Master Knauss Descendancy

This page was last revised on November 20, 2017.

INSTRUCTIONS: To use this page, use CTRL-F on your browser (most browsers support this search key) to search the page for your name. The Roman numerals after the "D" in the descendancy immediately below indicate the generation, starting with "I" for the earliest known generation. In the second descendancy, the descendants of Ludwig Knauss and Anna Margaretha Gerlach, the Roman numeral for the generation begins the number. Notice that the Latin numbers start afresh with the second descendancy. The Latin numerals increment by one digit for each generation, with each descendant having a unique number. If you see, say, VIII-163 as a number, then the children of that person will be IX-1631, IX-1632, etc.

After finding the person you're looking for, then scroll UP to find the nearest previous link, or highlight the person's entire number, then press CTRL-F, and in the search box, change the Roman numeral to the generation you want, and reduce the Latin number to a number of digits that's five less than the Roman numeral, starting deletions from the right side. So, in other words, if the number you highlight is, say, XI-482364, and you want to find their parents, highlight the entire number, and in the search box, change the "XI" to "X" and change the "482364" to "48236."