, 1795 Jonestown, Lebanon Co, PA
died: 1879/1880 Lebanon Co, PA
sp: Catherine BOYLE
born: 1793 Ireland
IX-4951. John KNOUSE b. Aug. 15, 1816 Lebanon Co, PA; m(2) 1858 Came to Harrisburg 1870, was shoemaker. Children otherwise unknown

census: Decatur, IN 1850
born: 5-23-1801 PA
died: 3-31-1874 Adams, Decatur, IN
married(2): 3-2-1869
John and Christy were the family that moved to the area of Shelby-Decatur-Bartholomew Counties in southeast Indiana from Tuscarawas County, Ohio.
sp(1): Christina A. ("Christy") MILLER
census: Decatur, IN 1850
born: 7-22-1803 PA
died: 11-11-1864 Adams, Decatur, IN
IX-4961. George KANOUSE (1826-)
IX-4962. Elizabeth ("Belva") KANOUSE (1812/8-)
IX-4963. Rosanna Hannah KANOUSE (1822-1889)
IX-4964. Catherine KANOUSE (1826-1901)
IX-4965. Mary KANOUSE (1828-1909)
IX-4966. Joseph KANOUSE (1831/3-1911)
IX-4967. William KANOUSE (1833-1925)
IX-4968. John KANOUSE (1836-1921)
IX-4969. Jacob KANOUSE, b. 1839 Decatur, IN
IX-496A. Lydia Ann KANOUSE (1841-1922)
sp(2): Eliza Jane GUESS
d/o Nathan & Mary A. GUESS, m(1) to Joseph G. ANSPAUGH, 6 ch, m(2) Frederick TEITSORT, 3 ch, m(3) 24 June 1901? Is John 2nd or 3rd husband?
born: 1841
died: 07 Apr 1929 Shelbyville, IN


IX-4961. George KANOUSE
census: This family group was not found in any census, although son John is in Decatur Co, IN 1900
born: b ca 1826 OH
married: 11-20-1842
sp: Isabelle SUMPTER
d/o John and Elizabeth SUMPTER
X-49611. John R. KANOUSE (1843-1908)
X-49612. Jacob KANOUSE, b ca 1839 IN
X-49613. Lydia KANOUSE, b ca 1843 IN

IX-4962. Elizabeth ("Belva") KANOUSE
census: Decatur Co, IN 1860
born: 1812/1818 OH or PA
died: 8-29-1875; Decatur Co, IN 1860
married: 1-12-1834 Decatur Co., IN
census: Decatur Co, IN 1860
s/o Frederick SHUPERT and Mary ANSPACH
born: 1811? Montgomery Co, OH
X-49621. Mary SHUPERT, b ca ca 1837 IN
X-49622. Sarah SHUPERT, b ca 1839 IN
X-49623. Margaret SHUPERT, b ca 1842 IN
X-49624. George SHUPERT, b ca 1844 IN
X-49625. Christina SHUPERT, b ca 1846 IN
X-49626. Llydia SHUPERT, b ca 1849 IN
X-49627. John SHUPERT, b ca 1849 IN
X-49628. Frank SHUPERT, b ca 1850 IN
X-49629. Loret SHUPERT, b ca 1853 IN
X-4962A. James SHUPERT, b ca 1856 IN

IX-4963. Rosanna Hannah KANOUSE
born: 10-6-1822 Tuscarawas, OH
died: 5-26-1889 Jasper, IL
married: 1-3-1839 Decatur, IN
sp: Solomon ISLEY
born: 1816 IN
X-49631. Emanuel ISLEY, b ca 1839 IN
X-49632. Catharine A. ISLEY, b ca 1843 IN
X-49633. Abram ISLEY, b ca 1846 IN
X-49634. Henry ISLEY, b ca 1848 IN
X-49635. Solomon L. ISLEY, b ca 1850 IN
X-49636. Franklin ISLEY, b ca 1853 IN
X-49637. Sarah L. ISLEY, b ca 1855 IN
X-49638. Lucinda ISLEY, b ca 1858 IN

IX-4964. Catherine KANOUSE
census: Decatur Co, IN 1860, 1870
born: 5-10-1826 Tuscarawas, OH
died: 5-5-1901 Decatur, IL
married: 12-29-1844 Decatur, IN
sp: Henry LEFFLER
census: Decatur Co, IN 1860, 1870
born: 1824 OH
X-49641. Amanda LEFFLER, b ca 1846 IN
X-49642. Louisa LEFFLER, b ca 1847 IN
X-49642. Amenia LEFFLER, b ca 1849 IN, dy?
X-49643. America LEFFLER, b ca 1850 IN
X-49644. Lydia LEFFLER, b ca 1852 IN
X-49645. Augusta LEFFLER, b ca 1855 IN

IX-4965. Mary KANOUSE
born: 4-15-1828 Tuscarawas, OH
died: 6-14-1909 St. Paul, IN
buried:German/Union Chapel Cem, Decatur Co, IN
married: 7-25-1847 Decatur, IL
sp: Solomon LEFFLER
s/o Solomon LEFFLER and Margaret REED
born: 8-12-1826
died: 8-6-1882 Decatur Co, IN
buried: Chapel Cem, Decatur Co, IN
X-49651. Jacob LEFFLER
X-49652. Elizabeth LEFFLER
X-49653. Susan LEFFLER
X-49654. John LEFFLER
X-49655. Thomas LEFFLER
X-49656. Cassie LEFFLER

IX-4966. Joseph KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1850, 1900, 1910
born: 4-1831 (or 1833) OH
died: 20 Apr 1911 IN
buried: Forest Hill Cem, Shelbyville, IN
there is a marriage record for Joseph KANOUSE to Cynthia CHESSER on 19 Oct 1878, but it is crossed out in the book
sp: Lucinda BARRAMORE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1900, 1910
born: 1-1844 IN
died: 13 Aug 1908 Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN
buried: Patterson Cem, Shelbyville, IN
X-49661. (Girl) KANOUSE, b 30 Mar 1882 Shelby Co, IN
X-49662. Blanche Opal KANOUSE (1884-)
X-49663. Rosa KANOUSE (1887-)
X-49664. ?Robert KANOUSE, b 21 Apr 1914 Shelby Co, IN

IX-4967. William KANOUSE
census: Hendricks, Shelby Co, IN 1880 as KANNOUS, 1900, 1910
born: 12 Sep 1833 Tuscarawas Co, OH
died: 16 May 1925 Shelby Co, IN
buried: Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
married: 10 Jul 1866 Decatur Co, IN
sp: Rebecca Jane (“Jane”) PHILLIPS
census: Hendricks, Shelby Co, IN 1880 as KANNOUS, 1900, 1910
born: 1844 IN
died: 01 Jul 1898 Shelby Co, IN
buried: Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
X-49671. Charles KANOUSE (1866-1943)
X-49672. Lydia May (“Litta?”) KANOUSE (1868-)
X-49673. William K. (“Billy”) KANOUSE (1869-1940)
X-49674. Frank Lewis KANOUSE (1871-1950)
X-49675. Edward (“Eddie”) KANOUSE (1872-)
X-49676. Harry KANOUSE (1875/6-1963)
X-49677. Delbert KANOUSE, b 18 Jul 1879 Marietta, Shelby Co, IN, d Sep 1967 Marietta, Shelby Co, IN, bur Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN; Shelby Co, IN 1900, 1910, 1920, nm? Listed as daughter Della in 1900 census, b Mar 1879
X-49678. James KANOUSE, b. 27 Mar 1881/1882 Marietta, Shelby Co, IN; d Mar 1964 Marietta,Shelby Co, IN, bur Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN; Shelby Co, IN 1910
X-49679. Emma Mae KANOUSE (1885-)

IX-4968. John KANOUSE
census: Clay, IN 1880; Decatur, IN 1900
born: 14 Aug 1836
died: 02 Apr 1921
buried: Union Chapel Cem, St. Paul,, Decatur Co, IN
married (1): 18 Feb 1856 Decatur Co, IN
married (2):
married (3): 06 (or 24) Jun 1901 Greensburg, IN
sp(1): Sarah FAVORS
d/o Thomas FAVOR & Catherine STAINBROOK
born: Aug 1840 IN
died: 02 Apr 1921
buried: Union Chapel Cem, Decatur Co, IN
X-49681. George W. KANOUSE (1858-1949)
X-49682. James L. KANOUSE (1860-1935)
X-49684. Mary KANOUSE ()
X-49684. Christina KANOUSE (1864-, May be the same as Elizabeth, below)
X-49685. Elizabeth KANOUSE (1865-)
X-49686. John KANOUSE (1867-)
X-49687. Laura KANOUSE (1868-)
X-49688. Jacob KANOUSE, b 20 May 1870, d 01 Dec 1870, bur Union Chapel Cem, St. Paul, Decatur Co, IN
X-49689. William KANOUSE (1871-1932)
X-4968A. Franklin KANOUSE (1872/4-)
X-4968B. Catherine (“Kate”) KANOUSE (1875-)
X-4968C. Tilden S. KANOUSE (1876-1955)
X-4968D. Elmer KANOUSE (1879-1937)
X-4968E. Orval N. (“Orve”) KANOUSE (1880-1977)
X-4968F. Edgar KANOUSE, b 24 Jul 1883 IN, d 18 Jul 1904 Decatur Co, IN, bur Union Chapel Cem, St. Paul, Decatur Co, IN
Ada May KANOUSE, b 01 Feb 1886, d 12 Jun 1887 Decatur Co, IN, bur Union Chapel Cem, St. Paul, Decatur Co, IN

IX-496A. Lydia Ann KANOUSE
born: 9-10-1841 Decatur Co, IN
died: 3-26-1922 Elk City, Montgomery Co, KS
married: 10-18-1856 Decatur Co, IN
sp: George REED
s/o George REED & Magdalene ____
born: 1833 OH
died: 9-23-1915 IN
X-496A1. Mahalia REED (1857-)
X-496A2. Susan REED (1859-)
X-496A3. Lena REED (1861-)
X-496A4. John H. REED (1864-)
X-496A5. Mary Elizabeth REED (1866-)
X-496A6. Thomas REED (1869-)
X-496A7. Rose A. REED (1871-)
X-496A8. William REED (1874-)
X-496A9. George E. Hall REED (1877-1955)
X-496AA. Maude REED (1880-1945)
X-496AB. Harry REED (1884-1930)


X-49611. John R. KANOUSE
census: Decatur Co, IN 1900
born: 22 Nov 1843
died: 31 Mar 1908
buried: Paul Hill Cem, St. Paul, Decatur Co, IN
married: 1871
served in Civil War
sp: Courtney A. McCOY
census: Decatur Co, IN 1900; 1910, 1920 and 1930 as widow
d/o Isaiah McCOY and Mary SHORT
born: 15 Sep 1850
died: 15 Jun 1934
buried: Paul Hill Cem, Paul Hill, Decatur Co, IN
XI-496111. Roy Chetwyn KANOUSE (1873-)
XI-496112. Daisy L. KANOUSE (1876-)
XI-496113. Pasha KANOUSE, b 15 Oct 1877, d 15 Oct 1880, bur Paul Hill Cem, Paul Hill, Decatur Co, IN
XI-496114. George M.? KANOUSE (1880-)
XI-496115. Rose G. KANOUSE (1883-)
XI-496116. Nellie M. KANOUSE (1884-)
XI-496117. Edna I. KANOUSE (1890-)
XI-496118. Frank Isaiah KANOUSE, b. 97 Mar 1893 IN (lived Decatur Co.)
XI-496119. (Child) KANOUSE?

X-49662. Blanche Opal KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1910, 1920, 1920
born: 07 Apr 1884 IN
married(1): 20 Jul 1903 Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN
married(2): 24 Dec 1910 Shelby Co, IN
sp(1): Ulysses P. TOLEN (or TOLIN)
XI-496621. Thelma Mae TOLEN (1904-)
sp(2): George K. CRITZER (or CRITSER)
census: Shelby Co, IN 1920, 1930
born: 15 Jul 1883 Decatur Co, IN
XI-496622. Clarence CRITSER, b ca 1912 IN
XI-496623. Carl Clyde CRITSER (1916-)
XI-496624. Elmer CRITSER (1917-)

X-49663. Rosa KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1910, not found 1920, 1930
born: 05 Jun 1887 Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN
married: 25 Dec 1906 Shelby Co, IN
sp: sp–Samuel NELIS
census: Shelby Co, IN 1910, not found 1920, 1930
s/o Thomas NELIS & Elizabeth PHILLIPS
born: 05 Jun 1860 Shelby Co, IN
XI-596631. Roberta NELIS, b ca 1909 IN; living with aunt & uncle Shelbe Co, IN 1920

X-49671. Charles KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1900, 1920, 1940 as KANAISE?
born: 1-1869 IN
died: 10 Oct 1943 Shelby Co, IN
buried: Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
married: 19 Jul 1899 Shelby Co, IN
sp: Alma May CONWAY
census: Shelby Co, IN 1900, 1920, 1940 as KANAISE?
born: 18 Nov 1872 Shelby Co, IN
died: 1949 Marietta, Shelby Co, IN
buried: Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
XI-496711. Burel E. KANOUSE (1891-1933)
XI-496712. Chalmers KANOUSE, b. 4-1896 IN, d 29 Nov 1915 Shelby Co, IN, bur Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
XI-496713. Elmer E. KANOUSE (1901-)

X-49672. Lydia May (“Litta?”) KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930 with Clarence’s children
born: Mar 1869 IN
married: 05 Sep 1888 Shelby Co, IN
sp: Alexander (or Celick) DRAKE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1900 as Eliot, 1910 as Ephraim, 1920 as E. A., 1930 as Alexander
s/o Ephraim DRAKE
born: Aug 1865 IN
XI-496721. Clarence Otto DRAKE (1890-)
XI–496722. Mabel Anna DRAKE (1891-)
XI-496723. Carl R. DRAKE (1893-)

X-49673. William K. (“Billy”) KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1900, 1910 with Callie B., Millard, 1930
born: 29 Oct 1869 IN
died: 29 Apr 1940 Shelby Co, IN
buried: Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
married: 24 Dec 1893 Shelby Co, IN
sp: Callie B. SNAPP (or SNOPP)
census: Shelby Co, IN 1900, 1910 with Callie B., Millard, 1930
born: 07 Jan 1875 IN
died: 12 May 1932 Shelby Co, IN
buried: Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
XI-496731. Millard J. KANOUSE (1898-1951)

X-49674. Frank Lewis KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1900, 1940
born: 11-1871 IN
died: 1950 Shelby Co, IN
buried: bur Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
married: 10 Aug 1893 Shelby Co, IN
granddaughter Alice May REDEKER, b ca 1825 IN living with them in 1940
sp: Gertrude May (“Gertie”) WHITE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1900, 1940
born: 4-1878 IN
died: 1947
buried: Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
XI-496741. Lawrence Francis KANOUSE (1895-1946)
XI-496742. Lola Burdie KANOUSE (1896-)
XI-496743. Hattie Lorene KANOUSE (1899/1900-)
XI-496744. Roy H. KANOUSE 1909-1991()
XI-496745. Mary A. KANOUSE, b 27 Jan 1913 Shelby Co, IN

X-49675. Edward (“Eddie”) KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940
born: 28 Sep 1872 Edgar Co, IL
buried: Center Cem, Shelby Co, IN
married: 15 Jan 1921 Shelby Co, IN
census: Shelby Co, IN 1930, 1940
d/o William RAY & Elizabeth WILLIAMS; prev. married twice
born: 11 Nov 1865 Shelby Co, IN
died: 1942
buried: Center Cem, Shelby Co, IN
No children known

X-49676. Harry KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1930
born: 10 Jul 1875/1876 IL
died: 07 Apr 1963
buried: Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
married: 08 Dec 1906 Shelby Co, IN
sp: Maude Pearl WHITE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1930
d/o Daniel E. WHITE & Parthena HAWKINS
born: 08 May 1881 Shelby Co, IN
died: 21 Oct 1961
buried: Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN
XI-496761. David William KANOUSE (1906-1967)
XI-496762. Stanley C. KANOUSE, b 03 Dec 1914 Shelby Co, IN; d 22 Jul 1967 Shelby Co, IN, bur Miller Cem, Shelbyville, IN

X-49679. Emma Mae KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940
born: 27 June 1885 Hendricks Twp, Shelby Co, IN
married: 27 May 1914 Shelby Co, IN
sp: Charles Martin SHAW
census: Shelby Co, IN 1920, 1930, 1940
s/o Nathan SHAW & Mary Katherine SPURLIN; apparently had son Marshall SHAW, b ca 1906 IN, by previous marriage
born: 18 Oct 1882 Shelby Co, IN
XI-496791. Ralph SHAW (1915-)
XI-496792. Cordelia SHAW (1917-)
XI-496793. William J. SHAW, b ca 1921 IN
XI-496794. Mary L. SHAW, b ca 1923 IN
XI-496795. Pauline M. SHAW, b ca 1928 IN

X-4967A. Bertha KANOUSE
census: Shelby Co, IN 1920, 1930
born: 04 Mar 1888 Shelby Co, IN
married: 12 Sep 1907 Shelby Co, IN
sp: Ralph WILLIAMS
census: Shelby Co, IN 1920, 1930
Guilford A. WILLIAMS & Rebecca EDDLEMAN
born: 19 Apr 1887
No children known, apparently childless

X-49681. George W. KANOUSE
census: Shelby, IN 1900, 1910, 1930, 1940
born: 05 Apr 1858 Decatur Co, IN
died: 1949
buried: Jones Cem, Milford, Decatur Co, IN
married(1): 29 Nov 1883 IN
married(2): 1920 Decatur Co, IN (rec. says b. 1862!)
called John KANOUSE in one child’s birth record
Two girls, not sure which, were married to Harry PATTERSON and Mack CORWIN, but I haven’t found them; these are from an obit and may be later marriages
sp(1): Arabella (“Belle”) NEIBERT
census: Shelby, IN 1900, 1910, 1930, 1940
d/o Lewis NEIBERT & Sarah COLEE
born: 11-1859 IN
died: 1949
buried: Jones Cem, Milford, Decatur Co, IN
XI-496811. Maurice KANOUSE (1886-1918)
XI-496812. Nora Hazel KANOUSE (1888-)
XI-496813. Blanche KANOUSE (1890-)
XI-496814. Florence KANOUSE (1892-)
XI-496815. Bertha KANOUSE (1895-)
XI-496816. (Girl) KANOUSE, b 24 Jul 1897 Shelby Co, IN
XI-496817. Niles David KANOUSE (1899-1975)
XI-496818. Lucinda KANOUSE (1897-)
XI-496819. Reba KANOUSE, b ca 1902 IN
XI-49681A. Roy Miles KANOUSE (1905-1982)
XI-49681B. Kenneth KANOUSE (1911-)
sp(2): Lillie CRAIGE
d/o Harry SHACKLE & Eleanor TOOTHMAN, had at least 2 other children by prev. m., rem Albert L. GLOSHEN 08 Jan 1952 after George’s death
born: 23 May 1889 Bartholomew Co, IN

X-49682. James L. KANOUSE
census: Decatur Co, IN 1900 with Maggie, Mary, Gert, 1910 with Maggie, Cleo, Basil, Gertrude, Zella, Mary A.
born: Feb 1860 IN
died: 26 Jan 1935 Shelbyville, IN
buried: Forest Lawn Cem, Shelbyville, IN
married: 15 Mar 1890 Shelby Co, IN
sp: Margaret V. ("Maggie") COLEE
census: Decatur Co, IN 1900 with Maggie, Mary, Gert, 1910 with Maggie, Cleo, Basil, Gertrude, Zella, Mary A.
born: 09 Sep 1871
died: 19 Aug 1937
buried: Forest Hill Cem, Shelbyville, IN
XI-496821. Cleo KANOUSE (m), b. 3-1891 IN
XI-496822. Basil Crofford KANOUSE (1894-)
XI-496823. Gertrude Minnie KANOUSE (1896-1969)
XI-496824. Zella KANOUSE (1901-)
XI-496825. Mary A. KANOUSE, b ca 1903 IN
XI-496826. Morris ?Albert KANOUSE (1913-1984)

X-49683. Mary KANOUSE
born: 1861 Decatur Co, IN
died: bef. 1900?
married: 06 Sep 1910 Indianapolis, Marion Co, IN
sp: George A. SHANER
census: Indianapolis, IN 1900
s/o William SHANER & Hannah SHUBUT
born: 1860 Shelby Co, IN
XI-496831. Cora B. SHANER, b IN
XI-496832. Mattie E. SHANER, b ca 1888 IN

X-49685. Elizabeth KANOUSE
married: ?30 Jun 1902 Shelby Co, IN
sp: ?Jacob SHEPPERD
Nothing more known

X-49686. John KANOUSE
born: 3-1867 IN
died: bef. 1910
sp: Jennie ____
census: Decatur Co, IN 1910
born: 9-1873 IL
XI-496861. Mable KANOUSE, b. 3-1893 IN

X-49687. Laura KANOUSE
born:1868 IN
sp: James W. SHANER
census: Marion Co, IN 1900
XI-496871. Maggie E. SHANER, b ca 1895 IN
XI-496872. Ethel M. SHANER (1892-)

X-49689. William KANOUSE
census: Marion Co, IN 1900 with James SHANER, Decatur Co, IN 1910 with Clara A. Garnett W., Hilda L., Shelby Co, IN 1920 with Clara A., Garret W., Hilda L., Ruth F.1930 with Clara, Garnet, Hilda, Ruth
born: Sep 1871
died: 1932
buried: Union Chapel Cem, St Paul, Decatur Co, IN
Not sure which children are with which spouse, or even who all the spouses are; only #3 is certain
married(3): 26 May 1902 Decatur Co, IN
sp(2): ?Helen SHANER
d/o ___ & Catherine A. SHANER, rem Henry HOGAN 27 Mar 1901 Shelby Co, IN
XI-496891. Grace M. KANOUS (1891-)
sp(3): Clara A. BROWN
census: Decatur Co, IN 1910, Shelby Co, IN 1920, 1930, 1940
d/o Harrison BROWN & Fidelia McCUNE
born: 1878
died: 1960
buried: Union Chapel Cem, St. Paul, Decatur Co, IN
XI-496892. Garnet W. KANOUSE, b ca 1903 IN; Shelby Co, IN 1930
XI-496893. Hilda L. KANOUSE (1908-)
XI-496894. Ruth Fidelia KANOUSE (1911-)

X-4968B. Catherine (“Kate”) KANOUSE
census: Decatur Co, IN 1900
born: 1875 INv
married: 18 Nov 1894 Greensburg, IN
sp: James S. IMLAY (or IMLEY)
census: Decatur Co, IN 1900
s/o Francis M. IMLAY & Mary CRITZER
born: Oct 1871 IN
XI-4968B1. Maudie E. IMLEY (1895-)
XI-4968B2. Mary IMLEY (1898-)

X-4968C. Tilden S. KANOUSE
census: Decatur Co, IN 1900, Shelby Co, IN 1920, 1930, 1940
born: 11 Dec 1876
died: 05 Mar 1955
buried: Forest Hill Cem, Shelby Co, IN
married: 21 Sep 1898 Hartsville, IN
sp: Gertrude HAYES
census: Decatur Co, IN 1900, Shelby Co, IN 1920, 1930, 1940
d/o David HAYES & Mary JONES
born: 1-1882/1888 Burney, IN
XI-4968C1. Niles K. (or D.) KANOUSE, b. 07 Sep 1899 IN, d Mar 1975 Shelbyville, Shelby Co, IN; Shelby Co, IN 1920, 1930, 1940

X-4968D. Elmer KANOUSE
born: 10 Apr 1879 IN
died: 1937
married: 15 Jun 1904 Decatur Co, IN
sp: Zella B. FLETCHER
born: 1882
died: 1974
buried: Union Chapel Cem, St. Paul, Decatur Co, IN
No children known

X-4968E. Orval N. (“Orve”) KANOUSE
census: Decatur Co, IN 1920, 1930, 1940
born: 27 May 1880 IN
died: 1977
buried: Milford Cem, Milford, Decatur Co, IN
married: 12 Jan 1902 Greensburg, IN
sp: Belle DEAN
census: Decatur Co, IN 1920, 1930, 1940
d/o Watson DEAN & Lizzie LAUGHLIN
born: 1884
died: 1945
buried: Milford Cem, Milford, Decatur Co, IN
XI-4968E1. Maurice KANOUSE (1903-1968)
XI-4968E12. Mildred KANOUSE (1905-1950)

X-496A1. Mahalia REED
census: Montgomery Co, KS 1880, Wilson Co, KS 1900, 1910
born: 1857 Shelby Co, IN
married: 1-21-1876 IN
sp: Samuel GREGORY
census: Montgomery Co, KS 1880, Wilson Co, KS 1900
born: ca 1857 IN
died: bef. 1910?
XI-496A11. Perley GREGORY (f), b ca 1877 KS
XI-496A12. Jessie GREGORY (m), b ca 1878 KS
XI-496A13. Harry GREGORY, b ca 1881 KS
XI-496A14. Sophronia GREGORY, b ca 1885 KS
XI-496A15. Coria GREGORY, b ca 1888 KS
XI-496A16. Alta A. GREGORY, b ca 1890 KS

X-496A2. Susan REED
born: 1859 Shelby Co, IN
married: 9-8-1877 IN
sp: Charles MEANS
XI-496A21. George MEANS, b ca 1878 KS
XI-496A22. Addie MEANS, b ca 1881 KS
XI-496A23. Carrie MEANS, b ca 1884 KS
XI-496A24. Delia MEANS, b ca 1890 IA
XI-496A25. Ida MEANS, b ca 1894 IA, twin?
XI-496A26. Iva MEANS, b ca 1894 IA, twin?
XI-496A27. Gould E. MEANS, b ca 1899 KS

X-496A4. John H. REED
census: No census found 1900, may be Arkansas 1910 with 6 children
born: 8-6-1864 Shelby Co, IN
died: 7-24-1934 Havana, Montgomery Co, KS
married: 1-24-1889 Bentonville, Benton Co, KS
sp: Rhoda Francis BYRD
census: No census found 1900
No children known

X-496A5. Mary Elizabeth REED
born: 1866 Shelby Co, IN
sp(1): John CRAVEN
sp(2): Jack GEER
No children known

X-496A6. Thomas REED
census: Montgomery Co, KS 1900, 1910, 1920
born: 6-1869 Shelby Co, IN
died: 7-25-1945 Elk City, Montgomery Co, KS
married: 2-11-1892 Independence, Montgomery Co, KS
sp: Mary E. DEBO
census: Montgomery Co, KS 1900, 1910, 1920
born: ca 1876 KS
XI-496A61. Blanche REED, b ca 1892 KS
XI-496A62. Henrietta REED, b ca 1901 KS
XI-496A63. Lydia REED, b ca 1902 KS
XI-496A64. Floe REED, b ca 1903 KS

X-496A8. William REED
census: Montgomery Co, KS 1900 includes bro. George
born: 2-1874 Montgomery Co, KS
sp: Edith ____
born: ca 1876 KS
XI-496A81. Lethel REED, b ca 1896 KS

X-496A9. George E. Hall REED
census: Montgomery Co, KS 1900 with brother William
born: 1-1877 Montgomery Co, KS; d. 1955
sp(1): Nellie HOSKINS
sp(2): Lena GREGORY
No children known

X-496AA. Maude S. REED
census: Montgomery Co, KS 1910, Chautauqua Co, KS 1920, both with Jennie F. REED, b ca 1906 KS, Chautauqua Co, KS 1930
born: 02 May 1880 Montgomery Co, KS
died: 17 Mar 1945
married: Mar 1905
sp: George HARVEY
census: Montgomery Co, KS 1910, Chautauqua Co, KS 1920, both with Jennie F. REED, b ca 1906 KS, Chautauqua Co, KS 1930
born: ca 1875 KS
XI-49AA1. Homer HARVEY, b ca 1908 KS

X-496AB. Harry REED
census: Greenwood Co, KS 1920, 1930
born: 6-10-1884 Montgomery Co, KS
died: 9-24-1930
married: 12-22-1904
sp: Rachel Agnes MEADOWS
census: Greenwood Co, KS 1920, 1930
born: ca 1888 KS
XI-496AB1. Alta F. REED, b ca 1908 KS
XI-496AB2. Clarence H. REED, b ca 1910 KS
XI-496AB3. George Olin REED, b ca 1912 KS


    3--Henry KNAUSS (A21), b. 11-22(or 12-3)-1741; d. 5-6-1810 PA; m.
       sp--Anna Maria EHRENHARDT, b. 12-6-1748; d. 6-10-1840
        5--Sebastian KNAUSS, b. 5-3-1767 Lehigh, PA; d. 5-7-1767; nm, ni
        5--Susanna KNAUSS, b. 11-26(or 27)-1768 Lehigh, PA; d. 3-15-1840
         sp--Valentine WIEDER, b. 3-23-1765 (s/o Adam WIEDER)
          6--Valentine WIEDER, d. 1-14-1861
           sp--Susan LEIBERT, b. 3-13-1791; d. 11-20-1866
          6--Joseph WIEDER, b. 1799; d. 1-1862
           sp--Elizabeth BOCK
          6--Thomas WIEDER
          6--Charles WIEDER
           sp--Maria ACKER
          6--David WIEDER, b. 1807
          6--John WIEDER
           sp--Leah BITTING
          6--Henry WIEDER
          6--Lydia WIEDER
           sp--Jonathan SMITH
          6--Fannie WIEDER
           sp--John MECKLEY
          6--Salome WIEDER, b. 9-22-1801; d. 7-20-1881
          6--Letitia WIEDER
           sp--____ MICKLEY
          6--(Girl) WIEDER
           sp--____ MERTZ
        5--Catharine (chr. Catharina) KNAUSS, b. 3-2-1770 Lehigh, PA; d. 5-15-1838; nm
        5--Anna Barbara KNAUSS, b. 1-29-1772 Lehigh, PA; d. 1-29-1850; m. 10-21-1794
         sp--Frederick FUEHRER, b. 1768; d. 1849
        5--Henry (chr. Heinrich) KNOUSE (A49), b. 9-2-1773 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; d. 5-30-1851
         sp--Anna Maria SEWITZ, b. 1779; d. 1-17-1847
          6--Charles (chr. Carolus) KNAUSS (A92), b. 12-29(or 28)-1797 Upper Saucon, Lehigh,
PA; d. 4-1-1876
           sp--Hannah JORDAN, b. 1-31-1803; d. 7-26-1894
            7--Ephraim H. KNAUSE (A176), b. 1816? Upper Saucon, Lehigh, PA; d. 7-28-1882
Allentown, PA; m. 11-23-1845
             sp--Eliza Ann MEYERS, b. 6-22-1825 Hecktown, PA; d. 5-22-1913
              8--Reuben W. KNAUSE (A310)--lived Bath, PA
               sp--Melissa E. HAUPT, d. 12-16-1921
                9--Florence E. KNAUSE, b. 7-16-1872 Bath, PA; m. 6-16-1895
                 sp--Dr. Charles W. LACIAR, b. 7-16-1871; d. 9-9-1919 (s/o Charles S. LACIAR and
                  10--Albert LACIAR, b. 8-11-1896
                  10--Margaret LACIAR, b. 9-13-1898
                9--Lottie KNAUSE, b. 1875; m. 9-14-1898--lived Allentown
                 sp--Joseph SHOLLENBERGER, b. 1875 Pattenburg, NJ (s/o James M. and Kate
                9--Arthur R. KNAUSE, b. 1878; m. 11-1904
                 sp--Kate H. ("Katie") MILLER
                  10--Edwin R. KNAUSE, b. 1916 Pennsburg, PA; d. 7-5-1995 Quakertown, PA
                   sp--Mae A. SCHMOYER
                    11--Carey D. KNAUSE
                      12--(child) KNAUSE
                      12--(child) KNAUSE
                9--Charles W. KNAUSE, b. 1881; d. 1902/1903
              8--Eliza J. KNAUSE, d. @ 26? y.o.; nm, ni
              8--Charles William KNAUSS (A311), b. 1-15-1846 Hecktown, PA; m(2) 10-15-1895
               sp(1)--Caroline BALLIET, b. 8-31-1848; d. 4-20-1889 (d/o Nicholas and Mary
                9--Joseph B. KNAUSS, b. 8-14-1869; d. 11-16-1920; m(1) 4-27-18??; m(2)
                 sp(1)--Anna M. KERN; d. 1-25-1895 (Leopold KERN)
                 sp(2)--Esther S. SCHIFFERT
                9--Harry B. KNAUSS
                9--Minnie M. KNAUSS, b. 1878?; m. 10-22-1904
                 sp--William WIGGINES, b. 1879? Philadelphia, PA
                9--John H. KNAUSS (G186), b. 1880?; m. 9-15-1900
                 sp--Lillian DILLER (d/o Henry and Susan DILLER)
                  10--Russell KNAUSS, b. 1903
                   sp--Florence CONRAD
                  10--Fern KNAUSS, d. 1952; nm
                  10--Harry L.(or B.) KNAUSS (G95)
                   sp--Thurza ____
                    11--Craig E. KNAUSS, b. 9-30-1936
                    11--John R. KNAUSS, b. 9-26-1938
                     sp--Elaine SNYDER
                      12--Cathy Irene KNAUSS, b. 4-24-1960
                      12--Richard John KNAUSS, b. 2-1-1962
                      12--Daniel Michael KNAUSS, b. 1-16-1967
                      12--Steven Craig KNAUSS, b. 6-7-1968
                  10--Alfred Henry KNAUSS (G94), b. 12-31-1913; m. 10-16-1937; ni?
                   sp--Grace E. WALKER, d. 3-22-1997 Salisbury Twp, Lehigh Co, PA (d/o William
                9--Leroy KNAUSS, b. 8-26-1888; d. 1-24-1889
                9--Sabina KNAUSS
                 sp--Charles D. KUTZ
                9--(Girl) KNAUSS
                 sp--Daniel WEBER
               sp(2)--Mary M. WAGNER, b. 1866 Emaus, Lehigh, PA (d/o Harrison WAGNER)
              8--Ida Virginia KNAUSE, b. 4-15-1855; d. 7-13-1878
            7--Tillman KNAUSE (A177), b. 9-22-1823 Upper Saucon, Lehigh, PA; d. 11-17-1887
             sp--Maria DILL, b. 9-20-1824; d. 9-14-1886
              8--Charles KNAUSE
              8--Hannah KNAUSE, b. 2-16-1854
               sp--Samuel STEIN
              8--Emma KNAUSE, b. 6-18-1855
               sp--J. ERB
              8--William Albert KNAUSS (A312), b. 10-20-1859 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; d. 4-17-1923;
m. 4-27-1880
               sp--Katharine LEIDY, b. 1-10-1859 Hilltown, Bucks, PA (d/o Levi LEIDY and
Katharine WEISEL)
                9--Lillie May KNAUSS, b. 12-19-1881; d. 7-26-1882; nm, ni
                9--Charles Winfield KNAUSS (A394), b. 3-8-1883 Perkasie, PA; d. 5-8-1930; m.
                 sp--Cora JACOBY, b. 7-19-1885 Milford, Bucks, PA (d/o Thomas (Hetrick)
                  10--Leroy KNAUSS (G64), b. 11-13-1909 (or 11-18-1908); m. 10-7-1937
                   sp--Elizabeth MAHLON
                    11--Walter C. KNAUSS, b. 9-10-1939; m. 1-27-1962
                     sp--Kathrine MARTIN
                      12--Margaret A. KNAUSS, b. 9-7-1963
                  10--George W. KNAUSS (G65), b. 8-13-1911 (or 1910); m. 6-27-1930
                   sp--Emma LEVY, b. 1909; d. 10-15-1997 Quakertown, PA (d/o Willis W. LEVY
and Meda V. REIMERT)
                    11--Joan E. KNAUSS, b. 1-13-1932; m. 3-7-1953
                     sp--H. Karl GODSHALL
                      12--Lori GODSHALL, b. 10-25-1954
                      12--Jeffrey GODSHALL, b. 5-1958
                    11--Mary A. KNAUSS, b. 3-9-1933; m. 9-27-1952--lives Boise, ID
                     sp--Bryan FLUCK
                      12--Eric S. FLUCK, b. 4-1-1955
                      12--Lisa A. FLUCK, b. 7-7-1958
                    11--Jerrene M. KNAUSS, b. 11-30-1934; m. 4-19-1958
                     sp--Donald HARRYN
                      12--Mary HARRYN, b. 11-2-1959
                      12--Donald HARRYN, b. 12-22-1964
                  10--Clyde Lamar KNAUSS, b. 1-26-1917; d. 5-8-1920; nm, ni
                  10--Doris Helene (or Helen) KNAUSS (G66), b. 12-24-1925; m. 6-15-1946
                   sp--Frank FEDOROWICZ
                    11--Gerald FEDOROWICZ, b. 6-10-1947
                    11--Michael FEDOROWICZ, b. 5-13-1949
                    11--Mary FEDOROWICZ, b. 1-7-1951
                    11--Dennis FEDOROWICZ, b. 2-25-1959
                9--Lottie J. KNAUSS, b. 8-13-1886
                 sp--Walter HIXSON
                  10--Doris HIXSON
                  10--Walter HIXSON
                9--Edward Leidy KNAUSS (A395), b. 9-27-1888 Philadelphia, PA; m. 8-15-1915
                 sp--Elizabeth GOUGLER, b. 9-5-1895 (d/o Warren K. GOUGLER and Rosa
                  10--Vincent Stanley KNAUSS, b. 2-27-1916; d. 2-23-1929; nm, ni
                  10--Marion Rose KNAUSS, b. 10-24-1919
                  10--Jean Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 4-4-1925
                  10--Dorothy Claire KNAUSS, b. 3-18-1927
                9--Florence May KNAUSS, b. 10-28-1892; d. 8-15-1895; nm, ni
                9--Bessie B. KNAUSS, b. 9-15-1896--lived Pleasantville, NJ
                 sp--Russel NACE
                9--Russell Randolph KNAUSS (A396), b. 12-3-1899 South Perkasie, PA; m.
                 sp--Hazel BECHT, b. 9-16-1901 Camden, NJ (d/o Henry and Clara BECHT)
                  10--Russell William KNAUSS (G67), b. 11-16-1922--lived Feasterville, PA
                   sp--Fay ACUFF
                    11--Patricia KNAUSS, b. 7-17-1945--lived Penndel, PA
                     sp--Robert BAXTER
                      12--Tyson BAXTER, b. 2-5-1968
                    11--Russell C. KNAUSS, b. 9-30-1947
                    11--Eileen KNAUSS, b. 4-27-1955
                  10--Anna Marie KNAUSS (G203), b. 1-9-1925
                   sp--George MAY
                    11--George MAY, Jr., b. 2-28-1947
            7--George KNAUSS
              8--Sam KNAUSS
                9--Mae KNAUSS, b. 6-29-1905; m. 4-11-1929
                 sp--____ CARROLL
                  10--Delores CARROLL, b. 12-12-1930; m. 9-1-1951
                   sp--Richard CLAXTON
                    11--Mark CLAXTON, b. 6-12-1958
                    11--Stacie CLAXTON, b. 12-20-1961
                    11--Thomas CLAXTON, b. 3-20-1964
                9--Samuel Miles KNAUSS, b. 4-26-1911; m. 9-7-1931--served WWII in Navy; lived
in Roundup, MT
                 sp--Beulah CRAWFORD
            7--Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 6-13-1828; d. 11-26-1877; m. 3-23-1850
             sp--Uriah LYNN, b. 5-31-1820; d. 8-24-1895
              8--Jeremiah E. LYNN, b. 7-6-1850
            7--Catharine KNAUSS
             sp--James HANEY
              8--Frank HANEY
              8--Reuben HANEY
              8--Edward HANEY
              8--Ida HANEY
              8--James W. HANEY, b. 1853; d. 1918
              8--Harvey W. HANEY
            7--Edwin KNAUSS, d. bef. 1876--lived Allentown, PA
              8--Addie KNAUSS
            7--James KNAUSS, b. 10-22-1835; d. 2-2-1895
             sp--Anna ____, b. 8-17-1820; d. 6-14-1903
            7--Emma KNAUSS, b. 1847; m. 5-12-1867
             sp--William HELLER
              8--Annie R. HELLER
            7--Alpheus A. KNAUSE (A178), b. Upper Saucon, Lehigh, PA; d. 1871?
             sp--Adalaide ____
              8--Lillian Irene KNAUSE, b. 1-18-1866; m. 6-8-1889
               sp--John Alfred SCHLICKER, b. 1862? (s/o Daniel SCHLICKER and Amelia BUTZ)
          6--Elizabeth (chr. Eloisa) KNOUSE, b. 9-23-1799 Lehigh, PA
          6--Henry KNAUSS (A93), b. 9-21-1803 Upper Saucon, Lehigh, PA; d. 8-11-1851
           sp--Hannah ROTHROCK, b. 6-1799; d. 5-26-1856
            7--Benjamin KNAUSS
            7--William Henry KNAUSS (A179), b. 1830?; d. 1-13-1913 PA; m. 7-1-1849
             sp--Hattie SCHAFFER, d. 11-13-1908
              8--Jacob U. O. KNAUSS (A313), b. 1852/53 near Emaus, Lehigh, PA; d. 9-13-1913, b.
               sp--Eliza SHANKWEILER (or SCHANKWERTER), b. 1853/54 PA (d/o Nathan
                9--Myrtle A. KNAUSS, b. 1877/78 PA; m. 4-6-1895
                 sp--Victor H. HAUSER, b. 1875?
                  10--Lillian HAUSER, b. 5-17-1896
                   sp--Harold RAHN
                  10--Gladys HAUSER, b. 11-5-1899
                  10--Stanley HAUSER, b. 11-3-1902
                  10--Clarence HAUSER, b. 3-29-1906
                9--Blanche H. KNAUSS, b. 5-18-1882; m. 5-2-1903
                 sp--Jonathan R. DEISCHER, b. 9-11-1878 Hereford, PA
                  10--Claude K. DEISCHER, b. 10-14-1903
                  10--Howard K. DEISCHER, b. 1-31-1906
                  10--Irene Eliza DEISCHER, b. 11-21-1907
                  10--Clara Maria DEISCHER, b. 8-23-1911
                  10--Albert K. DEISCHER, b. 1-9-1915
            7--Sarah KNAUSS, b. 15 May 1831; d.  22 June 1915; bur St. Mark's Cem, Allentown,
PA  --lived Wescoeville, PA
             sp--Henry Alfred (or Allen) RAU
              8--Allen RAU
            7--Mary Ann KNAUSS, m. 1857
             sp--Moses ALLENDER, b. 6-21-1834 Allentown, PA; d. 10-6-1908 (s/o Joseph and
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
              8--(Child) ALLENDER
            7--Ellen KNAUSS, d. 9-1904
             sp--Tilghman ZELLNER
            7--John KNAUSS (A180), b. 3-4-1836 Lower Saucon, Northampton, PA; d. 11-18-1912
Allentown, PA; m(2) 1-25-1896
             sp(1)--Sarah ROTH, b. 7-20-1827; d. 12-18-1893
              8--Ella E. KNAUSS, b. 6-1-1862; d. 2-8-1916
               sp--George L. CHRIST
                9--Allen CHRIST
                9--____ CHRIST
                 sp--Harry FRY
                9--____ CHRIST
                 sp--William SNYDER
                9--____ CHRIST
                 sp--Robert HELRIEGEL
              8--Allen P. KNAUSS (A314), b. 1866?; m. 4-28-1888
               sp--Emma J. HELD, b. 1868? (d/o Jonas HELD)
                9--Clarence J. HELD, b. 1892; m. 11-12-1914
                 sp--Esther O. NEUMOYER, b. 1889 (d/o George A. NEUMOYER and Olympia
                9--Arthur J. HELD, b. 10-30-1893
                9--James A. HELD, b. 7-6-1899; d. 7-31-1899
              8--Sallie KNAUSS
               sp--Harry L. CHRIST
              8--Annie M. KNAUSS, b. 1868; m. 3-16-1891
               sp--Charles H. SMITH, b. 1866? (s/o Frank SMITH)
              8--Harry T. KNAUSS
             sp(2)--Amanda (GILBERT) GREENAWALT, b. 1847 (widow; d/o David GILBERT)
            7--Thomas KNAUSS
            7--Amanda KNAUSS
          6--Mary KNOUSE, b. 8-15-1809; m. 9-15-1833
           sp--John J. WIDRIG, b. 6-5-1807; d. 11-15-1845
            7--James H. WIDRIG, b. 1-24-1835
            7--Henry N. WIDRIG, b. 4-26-1836; d. 12-16-1913; m. 8-25-1863
             sp--Mary KOCH
            7--Thomas WIDRIG, b. 5-5-1839
             sp--Amanda SINGMASTER
            7--Maria WIDRIG, b. 12-3-1841
             sp--Samuel FURRY, b. 1-24-1835
            7--Hannah WIDRIG, b. 6-13-1843; d. 6-22-1845; nm, ni
          6--George KNAUSS (A94), b. 7-24-1812 Upper Saucon, Lehigh, PA; m. 5-1-1834
           sp--Caroline JACOBY, b. 3-23-1811
            7--Annetta KNAUSS
            7--Adaline KNAUSS
            7--George Washington KNAUSS, b. 181), b. 9-27-1836 Locust Valley, PA; d.
5-28-1886; m. 7-1861--lived Phila.
             sp--Barbara GERHARD, b. 8-3-1838; d. 9-1-1922 (d/o Charles GERHARD and Barbara
              8--Charles Eugene KNAUSS, b. 11-23-1861; d. 10-1863
              8--Alice Annetta KNAUSS, b. 11-18-1863; d. 2-15-1925
               sp--Prof. Preston Albert LAMBERT, b. 10-30-1862 PA (prev. married to Ida J.
MARKLE; s.o Tilghman LAMBERT and Christiana LAURY)
                9--Preston Albert LAMBERT, b. 2-2-1892
                9--Kenneth A. LAMBERT, b. 6-25-1895
                9--Ralph A. LAMBERT, b. 1905?
              8--George KNAUSS, b. 1866; d. 1870; nm, ni
            7--Frederick KNAUSS (G209)
             sp--Amanda NICKSIE
              8--Stuart KNAUSS
              8--Evelyn KNAUSS
              8--Edgar O. KNAUSS--lived in Long Beach, CA
               sp--Ada Mary CONNER
                9--Jane C. KNAUSS
                 sp--Clifford WELDING
                9--Clifford D. KNAUSS (G210), b. 5-18-1927; m. 11-2-1946--lived Halstead, KS
                 sp--Dixie MARLEY
                  10--John S. KNAUSS, b. 8-9-1947; m. 10-21-1966 Wichita, KS
                   sp--Julie Marie ____
                    11--Kristina M. KNAUSS, b. 6-15-1967
                  10--Christopher A. KNAUSS, b. 2-3-1952
                  10--Jeffrey P. KNAUSS, b. 3-19-1953
                  10--Douglas E. KNAUSS, b. 6-16-1956
                  10--Clifford C. KNAUSS, b. 5-26-1958
            7--Alfred Jacob KNAUSS
            7--Emma Savilyah KNAUSS, b. 7-10-1844; d. 6-3-1923; m. 10-4-1870
             sp--Rev. Charles Jacob COOPER, b. 4-1-1847; d. 7-14-1927
              8--William H. COOPER, b. 7-6-1871; m. 5-1897
               sp--Harriet F. BETTES, b. 1-22-1874
              8--Charles Jacob COOPER, b. 8-30-1875; d. 3-4-1877; nm, ni
              8--Frederick E. COOPER, b. 10-6-1876; d. 4-10-1917; m. 4-25-1900
               sp--Rosa M. RICHARDS
              8--Caroline Jacoby COOPER, b. 8-3-1878
              8--Emma Melinda COOPER, b. 3-6-1880
              8--Sarah Alice COOPER, b. 5-29-1883
              8--Mary Catharine COOPER, b. 2-17-1885; d. 9-13-1895; nm, ni
              8--Anna Rebecca COOPER, b. 12-19-1886
            7--Malinda Jane KNAUSS, b. 3-13-1847; m. 3-23-1869
             sp--William B. BURK
              8--William C. BURK, b. 2-11-1870
               sp--Eva Virginia DARLINGTON
            7--William H. KNAUSS, b. 1851; d. 1855; nm, ni
          6--Ephraim KNAUSS (A95), b. Upper Saucon, Lehigh, PA--lived Phila.
           sp--Marrietta KNECHT
            7--George KNAUSS (A182)
             sp--Catharine ORNER
              8--Ephraim KNAUSS, b. 9-10-1857
            7--John KNAUSS
            7--Rebecca KNAUSS
             sp--John HAAS
            7--Polly KNAUSS
             sp--George BATES
            7--Ephraim KNAUSS
            7--Thomas KNAUSS
            7--Ellen KNAUSS
             sp--William COTTINGER
            7--William KNAUSS
            7--Frank KNAUSS
            7--Carolina KNAUSS
            7--Marietta KNAUSS
          6--William KNOUSE
          6--James KNOUSE
          6--Ellen KNOUSE
           sp--John WEISMAN
            7--Maria WEISMAN, b. 5-16-1894
             sp--Jacob KEISS
        5--Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 8-18-1775 Lehigh, PA; d. 2-4-1779; nm, ni
        5--Jacob KNOUSS (A50), b. 11-20(or 4)-1777 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA; d. 8-15-1855; m.
         sp--Catharine Maria TOOL, b. 4-20-1785; d. 10-12-1853
          6--Anna Maria Theresa KNOUSS, b. 5-31-1811; d. 3-6-1889; m. 1833
           sp--Paul KECK
            7--William KECK
             sp--Catharine KLINE
            7--Eleavina KECK, b. 5-10-1837; d. 1911
            7--Stephen T. KECK, b. 11-7-1840; d. 11-16-1920
             sp--Ursilla GORR
            7--Mary Ann KECK, b. 6-2-1842
             sp--Peter E. SHEETZ
            7--Mathias KECK, b. 2-3-1844
            7--Amandes KECK, b. 6-11-1847
            7--Herman KECK, b. 5-29-1852; d. 12-28-1909
          6--Henrich KNAUSS (A96), b. 7-12-1812 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA; d. 9-22-1889; m.
           sp--Mary Anna CHRIST, b. 12-9-1812; d. 1-10-1889 (d/o Henry and Anna Maria
            7--Sophia KNAUSS, b. 1-17-1836; d. 6-8-1837; nm, ni
            7--Clarissa KNAUSS, b. 4-8-1838
             sp(1)--____ ORTT
              8--Ella ORTT
              8--Harry ORTT
             sp(2)--____ NELSON
             sp(3)--George WILCOX
            7--Herman S. KNAUSS (A183), b. 9-10-1840 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA; d. 5-24-1897
             sp--Mary E. ADRAIN
              8--Wilson E. KNAUSS (A315), b. 2-19-1864 Lehigh, PA; m. 11-27-1886
               sp--Emma E. BECKER, b. 1868?
                9--Ella S. KNAUSS, b. 9-23-1887; m(1) 4-13-1902; m(2) 1-22-1910
                 sp(1)--Eugene S. HOLLENBACH, b. 1873 (s/o Frank and Anna HOLLENBACH)
                 sp(2)--Samuel F. O'KEEFE, b. 1877 (s/o Bernard J. and Sadie O'KEEFE)
                9--Kate S. KNAUSS, b. 10-2-1889; m. 11-27-1909
                 sp--Harry M. NEITZ, b. 1873 Breinigsville, PA (s/o George and Emma NEITZ)
                9--Oliver H. KNAUSS (A397), b. 3-13-1891 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA; m. 8-22-1908
                 sp--Alice M. FOLK
                  10--Arthur KNAUSS, d. @ 4 yo
                9--Carrie KNAUSS, b. 1893; d. 9-15-1901; nm, ni
                9--Cloyd J. KNAUSS (A398, G63), b. 4-17-1900 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA; m.
                 sp--Ethel G. KREMSER, b. 1901
                  10--Harold L. KNAUSS, b. 11-10-1920 (or 1921)
                   sp--Helen HILGENDORFF
                    11--Judity H. KNAUSS, b. 4-21-1951
                    11--Harold L. KNAUSS, Jr., b. 8-12-1952
                    11--Kevin E. KNAUSS, b. 4-24-1956
                  10--Thelma M. KNAUSS, b. 8-11-1923 (or 1924)
                   sp--Walter BRIENING
                    11--Walter BRIENING, b. 10-4-1949
                    11--Jeffrey BRIENING, b. 11-11-1951
                    11--David BRIENING, b. 10-4-1953
                    11--Dennie BRIENING, b. 8-11-1955
              8--James H. KNAUSS (A316), b. 10-19-1865 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA; m. 8-16-1890
               sp--Elmira J. ERDMAN, b. 1871? (d/o Amon ERDMAN and Amanda E. REINBOLD)
                9--Florence M. KNAUSS, b. 2-27-1891; m. 6-4-1910
                 sp--Edward H. BUSS, b. 12-19-1888 (s/o Oliver E. BUSS and Mary KICHEL)
                9--Edwin H. KNAUSS, b. 2-28-1893; m. 4-3-1915
                 sp--Josephine E. REAGAN (s/o William REAGAN and Mary WALLACE)
                9--Robert H. KNAUSS (G240), b. 3-3-1895; m. 6-21-1915 (or 1914)
                 sp--Estella M. BARTHOLOMEW (d/o Samuel H. BARTHOLOMEW and Clara
                  10--Robert G. KNAUSS, b. 7-6-1915; m. 4-5-1941
                   sp--Betty KLINE
                    11--Linda Jean KNAUSS, b. 4-4-1947
                    11--Pat Lorraine KNAUSS, b. 4-7-1953
                9--Frederick W. KNAUSS (G241), b. 2-22-1897; m. 11-29-1919
                 sp--Annie E. KLINE (d/o John N. KLINE and Emma MILLER)
                  10--Delbert L. KNAUSS, b. 5-12-1917; m. 4-13-1941
                   sp--Merle SCHOCH
                    11--Kay M. KNAUSS, b. 4-20-1944; m. 8-31-1964
                     sp--Karl MICKLEY
                    11--Lillian M. KNAUSS, b. 10-28-1950
                    11--Mary Ellen KNAUSS, b. 8-2-1952
                9--William J. KNAUSS (G242), b. 2-11-1899; m. 3-12-1921
                 sp--Florence H. ANGSTADT, b. 1900 Emaus, Lehigh, PA (d/o James L.
                  10--Ernestine J. KNAUSS, b. 8-16-1923; m. 8-14-1943
                   sp--Charles HORN
                    11--Leslie HORN, b. 3-29-1946; m. 7-10-1965
                     sp--William KENNEDY
                    11--Lauren HORN, b. 3-19-1946; m. 2-6-1965
                     sp--Kenneth ANDERSON
                    11--Keith HORN, b. 7-19-1949
                9--Samuel P. KNAUSS (G243), b. 2-23-1907; m. 12-31-1925
                 sp--Viola H. HEIL, b. 1908 (d/o Milton R. HEIL and Flossie BITTNER)
                  10--Samuel P. KNAUSS, Jr., b. 5-15-1926; m. 9-6-1952
                   sp--Doreen REES
                    11--Craig David KNAUSS, b. 1-7-1955
                    11--Lori Susan KNAUSS, b. 3-28-1957
                  10--Bruce M. J. KNAUSS, b. 1-17-1929; m. 8-29-1953
                   sp--Joan KOONS
                    11--Bruce M. J. KNAUSS, Jr., b. 7-31-1954
                  10--Richard A. KNAUSS, b. 2-8-1930; m. 6-6-1959
                   sp--nancy FENSTEMACKER
                    11--Lynne Louise KNAUSS, b. 11-8-1959
                    11--Kerry Lee KNAUSS, b. 2-6-1963
                  10--Avonne E. KNAUSS, b. 3-15-1931; m. 3-19-1955
                   sp--Ralph FRANKENFIELD
                    11--Jane FRANKENFIELD, b. 5-28-1957
                    11--Guy FRANKENFIELD, b. 12-30-1958
                  10--Jack H. KNAUSS, b. 5-3-1933; m. 9-7-1957
                   sp--Shirley WEIL
                    11--Tracey Ann KNAUSS, b. 3-14-1959
                    11--Scott Alan KNAUSS, b. 5-23-1960
                    11--Glenn Jay KNAUSS, b. 8-29-1962
                  10--Lee H. KNAUSS, b. 3-9-1935; m. 8-24-1957
                   sp--Eleanor YEAKEL
                    11--Richard Lee KNAUSS, b. 1-23-1959
                    11--David Scott KNAUSS, b. 7-5-1960
                    11--Audrey Ann KNAUSS, b. 12-18-1961
                    11--Rodney Allen KNAUSS, b. 3-24-1966
                  10--James F. KNAUSS, b. 4-27-1938; m. 12-19-1959
                   sp--Darla CONN
                    11--James Frederick KNAUSS, b. 10-23-1960
                  10--Keith D. KNAUSS, b. 12-26-1945; m. 7-8-1967--lived MINN
                   sp--Anna TOMBRAS
              8--Ellen M. KNAUSS, b. 12-27-1866; m. 12-30-1888
               sp--Clinton C. HAMMAN, b. 9-25-1887
                9--Fannie HAMMAN, b. 6-11-1888
                9--Mamie E. HAMMAN, b. 12-16-1890; m. 6-15-1917
                 sp--Edgar I. MILLER, b. 3-10-1881
                9--Laura M. HAMMAN, b. 4-13-1892
                 sp--Granville WERLEY
              8--Howard N. KNAUSS (A317), b. 7-11-1869 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA; m. 8-13-1892
               sp--Emma E. TRUMP, b. 1869? (d/o William TRUMP)
                9--Mamie Ruth KNAUSS (G188), b. 3-12-1893; d. 9-26-1967
                 sp--Llewellyn HAINES
                  10--Howard F. HAINES, b. 11-5-1912
                   sp--Helen HURISH
                    11--Rodney L. HAINES, b. 2-28-1942
                     sp--Linda FOLK
                      12--Marjo HAINES, b. 8-17-1966
                    11--Sharon HAINES, b. 3-6-1948
                  10--Franklin HAINES, b. 3-4-1916
                   sp--Edna REIFINGER
                    11--Llewellyn HAINES, b. 1-18-1949
                  10--Virginia HAINES, b. 6-5-1923
                   sp--Calvin MOYER
                    11--Robert MOYER, b. 10-16-1947
                     sp--Linda REPH
                      12--Tammy Lee MOYER, b. 1-27-1968
                9--Ruby K. KNAUSS (G189), b. 2-11-1899; m. 6-28-1919
                 sp--Raymond W. DIEHL, b. 1897 (s/o William DIEHL and Adline MOHR)
                  10--Adeline DIEHL, b. 4-6-1920
                   sp--Harold MOLL
                    11--Michael MOLL, b. 4-8-1951
                    11--Richard MOLL, b. 12-23-1954
                    11--Scott MOLL, b. 7-27-1958
                9--Henry W. KNAUSS (G190), b. 8-24-1901
                 sp--Myrtle MILLER
                  10--Alvin G. KNAUSS, b. 11-8-1920, m. 1-11-1947
                   sp--Adele M. WINTERSTEEN
                    11--Thomas M. KNAUSS, b. 6-29-1947
                     sp--Ruth ____
                    11--William H. KNAUSS, b. 9-9-1949
                    11--Linda J. KNAUSS, b. 5-15-1956
                     sp--Ken KRASLEY
                  10--June E. KNAUSS, b. 6-24-1922
                   sp--Albert WEBER
                    11--Joanne WEBER, b. 9-28-1945
                    11--Richard WEBER, b. 5-3-1958
                  10--Elaine L. KNAUSS, b. 12-7-1925
                   sp--John HOLENDA
                    11--Kathleen HOLENDA, b. 12-19-1949
                    11--Janet HOLENDA, b. 10-4-1953
                    11--John HOLENDA, b. 2-20-1958
                  10--Irene G. KNAUSS, b. 8-16-1932
                   sp--George ZEBROWSKI
                    11--Debra ZEBROWSKI, b. 7-2-1958
                    11--Robert ZEBROWSKI, b. 10-23-1961
                  10--Gladys I. KNAUSS, b. 8-16-1932
                   sp--James VERHOLY
                    11--Karen VERHOLY, b. 5-8-1966
                    11--Kim VERHOLY, b. 9-25-1968
              8--Charles R. KNAUSS (A318), b. 6-11-1872 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA; m. 12-22-1895
               sp--Elmira CHRISTMAN, b. 1873 (d/o Samuel CHRISTMAN)
                9--Lovine Henry KNAUSS, b. 3-22-1897; m(1) 8-1-1919; m(2) 9-7-1921
                 sp(1)--Bessie E. WIEDER, b. 1899; d. 2-7-1920 (d/o Howard WIEDER and Martha
                 sp(2)--Dorothy I. HARPEL, b. 1898 (d/o George and Kathryn HARPEL)
                9--Ruth Rebecca KNAUSS, b. 9-20-1899; d. 2-7-1903; nm, ni
                9--Hattie J. KNAUSS, b. 3-10-1902; m. 8-30-1919
                 sp--Edgar S. MILLER (s/o George MILLER and Cora A. ROHRBAUGH)
                9--Dorothy V. KNAUSS, b. 1906; m. 9-16-1926
                 sp--Leo J. DeLONG, b. 1905
                9--(Girl) KNAUSS, b. 1-4-1904; d. 1-4-1904; nm, ni
                9--Elizabeth KNAUSS
                9--Salome KNAUSS
              8--Sarah E. KNAUSS, b. 2-10-1878; m. 8-12-1899
               sp--John A. SNYDER, b. 1873 Upper Milford, Lehigh, PA
                9--Charlotte Ellen SNYDER, b. 4-1903
                9--Mary L. SNYDER
              8--George L. KNAUSS, b. 7-30-1880
            7--Caroline KNAUSS, b. 1-1-1847; d. 5-8-1913
          6--Elenora KNOUSS, b. 10-12-1816; d. 1-30-1881; m. 8-12-1838
           sp--George RITTER
            7--Augustus RITTER
            7--Elemanda RITTER, b. 3-1-1842
             sp--C. P. HERGESHEIMER, b. 9-25-1842
            7--Syvilla RITTER
             sp--Henry HUBER
            7--Henry RITTER
        5--Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 12-3-1779 Lehigh, PA; d. 6-1-1850 PA; m. 4-5-1807
         sp--Israel TOOL
          6--Henry TOOL
          6--Jacob TOOL
           sp--Hannah FINK
          6--Stephen TOOL, b. 9-7-1812; d. 6-10-1891; m. 9-15-1833
          6--Catharine Bear TOOL, b. 1814; d. 1907
          6--Amanda TOOL, b. 9-23-1818
           sp--Dr. C. F. SCHULZ
          6--Joseph TOOL
        5--Daniel KNAUSS, b. 6-22(or 23)-1782 Lehigh, PA; d. 11-23-1803
        5--Magdalena KNAUSS, b. 3-13(or 3)-1785 Lehigh, PA; d. 6-4-1869
         sp--Abraham DOLL
          6--Anna DOLL
           sp--Abraham ZIEGLER
          6--Sallie DOLL
           sp--____ FRIED
          6--Catharine DOLL, b. 3-29-1808; d. 12-12-1871; m. 5-13-1827
           sp--John Jacob GIERING, b. 8-10-1803; d. 1-15-1894
          6--Anna Johanna DOLL, b. 3-19-1810; d. 1-11-1876
           sp--Reuben STRAUSS, d. 8-18-1862
          6--John DOLL
        5--Joseph KNAUSS (A51), b. 8-28(or 7-28)-1787 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA; d. 1-23-1832; m.
         sp--Eva HEIST, b. 3-10-1790; d. 5-17-1875 (d/o George and Betzy HEIST)
          6--Anna Mary KNAUSS, b. 6-1-1812; d. 4-5-1896
           sp(1)--Charles WEAVER
            7--Eliza WEAVER
             sp--Enos HEIST
            7--Joseph WEAVER
             sp--Henrietta IOBST
           sp(2)--Frederick T. IOBST
            7--Sophia IOBST, m. 8-23-1863
             sp--William SCHIFFERT
        5--Anna Salome KNAUSS, b. 9-12-1789 Lehigh, PA; d. 2-18-1865; m. 4-29-1810
         sp--Jacob CHRIST
        5--Thomas KNAUSS (A52), b. 1-31-1792 Salisbury, Lehigh, PA; d. 3-16-1832; m.
         sp--Anna Elenora ("Nancy") EHRENHART, d. 6-29-1873
          6--Henrietta KNAUSS
           sp(1)--Solomon WEAVER
            7--Amanda WEAVER, m. 10-18-1862
             sp--Samuel ROTHROCK
           sp(2)--Abraham ZIEGENFUSS
          6--Henry Jacob KNAUSS, b. 1825?
      4--Catharine KNAUSS, b. 4-10(or 21)-1743 Lehigh, PA, m. 2-19-1767, Bethlehem, PA
       sp--Conrad ERNST
      4--John Philip (chr. Johan Philipp) KNAUSS (A57), b. 9-17(or
14)-1786 near Emaus, Lehigh, PA; d. 1869; m. 12-6-1807 Emaus, Lehigh Co, PA
         sp--Magdalena WUENSCH (d/o Jacob Frederick WUENSCH and
Catharine GIERING; a KNAUSS descendant)
          6--Henrietta KNAUSS, b. 7-5-1808
           sp--Jonathan DORWORTH, b. 11-1-1801
            7--Mandeville DORWORTH, b. 7-8-1828; d. 3-6-1879
            7--Marietta Louisa DORWOTH, b. 4-12-1832
             sp(1)--John WESLEY
             sp(2)--____ BARR
             sp(3)--Joseph NOEL
            7--Samuel Edwin DORWORTH, b. 2-19-1834
             sp--Hannah JENKINS, b. 7-21-1845
            7--Sarah DORWORTH, b. 1-15-1836; d. 1885
             sp--Jasper SHOEMAKER
            7--Ellen DORWORTH b. 5-28-1838; d. 1842; nm, ni
            7--Sophia Catharine DORWORTH, b. 6-6-1841; d. 1895
             sp(1)--____ SHOEMAKER
             sp(2)--____ DONLEY
            7--James L. DORWORTH, b. 10-25-1846; d. 1892
             sp--Alice G. THOMPSON, b. 2-7-1848
            7--Charles DORWORTH, b. 9-8-1848; d. 1856
          6--Louisa KNAUSS, b. 8-13-1810; m. 3-19-1833
           sp--Lewis (Ludwig) A. GIERING, b. 1-31-1808
            7--Sophia C. GIERING, b. 6-1-1839; d. 1892
             sp--Absalom BIERY, b. 1836
            7--Herman L. GIERING, b. 5-3-1842; d. 12-10-1914
             sp--Amelia IOBST (d/o Frederick IOBST)
            7--Tilghman A. GIERING, b. 9-16-1845
             sp--____ (____) LuVERE (2nd marriage)
            7--Mary M. GIERING, b. 12-28-1850
             sp--Gates BISHOP
            7--Albert E. GIERING, b. 10-15-1853; d. 3-8-1901
             sp--Mary HUMMEL
          6--Johann Samuel KNAUSS (A111), b. 10-7-1812 near Emaus, Lehigh, PA; c.
10-11-1812 Emaus; m. 12-27-1828
           sp--Dinah KNECHT
            7--Susanna KNAUSS
             sp--Samuel WEETER
              8--Frances WEETER
               sp--____ CRIBLES
              8--Emma WEETER
               sp--____ PIERCE
              8--Sarah WEETER
               sp--____ BARRIS
              8--Howard WEETER
               sp--____ MASTER
              8--Bertha WEETER
               sp--____ MASTER
              8--Harvey WEETER
               sp--____ NEILLY
              8--Elizabeth WEETER
               sp--____ STARR
            7--Fietta KNAUSS--lived OH
             sp--____ SHIVELY
          6--Susanna KNAUSS
           sp--____ WINSCH
          6--James KNAUSS, b. 1-14-1815 Emaus, Lehigh, PA; d. 12-27-1817 Emaus, Lehigh, PA
          6--David KNAUSS (A112), b. 11-9-1818 near Emaus, Lehigh, PA; d. 8-1899; m.
           sp--Mary Ann KRUMBINE
            7--Henrietta KNAUSS, b. 1851; d. 1899
             sp(1)--J. P. ANDERSON
              8--Hugh L. ANDERSON
              8--Fred ANDERSON
             sp(2)--T. D. ROSS
            7--Frances Miranda KNAUSS, b. 1853/1854; ni
             sp--John ELLIS
            7--Hattie Malinda KNAUSS, b. 8-1862; m. 1886
             sp--W. M. BRECKENRIDGE
              8--Lulu Alice BRECKENRIDGE, b. 8-6-1887
              8--Claire BRECKENRIDGE, b. 1890
            7--Mary Alice KNAUSS, b. 11-4-1864; m. 10-2-1889--lived Bradford, PA
             sp--D. W. KILBURY
              8--Marjorie KILBURY, b. 12-8-1894
              8--Kenneth J. KILBURY, b. 12-6-1897--served in WWI
              8--Dr. Walter KILBURY MD, b. 5-7-1899--was surgeon in Navy
            7--Estella KNAUSS, b. 10-1-1871; nm, ni
            7--Sarah Marie KNAUSS, d. @ 10 yo; nm, ni
            7--Wallace Gibson KNAUSS, d. @ 27 yo
            7--Samuel KNAUSS, d. @ 4 yo; nm, ni
            7--Edward KNAUSS, d. @ 3 yo; nm, ni
          6--Caroline KNAUSS
           sp--____ LAWALL
            7--Ellen LAWALL
            7--Marietta LAWALL
             sp--Dr. J. A. BERNHARD
      4--Abraham KNAUSS (A25), b. 3-1-1754(or 1755) Emaus, Lehigh,
PA; d. 8-3-1836; m. 1780
       sp--Elizabeth BOECKEL, b. 4-13-1759 Lehigh, PA; d. 12-17-1821
        5--Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 7-21-1780(or 1781); d. 4-1-1866
         sp(1)--Michael MYER
          6--John MYER
          6--Daniel MYER, b. 4-10-1807
         sp(2)--Michael HUBER, b. 11-22-1778; d. 11-26-1857
        5--Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 10-11-1782 Lehigh, PA
         sp--____ MINNICH
        5--Lewis (chr. Ludwig) KNAUSS (A59), b. 8-6-1784 Upper Milford, Lehigh, PA; d.
         sp--Sarah MINNICH, b. 1-16-1790; d. 11-14-1834
          6--Charles L. KNAUSS (A117), b. Lower Saucon, Northampton, PA; d. 3-10-1893 PA;
m(1) 11-6-1831; m(2) 9-6-1807.
           sp(1)--Hannah FEHR, b. 6-25-1811; d. 2-1-1855
            7--Reuben KNAUSS, b. 9-17-1832; d. 5-30-1852
            7--Sarah Ann KNAUSS, b. 1-28-1834
             sp--Tilghman GROSS
              8--Jane GROSS
            7--James F. KNAUSS, b. 10-18-1835; d. 8-17-1854
            7--Samuel KNAUSS, b. 2-1-1837; d. 7-11-1860; nm
            7--Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 7-12-1838; d. 1-23-1874
             sp--Abraham KNAUSS (A120), b. 11-5-1824; d. 2-5-1894
            7--Hettie KNAUSS, b. 3-31-1840; d. 10-25-1923; m. 2-11-1871
             sp--Wilson H. WERST, b. 12-1-1842 Lower Saucon, Northampton, PA; d. 3-2-1916
(s/o George and Hannah WERST)
            7--Mary Ellen KNAUSS, b. 6-8-1842; d. 10-3-1860
            7--Hannah KNAUSS, b. 1-15-1844; d. 4-24-1915
             sp--Thomas MIDDAUGH, d. 12-1901
              8--Charles K. MIDDAUGH, b. 4-28-1866; d. 1-1-1930
               sp--Annie BICKERT
              8--Theodore S. MIDDAUGH, b. 2-18-1870
               sp--Ellen A. FRACE, b. 3-5-1867
            7--Catharine KNAUSS
             sp--John SCHILLING
              8--Charles L. SCHILLING
            7--Maria KNAUSS
             sp--Harry DOYLE
           sp(2)--Sarah NAUMAN, b. 9-6-1807; d. 8-15-1870
          6--Daniel KNAUSS, b. 2-12-1808; d. 1-1-1832; m. 3-22-1831
           sp--Rachael JACOBY
          6--Owen KNAUSS (A118), b. 9-11-1811 Lower Saucon, Northampton, PA; d. 1-9-1887
           sp--Anna Catharine FEHR, b. 6-9-1805; d. 12-29-1889
            7--Elizabeth Rebecca KNAUSS, b. 6-2-1838
             sp--David HARTMAN
            7--William Henry KNAUSS (A223), b. 10-9-1839 Lower Saucon, Northampton, PA; d.
             sp(1)--Sarah E. ____, b. 12-23-1851; d. 6-5-1872
              8--Annie C. KNAUSS, b. 1-6-1869; m. 8-11-1888
               sp--Jacob C. WASSER (s/o Peter A. WASSER)
                9--(Girl) WASSER
                 sp--John C. SINGMASTER
                9--(Girl) WASSER
                 sp--Fred DAVIES
                9--Elsie E. WASSER
                9--Mabel J. WASSER
                9--Agnes M. WASSER
                9--Irene M. WASSER
             sp(2)--Elizabeth WEIERBACH, b. 1834; d. 12-4-1903
              8--Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 3-28-1874; d. 3-28-1874; nm, ni
              8--Owen W. KNAUSS (A356), b. 1877? Pleasant Valley, Bucks, PA; m. 9-6-1900
               sp--Ella M. RUCH, b. 1878? Lower Saucon, Northampton, PA (s/o George M. and
Mary RUCH)
                9--Beulah Eda KNAUSS, b. 1-26-1901; d. 7-27-1914; nm, ni
                9--Austin KNAUSS (G73), b. 1-27-1902
                 sp--Hilda HARRISON
                  10--Alton W. KNAUSS (G75), b. 1-31-1930; m. 6-16-1956--Navy 1953-55-
                   sp--Eleanor ECKERT
                    11--Deborah KNAUSS, b. 12-13-1958
                    11--Geoffrey KNAUSS, b. 9-22-1960
                  10--Lowell A. KNAUSS (G76), b. 3-7-1934 (twin); m. 5-16-1964
                   sp--Linda ZUBER
                    11--Lee A. KNAUSS
                  10--Loreen A. KNAUSS, b. 3-7-1934 (twin)
                   sp--George LEWIS
                    11--Ronald LEWIS
                    11--Donald LEWIS
                    11--Kathy L. LEWIS
                9--Warren Lester KNAUSS (G74), b. 2-12-1912
                 sp--Ruth ZUBER
                  10--Carol S. KNAUSS, b. 8-31-1950
            7--Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 9-2-1841; d. 9-24-1921; nm, ni
            7--Emma Catharine ("Amy") KNAUSS, b. 2-23-1843; d. 5-18-1915
             sp--Milton DURN
            7--Amanda KNAUSS
             sp--Mathias E. RIEGEL
              8--Owen G. RIEGEL, b. 1-7-1863; d. 3-9-1926
               sp--Sallie RENNINGER
            7--Jacob A. KNAUSS (or KNAUSE) (A224), b. 1842/43 Lower Saucon, Northampton,
PA, b. 1880:PA)
             sp--Henrietta SCHAFFER, b. 8-24-1853; d. 8-2-1907 (d/o Amandes and Elizabeth
              8--Cora E. KNAUSS, b. 5-16-1874; d. 6-1-1913
               sp--Frank W. STEICH, b. 1868? Bucks, PA (s/o John STEICH)
                9--James J. STEICH
                9--(Girl) STEICH
                 sp--H. C. PIERSON
              8--Stewart KNAUSS
          6--Edward KNAUSS (A119), b. 8-21-1813, Lower Saucon, Northampton, PA; d.
4-1-1893; m. 10-11-1840
           sp--Catharine RUCH, b. 1819; d. 11-15-1901 (d/o George and Elizabeth RUCH)
            7--Ephraim KNAUSS (A225), b. Lower Saucon, Northampton, PA; d. 1924?
             sp--Catharine WALTER, b. 11-7-1844; d. 12-12-1881
              8--Rosa C. KNAUSS--lived Phila.
               sp--William A. BECKER
              8--Alice KNAUSS
              8--Elizabeth KNAUSS--lived Phila.
               sp--Frank HARRISON
              8--Edward A. KNAUSS--lived Phila.
            7--Quintus KNAUSS, b. 10-13-1844; d. 8-12-1862; nm
            7--Monroe KNAUSS (A226), b. 11-22-1845 Williams, Northampton, PA; m. 9-5-1868
             sp--Mary Ann KNERR, b. 1-31-1847; d. 4-17-1928 (d/o Jonas and Elizabeth KNERR)
              8--Edgar L. KNAUSS (A357), b. 3-8-1869--lived Seipstown, PA and Detroit, MI
               sp--Emma CRAMER
                9--Clyde KNAUSS, b. 2-4-1894--served WWI
                9--Leland KNAUSS--served WWI
                9--Marion KNAUSS
                 sp--Max PAWLICK
                  10--Wanda PAWLICK
              8--Titus Monroe KNAUSS, b. 10-9-1870; d. 2-15-1892
              8--William Martin KNAUSS (A358), b. 10-2-1872 Seipstown, Lehigh, PA; d.
10-10-1926; m. 11-7-1897
               sp--Mary A. GEIGER
                9--Carl J. KNAUSS, b. 5-2-1898; m. 11-23-1927
                 sp--Florence A. BETGE, b. 1896 (s/o Frederick A. BETGE and Ruth M.
                  10--Carl Jacob KNAUSS, Jr. (G193), 7-27-1929; m. 6-27-1959
                   sp--Marie K. FENSTERMAKER
                    11--Rodney Carl KNAUSS, b. 6-30-1960
                    11--Sheila Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 6-13-1963
                    11--Kevin Paul KNAUSS, b. 10-1-1968
                  10--Kermit Marsden KNAUSS (G194), b. 2-8-1932; m. 6-1960; ni
                   sp--Lynn ____
                  10--Kenneth Geiger KNAUSS (G195), b. 5-26-1933 Allentown, Lehigh Co, PA; d.
10-24-1997 Norwich, CN; m. 9-1955
                   sp--Betty J. KLINE
                    11--Janet Lucille KNAUSS, b. 8-1-1962--lives Tolland, CN
                     sp--Steven J. BOUCHER
                    11--Glen Douglas KNAUSS, b. 8-15-1965--lives Manchester, CN
              8--Henry Franklin KNAUSS (A359), b. 3-19-1875 Weisenburg, Lehigh, PA; m.
               sp--Martha Luzina LEIBOLD, b. 1879? Albany, Berks, PA (d/o John LEIBOLD and
                9--Harold Paul KNAUSS, b. 7-12-1900 Seipstown, PA; d. 1-1-1963 CN; m. 9-4-1928
                 sp--Dorothy E. SCHELLY (d/o James N. SCHELLY and Isola HECKER)
                  10--Diana KNAUSS
                   sp--M. G. WALLS, Jr.
                  10--David S. KNAUSS
                  10--Judith Ann KNAUSS
                9--Homer Charles KNAUSS (G71), b. 4-15-1912; d. 12-5-1968m. 1936
                 sp--Mariam GRAINER
                  10--Daniel G. KNAUSS, b. 9-8-1946
                  10--Martha C. KNAUSS, b. 8-26-1947; m. 5-3-1969
                   sp--Dennie DERICKSON
              8--Annie E. KNAUSS, b. 5-24-1884; m(1) 4-5-1902
               sp(1)--Harry K. BOYER, b. 1880 Lyons, PA (s/o Isaac and Ellen BOYER)
                9--Merit BOYER
               sp(2)--Lenon KRAMER
            7--Martin KNAUSS, b. 8-29-1846; d. 11-29-1906; ni
             sp--Sarah E. DEEMER, b. 2-16-1849 (d/o Daniel DEEMER and Margaret REED)
            7--Amos KNAUSS (A227), d. MI
             sp--Mary SHINDECKER, b. Vicksburg, MI
              8--Oscar KNAUSS
              8--Edward KNAUSS
              8--James KNAUSS
              8--Bert KNAUSS
              8--Monroe KNAUSS
              8--Miles KNAUSS
                9--Durwood Miles KNAUSS (G218), b. 8-14-1929; m. 1954--lived Portage, MI
                 sp--Maedonna GOLDSMITH
                  10--Terry M. KNAUSS, b. 8-28-1955
                  10--Susan M. KNAUSS, b. 5-31-1957
                  10--Pamela J. KNAUSS, b. 12-7-1959
                  10--Timothy M. KNAUSS, b. 5-13-1961
            7--Tilghman KNAUSS (A228), d. Kalamazoo, MI
              8--Edna KNAUSS
              8--Theodore W.--may not be Tilghman's son!
                9--Theodore Jerome KNAUSS (G219), b. 10-24-1941; m. 5-28-1960--livedvNorth
Wales, PA
                 sp--Bonnie Lou STOUDT
                  10--Dean F. KNAUSS, b. 9-29-1960
                  10--Susan J. KNAUSS, b. 5-17-1963
                  10--Jamie L. KNAUSS, b. 3-31-1966
            7--Katharine Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 3-5-1859
             sp--Theodore T. MOORE
              8--Stella MOORE
               sp--P. A. BERGSTRASSER
              8--Clementine MOORE
               sp--Joseph WERST
          6--Clementina KNAUSS, m. 12-26-1839--lived Maryland
           sp--George MENSH
            7--Mary MENSH
        5--Anna Justina KNAUSS, b. 2-24-1789 Lehigh, PA
         sp--John ERDMAN
        5--Anna Johanna KNAUSS, b. 8-15-1792 Lehigh, PA
        5--John (chr. Johannes) KNAUSS (A60), b. 6-30-1794 Lehigh, PA; d. 1-21-1866 PA
         sp--Sarah MENSH, b. 8-31-1798; d. 1-17-1876
          6--Abraham M. KNAUSS (A120), b. 11-5-1824 Hanover, Northampton, PA; d. 2-5-1894,
b. 1880:PA)
           sp--Elizabeth KNAUSS, b. 7-12-1838; d. 1-23-1874 (d/o Charles L. KNAUSS, A117)
            7--Theodore Augustus KNAUSS, b. 4-28-1856; d. 6-23-1859; nm, ni
            7--Austin Roland KNAUSS (A229), b. 2-15-1858 Hanover, Lehigh, PA; d. 9-22-1913
PA; m(2) 10-5-1894
             sp(1)--Martha J. YODER, b. 2-24-1862; d. 3-5-1894
              8--Charles J. KNAUSS (A360), b. 1-5-1884 Hanover, Lehigh, PA; m. 1-14-1905
               sp--Mabel A. GIERSCH, b. 8-17-1882 Bushkill, Northampton, PA (d/o Albert C. and
Catharine J. GIERSCH)
                9--Martha Catharine KNAUSS (G222), b. 7-15-1905; m. 12-22-1932
                 sp--John WRIGHT
                  10--Charles S. WRIGHT, b. 9-5-1937
                   sp--Janet TREIER
                    11--Susan L. WRIGHT, b. 1-29-1958
                    11--Charles S. WRIGHT, b. 6-21-1959
                    11--Karen A. WRIGHT, b. 4-13-1963
                  10--John A. WRIGHT, b. 8-23-1941
                   sp--Loretta GEBHART
                    11--John A. WRIGHT, Jr., b. 3-19-1969
                9--Theodosia Margaret KNAUSS (G225), b. 9-27-1909; m. 2-1-1930--lived Nazareth,
                 sp--Morris (or Maurice) SEARLES
                  10--Jean A. SEARLES, b. 2-27-1930; m. 12-19-1955
                   sp--Jay BURNS
                    11--John S. BURNS, b. 8-30-1958
                    11--James C. BURNS, b. 10-7-1960
                9--Thelma L. KNAUSS, b. 3-16-1923
                9--Albert R. KNAUSS (G223), b. 1-17-1915; ni
                 sp--Christine SHERWOOD
                9--Cynthia J. KNAUSS (G224), b. 8-29(or 20)-1918; m. 4-10-1948; nid
                 sp--Robert BREINIG
              8--Henry A. KNAUSS, b. 3-30-1886; m. 4-18-1908
               sp--Helen SHERER, b. 10-25-1886
              8--Lucy Ann KNAUSS, b. 5-13-1888; m. 4-11-1918
               sp--Granville Edgar HALTEMAN, b. 1882? (s/o Oliver HALTEMAN and Sarah
              8--Oliver Theodore KNAUSS (A361), b. 11-3-1889 Lower Nazareth, Northampton,
PA; m. 10-16-1913
               sp--Anna Florence HUTH, b. 1887? (d/o Frank HUTH and Martha J. REINHARD)
                9--Austin R. KNAUSS, DO (G213), b. 3-23-1918; m. 1942?
                 sp--Nellie Mae THOMPSON, DO
                  10--David R. KNAUSS, b. 11-13-1943; m. 6-20-1969--2 yrs. army, Vietnam
                   sp--Bonnie L. SWAFFORD
                  10--Daniel O. KNAUSS, b. 12-29-1945
                   sp--Margaret VANSTAVERN
                  10--Mary K. KNAUSS, b. 2-5-1947
                   sp--Roger KNIGHT
                    11--Joseph KNIGHT
                    11--Heather KNIGHT
                  10--Karen A. KNAUSS, b. 10-22-1949
                  10--Michael A. KNAUSS, b. 11-16-1954
              8--Sarah Ellen KNAUSS, b. 10-4-1891; m. 6-18-1910
               sp--Carroll L. KOEHLER, b. 5-23-1880 Bethlehem, Lehigh, PA
              8--Alice M. KNAUSS, b. 4-2-1893
             sp(2)--Sarah Jane (????) REMALY, b. 1-7-1857 Moore, Lehigh, PA; d. 5-1-1930
(second marriage)
              8--Amy R. KNAUSS, b. 3-22-1897
            7--Sarah C. KNAUSS, b. 10-4-1859; d. 3-7-1861; nm, ni
            7--John Charles KNAUSS (A230), b. 1-16-1861 Hanover, Lehigh, PA; m. 6-25-1886
             sp--Ida A. HUBER, b. 4-6-1869 (d/o Lake Erie HUBER and Maria HELLER)
              8--Stella KNAUSS, b. 6-27-1887; d. 4-16-1904
              8--Ida M. KNAUSS, b. 10-17-1890
              8--John L. E. KNAUSS (A362), b. 10-9-1900 Weaversville, PA; m. 10-21-1922
               sp--Pearl A. SCHLOSSER (d/o Robert SCHLOSSER and Annie S. MARSH)
                9--John Robert KNAUSS, b. 8-5-1924
              8--Clara E. KNAUSS, b. 4-12-1891; d. 4-18-1892; nm, ni
              8--Elsie May KNAUSS, b. 2-13-1895; d. 4-17-1897; nm, ni
              8--Russell J. KNAUSS (A363), b. 9-10-1906 Hanover, Lehigh, PA; m. 4-10-1926
               sp--Helen M. SECHLER, b. 1907 (d/o Emanuel SECHLER and Kate
                9--Russell Warren KNAUSS, b. 1-8-1928
            7--Mary E. KNAUSS, b. 11-2-1862 PA; m. 12-24-1885
             sp--Mahlon S. GETZ, b. 2-4-1863
            7--George S. KNAUSS, b. 10-11-1863 PA; ni
             sp(1)--Lizzie CRAWFORD
             sp(2)--Kate SHINNERS
             sp(3)--Clara SCHUTT, b. 1875
            7--Alice S. KNAUSS, b. 7-8-1865 PA
             sp--Charles L. SCHILLING, b. 1-27-1867
            7--Elizabeth S. KNAUSS, b. 2-13-1866 PA; m. 5-9-1891
             sp--Willoughby L. FEHR, b. 6-8-1874
            7--Jane Aquilla KNAUSS, b. 1-15-1868; d. 10-1-1871; nm, ni
            7--Joseph Henry KNAUSS, b. 5-20-1873; d. 8-23-1873; nm, ni
          6--Lewis KNAUSS, b. 2-27-1826; d. 10-12-1827; nm, ni
          6--Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 10-4-1827; d. 5-8-1864
           sp--William BIERY, b. 12-30-1821; d. 1-12-1896
          6--John Henrich KNAUSS (A121), b. 7-17-1829 Hanover, Northampton, PA; d.
4-23-1906, b. 1880:PA)
           sp--Sarah Elizabeth BOYER, b. 1836/37 PA; d. 1914
            7--Oscar Sylvanus KNAUSS (A231), b. 3-18-1857 Catasauqua, PA--lived Pueblo, CO
             sp--Minnie KNECHTEL
              8--Ariel G. KNAUSS, b. 5-7-1892
            7--Franciscus Cornelius KNAUSS, b. 11-7-1858 PA; d. 4-1-1898
            7--Laura Lillian KNAUSS, b. 9-3-1860 PA
             sp--Asa G. KNERR
              8--Owen John KNERR, b. 11-18-1881; d. 11-23-1881; nm, ni
              8--Effa Elizabeth KNERR, b. 12-12-1882
               sp--Charles E. FRIES
              8--Asa Geddis KNERR, b. 1-2-1884
              8--Stella May KNERR, b. 12-18-1884
              8--Mabel Irene KNERR, b. 2-10-1886
              8--Harrison Eugene KNERR, b. 7-7-1889
              8--Ada Susanna KNERR, b. 1-4-1891
              8--William Ellsworth KNERR, b. 3-29-1893; d. 12-11-1899; nm, ni
              8--Clarence Webster KNERR, b. 9-12-1895
              8--George Robert KNERR, b. 10-28-1898; d. 2-17-1906; nm, ni
            7--William O. KNAUSS (A232), b. 6-30-1862 Catasauqua, PA; m. 3-18-1890
             sp--Sarah TOMPKINS, b. 1863? Mauch Chunk, PA
              8--Leslie KNAUSS (m)
               sp--____ LEWIS
                9--(Child) KNAUSS
                9--(Child) KNAUSS
              8--Lilliam M. KNAUSS, b. 11-13-1893 Phillipsburg, NJ; m. 3-20-1912--lived Phill. NJ
               sp--Isaac VANATTA, b. 10-3-1890
              8--John Tompkins KNAUSS, b. 4-10-1901 Bethlehem, PA; m. 6-20-1925
               sp--Clara Rebecca GEARINGER, b. 1904? (s/o Lewis GEARINGER and Catharine
              8--Mary E. KNAUSS, b. 1906?--lived Easton, PA
               sp--____ MORRISON
            7--Bryon Henry KNAUSS, b. 11-18-1864 PA; d. 12-28-1879; nm, ni
            7--Mary Ida KNAUSS, b. 5-20-1868 PA; m. 5-8-1890
             sp--William O. HUFFORD, b. 1869 (s/o Edwin L. HUFFORD)
            7--Jane Sarah KNAUSS, b. 8-11-1869 PA
            7--Daniel Webster KNAUSS (A233), b. 11-8-1871 Catasauqua, PA; m. 10-15-1896
             sp--Elizabeth THOMAS, b. 1875 Blenhaven, South Wales (d/o Richard THOMAS and
Sarah JONES)
              8--Calvin Ambrose KNAUSS, b. 9-15-1899; m. 5-28-1927
               sp--Remedia LAUDENSLAGER, b. 1900 (s/o Morris C. H. LAUDENSLAGER and
            7--Ellen Virginia KNAUSS, b. 4-26-1876 PA; d. 12-25-1879; nm, ni
            7--John Henry B. KNAUSS, b. 10-27-1877 PA; d. 1-1-1897; nm
            7--Robert Franklin KNAUSS, b. 5-17-1882; d. 12-21-1890; nm, ni
            7--Jennie A. KNAUSS, d. 6-3-1924
          6--Reuben Frederick KNAUSS (A122), b. 3-5-1832 Hanover, Northampton, PA; d.
12-15-1892; m. 10-19-1858
           sp--Anna Maria FOGEL, b. 12-19-1834; d. 1-26-1903 (d/o Daniel FOGEL)
            7--John Daniel KNAUSS, b. 6-2-1859; d. 11-21-1859; nm, ni
            7--Regina Melise KNAUSS, b. 4-19-1861; d. 5-18-1865; nm, ni
            7--James Alonzo KNAUSS (A234), b. 11-5-1862 Hecktown, PA; d. 12-4-1920
Brooklyn, NY; m. 5-9-1886
             sp--Ellen THORNTON, b. 5-1-1867 Cork, Ireland; d. 5-18-1922
              8--Francis Alonzo KNAUSS (A364), b. 2-21-1887 New York, NY; m. 1917--served
WWI, Lieutenant Navy
               sp--Margaret LENARD
                9--Daniel L. KNAUSS
              8--James Edward KNAUSS, b. 4-8-1889
              8--Mary KNAUSS
              8--Gertrude Thornton KNAUSS, b. 3-10-1899--lived NYC
               sp--M. S. CRAWFORD
            7--George Benjamin McClellan KNAUSS, b. 10-7-1864; d. 5-9-1865; nm, ni
            7--Milton Washington KNAUSS (A235), b. 2-22-1866 Lower Saucon, Northampton,
PA; d. 10-23-1927 PA; m. 4-12-1891
             sp--Caroline Jane KERSCHNER, b. 1-15-1871 (d/o Henry I. KERSCHNER and Ellen
              8--Estella May KNAUSS (G173), b. 6-2-1892; m. 10-31-1914
               sp--Charles J. ARNOLD, b. 5-18-1886 Monroe, PA (s/o Jerome R. ARNOLD and
                9--Louise K. ARNOLD, b. 3-24-1916; m. 8-6-1938
                 sp--Anton F. RAUSELL
                  10--Ann L. RAUSELL, b. 12-6-1940; m. 10-1962
                   sp--Warren SCHMIDT
                    11--Laura SCHMIDT, b. 10-24-1963
                    11--Daniel SCHMIDT, b. 3-19-1967
              8--Lillian Irene KNAUSS (G174), b. 5-14-1896; m. 11-11-1919--lived Paoli, PA
               sp--James S. FREEMAN, b. 9-18-1892 Archdale, NC (s/o John and Maria
                9--Virginia C. FREEMAN, b. 12-14-1926
                 sp--James P. WEARN
                  10--James P. WEARN, b. 10-11-1960
                  10--Joanne A. WEARN, b. 11-14-1966
                9--Mildred S. (or H.) FREEMAN, b. 1-5-1929
                 sp--Charles M. EVANS
                  10--Charles M. EVANS, b. 9-30-1953
                  10--James F. EVANS, b. 9-27-1953
                  10--Tedd EVANS, b. 12-28-1955
                  10--Rebecca EVANS, b. 2-26-1960
                9--Richard A. KNAUSS, b. 1-27-1914; d. 8-6-1914; nm, ni
            7--Anna Maria KNAUSS, b. 3-5-1868; d. 5-5-1872; nm, ni
            7--Harry Anderson KNAUSS, b. 7-29-1869; d. 10-16-1924; nm
            7--Ida KNAUSS, b. 3-27-1871; d. 4-13-1878; nm, ni
            7--Frank Mensh KNAUSS, b. 7-2-1877; d. 10-16-1928
             sp--Minnie BULKLEY
            7--Sadie Emma KNAUSS, b. 2-4-1885; m. 12-25-1904--lived Seipsville, PA
             sp--John LANE, b. 7-18-1882
          6--Sophia KNAUSS
           sp--Benjamin LYNN
        5--Anthony (chr. Anton) KNAUSS (A61), b. 3-14-1796 Lehigh, PA; d. 3-7-1850 Warren,
         sp--Anna SNYDER, b. 8-18-1802; d. 5-30-1882 (d/o Henry SNYDER and Elizabeth
          6--Eliza Ann KNAUSS, b. 1822?--lived Springtown, NJ
           sp--John PLUMMER
            7--Frank PLUMMER
          6--Harriet KNAUSS, b. 5-19-1824; d. 12-11-1891; nm
          6--Cecilia Maria KNAUSS, b. 8-29-1826; d. 8-31-1854; nm
          6--William Henry KNAUSS (A123), b. 9-5-1828 PA; d. 4-27-1892 Easton, PA; m(2)
4-16-1859, b. 1880:PA)
           sp(1)--Cecilia LYNN, b. 2-22-1832; d. 2-21-1856 (d/o Jesse LYNN and Elizabeth
            7--Amelia C. KNAUSS, b. 11-29-1853; d. 10-22-1929; m. 12-25-1872
             sp--Emanuel UHLER, b. 11-6-1847
              8--Carrie E. UHLER, d. 10-29-1929
               sp--Fred CRISTY
              8--William A. UHLER
              8--Agnes M. UHLER
              8--Ada May UHLER
              8--Mary Jane UHLER
              8--Anna L. UHLER
              8--Emilie A. UHLER
            7--Cyrus Lynn KNAUSS (A236), b. 12-27-1855 Freemansburg, PA; m. 1883?--lived
Kalamazoo, MI
             sp--Mattie G. ERNST
              8--Lynn E. KNAUSS
              8--Winifred Myril KNAUSS
              8--Karl Ernst KNAUSS (G175), b. 8-4-1889; m. 6-28-1924
               sp--Raymel Loise ATKINSON
                9--Dr. John Atkinson KNAUSS, b. 9-1-1925 Detroit, MI; m. 9-6-1954
                 sp--Marilyn MATTSON
                  10--Karl M. KNAUSS, b. 1-3-1961
                  10--William A. KNAUSS, b. 5-27-1963
                9--Peter E. KNAUSS, b. 2-18-1928; m. 6-28-1962
                 sp--Marilyn WHALEY
                  10--Timothy S. KNAUSS, b. 11-17-1955
                  10--Lori A. KNAUSS, b. 7-5-1958
                  10--Jonathan K. KNAUSS, b. 11-21-1959
                  10--David A. KNAUSS, b. 1-1-1963
                9--Robert Lynn KNAUSS, b. 3-24-1931 Detroit, MI; m(1) 12-20-1952; m(2)
                 sp(1)--Barbara BROWN
                  10--Robert B. KNAUSS, b. 8-6-1953
                  10--Charles H. KNAUSS, b. 9-3-1955
                  10--Katherine E. KNAUSS, b. 2-21-1958
                 sp(2)--Angela Tirola LAWSON
              8--Cecilia KNAUSS
           sp(2)--Elizabeth WALTERS, b. 1833/34 PA; d. 10-5-1903
            7--Annie C. KNAUSS, b. 7-22-1861 PA; d. 10-8-1927; m. 10-13-1888
             sp--Alvin F. UHLER, b. 3-13-1863; d. 1911 (s/o Reuben UHLER)
            7--Sarah Louisa KNAUSS, b. 12-26-1870; d. 10-4-1927 Los Angeles, CA
             sp--Dr. Harold L. BARNUM
              8--Ruth Eliza BARNUM, b. 2-28-1903
              8--Helen Louise BARNUM, b. 5-12-1908--lived Sedalia, MO
            7--Harry William KNAUSS (A237), b. 8-28-1872 Vineland, NJ; d. 7-15-1927; m.
4-12-1899 Davenport, IA
             sp--Annie L. JERSEY, b. 9-29-1871 (d/o ____ and Nancy O. JERSEY)
              8--Richard Henry KNAUSS, b. 3-8-1900
          6--Sarah Louisa KNAUSS, b. 10-26-1832 Schoenersville, PA; d. 1-16-1907; m.
           sp--Reuben LERCH, b. 12-1-1825; d. 3-2-1897
            7--Harvey LERCH, b. 6-6-1858; d. 4-16-1859; nm, ni
            7--Hiram LERCH, b. 6-5-1861; d. 3-26-1863; nm, ni
            7--Miranda A. LERCH
            7--Annie E. LERCH
             sp--F. H. MILLER of Hagerstown, MD
            7--Susan O. LERCH
             sp--Newton HERB
          6--Thomas Franklin KNAUSS, b. 10-27-1834; d. 1843?; nm, ni
          6--Christiana KNAUSS, b. 11-17-1836; d. 10-13-1910; m. 3-8-1860
           sp--Josiah B. WOODRING, b. 5-16-1838; d. 3-17-1910 (s/o Philip M. WOODRING and
Elizabeth BROTZMAN)
            7--Harvey K. WOODRING
            7--George P. WOODRING, b. 10-16-1862; d. 11-16-1920
            7--William J. WOODRING
            7--Frank L. WOODRING
            7--Annie E. WOODRING
            7--Hiram WOODRING
            7--Miriam WOODRING
          6--Elizabeth S. KNAUSS, b. 9-26-1838; d. 3-14-1863
           sp--Augustus F. HEINE, b. 3-10-1834 Saxony, Germany; d. 11-22-1908; came to
America 1840 (s/o John C. and Sophia HEINE)
            7--Milton HEINE
            7--John K. HEINE, b. ?-29-1859; d. 1-19-1900
            7--Emma HEINE
          6--Maria Adeline KNAUSS, b. 3-25-1840; d. 6-12-1879; m. 12-24-1868
           sp--Isaac Lewis KING, b. 4-7-1844; d. 10-29-1928
            7--Wilbur Lewis KING, b. 8-14-1872; m(1) 9-9-1897
             sp(1)--Irene M. KEIPER
              8--Florence E. KING
              8--Charles W. KING
             sp(2)--Elizabeth E. ROEBUCK (d/o Dr. J. P. and Clara ROEBUCK)
            7--Anna R. KING
             sp--Howard NUSS
          6--John Wilson KNAUSS, b. 3-21-1844; d. 9-20-1852; nm, ni
      4--Magdalena KNAUSS, b. 9-3-1761 Lehigh, PA; m. 7-7-1790,
Bethlehem, PA
       sp--Joseph CLEWELL, b. 8-3-1760; d. 6-30-1832
        5--Samuel F. CLEWELL, b. 7-21-1791; d. 3-23-1797; ni
        5--Johannes CLEWELL, b. 2-10-1793, PA; d. 4-3-1877, OH
        5--Maria Catharine CLEWELL, b. 1-12-1795; d. 7-29-1798; ni
        5--George Gotfried CLEWELL, b. 7-14-1796; d. 9-25-1801; ni
        5--Beata CLEWELL, b. 12-11-1798; d. 12-11-1798; ni
        5--Anna Louisa CLEWELL, b. 11-19-1800; d. 1872
         sp--Andrew VOGENITZ
        5--Jacob CLEWELL, b. 7-10-1803; d. 7-10-1803; ni